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A curated list of awesome NEO libraries, applications and resources. Please refer to this tutorial on how to use bootstrap files:. If you want to contribute to this list, please follow the contribution guidelines. Skip to content.

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Universal NEO Wallet

Neo-GUI is a full-node application on the Neo 3 blockchain. It uses Electron cross-platform technology and can run on Windows 10, macOS systems.

For more information, see: Instructions for use. Neo-CLI is a full-node command-line client that can run across platforms. It can provide APIs for developers to call, or participate in the consensus mechanism as a consensus node in the block chain. This wallet is designed for developers, with professional software interaction, as well as higher security and stability. Welcome to OneGate -- One gate to the blockchain. OneGate is a gateway of products developed on the Neo N3 network public blockchain.

Now we provide service as wallets and Dapp discover. It is an open source, multi-functional wallet with dAPI provided for developers. Switcheo and Flamingo are supported. O3 Wallet is a multi-chain wallet developed by O3 Labs. This wallet supports mainstream blockchains and their popular dApps, maintains a high update frequency and can support Neo N3 updates and features in a timely manner.

ONTO is a data management application powered by blockchain. You can enjoy an one - stop management of your own digital identities, data and assets and control the value your own data. An open source cross-platform light wallet for the Neo blockchain available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This wallet is designed for advanced users, with professional software interaction and extremely high security. Need to install. NetFramework 4. For more information, see: Instructions for use , Change log.

It's a cross-platform wallet developed by O3 Labs. This wallet supports most mainstream operating systems, maintains a high update frequency and can support Neo network updates and features in a timely manner. It's a cross-platform wallet developed by Neo developer community City of Zion. Support: NEP Spatium is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet eliminating the hassle of private keys for new crypto adopters with the advanced SMPC cryptography and biometry.

Spatium replaces the private key with two secrets that are generated, stored and processed independently. Furthermore, Spatium utilizes anonymous biometric hashes to encrypt backup and make it impossible to lose access to the funds. It's a multiple digital asset wallet developed by Math Labs. It's a multi-token wallet developed by Infinito Blockchain Labs. It has more than 10 languages for alternatives and supports fingerprint identification.

The wallet uses Atomic Swap technology for cross-chain custody free exchange. Atomic Wallet provides instant exchange and "buy crypto with a credit card" feature. It's a the first hot and cold combined wallet that supports NEO. The mnemonic and private key are stored locally.

This wallet is divided into general mode and isolation mode. In the isolation mode, the devices used need to be completely isolated from the network.

This wallet is simple in functions, and when transaction happens, the hot wallet needs to be used for transaction request and broadcast. Teemo is a browser extension wallet of Neo.

SafePal is committed to providing secure, easy-to-use, and convenient encrypted digital asset storage solutions for coin holders. It is also the first cold wallet team invested by Binance. Guarda is a multi-currency, multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet providing custody-free fund management for a variety of coins and tokens. Currently, the wallet supports over 45 major blockchains along with thousands of tokens and offers additional features such as built-in cryptocurrency purchases, exchanges, selling crypto, staking, claiming NEO GAS and more.

This is the official Nash Exchange wallet. Wallet video: youtube. Zel is the cryptocurrency that supports the Zel ecosystem, creating ZelEX and ZelDev platforms by encouraging ZelNode ownership, thus enabling a truly distributed development platform.

Send, receive, and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies like Neo, Bitcoin, Ripple, and more with Exodus. It's an online wallet developed by NEO Tracker. This wallet is logged in with the private key or key storage, and is also a blockchain browser.

It's an online wallet developed by NEL. This wallet supports NNS auction, transaction information viewing, and is also a blockchain browser. It's an online wallet developed by SafuDEX. It heavily focuses on dApp integration and operability, as well as streamlining the user experience. It's a simple paper wallet generator developed by Snowypowers. This wallet only supports the encryption and decryption of private keys.

It fails to support other functions like transferring assets. It's a multi-currency hardware wallet that supports NEO. Neo Technology Explore the features. Contributors A global effort. Tokens Neo is unique in that it was the first public blockchain platform to adopt a dual token mechanism. It separates the rights of governance from the rights of using the network. It also provides a means of acquiring the tokens needing to pay transaction fees.

NEO holders participate in governance by voting for the Neo Committee, composed of members and consensus nodes that govern the Neo blockchain. The Neo Committee provides specific services, such as maintaining the liveliness of the network and adjusting critical blockchain parameters. The minimum unit of NEO is 1 and tokens are indivisible. This means if you are withdrawing from an exchange to your wallet, you must withdraw in whole numbers.

It also means that NEO is one of the scarcest public blockchain tokens, as it cannot be broken down into smaller pieces. The release schedule can be found in the Neo White Paper. The Neo network charges GAS for the operation and storage of tokens and smart contracts, preventing the abuse of node resources. System fees are burned, while network fees are redistributed to consensus nodes, creating an economic incentive for their services. The minimum unit of GAS is 0.

Most Neo wallets will include a claim function, allowing you to collect your GAS with the click of a button. The largest portion of GAS is distributed to voters as a reward for playing an active role in network governance. NEO holders will need to ensure they choose a wallet that supports voting if they wish to participate.

A user with. Neo is undergoing its biggest upgrade as it migrates to its latest version, N3. As part of this upgrade, users may be required to migrate their token assets to the new network.

To find out more information, please visit the migration page. Wallets Neo N3 Neo Legacy The Neo community has developed a wide range of wallets suitable for different types of users and applications. Search below to find a wallet that best fits your needs.

If you have any questions regarding their use, please contact the developer directly. When creating a new Neo wallet, please remember to back up your private key in a secure manner.

Your private key is the only way to control your Neo assets. MIT License. Preview Desktop. Degree of Digital Asset Control High This wallet gives users a high degree of control over digital assets. The private key is encrypted and stored by the wallet files and passwords. However, users should better run the wallet on secure devices, and always pay attention to the safe backup and safekeeping of the private key.

Verification Comprehensive This wallet is a full node that stores all the data in the Neo blockchain, which means that there is no need to trust a third party when verifying payments or executing contracts.

The full node provides the highest level of security and is an integral part of protecting the network. Transparency High This wallet is open-source, which means any developer in the world can audit the code and make sure the final software isn't hiding any secrets. Get source code: GitHub. The Neo Project. The following is a list of commonly-used plug-in components. The Neo Order. Preview Mobile. However, users should better run the wallet on secure devices, and always pay attention to the safe backup and safekeeping of the wallet file.

Verification Centralized Light wallet, which relies on the central service, can be used without synchronizing block data.

But users need to trust third parties that they will not hide and simulate payments. Transparency Low This wallet is non-open source, which means that users need to trust the developers of this wallet completely.

Access the crypto-powered web.

If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form. Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer. Used by 1 User No Reviews. Blockchain Browser Extension The Nash Extension is a browser-based cryptocurrency wallet that opens a world of possibilities.

Neo Blockchain Bitcoin Contract Cryptocurrency Ethereum Smart for Free Download, Transparent Png is free transparent png image. To explore more similar hd.

Samsung Makes It Easier to Use Blockchain on Galaxy Devices With Support for Hardware Wallets

You are currently viewing the UI version of this tutorial. More comfortable at a command prompt? Click here for a command-line version of this tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating real-world Neo Smart Contract using the Neo Blockchain toolkit. We will build a blockchain-based domain registration system. For a step-by-step walkthrough showing how to install the above pre-requisites, see: Quick Start video 1. This minute video demonstrates how to setup your machine to compile C smart contracts and walks through a trivial example. All of the software listed above is freely available and cross-platform you can follow along on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Neo Blockchain Toolkit

download neo blockchain

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Free Neo Coin | Free Cryptocurrency APK

Today I am going to discuss one of the new blockchain platforms that is currently making waves in the cryptocurrency world — NEO. NEO is considered by many to be an upgrade or at least a competitor to the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to its amazing technology that allows building decentralized apps with many programming languages, NEO has already become Cryptocurrency of the Year. This currency is the actual coins used in the system, as opposed to NEO which only represents the shares. Moreover, some scam NEO wallets bring in more confusion to this speculative market.

Welcome to NEO

NEO is China's first ever original and open source public chain project. NEO serves as a smart assets platform. Smart assets are the combination of smart contracts of blockchain technology and digital assets. NEO allows for smarter registration, issuance, and circulation of digital assets. NEO via technologies including P2P, dBFT, digital certificate, smart contract, superconductive trade, cross-chain operation protocol, enables people to manage smart contracts effectively, safely and legally. NEO Smart Economy is a next generation economy and trade where trade agreements are written in almost any programming language using a Smart Contract.

NEO Tracker Wallet is a light web wallet that lets NEO holders interact with the Neo blockchain. Transfer NEO, GAS or other tokens, claim GAS.

How to Buy NEO

NEO Blockchain is one of the most popular public blockchains in the world. This article is a basic introduction to NEO Blockchain from a developer's perspective. This article is a basic introduction of NEO blockchain. It is an open source project that focuses on building a smart digital economy.

neo-python-rpc 0.2.1

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Emailed their support and received an answer within ten minutes. Problem was taken care of. Wish eveyone provided such support. Thanks Atomic. If you are looking for a Multi-Asset Crypto Wallet, look into atomicwallet! Much Respect to the team behind it Personal favorite multi currency wallet.

Neo Blockchain

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