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Arvalex Protocol has announced its public launch on Avalanche Blockchain Network. The Avalanche Blockchain which has been proven to be robust is the first point of call as it boasts 4, transactions per second TPS with less than a three-second finality. The Arvalex protocol is built to serve as the common means of exchange in the metaverse to reduce the confusion associated with the proliferation of many tokens. It provides a common protocol that services other platforms enabling people to swap between coin A and coin B, or different tokens easily without all the hassles and gatekeepers normally associated with such a procedure. This will in turn enable people to own their work and exchange services and their art with other people without incurring the risks of inflation, deprecation, or extreme gas fees.

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9 steps for a successful NFT drop: Hype, fairness & fun

ARTEX , a decentralized art provenance platform, has announced the start of a token presale campaign. ARTEX says they will offer reliable and convenient platform for art market with fraud-proof provenance and transactions, copyright protection and beneficial community for experts, artists and market facilities. The project foundes plan to offer safe verification of every subject and art object by the expert community on the basis of 35 awards — one of the largest photo awards in the world.

In , 75 people uploaded photos to this site. ARTEX will establish the Blockchain based historical record of art objects provenance , both digital images, and items of cultural and historical importance. It will unite dealers, galleries, art critics, photographers, collectors, investors, and exhibitors on a single platform. ARTEX will offer two basic services: restriction of unauthorized printing of digital photos; authentication and sale of artwork.

It will provide an aggregated record of each artwork transaction, create Blockchain-based register for the authentication of artwork, secure transactions, copyright protection and monetization of expertise among the art community. Funding of the project will be carried out using a crowdsale held inside a Smart-Contract based Ethereum ecosystem.

Token sale will be launched at 8th of November and will last for 30 days. Presale with beneficial conditions is to be launched at 10th of October. The purchase is made by transferring the Ether to the address of the Smart Contract.

All collected funds will be spent on alpha-version, marketing, promotion and for crowdsale preparations. ARTEX ecosystem propose three tokens for inner transactions:. The Art Token is the main method of payment, it allows:. An arbitration system will guarantee the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction between the customer and the executor by engaging randomly chosen arbiters.

The cost of arbitration will be determined by the amount of the transaction. The project roadmap has four stages and timeline exceeding First step will be finished by the end of with the development of project infrastructure and inclusion of the initial batch of artists, experts, and contributors. Second step will end by the end of Q3 by enabling the photo lab printing, verification of new photo labs and implementing the mechanisms of safe deal and arbitration.

Third stage will be finished by the end of with attraction of major art galleries and art historians, digitization of famous paintings and internal token sale system finalization.

The last stage assumes the platform is scaled out to other adjacent art areas, e. Blockchain News is a publisher of news, opinion, crypto and job opportunities in the blockchain innovation sector. Kicking off in , This project was born of the desire to create an online repository and community for news and opinion about blockchain technology and theory. Today we are here to serve our audience the latest high quality news on the subject of blockchain and crypto currencies.

Contact info: wbeenen gmail. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Wednesday, February 2, The Current Crypto Crash Explained.

Non-Fungible-Token Market Booms As Big Names Join Crypto’s Newest Craze

We establish a connection between physical works of art and NFT certificates to create the ultimate marketplace experience for creators, industry professionals, collectors and enthusiasts. We believe truth can be certified, and we enable galleries, artists and collectors to ensure the authenticity and provenance of their treasured art assets via a digital twin. By tokenizing highly desirable physical works of art as guaranteed NFT certificates, democratized co-ownership becomes a reality, bringing a new dimension to the world of art. Traditionally, sales of physical pieces are often limited to galleries, art dealers and auction houses and ownership confined to a select group of collectors. However, rapid technological developments such as blockchain have accelerated a considerable shift in the art industry toward digitalization of sale processes. Masterpieces from world-renowned artists will always provide vital benchmarks, both for history and the economics of art collecting, but these pieces have typically been unattainable by the vast majority.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is digital art on the blockchain—the latest trend Users can join the pre-sale of 50, tokens in slots after Dec 10,

TFLOW Blockchain Announces Its Presale with 300 Investors Already on Board and $400k Raised

Singapore, Sept. Currently, Bitrue is hosting a warmup before the presale date, offering a giveaway of 13 billion AVT. Users can take advantage of the 4 options available on the platform. To be a part of this giveaway requires you to sign up for the airdrop on the Bitrue event page. The second giveaway requires you to share the event on social media platforms to have a chance of receiving a random amount of AVT between 1 - , Furthermore, anyone who shares it on Twitter automatically gets entered into a grand prize drawing for 1 million AVT. The third giveaway involves you sharing the event and getting valid referrals with a chance of earning , AVT. Notably, all referrals should successfully pass KYC verification. You will receive your reward as soon as a referral passes the verification.

KRebels Pre-Sale and Public Sale is Coming Up. Secure Your KRebels NFTs at a Lower Price!

art blockchain pre sale

ARTEM is a governance token facilitating curated programs and the acquisition of blue-chip contemporary art, luxury collectibles, limited edition NFT. With over a decade of expertise in identifying and cultivating new and rare artistic talents, the House of Fine Art HOFA currently represents over fifty established and emerging artists, allowing access to the art market and a more inclusive user experience for art enthusiasts and aficionados alike. Using ARTM tokens to facilitate asset ownership and enable secure trusted transactions within the ecosystem, customers and suppliers accrue ARTM as they acquire and sell goods across our platforms. In turn, ARTM ownership supports the digitalization and authentication of goods using sustainable blockchain technology. Initially, the predominant objective of ARTM is to enable a reward loyalty system across private clients, art collectors, brands and artists.

KRebels, an avant-garde NFT project focusing on the intersection of cutting-edge technology, art, and saving the endangered Koalas; has announced the upcoming Pre-Sale and Public Sale of its exclusive collection of NFTs.

The Blockchain of augmented NFTs

Non-fungible tokens have penetrated all sectors. From music, art and literature to real estate bonds, classic cars and tweets: There is no store of value or deed that cannot be mapped into NFT form and immortalized on the blockchain. However, the NFT goblet seems to have passed street art by, with few exceptions. The fact that guerrilla art has so far remained largely untapped is in the nature of things: the artists, who often operate on the border of legality, often remain anonymous, and unlike the canvas, the wall of a building is at the mercy of the ravages and tides of the urban environment. The platform also implements the idea of collective participation, which is closely linked to the street art spirit, via the ERC multi-token standard. Even narrowly-filled wallets can thus afford shares and get a foot — albeit a small one — into the art market.

17-year-old artist sells $144,000 worth of fake NFTs

Marc Beckman founded the award-winning agency, DMA United, with a modern vision: combining commercially oriented principles with branding and advertising. The ultimate guide to the NFT revolution: How non-fungible tokens are poised to transform the digital world. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the most important digital innovation since the creation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. NFTs share the best elements of both of these, while also representing an entirely new step forward for technology. But how did NFTs arise, how will they impact art and business in the decades to come, and—perhaps most importantly—how can savvy entrepreneurs position themselves today for success in the NFT-driven world of tomorrow? In this book he explores how NFTs will create entirely new asset classes and investment possibilities, such as fractional ownership in dynamic works of art. And in doing so, he also tells the story of how he personally discovered and became entranced by this powerful new tool, and where he believes NFTs will take business and branding throughout the 21st century.

Research non-fungible token sales history and trends per project, assess the market value of NFTS before buying or selling, everything you need to know.

NFT blockchain drives surge in digital art auctions

Join Orica, the ethical NFT platform. Fund art, earn royalties and make a difference. Choose Orica to drive creativity and social change through your NFT collection. We curate the world's most innovative artists then make it easy for them to give to social impact organisations via their sales.

Emerging NFT Community Calcium4Bones to Hold Its Pre-Sale on February 7, 2022

Corite enables artists of any level to drop the traditional record deal model, get their music released on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and YouTube, and engage their following in a mutually beneficial way. By launching fan-funding campaigns on the platform and capturing their social capital, they can generate additional revenue streams, secure the funding and marketing support from their followers, and reward their active backers with a portion of the royalties. The Corite CO platform leverages the Play-to-Earn P2E model to give artists full control over their content, and access to new models of interacting with their fans through NFTs, digital merchandise, and tokens. With our unique product, global community and strong financials we are now in a great position. During , we will scale to help artists and fans across the globe to join forces, using their fan power to the max," said Mattias Tengblad, Co-founder and CEO. The Corite CO project has secured funding from a global network of prominent venture capital firms from the music industry and the cryptocurrency space.

And it goes beyond art.

Stefan Meier

NFTs non-fungible tokens — or scarce digital content represented as tokens — are driving a new wave of crypto adoption. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, artists, gaming companies and content creators alike are utilizing token standards, which ascribe provenance to uniquely distinguishable assets. Platforms like Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation and Zora are quickly emerging as the leading players for creatives to monetize work in a digital world. Crypto art paradigms Graphic designs and 3D designers are finding new platforms to showcase their work, with marketplaces like Nifty Gateway facilitating Supreme style drops for exclusive digital art. No wonder top art galleries like Christies are asking to team up.

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