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You should see your ophthalmologist as soon as On Demand Now. In a year that has seen so much devastation, loss and divisiveness, there is a bright light. Dozens of people have taken to social media to report seeing 'flashes' in the sky across Milton Keynes yesterday at around pm. I've purposely setup my capture software to record 30 head frames and tail Tonight I came searching because I just saw an extremely bright white flash that lit up the visible night sky of the porch I'm sleeping on.

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From the Collection: Cubic Feet boxes, video cassettes. Staff Interface Visit ArchivesSpace. Skip to main content. ArchivesSpace Public Interface. Identifier: Citation Staff Only. Scope and Contents From the Collection: Board of Trustees Records, , consist of the files from the governing body of Kiwanis International and document the policy and governance decisions made by the board and its committees.

The sections in this series include board meetings, committees, constitution and bylaws, members, International Council, and member briefs. Board meeting files contain minutes and transcripts. The minutes of the board meetings, particularly those between and , take the form of summaries highlighting important decisions and based on verbatim transcriptions.

The purpose of the summaries was quick reference. Between and , several summaries are not available Jan. In these cases, the transcripts are the only documentation of the meetings. During the s and s, the summary files contain agendas, secretary reports, and president reports.

The second form of board meeting documentation is the transcripts taken verbatim during the meetings. These documents include discussions, reports, speeches, and motions before the board of trustees. In some cases, the transcripts are the only documentation of the board meetings. Transcripts are available for , , and The committee files document the activity of the board committees and include minutes, reports, correspondence, and special studies. These files include committees designed to help move Kiwanis through important organizational changes such as the Committee on International Extension that studied and made recommendations regarding the expansion of Kiwanis beyond North America and Female Membership, the committee that collected information about the legality of the exclusion women from the organization.

The Executive Committee is a governing committee composed of the board officers and charged with making necessary decisions between the meetings of the board. The files of this committee include incomplete sets of meeting minutes and transcripts. The Kiwanis Committee was a long-range planning committee charged with developing tools to carry Kiwanis into the 21st Century. The Past Presidents Committee is a unique committee composed of past presidents of Kiwanis. The constitution and bylaws is an incomplete set of the official organization governance documents.

Missing copies between and International Council files include the annual proceedings of the body composed of the board of trustees and the district governors. Also included are training sessions and a few programs. First convened in , this body has the power to approve changes to the constitution and bylaws of Kiwanis International. The main function of this group, however, became the training and equipping of the district governors.

The collection is missing the years and after The Proceedings are transcripts of the meetings and include speeches, reports, and minutes. The collection includes a great deal of information about the members and officers of the board. This section contains biographical information about board members and has four sections: biographical information, biographical sketches, composite sheets, and leadership brochures.

Biographical information includes press releases, clippings, and other biographical information about individual members of the board of trustees. Organized alphabetically by last name, it is composed of two parts - Board of Trustees and Presidents. Created for incoming board members, the Member Briefs provide an overview of the organization. Composed of a variety of documents, the briefs summarize the operations, personnel, programs, and districts of Kiwanis International.

These files offer a condensed description of the organization and are a good place to gain understanding of the total organization. Administration Records, , document the activities of the national headquarters of Kiwanis International. Legal - agreements, financials form s , articles of incorporation International growth and development - This section contains information about how Kiwanis developed its international programs and dealt with the difficulties of operating a multi-country organization.

It also documents the European Mission - the group of individuals who went to Europe to charter the first clubs outside North America. Also included is correspondence, development of international relationships, and publications. International headquarters - the building, Chicago and Indianapolis, decision to move Membership Development - initiatives, planning, KIAR, club building, member recruitment, pubs, statistics, studies and surveys, newsletters for office staff, special studies, and surveys.

Staff member biographies - includes executive officer and headquarters staff Supply Catalogs - includes Kiwanis and sponsored programs. The Sponsored Programs catalogs were all bound even though they all had separate catalogs.

The materials are filed chronologically and are include five different items: Biographical Sketches, Convention Daily, Printed Materials, Proceedings, and Programs. The biographical sketches cover the years and document the candidates for international office. These were produced as booklets annually as quick reference guides to voting members at the convention. The copies in the collection are bound and filed at the end of the convention records. The Convention Daily contains the daily news covering the four days of the annual convention.

Included in the collection are issues for , , , , , , , , , It is unclear whether the newspaper was published during the years it does not appear in the collection. The Printed materials are various printed brochures, speeches, ephemera, and other materials, specifically for the convention.

The Proceedings are the detailed happenings at during the convention sessions. These are verbatim transcripts and include minutes, speeches, reports, finances, and other business conducted at the convention.

In , Kiwanis held a Constitutional Convention and reorganized its operations. Four different meetings were held in relation to this event and its documented beginning with the convention proceedings.

This meeting and the three subsequent meetings document the discussions and actions that resulted in the reorganization of Kiwanis. The Programs are the printed documents detailing the events at the convention. The collection includes copies of the convention programs , and only , and are missing. The programs for are bound and located at the end of the convention files. The programs for , and are filed with their respective years. District and Club Records, , includes materials created for and associated with Kiwanis Districts and Clubs such as conference packets, correspondence, manuals, and newsletters.

Conference materials include packets of information specifically related to instruction on the effective operations of club and district organizations, educational materials for officers and leaders, forms, and program ideas.

While the majority of the conference material is post , some information dating back to is available. The manuals offer a logistical look at club and district leadership and cover the s and s. Included are manuals for district officers, club officers, and members that offer guidelines for official duties. The newsletters, produced by Kiwanis Headquarters, link the national office with its constituents by providing informational material about nationwide Kiwanis news, major board decisions, and activities of other clubs.

Certain newsletters, like Advance Program Suggestions and Monthly Suggestions to Kiwanis Clubs, serve as a programming tool by providing ideas for activities that follow the Kiwanis theme. The newsletters begin in the s and run through the present.

Other information offered in this series includes a listing of club charter dates, a district officers list through , and district historical data. The historical data is statistical data compiled annually by Kiwanis and divided by district. This information covers the period from the s through Also included in this series are histories of clubs and districts.

The information related to the founders includes interviews, correspondence, obituaries, and biographical data. Over the course of its history, Kiwanis employed a historian often for the specific purpose of creating a published history of the organization.

The files in this section document three historians and include notes from their research, correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, and progress reports to the board.

The files of John Moss include reports to the board and his research on the charter dates of early clubs. The work of O. Samuel Cummings is the most thoroughly documented. Charged with writing a complete history of Kiwanis in the s, his files include correspondence, drafts, and reports to the board on his work. Also documented is his rift with the board that resulted in the history not being published.

Filed alphabetically by title, the Kiwanis International histories document the history of the organization from its origins through The club and district histories, filed alphabetically by the name of the club or district, consist of histories of several individual clubs and districts ranging in date from the s to the early s.

While the majority of these files are published histories, some contain other types of documents such as newsletters, convention programs, or unpublished histories. Program Records, , consist of the records documenting the programs and activities of Kiwanis International. Arranged alphabetically by program, the files include publications, program descriptions, scrapbooks, correspondence, and news clippings.

The Club Committee Programs focus on program priorities and objectives promoted by each Kiwanis Committee. Included in these files are monographs, logbooks, suggestions, and publications. The most significant part of these files is the program monographs.

These short publications indicate the program objectives and highlight service activities the club committee can promote to meet the objectives. This offers an indication of the types of services clubs nationwide were providing.

The logbooks serve as a procedure manual for the committee chairperson offering hints and suggestions for creating an annual program of activities. The Program Suggestions is a short newsletter offering further activity suggestions and background information specific to a program committee.

During the year, Kiwanis focused its activities around one theme such as caring for the elderly or teen drug abuse and encouraged clubs to follow suit.

Arranged chronologically, the materials in this section contain a MEP packet consisting of a program handbook describing the theme, goals, and suggestions for clubs; a fact brochure, and a pocket brochure. Other items generally included in the packet are news releases, radio commercial scripts, advertisement pages.

These files contain program handbooks, newsletters, and informational brochures about the causes promoted by the organization.

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The fatal police shooting killed year-old Nelson Szeto and unfolded on the morning of Jan. Szeto was allegedly armed with a knife, as well as the two airsoft guns. Unlike firearms, airsoft guns shoot plastic pellets. During a standoff with police and a San Mateo County Sheriff's Office hostage negotiator, Szeto allegedly told the officers to shoot him, according to police. Szeto allegedly put one of the weapons down at some point. Despite officers' orders for him to put down the second weapon, Szeto allegedly approached officers with his arm raised.

When he's watched video footage from the Apollo missions or listened to take his first steps out of the safely landed lunar module.

Supreme Court sets aside merger order of NSEL with 63 moons

We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. I'll preface this by saying that this is not financial advice by any stretch of the imagination, furthermore, I have no idea how this whole crypto thing works, so take everything written here with a grain of salt. If you like this post, feel free to subscribe or check out my other posts here. I have always wanted to give day trading a shot, but with so many options, it can start to get overwhelming. I attempted it for the first time a few months ago, and was disappointed - most large markets tend to be slow moving, boring, and require a large investment to make any meaningful returns; this is where crypto steps in. Crypto is generally a lot more volatile than traditional stocks and shares, the price of a coin can plummet or soar in a matter of hours - high risk high reward, I like it. Now, I'm ashamed to admit this, but in an attempt to decrease the endless boredom of lockdown, I caved and downloaded TikTok. Before long, I had made it onto finance recommendations for whatever reason. I was scrolling meaninglessly until I discovered a video on the new cryptocurrency "SafeMoon". Initially, I was sceptical - I mean, how many times have you heard "become an early investor in the next Bitcoin", so I did some more digging.

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safe moon stock footage

Your web browser is no longer supported. To improve your experience update it here. News National. Tweet Facebook Mail. In , the space agency unknowingly sold those tapes of original footage from the Apollo 11 lunar mission to a lucky intern who held onto them for decades.

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It was a feat for the ages. Along the way to achieving JFK's vision, there was plenty of hard work, drama and surprise. Here are some lesser-known moments throughout the epic U. The surface turned out to be solid, but the real surprise was that the moon had a smell. The astronauts reported that it had a burned smell like wet fireplace ashes, or like the air after a fireworks show. Scientists would never get the chance to investigate just what the crew was smelling.

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When he's watched video footage from the Apollo missions or listened to audio recordings of the astronauts' conversations, Binghamton University professor emeritus Frank Cardullo listens intently for one phrase. At some point during the recording, perhaps after completing a complicated on-board procedure, an astronaut will inevitably remark, "Just like the simulator. In fact, during a one-day transcript from Apollo 11 , command module pilot Michael Collins says it three times. That's a source of pride for Cardullo, a former Link Group engineer who spent years working on the simulators Collins and fellow Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong trained in before actually landing on the moon on July 20, Astronauts had been training for moon flights in Link simulators since Fresh out of college, Cardullo started working with Link in and was immediately involved in the Apollo mission simulators. He designed control algorithms and worked on visual systems. Piggybacking off Link's strong history of flight simulation, the Apollo program presented a new challenge: How do you simulate an experience no one has had before?

Hollywood, NASA retool 69 video of first moon walk. Moon Video Heal shelter in "safe room" inside the compound soon after the explosion.

What Is SafeMoon and Is It a Safe Bet?

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Human rights activists issued a call to action against the Beijing Olympics on Friday, imploring athletes and sponsors to speak out against what they call the "genocide games. Speaking at an online press conference organized by the rights group Human Rights Watch, activists representing Chinese dissidents and the minority Uyghur and Tibetan populations urged international attendants to voice their opposition to China's hosting of the Games, which begin next week. China's crackdown under hardline ruler Xi Jinping has been felt across wide swaths of society. Hong Kong authorities crushed anti-government protests in the city in , and the central government in Beijing passed a national security law aimed at stifling dissent, leading to the arrest of activists and disbandment of civil society groups. Meanwhile, in the country's western region of Xinjiang, an estimated 1 million people or more — most of them Uyghurs — have been confined in reeducation camps in recent years, according to researchers.

Alien Abductions.

Aesthetic overlay background. Each overlay is designed to work with specific designs and inlaid functions, clearly mentioned in the descriptions. The blue and white Aesthetic Movement transfer is a tight pattern creating a dark cobalt blue palette while the foot and base are solid cobalt blue ground. Be sure to save your design with a transparent background if you're making an overlay that frames your livestream. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. Aesthetic Perfection Online Store. Or, create the design from scratch.

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