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I recently blogged about blockchain where I described the technology and why it could be a revolutionary development, and also explored its various applications across a number of industries. A blockchain is type of data structure that can be purposed to create a digital ledger of transactions that can be shared among a distributed network of computers. By using cryptography, each account on the network may access and manipulate the ledger securely, without the need for any central authority or middleman — this is the supreme concept to take away. Blockchain is: Reliable and available. Because a wide circle of participants share a blockchain, it has no single point of failure and is designed to be resilient in the face of outages or attacks.

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Take a closer look at Blockchain technology (Infographic)

Keep on top of Argo news, find press releases and watch interviews with CEO Peter Wall via our resources section below. Read more Read More. Cryptocurrency miner Argo Blockchain building in Dickens County. Argo Blockchain provides positive update on mining from August. Clearing the clouds of doubts- Renewably sourced Bitcoin may ensure a clean energy future. Argo Blockchain unveils two new team members. Crypto mining firm Argo Blockchain eyes secondary Nasdaq listing. Argo Blockchain unveils DeFi investment, updates on mining and infrastructure.

Argo Blockchain purchases 2 facilities in Quebec. Argo Blockchain swings into profit as it crosses major inflexion point in Argo Blockchain agrees deal to construct Texas mining facility. Argo Blockchain to launch clean energy Bitcoin mining pool.

Argo Blockchain buys acre land plot in Texas to expand mining operations. Going for Growth: Argo Blockchain primed to be front and center of the Bitcoin boom. West Texas site eyed for cryptocurrency data mining center by London firm. Argo Blockchain unveils investment in digital asset firm Pluto. Argo Blockchain stands to benefit from future booms in Bitcoin price. The Argo Blockchain share price soared as cryptocurrencies rallied!

Argo Blockchain Lifted by Bitcoin hitting new highs. Times UK: Security in numbers as bidding contest looms. Argo Blockchain: Hargreaves Lansdown investors are buying. Should I buy too? Bitcoin price boom! Argo Blockchain December Operational Update. Argo Blockchain reaches maiden profit in interim results.

Argo Blockchain taps into cheap green power with Canadian deal. UK Launches Press Release. Intention to Float. Prospectus Release. First Day of Dealings. Argo Interim Results — June Argo Adds Komodo and Horizen Coins. Voting Rights and Capital Press Release. Argo Blockchain Presents Argo Labs. Argo Blockchain — Q3 Results. Argo Blockchain — This is Dickens County. Argo Blockchain — Helios Construction Begins. The Benzinga Crypto Show ft. Consensus Why the Future of Mining is Green.

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How Blockchain Could Solve the Problem of Digital Identity

Keep on top of Argo news, find press releases and watch interviews with CEO Peter Wall via our resources section below. Read more Read More. Cryptocurrency miner Argo Blockchain building in Dickens County. Argo Blockchain provides positive update on mining from August.

As we discussed in our prior post, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The See Top 5 Truly Decentralized Casinos, Medium (March 23, ).

How Blockchain will Transform Media and Entertainment

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Samsung Makes It Easier to Use Blockchain on Galaxy Devices With Support for Hardware Wallets

blockchain media

Blockchain could turn the tide for the media and entertainment industry and benefit content creators. By Jamilah Lim 15 July, Often misunderstood and mistakenly used interchangeably, blockchain has gained both popularity and notoriety due to its association with the ever-controversial bitcoin. There are multitudes of practical applications for blockchain technology due to its security and transparency — cryptocurrency is just one of them.

Ben Goertzel. The fundamental flaws in modern social media infrastructure are nothing new, and nor is the idea of using blockchain and other decentralized technologies to help remedy them.

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Digital art has been around since the s, and artists working with digital mediums have long struggled to claim ownership and uniqueness over digital artworks. The ideological seeds behind non-fungible tokens NFTs emerged to address such issues, when entrepreneur and blogger Anil Dash and artist Kevin McCoy first introduced the idea of monetised graphics at the Seven on Seven Conference held at the New Museum in Both auctions placed the likes of the estates of contemporary art icons Andy Warhol and Nam June Paik, and conceptual artist Jenny Holzer alongside popular digital artists lesser known to the contemporary art scene, such as Josie Bellini and Coin Artist, prompting conversations around the developments of digital art. NFTs are unique digital assets encoded with smart contracts, stored on a decentralised ledger known as the blockchain. The NFT keeps track of interactions made onto the token, recording the original creator, bids and transactional movements of the token, as well as the wallet addresses from which these actions originate.

Radical New Infrastructure

Blockchain is delivering value to businesses in different sectors globally. Here, we discuss the top 5 blockchain use cases in media and entertainment. Blockchain use cases in media and entertainment are emerging all the time, as the industry aims to tackle its many challenges, with innovative technological solutions. In an environment rife with middlemen, unequal distribution of profits, shifting consumption habits, and multiple inefficiencies, blockchain in media and entertainment is increasingly enabling disintermediation, streamlining digital rights management, and creating a more transparent system for all participants — from content creators to advertisers. Blockchain in media use cases are also facilitating the creation of new business models that allow the sector to meet the changing needs of consumers and offer innovative solutions to allow them to make usage-based payments. This creates a more content-creator friendly approach by enabling micropayments through automated settlements. Better yet, thanks to the transparent, immutable records of data that are shared between all parties, blockchain is bringing clarity to previously ambiguous practices where metrics are often subject to collusion.

INSURANCE BLOCKCHAIN SANDBOX. Launch your innovative blockchain-based product, service and business model with our first test-bed initiative for Insurance.

7 social media startups powered by blockchain

Though in its infancy, the allure of the blockchain is beckoning many media companies to experiment with everything it has to offer, from selling non-fungible tokens NFTs to accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. But just as the dotcom boom, this new technology is plagued with snake-oil salespeople and companies ready and willing to take advantage of newcomers to the crypto space by selling their vaporware to whoever will bite. So for the media companies that are ready to get active on the blockchain, knowing what questions to ask prospective vendors and having the right team members participate in those conversations will be the biggest advantages as they assess partners.

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In bestowing this status on the technology, Gartner predicted that blockchain is still five to 10 years away from going mainstream, writing:. That list is decidedly smaller, but the real-world applications of this technology that are being developed, tested, and — in some cases — rolled out to the marketplace will play a critical role in shaping the future of blockchain development and determining just how quickly the technology goes mainstream. But before any of that will really make sense, some baseline background on blockchain is required. In its simplest possible form, blockchain is a digital platform for recording and verifying transactions. The paper outlines the process of creating a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that can be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

Gemini, the regulated crypto exchange and custodian, is launching a full service prime brokerage for crypto assets as institutional interest in the sector grows.

While most digital ledgers and blockchain-based platforms still have problems scaling as more users jump on board, it seems the number of blockchain-based social media startups is increasing both in number and in usership. It takes time. Here a look at seven social media platforms on the blockchain, or experimenting with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Sapien sapien. In doing so, the Sapien team hopes to build a brighter social future that brings out the best in people, their creations, and their ideas without sacrificing the importance of transparency and accuracy. Steemit steemit. It is a sort of Reddit.

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