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The U. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against a cryptocurrency hedge fund founder for fraud. Qin founded New York-based Virgil Capital and four other entities. According to Reuters:. The SEC has asked U.

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US SEC acquires order imposing asset freeze against Virgil Capital

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Brokers, like Ryan Serhant (above), court crypto whales. brokerages and developers to secure earned commissions and funding upfront with a seamless.

Founder of Ponzi Crypto Hedge Fund Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

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Australian admits he swindled crypto investors

virgil crypto fund

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The founders of two now abolished crypto hedge funds have been sentenced to seven and a half years in US prisons for embezzlement of client funds and fraudulent investments. Judge Valerie Caproni of the U.

Australian university dropout Stefan Qin stole $117million from cryptocurrency investors

Stefan Qin appeared in an interview at CNBC back in explaining how he has found a way to make money using Bitcoin no matter BTC prices went up, down or remain still. The interview made then 21 year old quite famous and his crypto hedge fund Virgil Capital was a one night success. Stefan Qin is a 23 year old Australian based in California who built a business out of arbitrage opportunities available in cryptocurrency space. As per SECs press release , Qin and his entities are charges for misleading investors through their Sigma Fund since The Main allegations as per SEC are:.

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Brokers, like Ryan Serhant (above), court crypto whales. brokerages and developers to secure earned commissions and funding upfront with a seamless.

SEC orders cryptocurrency hedge fund Virgil Capital to freeze assets. The U. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC announced on the 28th local time that an emergency relief order, such as an asset freeze applied to the cryptocurrency hedge fund, Virgil Capital, has been passed.

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Stefan He Qin, 24, is awaiting sentencing in the US after pleading guilty to securities fraud in Manhattan federal court last week.

The year-old Australian purportedly deploys a strategy to capitalize on the arbitrage strategy in the cryptocurrency market. A press release by the U. Attorney exposed false account statements and fake tax documents that Qin circulated to his investors. The startling revelation by the United States Department of Justice shows that apart from funding his own lifestyle, money was also to invest in entities that are not related to cryptocurrencies and real estate. He then tried to cover up the fraud by paying Sigma investors with funds from VQR. Crypto assets are a new asset class that is drawing a lot of attention and interest. Many investors are often too eager to participate without doing the necessary due diligence.

New York-based cryptocurrency hedge fund manager Stephen He Kin was sentenced on September 15 to seven and a half years in prison for fraud. A Chinese Australian citizen and a self-proclaimed math prodigy, Qin pleaded guilty to securities fraud charges. Got it.

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