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Cryptocurrency has moved into the mainstream as an investment asset class. If you're looking to add some to your portfolio, it may be difficult to figure out how to get started. Crypto is currently unregulated, and investing in it can feel more Wild West than Wall Street. Read on to learn the basics of cryptocurrency and how to get started investing in it. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that doesn't rely on a central authority to verify transactions or create new units. Instead, it relies on cryptography to prevent counterfeiting.

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Looking for the Next Ethereum? 2 Cryptocurrencies to Buy and Hold Right Now

Crypto investors are clearly excited about the financial and nonfinancial applications of blockchain technology , as well as the role blockchain could play in the metaverse -- i.

With more than 16, listed cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. But a few projects could lead to incredible returns for patient investors. Smart contracts help to verify, facilitate and enforce the negotiation of a contract on blockchain. The reason this smart contract-driven blockchain network is so exciting is its speed, scalability, and compatibility.

In terms of speed, transactions on Avalanche's network offer a block finality of less than two seconds. In English, this just means files, data, and payments sent on the network reach their destination and are validated in less than two seconds. There are clear-cut comparative advantages when it comes to scalability versus the "Big Two" as well. As for Avalanche, its development team touts the ability of the network to process north of 4, TPS. For some added context, payment processor Visa can handle up to 24, TPS.

Being fast and scalable helps keep transaction fees on Avalanche's blockchain network quite low. But what most impresses me about Avalanche is its compatibility. In other words, Avalanche is dangling a carrot to dApp developers that will hopefully entice them to come to its network and enjoy faster processing, lower costs, and exceptional scalability, relative to Ethereum.

To me it seems like a no-brainer that dApp developers will flock to Avalanche in and beyond. While social media-based hype and pumping were the keys to big gains in the meme coins in , the not-so-subtle secret to sustainable long-term gains in the cryptocurrency space is providing differentiation and a competitive edge.

Algorand does this through its speed, security, and focus on interoperability. Similar to Avalanche, Algorand makes sending data, files, or money -- as well as scaling the network -- fast. At last check, Algorand's website showed it was processing at 1, TPS this blows Bitcoin and Ethereum out of the water , and it had an impressive block finality of 4.

Considering that existing financial infrastructure can take up to a week to validate and settle cross-border payments, completing a transaction faster than most of us can walk to our refrigerators is quite impressive. Algorand differentiates itself in a positive way with what's known as its pure proof-of-stake PPoS consensus mechanism. With standard proof-of-stake networks, it's possible for smaller holders to potentially disrupt the network. But with PPoS, holders are randomly and secretly chosen to vote on proposals and propose blocks.

Since holders of ALGO have an incentive for its success, this randomization all but eliminates nefarious activity that might otherwise disrupt the network. However, the real key to Algorand's long-term success is its prioritizing of interoperability. In simple terms, we're witnessing the development of countless unique blockchain projects.

While some will play nice with each other, there's a good chance many won't work together. That means no ability to send data, files, or payments. Algorand is specifically looking to bridge these technological gaps. For enterprise utility, Algorand is a genius play.

Axie Infinity slots in as the No. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain. And I probably don't need to tell you that it's not difficult to lure in gamers if there's a potential monetary reward for their involvement. The game is fairly straightforward. Users collect, raise, breed, upgrade, and battle monsters known as Axies, with a minimum of three Axies needed to wage battle.

Users who win these battles are awarded experience points, which can be used to upgrade various aspects of their characters. What makes this project, and other blockchain-based gaming, so unique is how ownership of these digital assets is recognized.

With traditional console and PC gaming, any characters or virtual worlds created remain the property of the company that developed the game. But with play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, users own their creations. Each and every Axie created is a non-fungible token NFT. These NFTs can be used in game play, or they can be monetized in a marketplace i.

Allowing users to own their creations is bound to bring a new level of excitement to blockchain-based gaming and virtual worlds. But Axie Infinity has a good shot to head a lot higher. According to data from TokenTerminal. With real capital flowing to Axie Infinity, a viable case can be made that it could moonshot over the next five years.

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However, this dynamic crypto trio shouldn't have any trouble rising to the top. Image source: Getty Images. Questioning an investing thesis -- even one of our own -- helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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The Most Important Risk Bitcoin Investors Should Focus On in 2022

On the surface, nothing. But dig deeper and you'll find they have a surprising number of similarities, despite being polar opposite investments. For now, though, these assets are viewed by the market as having about the same values, though for completely different reasons. Ethereum has potential to disrupt traditional finance through a sophisticated and increasingly large blockchain that underpins a lot of the practical applications in the crypto market. Ethereum supports major decentralized finance DeFi projects, including scaling solutions like Polygon and smart contract networks like Chainlink. Ethereum is also the largest decentralized app dApp platform. Instead of being owned by an individual entity or company and running on centralized servers, dApps' back-end code runs on a peer-to-peer network.

While the overall cryptocurrency space will likely continue to be highly volatile in the near term, a panel of Motley contributors.

Cyclical Blockchain and Crypto Stocks

Fantom is my newest crypto, and so I'm building up a position in it. That's one reason I'm buying it: My position is too small and I want to add to it. But I also think Fantom is the best buy in crypto right now. But there are also some specific reasons that make Fantom the strongest buy in the crypto space today. So here are four reasons I'm buying the coin in , and why I think you should consider the coin, too. Ethereum is the big whale of decentralized finance, or DeFi. If you want to stake your crypto and earn high yields, historically Ethereum is the layer 1 blockchain that provides the platform for all this to happen.

3 Crypto Stocks Gearing up for Gains; Analysts Say ‘Buy’

motley fool crypto stocks

The Federal Reserve 's intention to start raising interest rates in March is encouraging investors to adopt a risk-off approach. This negatively impacts high-growth stocks, but it also adversely affects digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is clearly taking a dive. Here's why.

It's up roughly sixfold over the past 24 months, and many times more over its lifetime. Bitcoin's rate of appreciation may slow down at this large size, making a bear market possible for Bitcoin in if investors cool off toward it.

This Crypto Will Be the Ethereum of 2022

December has been a tough month for most cryptocurrencies. With money generally moving out of investments with intimidating risk profiles, many top names in the crypto space now trade far below recent highs. While the overall cryptocurrency space will likely continue to be highly volatile in the near term, a panel of Motley Fool. Daniel Foelber Ethereum : The recent crypto-market bludgeoning may feel severe. But zooming out to the year-to-date performance, it's clear to see that all the major cryptos are still up big.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

India is setting up a proper legislative framework for owning, trading, and using cryptocurrencies in that massive country. It's not too late to bounce back in Although it might seem like the right move, now is not the time to panic and sell all of your digital assets. Get the basics here, and find out why investors are so strongly divided on the role of crypto assets. Investors are buying today because of inflation fears, but there's more to drive adoption in the future. With the value of the dollar rapidly dropping, investors are seeking out the world's top cryptocurrency as a hedge.

Justin Pope has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns and recommends Bitcoin and Palantir Technologies Inc. The.

This Under-the-Radar Cryptocurrency Stock Could Outpace Bitcoin in 2022

Stock market turbulence has taken a turn to the downside so far in the new year, and based on premarket trading, it looked likely that Friday would continue the trend lower for major stock market indexes. As of a. Many investors in the cryptocurrency market believed that the digital asset class would prove to be a store of value during tough times for stocks.

Is Riot Blockchain a buy?

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Ethereum was a the first programmable blockchain, a platform where developers can build self-executing programs known as smart contracts. Since its launch, that technology has evolved into decentralized applications dApps and decentralized finance DeFi platforms, software that exists on a peer-to-peer network rather than centralized corporate servers. Given that value proposition, it should come as no surprise that both industries are gaining popularity. And in both cases, Ethereum is the leader by a wide margin. And while the Ethereum 2. While Ethereum is certainly the most mature dApp ecosystem, it currently handles just 30 transactions per second TPS , while global payments networks like Mastercard regularly process over 2, TPS.

It's been a wild ride for blockchain investors the past few years.

Why Coinbase and Other Crypto Stocks Took a Nosedive Today

You may know blockchain as the technology behind Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. However, many investors don't have a thorough understanding of blockchain or the best ways to invest in this exciting tech trend. Here's a brief overview of blockchain technology, followed by some of our favorite blockchain stocks -- and one important principle blockchain investors should keep in mind. Blockchain is a form of ledger technology also known as distributed ledger technology that keeps records in a decentralized manner. A bank, for example, can store information say, payment transactions on its internal servers, but blockchain technology allows the creation of an unchangeable public ledger that's accessible to all users. Blockchain ledgers are a very secure means of storing data since they cannot be modified retroactively, and they can be used anonymously to protect users' privacy.

Will a central bank digital currency come to be? And if so, what sort of risk does this pose to crypto investors? It's been a great year for leading cryptocurrencies, but new regulatory concerns may be on the horizon.

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