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Your users will complete their first transaction in minutes, not hours or days. All without leaving your app. We use open banking and various data sources to make KYC invisible for your users. Ramp is designed to be delightfully easy. Onboard non-coiners easily on desktop and mobile. Save your development time and access a global on-ramp with just a simple SDK.

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Api cryptocurrency

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Amberdata is the hub for the growing Cryptocurrency economy

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset class that has sparked quantitative analysts to develop entirely new approaches in developing predictive models.

The key ingredient to such models is data— lots of data. Historical cryptocurrency pricing data is available from many providers via API. These API services, ranging from free pricing for hobbyists to more expensive enterprise plans, provide a range of invaluable data for statistical modeling.

Additionally, metrics such as total issued coins, max supply, and market capitalization can help draw valuable insight. CoinGecko tracks more than 10, coins ever-growing and provides data for each as part of their free API. In addition to price, the CoinGecko API provides total supply, circulating supply, max supply, market capitalization, and many other useful metrics.

The price data available is limited to 7d sparkline data consisting of data points hourly prices as well as minute resolution data for a single day at a time. They provide info on token contracts, segment by category, ecosystem, and exchanges, and even carry data for derivatives products.

One downside with historical data is that anything below daily OHLC requires multiple calls, with resolution below hourly requiring a call-per-daily period with custom aggregation. In other words, to get 15minute resolution data on a daily scale one must make a call-per-day, combine data across the desired interval, then aggregate to the desired sub-daily interval e.

CoinGecko data plans are tiered mostly with respect to API call volume with free plans allowing 50 calls per minute via shared infrastructure and pro plans offering calls per minute with a 5MM calls-per-month cap.

For those that prefer to develop their own clients via raw requests, the HTTPS endpoints offer easily-configurable access. For example, one can make a request to the markets API endpoint as such:. After making the HTTP call outlined here, one will be presented a list of dict objects representing various market data for the top coins by market cap. An example of a single item in this output Ethereum is shown below:. Those values have been truncated here for brevity.

The number of coins is unbeatable, the free API is good, and the amount of non-price-related data is incredible. CoinMarketCap is one of the more popular pricing history providers in the crypto industry. They have over 15, listed assets and offer a wide range of data for each. The documentation for this API is robust and reflective of the many endpoints and customizable parameters available. After making the HTTP call outlined here, one will be presented a dictionary object with data stored at the key data containing a list of dict objects representing various market data for the top coins by market cap.

CoinMarketCap is a strong competitor in the field of cryptocurrency price data providers. They have built an empire as both a data platform and as an industry news source—largely by leveraging the ocean of data in meaningful ways. Their API services offer robust data and come with a wide range of features.

This article is a work in progress and additional API providers are intended to be added as our team familiarizes themselves with them. If you would like to see a particular API service covered here feel free to reach out and submit a request. The API providers here are but a handful of the many options available on the market today. Some of these APIs offer officially-supported, language-specific libraries to help developers get started fast.

Others provide only HTTP endpoints from which developers are expected to build their own request protocols and error handling systems. Both have pros and cons, but knowing when such pre-built solutions are available can help get projects bootstrapped a bit faster.

Are you interested in learning Python? These online courses will help get you started in Trying to find a way to measure how much a stock price changes on an Binary search trees are powerful data structures that can make searching, sorting, and maintaining data About Contact.

Table of Contents show. Entrepreneur, programmer, designer, and lifelong learner. Can be found taking notes from Mother Nature when not hammering away at the keyboard. Best Online Python Courses for Beginners.

Best Crypto APIs for Developers & Traders

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Zabo is an API for connecting to any crypto exchange, wallet, protocol or account. Sign up for access to free API keys at safe-crypto.me

Cryptocurrency APIs

Blockchain interoperability, lightning-fast settlement and secure decentralized custody. Designed and developed by veteran cryptographers, cybersecurity leaders, blockchain technologists, high-performance app makers and capital market entrepreneurs. Supercharge your platform with instant cross-chain liquidity and zero counterparty risk. Integrate with corporate and third party systems with ease. We believe in the power of digital assets to revolutionize markets, opening prosperity for all. By applying our expertise in research-led technical innovation, we help the visionaries and pioneers accelerate the transition to a global capital market powered by digital assets. Our commitment to the Apache Milagro project provides core security infrastructure for decentralized networks and distributed systems. Unlike closed solutions, the cryptography that powers our MPC is open source, highly audited and open to public scrutiny.

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api cryptocurrency

The most comprehensive institutional grade on-chain data, market data, metrics, and signals. Get started. Tick-by-tick, realtime and historical data including price, order books, and reference rates. Full transparency into the top spot, derivatives and decentralized exchanges.

The vertical bars represent top of book spreads, after fees orange and before fees purple , sampled every minute via public API from the corresponding trading venue and averaged over the last 5 hours.

Cryptocurrency API

Help us translate the latest version. In order for a software application to interact with the Ethereum blockchain i. If you want to use a specific programming language to connect with an Ethereum node, there are many convenience libraries within the ecosystem that make this much easier. It might be helpful to understand the Ethereum stack and Ethereum clients. These libraries abstract away much of the complexity of interacting directly with an Ethereum node. They also provide utility functions e.

Free Crypto API - Documentation

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Cryptocurrency API Documentation Access a list of all major crypto currencies, price are updated in realtime. Major crypto included Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple.


Hi, so I wanted to cover Nomics and our data and why we're different. We found that most price aggregators and most market data services are failing in a number of ways that I think we've solved for and I wanted to cover that first. A little bit about the company: we are an API first product company, so out of everything that we do our API comes first.

Top 10 Best Crypto Exchange API: Coinbase, Binance and Bitfinex

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Get all the functionality of a node, including JSON-RPC support, but with the supercharged reliability, data correctness and scalability needed to run world-class applications on the blockchain. Alchemy Build is a no-configuration in-house suite of developer tools to prototype, debug, and ship products faster. Instantly search through millions of historical requests, view real-time transactions in the mempool, make JSON-RPC calls directly from the dashboard, and quickly scan recent requests and errors. Alchemy Monitor is a comprehensive suite of dashboards and alerts for app health, performance, and user behavior.

Highest precision data from all cryptocurrency exchanges with convenient access from a single API with a single format. All crypto pairs are available for real-time low latency streaming.

Web Crypto API

Zai helps crypto exchanges achieve the ultimate trading experience for their customers by offering a simple and secure payment process so that buying and selling cryptocurrency is fast, easy and secure. Zai gives you a stable, scalable platform, with bank grade security and processing volumes so that you can handle large transactions reliably as your business grows. Volatile cryptocurrency markets drive the need for fast-executing payment service. Explore Real Time Payments. Enhance your existing payment workflow with APIs so every payout goes through without fail, pay ins can be easily tracked, unmatched payments are returned and reconciliation happens automatically. Trust amongst customers is key, and we are committed to helping you earn and maintain that.

We design state-of-the-art analytics and investigation solutions to make the blockchain transparent for crypto businesses, banks, financial institutions, and government and law agencies. Banks and Financial Institutions. Government Organizations. Payment Services.

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