Crypto accounting course in nepal

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Master of Business Administration - Blockchain Management

The WFH culture coupled with the economic uncertainties resulting from the COVID pandemic worldwide has encouraged Malaysians to seriously consider investments as an additional income source or as an alternative to traditional investments such as buying shares, bonds, option, etc.

One such investment opportunity is in cryptocurrency. Given the upward trend of investing in cryptocurrency in Malaysia, the question then arises on whether the gains from investing in cryptocurrency is subject to tax in Malaysia. Although cryptocurrency has already been around for many years, but regulators are still trying to come to grips with the legal and tax aspects of this asset class. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized digital currency that is based on blockchain technology.

They are secured by cryptography, thus making it almost impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. For example, Bitcoins are registered with a Bitcoin address which makes the entire system pseudonymous with transactions being recorded under pseudonyms to that the identities of the parties are kept private. Bitcoins are stored in a Bitcoin wallet. The Bitcoin wallet is basically just a collection of Bitcoin addresses. Each of the Bitcoin addresses was created with a valid private key.

According to CoinLore, there are currently more than 5, cryptocurrencies in circulation. Cryptocurrencies have the characteristic of a Fiat currency which means that it is not backed by a physical commodity like gold or government guarantees.

Currently, most nations utilize fiat currency to drive their economics. The biggest fiat currency to drive their economics. The biggest fiat currency would be the United States Dollar which has been a fiat currency since The thing that gives fiat currency value is its scarcity, guarantee of value from the issuing state, and the laws of supply and demand.

Using Bitcoin as an example, assuming the supply and demand remain stable, but the community was to lose faith in the value of Bitcoin, the community would then start to sell their Bitcoin bringing down the price of Bitcoin due to the oversupply of Bitcoin in the market. In Europe, there is no consensus on whether cryptocurrency is a currency. Bank Negara has held that digital currencies are a payment instrument that is not regulated by Bank Negara and therefore cannot be considered legal tender in Malaysia.

Is cryptocurrency subject to Malaysian income tax? Therefore, the current provisions of the ITA can be applied to active cryptocurrency traders. The IRB went on to say that the determination of whether the profits from cryptocurrency activities is taxable would depend on the facts and circumstances of the case to determine whether there is a pattern of the badges of trade. Therefore, they would need to keep proper books of accounting and business records in Malaysia for the purpose of being audited by the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Notwithstanding, there are a few arguments that taxpayers can raise to argue against the imposition of tax on their gains from cryptocurrency as we will discuss below. This argument will likely be challenged by the IRBM — in which case the taxpayer would need to prove that the transaction was indeed performed outside Malaysia.

With travel restrictions on account of the pandemic, this task is made that much more difficult for the taxpayer. The nature of cryptocurrency is such that the transaction can be performed at a click of a button on a laptop or smartphone anywhere in the world.

As such, the taxpayer would have a hard time proving that the location of the transaction or the originating source of the cryptocurrency lies overseas. As mentioned, given the global nature of the cryptocurrency in general, these Malaysian taxpayers can sell their Bitcoins from anywhere without the hefty cross border transaction fees.

These taxpayers could argue that they are not tax resident of Malaysia and therefore are not subject to Malaysia income tax. The taxpayer however claimed he is not chargeable to income tax in Australia.

His appeal against the assessment was rejected by the Australian court. Another issue to consider is who is actually making the profits. In the age of Virtual Private Networks, the identity of the person making those gains may not be clear. The money when remitted back from utilisation is an ancillary issue. However, if a business arises as a by-product of a hobby or other non-commercial activities, its profits could also be subjected to tax. This is seen in the tax case of Hawes v Gardiner 37 TC where a taxpayer bred and trained dogs as his hobby.

The General Commissioners found that the selling of puppies for substantial prices by the taxpayer was in the nature of trade and subjected the profits from the sale of puppies to tax. Applying this principle, in the current circumstances, the trading of cryptocurrency may be subjected to tax. The taxable transactions occur every time the cryptocurrency is traded in virtual exchanges.

The blockchain ledger will have records on the transacted prices and time of transfer. The taxpayers have to subtract the cost of the cryptocurrencies against the selling price to determine the gain or loss. In this regard, the taxpayers must keep track their cryptocurrency transactions continuously to report the gain or loss one each cryptocurrency transaction properly.

Subject matter of the transaction Cryptocurrency is a speculative instrument that is extremely difficult to value and as such is normally the subject of investment. However, even gains from investment can be subject to income tax if they are performed actively. This is seen in the tax case of Dr. Numerous or repetitive acts done by the appellant would suggest the action was in the nature of a trade. In view of the above, holding cryptocurrency would likely have the characteristic of an assert held for the trading in the eyes of the IRB.

Period of ownership The period of ownership of the cryptocurrency is one aspect which is in total control by the taxpayer. The benefit of holding cryptocurrency is that there are virtually no holding costs unless the taxpayers has borrowed money to purchase this cryptocurrency. If a taxpayer has held the cryptocurrency for a long period of time, he could argue that he is a long-term investor of the currency.

However, for all recent transactions, it would likely be considered an adventure in the nature of a trade and be subjected to tax. Frequency of transactions This is a significant consideration to identify speculators of cryptocurrency.

There will be multiple cryptocurrency transactions to and from the same address or wallet within a short period of time. Most cryptocurrency transactions are public, traceable and stored on a network base don blockchain technology. In the present case, if the IRB can look behind the cryptocurrency pseudonyms and identify the owner of the cryptocurrency wallet, the IRB can further investigate the owner of cryptocurrency and tax them accordingly.

Alteration of property to render it more saleable Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, the taxpayer is unlikely to be able to alter the cryptocurrency to make it more saleable. Methods employed in disposing of property If special exertion was made to find or attract purchasers for the cryptocurrency, it might indicate an intention to sell it for profit.

However, in the case of cryptocurrency, the taxpayer has easy access to buying and selling of cryptocurrency via the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges available. Further, cryptocurrency is currently a very liquid asset that can be spent on goods and services just like conventional currency, albeit it not being recognised as legal tender by Bank Negara. Arguably, this badge of trade may not paint a clear picture of the intention of the taxpayer.

Circumstances responsible for sale The principle here is that if the sale of cryptocurrency is occasioned by a sudden emergency or unanticipated need for fund, such facts will tend to indicate that the cryptocurrency was not acquired for the purpose of resale at a profit and that the sale was no pursuant to a profit-making undertaking or scheme. This principle involves a subjective study into the surrounding circumstances relating to the sale of cryptocurrency and will be determined according to the merits of each individual case.

Financing Generally, the source of financing can indicate whether an asset was purchased with the intention to trade. If the taxpayer has taken a short-term loan to purchase the cryptocurrency, it will tend to indicate that the cryptocurrency was acquired for the purpose of resale for profit and subject the gains to tax. Based on the analysis of badges of trade above, the cryptocurrency speculator may be considered as engaging in an adventure in the nature of a trade and their gains will be taxable.

Cryptocurrency: Tax Is Not Virtual. The rise of digital currency. What can cryptocurrency be used for? Cryptocurrency can be spent just like any conventional currency at any merchants that accept it. One such example is Tesla, which has recently announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its customers to purchase their cars.

However, on 13 May , Elon Musk said that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin due to the fossil fuel issue. He has not indicated whether Tesla would accept other digital coins to replace Bitcoin. Alternatively, it can be sold to people who wish to purchase the cryptocurrency for whatever purpose.

Is Cryptocurrency the next tax frontier? United States. Therefore, capital gains taxes are applicable for gains on the value of virtual currency in the United States.

In Singapore, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore has held that businesses that buy and sell virtual currencies in the ordinary course of their business will be taxed on the profits derived from trading in the virtual currency.

Profits derived by businesses which mine and trade virtual currencies in exchange for money are also subject to tax. However, like Malaysia, there is no capital gains tax in Singapore. Hence, long term investment in cryptocurrency would not be subjected to tax. What is Malaysia's Stance on Cryptocurrency? Is there an upside? On the bright side, if the taxpayer is held to be engaging in an adventure in the nature of a trade, all expenses wholly and exclusively incurred in earning that income will be deductible under Section 33 1 of the ITA provided that they are not specifically disallowed under Section 39 of the ITA.

Therefore, taxpayers may even claim the interest costs or any directly related costs incurred to hold the cryptocurrency. However, it is difficult to draw the line between capital versus revenue in an actual situation, a person may initially purchase cryptocurrency for investment purposes but subsequently uses it to settle debts.

The question that arises would be — will this still be a capital transaction? If not, which value to be used for tax purposes? Cryptocurrency Staking An alternative method to getting returns on cryptocurrency is by staking. Staking is the holding of cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of the blockchain network. By locking the cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency exchange will provide rewards which are usually in the form of a cryptocurrency of choice of the wallet owner.

This concept would be similar to that of placing a fixed deposit with a licensed bank to earn the interest income. However, individuals earning interest income from deposits placed with licensed banks are exempted from tax on the interest income.

The same cannot be said for the returns earned from cryptocurrency staking where there are no specific provisions in the ITA nor any rules that exempt it from tax in Malaysia. Therefore, similar to the trading of cryptocurrency, individual and corporate taxpayers alike earning rewards from cryptocurrency staking may potentially be required to bring it to tax under Section 3 of the ITA.

One thing for certain is that they have to update their respective tax laws or potentially continue losing out on a digital gold mine of tax revenue. Stay Up-to-date with Our Newsletter. The important updates, articles and other exciting news that you don't want to miss.

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This concentration introduces students to the use of financial analytics used by finance practitioners. It provides a strong and rigorous introduction to the use of financial applications in fintech and machine learning. This concentration serves two objectives. First, students will analyze investment opportunities in commercial property markets using market, property, and lease information. The second objective involves an in-depth study of real estate market analysis followed by a use of these tools, combined with a basic understanding of real estate law and negotiation, to analyze and value development opportunities. This course explores the sources of property information and market data used in studies of real estate markets and provides an in-depth analysis of trends, market activity, sales, lending, and leasing.

The Horizen Academy is a free educational platform on blockchain In this article, we will look at the accounting/balance models used in blockchains.


Designed for students from a wide variety of non-financial disciplines and employment backgrounds, this course combines mathematical and communication skills to offer you a rounded approach to the world of international finance. MSc International Finance will enhance your employability and open the doors to a global career. You'll be eligible for graduate level positions in areas such as banking, insurance and finance. Whether you are looking for a role in the provision and management of financial services or planning to undertake research in the area, this course will equip you with the appropriate theoretical and practical learning. This is a full-time course and is split up into three trimesters. You can choose to start in either January or September. Further information.

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crypto accounting course in nepal

Start learning from seat in Nepal and learn from experts in your industry with a lot of real world expertise. Beside following the course on your mobile or computer, the gigantic advantage is that you can save the course to your mobile or tablet and watch them even without an internet connection. How awesome! Never stop learning, become the best in Nepal.

The Master of Business Administration- Blockchain Management program is delivered completely online, through a combination of pre-recorded lectures followed by extensive learning materials along with dedicated Personal Tutor support.

Bachelor of Business (Blockchain Enabled Business)

Blockchain has recently become synonymous with cryptocurrency, but its applications go far beyond financial transactions. Companies in every industry are just now beginning to understand how to apply blockchain-based solutions to solve business problems. In this certificate series, you will delve into the world of blockchain technology and its cryptographic underpinnings to demystify the technology and the promise it holds for business. Learning from world-renowned blockchain experts from Cornell Tech, you will begin by studying how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin make use of the blockchain to facilitate peer-to-peer digital transactions. Then, with a solid understanding of the mechanics of the Bitcoin blockchain protocol, you will discover the problems blockchain technologies aim to solve and determine how they can support your business goals. Ultimately, you will walk away with a proposal for an application of blockchain technology in your organization.

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Check out our investing software - Benzinga Pro! With access to markets, 31 countries, and 23 currencies, Interactive Brokers allows you to earn, borrow, spend, and invest with one account. Keep in mind that not all brokerages are created equal. Carefully consider your needs before you open an account. Wedged between the two world economic giants of China and India, landlocked Nepal could become a future bridge for trade between the two countries.

This acts as Nepal's central stock depository that allows a broker to open dematerialized (demat) accounts, provide dematerialization.

Edinburgh Napier University

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Cambridge International Qualifications, UK. Designed to develop an understanding of the contemporary practices of Human Resource Management and the paradigm shift in the approaches related to various functions. This course will enhance your understanding of international markets, global workforce planning and management and the way it helps organizations to expand their business in the global market. There is no formal entry requirement for this course, however a good standard of written and spoken English is required to study with us, but a formal language qualification such as IELTS is not necessary. Generally, your English simply needs to be sufficient to:. At Athena, you are in charge of your learning!

A virtual currency is a digital representation of value that is neither issued by a central bank or a public authority, rarely attached to a fiat currency, but is accepted by a growing number of natural or legal persons as a means of payment and can be transferred, stored or traded electronically. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies which are secured using cryptography.

A guide to understanding major cryptocurrency issues and regulatory framework: NT & PBO briefing

Our MSc Accounting and Finance has been created for professionals who are looking for a different style of degree study. Breaking away from the traditional, this course is an innovative exploration into real world business, enriched by the inclusion of contemporary debate and trends in accounting and finance. The course also explores new technologies such as blockchain, fintech services, cloud computing, and distributed ledgers, helping you refine your skillset and set yourself up for careers in a wide selection of accounting and finance roles. This gives you a fast-track route to a Master of Science qualification, and with considerably reduced tuition fees. Learn more. You will study six core modules, which provide you with strategic and contemporary knowledge of accounting and finance practise. Each module has been designed to help you better understand and implement accounting in business strategy and to develop and support your entrepreneurial outlook.

The outbreak of COVID is having an overwhelming effect on individuals, businesses, and communities. To assist our valued members and the wider accounting and finance community, IMA Middle East and India is offering free access to valuable educational resources from short certificates, webinars, along with tips and advice to support during this unprecedented period. Please keep visiting this page for frequent updates. Master Excel with the help of more than 15 minute nano courses delivered by IMA.

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