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Atari has just announced something that will surprise all the gamers out there who grew up on its consoles and games. The company made a big unveil today and while it's not a new console or game, Atari will actually be minting its own new type of cryptocurrency. Atari Token won't be worth real money apparently, however, it will be used on a new digital entertainment platform to buy content like video games, music, and movies. The blockchain-based platform will be a storefront essentially, according to reports. Atari has also taken a minority share in Infinity Networks in exchange for use of the Atari brand name. Atari also gets future royalties and earnings from the new platform.

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Atari crypto on

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Collezione di opere digitali per i cinquant’anni di Atari

The world of blockchain technology has had a tumultuous ride since Bitcoin was first launched in , growing from a much-maligned currency used on the digital Silk Road to a burgeoning global reserve currency that has been adopted as legal tender in El Salvador.

As with all areas of technological innovation, the blockchain industry has come a long way since Bitcoin introduced the energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism which is highly secure but pays for that security in slow transaction speeds and high costs.

In addition, it aims to reimagine the overall user engagement experience across a variety of industries. Harnessing the knowledge and experience gleaned from partnering with Atari to develop the Atari Chain and the Atari Token , the ICICB group has now set out to improve upon previous blockchain designs to offer the world the most advanced network to date and to drive additional technological breakthroughs. The organization has now expanded its mission to advance the adoption and capabilities of blockchain technology which has led to the creation of the ICICB Chain and its wider ecosystem.

With the launch of the ICICB Chain, clients, investors, and stakeholders will be able to take advantage of the newly emerging opportunities presented by blockchain. Aside from allowing users to access the ICICB Marketplace to purchase real-world goods including clothes, vehicles, furniture, and other items with NFTs, Cosmos will also enable users to vote in a virtual government, own virtual land, engage in various activities, and much more.

Once fully launched, Cosmos will be one of the most immersive virtual worlds ever created, complete with amazing graphics that outshine all competitors. With the launch of ICICB Chain, the next stage in the evolution of blockchain technology will be realized and the world will finally have a blockchain protocol that can meet the diverse needs of a global citizenry as the digital age continues to unfold.

Coin News. Subscribe to get our top stories Daily newsletter. Weekly newsletter. Related News. China to launch state-run NFT blockchain that is entirely separate from cryptocurrencies.

Atari to Release Own Cryptocurrency Called Atari Token

As Microsoft and Sony prepare to launch their new video-game consoles, another legendary player, Atari, is readying its first new hardware in more than 20 years. The Atari VCS will come with a twist — a way for gamers to spend a cryptocurrency while they play. First teased several years ago and expected to ship in November, the Atari VCS is being called a mini-console or a gaming computer. The product will offer access to more than Atari arcade games and home classics, like Pong, plus new titles. It will have internet connectivity and let consumers buy products using Atari Tokens, which will go on sale in late October. On Oct. The company has been split into pieces, merged and emerged from bankruptcy.

A GFT celebrating Atari's 50th anniversary—this GFT will unwrap soon, revealing a special surprise. Until then, game on!

Atari Movie Makers Plan to Raise $40 Million via Bushnell Token Sale

What to give somebody who has everything? Celebrating the brand that launched the modern video game industry. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified on future GFT drops, collections, and more:. Limited edition Atari GFTs will unwrap on a special date. The collection of 10, Atari GFTs will unwrap on a special date. On a certain date, your surprise gift box will automatically unwrap. Look inside your crypto wallet on the specified date to find out which collectible is inside! GFTs will unwrap on a certain date depending on the collection.

Launch of what’s new in Atari in February 2022 with cryptography and product analysis

atari crypto on

Classic video game brand Atari has announced Atari Token. It represents its foray into cryptocurrency. The announcement has seen a spike in shares, rising by more than 60 percent since the announcement on February 8. It's unknown if this would be restricted to Atari Token or be open to the likes of Bitcoin as well. Previously Atari floated plans for a console known as the Ataribox and took to crowdfunding to bring Roller Coaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch.

We will have different blind boxes depending on their level of rarity inside this Atari Commemorative GFT.

Atari is launching a cryptocurrency along with its new gaming console

With the deal, we could see metaverse performances from some artists signed to its labels, including Atlantic, Warner Records, Elektra, and Parlophone. Warner Music competitor Universal Music has been less active in the blockchain space. However, it recently took the innovative step of creating an entire music label PM to focus on the metaverse. Image Copyright: The Sandbox. You may also like.

Atari has revealed plans to create a company token and potentially develop cryptocurrency-based casino platforms. The company, commonly associated with arcade classics such as Asteroids, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Pong, seems to believe new life can be breathed into the casino industry through cryptocurrency. Last week, Atari announced plans to create its own cryptocurrency variant, called the Atari Token, which would be "associated with a blockchain platform in the field of entertainment. In order to facilitate the project, Atari has secured a small stake in Gibraltar-based Infinity Networks. Under the terms of the equity deal, Atari has not provided a cash investment, but rather has permitted the firm to use its brand under a long-term licensing agreement.

Classic video game brand Atari has announced Atari Token. It represents its foray into cryptocurrency. The announcement has seen a spike in.

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On this Jan. Jon Quast: Moving along, we did want to talk about The Sandbox as well. Dennis C, here we are. The Sandbox here, a little bit smaller than Decentraland as far as market capitalization, but bigger in terms of user base? Chris MacDonald: Yeah. This is one of the faster-growing crypto currencies in the metaverse space.

Atarilot is celebrating the launch of its new Atari coin and crypto technology news service online by announcing the release of the site across the internet. In a space where most competitors simply launch and keep quiet about it and put banners up on their site and fail to cause much of a stir, Atarilot has opted to be a little more creative with the inception of its new Atari coin and crypto technology news service.

The Atari Group, the company behind classic video games like Pac-Man, has granted a license to ICICB to launch a new, open-world casino experience that will allow players to explore a beautiful environment and engage in several casino games. The metaverse has been a hot topic over the last few months, and describes a virtual reality that combines aspects of online gaming, social media, augmented or virtual reality, and cryptocurrencies. Atari itself is a widely recognizable brand. It was a pioneer when it comes to home video game consoles, arcade games, and home computers. The firm was co-founded in by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.

The following collections are either ongoing or launching the first week of February. Julian Lennon, the son of Beatles musician John Lennon, has auctioned off items from his personal memorabilia collection on the YellowHeart Market, including the coat John Lennon wore in the movie Magical Mystery Tour and three Gibson guitars. Each NFT contains an audio component, narrated by the son, recounting its connection to the item.

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