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Thank you guys for this. I am writing my dissertation on the legal view of concurrency in Ghana and this catalogue has been of immerse help. Skip to content. Last updated October 26th, AM Antonopoulos. S King, S Nadal.

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Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchain

For questions about extensions or bug reports, please start a new thread in the App Inventor Extensions forum. For feature requests please contact me by email. To be a sponsor of a new method already is possible starting from only 10 USD! With your contribution you will help the complete App Inventor community.

Thank you. While starting the companion app, all necessary assets and also the imported extensions of your project will be copied to your device. So in case the no such class error shows up, the extension code to run the extension is not available on your device.

Without that code the companion app is not able to execute methods from the extension. In case restarting the companion app does not work for you after trying several times, then as it looks like the only way for you to test you app will be after building it using the apk file. Please use the Search feature of your browser to search the extensions directory. Use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl-F. A find bar will appear.

Type a search into the find field. See also the Firefox help or Google Chrome help. Account Manager Extension to get some information about the user.

Alarm Extension to set an alarm or a timer programmatically. Also a repeating alarm is now possible. Alarm Manager Extension with Notification or Autostart to send a notification at a given time only once, hourly or daily. After clicking the notification your app will be started. You can define a start text, which will be passed to your app in method 'get plain start text' and trigger some action after your app is started.

Also of course works if your app is not running. You also can define several alarms, just use a different id for each alarm. Barometer Sensor Extension to get the current pressure and altitude. Battery Manager Extension to provide battery information. Camera Extension to take pictures programmatically without user interaction. File Extension is an extension related to the File component.

Headset Plug Status Extension to get the headset plug status. Image Extension to do some basic image manipulation. Image Metadata Extension to read the metadata of an image file.

Light Sensor Extension to get the illuminance. Location Service Extension. This extension is able to run in the background while your app is closed and stores location data latitude, longitude and optionally current datetime, altitude, accuracy, speed, current address and provider in TinyDB.

Also a background web functionality is available which can be used to send the location data to a web service of your choice using a POST request. This could be used for example to store the location data in a MySQL database or to send an email after a location change was detected while the app is not running. A notifier will be displayed while the location service is running in the background.

Math Extension to parse a mathematical expression. Simple Notification Extension to send a notification. Notification Listener Extension to listen to all notifications of your device. This service runs in the backround also if your app is closed. It will listen to all notifications and stores them in TinyDB aka shared preferences. Package manager Extension to get information about installed apps and to be able to launch an installed app using a package name.

Pdf Extension to open pdf files and render a specific page without using an external app. Take Screenshot Extension to take a screenshot. Screenshot Service Extension to capture a screenshot while the app is not running.

Sharing Extension offers the functionality of the Sharing component with some modifications. Speech Recognizer Extension offers the functionality of the Speech Recognizer component and some additional blocks. SQlite Extension to access the local SQlite database. Telephony Manager Extension to get some information from the telephony manager. Ambient Temperature Sensor Extension to get the ambient temperature in Celcius.

Texting Extension , read all SMS from the inbox, draft and sent folders. Tools Extension , a collection of several tools, which do not need additional permissions. WiFi Extension offers some useful blocks to use in a wireless lan.

Note: I received a message, that these exensions are outdated and are not longer working. Also Thunkable removed the documentation of these extensions. Note : The Appybuilder community has been closed. You now can download the free extensions, which have been published there in this MIT App Inventor thread. The webpage to download the extensions unfortunately does not exist anymore. But you can still can download them here. Note : You only can use one extension developed by this developer for a specific project.

Using more as one extension results in DX execution failed error. The developer seems to be not very interested in fixing this bug for the community, it would take him only 5 minutes For details see also here.

Note : Sander does not provide these extensions anymore, because those have been added as components into Kodular. Note: To be able to get some of these extensions, you have to pay in MitCoins a virtual currency of that webpage. Note : To be able to get an extension of this developer, you have to download an app from Google Play.

Also it looks like he does not update his website anymore, so unfortunately I can't list new extensions anymore. Note : Unfortunately Souvik Bera removed all threads about his extensions in the Kodular community. Also all links below to the Kodular community are dead. Unfortunately a lot of information seems to be lost now. You might want to try to contact the developer here atomdeveloper. Note: It seems to be, this developer is only interested in himself, unfortunately he does not care about any naming conventions.

This user has been suspended from the Kodular community. Unfortunately all Kodular links therefore are lost. Note : It has been reported , that this extension developer takes the money but does not send the extension! Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. App Inventor Extensions.

Extensions Directory This page lists all available extensions for App Inventor and its distributions like , WxBit Chinese version , , and. How to avoid runtime errors with the companion app After importing an extension, please restart the companion app.

If you like to use an extension on a different screen, in Screen1 additionally drag the extension into the working area. How to Search the Extensions Directory Please use the Search feature of your browser to search the extensions directory. Available Extensions at Pura Vida Apps. Enhanced Audio Player Extension. For questions about App Inventor, please ask in the App Inventor community.

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Published on September 29, And the impact of the swipe culture stretches far beyond that. Instead of actually meeting people offline, talking to each other, and discussing issues face to face, we lean in the comfort of emoji, likes, and instant messaging. In addition to a significant communication breakdown, dating apps have become a fertile ground for harassment and cyberbullying.

MIT AI2 Companion APK. MIT AI2 Companion Kodular Companion APK. Meta NFT Maker: Create Crypto Art Metaverse Wallet APK.

AI is the new frontier for dating apps. Here’s proof [Updated]

A number of participants in this canvassing offered solutions to the worrisome potential future spawned by AI. Machine learning systems will actively support humans throughout their work and play. This support will be unseen but pervasive — like electricity. AI systems will interconnect and work together to predict and adapt to our human needs and emotions. The growing consensus that AI should benefit society at-large leads to calls to facilitate the adoption of AI systems to promote innovation and growth, help address global challenges, and boost jobs and skills development, while at the same time establishing appropriate safeguards to ensure these systems are transparent and explainable, and respect human rights, democracy, culture, nondiscrimination, privacy and control, safety, and security. Given the inherently global nature of our networks and applications that run across then, we need to improve collaboration across countries and stakeholder groups to move toward common understanding and coherent approaches to key opportunities and issues presented by AI. This is not too different from the post-war discussion on nuclear power. We should also tread carefully toward Artificial General Intelligence and avoid current assumptions on the upper limits of future AI capabilities. It is a leap of faith to think that by we will have learnt to build AI in a responsible way and we will have learnt how to regulate the AI and robotics industries in a way that is good for humanity. We may not have all the answers by but we need to be on the right track by then.

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ai2 companion blockchain

And by giving them greater visibility, you'll make it more rewarding for them to do so. By enabling employees to share the meaningful content they read or create in an organized way, you'll make everyone more knowledgeable on what other teams are up to. And more involved too. The first step in any change process is always to be better informed.

A critical appraisal of how the legal profession is being transformed by Legal Tech and Legal Design and how next generation lawyers, in turn, can transform contract design for improved usability and outcomes. Legal Tech startups are already revolutionizing the legal industry by increasing the speed and efficiency of traditional legal services or replacing them altogether with new technologies.

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There are more possible moves in the game of Go than there are atoms in the universe. Legend has it that in BCE, Emperor Yao devised it to teach his son discipline, concentration and balance. And over 4, years later, this ancient Chinese game would signal the start of a new industrial age. A breakthrough moment when the world champion of the Asian board game Go takes on an AI program developed by Google. I believe that human intuition is still too advanced for AI to have caught up. It's how you learn strategy.

MIT app inventor 2: getting started

As technology continues to advance and the interconnection of various devices makes our lives easier, it also puts us at. English Pages [] Year As we enter the Industrial Revolution 4. This book discusses the various open issues of blockchain technology, such as the efficiency of blockchain in different. Handbook of IoT and Blockchain: Methods, solutions, and Recent Advancements includes contributions from around the globe. This book gathers high-quality research articles and reviews that reflect the latest advances in the smart network-inspi. This books objective is to explore the concepts and applications related to Internet of Things with the vision to identi. The authors and publishers have attempted to trace the copyright holders of all material reproduced in this publication and apologize to copyright holders if permission to publish in this form has not been obtained.

practicas que se desarrollan en el curso desarrollan las habilidades necesarias construir un APP, ojala salga un nuevo curso avanzado de App Inventor 2.

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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. While it is as extensive as possible, it may not contain all items used by the various Components of the Department within their individual operations. It is designed as a reference and an aid, not an authoritative source.

Infocomm and media are coming together.

This app is rated 4. The Latest Version of 2. Download the app using your favorite browser and click Install to install the application. You can also download edu. This is just so horrible It really sucks..

I enjoyed a lot in learning this app development course. I am so happy to have GUI based programming feature and it will defenitely help me to make an android app for my future project works. Am excited to have a feel of how android apps are developed. This course has help me learn how android components interacts with each other and how to use them appropriately.

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