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Nft discord sales bot. Discord Bot for OpenSea. PlotLion does not endorse NFT projects and collections on the list. Discord hacking is the newest threat for NFT buyers. The 1, G-Bot Packs pre-sale has sold out within 4 minutes! In their model of the metaverse, creators of the startup Sensorium Corp.

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OK Bitcoin Crypto and Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse have been hotly debated for a few months now. Will all of this new technology completely change our lives in the near future? What will life with a metaverse even look like?

A decentralized autonomous organization DAO known as CityDAO purchased 40 acres of land in northwestern Wyoming in with the goal of building an entire city based on Ethereum blockchain. While some might think this to be a brilliant, forward-looking idea to build a blockchain city, there are a lot of potential vulnerabilities and challenges to successfully implementing something like this.

CityDAO recently announced through Twitter that its Discord server had been compromised and some members' funds were stolen. The attacker worked by compromising the Discord account of one moderator. In July of , the State of Wyoming passed a law legally recognizing DAOs as long as they are registered as companies in the state. DAOs are blockchain-based entities with no central leadership where members vote on the group's direction and other decisions with tokens based on a specific set of rules enforced on blockchain.

The group offers citizenship through the purchase of a "land NFT" that represents ownership of real land, which anyone can purchase for 0. Through Discord, CityDAO hosts a community, makes announcements, answers questions, and issues alerts for "land drops," which are opportunities for people to buy land NFTs non-fungible tokens.

The CityDAO moderator whose account was compromised, known by username Lyons, detailed the entire experience through Twitter, sharing what they believe to be the exact route of exploit. The Twitter thread reads as follows:. Upon first seeing the message I immediately went to this server to verify who the mod was claiming to be and the username was an exact match as well as the unique identifier.

I explained that obviously someone had created an account using non-ascii characters to impersonate me and that i could verify that wasn't me. I suggested a voice call as well as sending messages to that user from my account to prove it was not the same regex. I got on a voice call with this user whom I verified multiple times was the same user as the mod in the server I had been banned from and spoke with him about the attack and what may have happened.

The exploiter asked me to verify that I was not masking my IP or identity in anyway and to inspect the console. I thought that even if this was a fake call, there was little issue inspecting elements in Discord to prove my identity. I am still not fully familiar with the access this token gives but we are taking it that the attacker had full Discord access. The scammer did so by using my user, webhooks, and the Discord server booster role.

The Discord server booster role is a non-revokeable role, once a user boosts the server, this role cannot be removed unless the user is banned. Next the scammer used my ID to assign core-team roles to other scammer IDs in the server and also changed permissions of the server booster role to be able to manage webhooks.

By doing this the scammers could actively create and use webhook info in the server. Using multiple Discord server booster roles, the scammer s created multiple webhooks allowing them to post announcements into channels with what looked like a bot to other members. These messages came from a fake bot and contained a malicious link to mint NFTs.

In these links, a website contained information on the fake mint and a wallet address to send funds to. To the best of my knowledge there was no wallet interaction so users only performed a transfer function so only the money they sent is lost.

The scammer s also posted using my Discord ID to with the links and assigned core team roles to a fake scottfits with different regex to make it look more legit. As we removed the links and webhooks, multiple server booster scam users created new ones and continued to post the links and scams. Within one day of the compromise, the attacker had scammed members of CityDAO out of Motherboard reports that in the last three days, the scammer transferred 20 ETH to the Tornado.

Cash tumbler and Motherboard also comments on the viability of a blockchain city, along with the Discord issues:. As Lyons points out, Discord seems to be the weakest link here as the breach used a ridiculous exploit that bypassed two factor authentication and his password. And yet, DAOs and NFT projects of all sorts rely on Discord as a way to reliably connect community members, announce updates, organize marketing campaigns, and vote on new proposals for their projects. They also note that Discord "is incredibly insecure and multiple exploits like this have happened across different servers.

See the original story from Motherboard for more information. By Drew Todd. Read more about the author. Tags: Cryptocurrency , Online Scams , Blockchain ,. Critical Infrastructure. Cyber Law. See what SecureWorld can do for you. Contact us today! Subscribe to Email Updates.

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Top Crypto Discord Servers / Groups to Follow in 2021

Couple of months ago I switched from Slack to discord due to better free plan. Just few weeks ahead of me, Bitshares community created their Discord server as well. Once I joined I started noticing more and more crypto-communities creating their own discord servers. So while Telegram is the 1 go-to platform for cryptocurrencies it seems that Discord became fairly popular.

Current Discord Servers: crypto ; 1 · CryptoCovids. Online Members · nftsnftcommunitycryptocryptoart ; 2 · Trade Hub. Online Members · stock market.

The Definite Guide Every Blockchain Project Needs to Building an Engaging Community on Discord

The tweet's text said "probably nothing". But Citron couldn't have been more wrong. The tweet wasn't "probably nothing" for the Discord community. MetaMask is a crypto wallet while WalletConnect is a protocol that connects a crypto wallet like MetaMask to a blockchain, thus enabling the wallet to trade crypto or purchase NFTs. Within hours, thousands of Discord users had jumped on the tweet and many started mobilizing a mass withdrawal of subscriptions from Discord in protest. The tweet seemed to suggest that Discord was about to make it possible to trade NFTs and crypto within the app. Because Discord hosts many blockchain communities, crypto scams are rampant on the platform, a problem that angers many users.

Cryptoscam in Discord

blockchain discord server

Discord started out as a platform for gamers. Our data shows that it now hosts the biggest and most active crypto communities, giving it profound influence in the crypto space. A funny thing happens when people start talking about crypto — sooner or later someone usually mentions Discord. The remark might be a reference to a conversation that happened on Discord, or an invite to a Discord channel, or maybe something about a crypto community that sprung up literally overnight through Discord chatter. Whatever is going on in crypto-land, it seems like Discord, a digital communication platform, is essential to the process.

Are you wondering which are the Best Crypto Discord Groups of ? Along with Telegram Groups, Discord Cryptocurrency Groups have become a very popular way for cryptocurrency traders to interact and keep up with other traders and crypto enthusiasts.

People Building ‘Blockchain City’ in Wyoming Scammed by Hackers

Discord has blown up in the crypto community recently, mainly due to its ease of use and ability to handle large communities effectively. Some Discord servers focus on markets, while others focus more on education and news. Regardless, there should be a crypto Discord community for everyone. We recommend you join several servers to see which one fits your company and brand. Crypto Show is a community for helping newer crypto enthusiasts and educating people with announcements and news related to blockchain. They have over 1.

5 Best Crypto Discord Servers In 2021

The blockchain-cryptocurrency sector has always been at the forefront of technological progress and innovation. This is why they have always sought out platforms that could provide them with the space to explore these alternatives. At a time when most companies sought out Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter , crypto projects joined Discord for communicating with users. As time passed and DeFi took over the crypto domain, community-oriented NFT projects started becoming dominant. These NFT projects put special emphasis on their Discord servers to interact with the community. But what is it about Discord that attracts the hundreds of NFT projects to build their communities on this platform over others?

domain names, digital art, and many other items backed by a blockchain. Organize and host events on our Discord server on a regular basis.

Read: At VeChain, we are incredibly proud to have amassed such a huge community since entering the public blockchain space in To facilitate further community growth and provide an even more engaging community ecosystem experience, we have decided to launch the VeChain Community Discord Server on Friday, 3 September! Discord is a place where topics and communities are easy to see and easy to participate in.

We are the best directory of all cryptocurrency related Discord groups in This list includes blockchain, ICO, airdrops, bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, token sales, exchange, wallet, mining, dapps, smart contracts, price analysis. Channels in trading groups, crypto and Altcoins. Updated daily with the number of channel users. We are tracking crypto related Discord channels with a total of members. Subscribe now.

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Web3 has lots of good but also lots of problems we need to work through at our scale. More soon. This has led many users to be nervous that their Nitro a paid Discord service subscriptions could be used to fund the scammy NFT ecosystem in the future. These wallets both allow users to access Ethereum, one of the largest forms of cryptocurrency. Gotta catch of 'em! While the new entries in the series have adopted a larger third-person camera that can be controlled, these remakes follow the spirit of the originals.

Develop blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk protocol. No need to learn new languages, everything is being written in JavaScript and TypeScript. The modular design of the Lisk SDK enables you to realize any kind of blockchain technology use-case. The Lisk community is working on multiple proof of concept blockchain applications developed with the Lisk SDK.

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