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While the Finance Minister did not announce any changes to income tax or tax SOPs for the middle class, much to the disappointment of netizens, the decision to tax cryptocurrency at 30 per cent has led to many memes by crypto lovers. The age of majoritarianism has birthed a second wave of identity politics across India. As five states are ready to go to polls At no time do the politics of identity play out more spectacularly than during an Indian election.

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YouTube, Twitter to Add NFT Features for Users and Content Creators: Is the Hype Real?

In addition to the new Crypto series, Bloomberg Media will launch additional new video franchises on Twitter in and They will also host multiple Twitter Spaces every week, expand engagement on Spaces across international markets and continue to stream its premiere live events internationally, including Bloomberg New Economy Forum and more.

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Puzzler launches: Old Scotland Yard Puzzles. Haymarket doubles annual profits. Dennis announces launch of Autovia — a new independent automotive business. Cosmopolitan UK celebrates 50th.

Grazia appoints Jane McFarland. PPA announces changes to incorporate Magnetic as a strategic pillar. Immediate appoints new CRO. Axios launches subscription product Axios Pro. Pharmaceutical Press launch Drug Monitoring Checker.

Future to open new content hub in US.

Twitter’s NFT profile picture authentication: Why is this a big deal?

Bitcoin enthusiast Jack Dorsey recently cheered Facebook Founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg's failed attempt at global payments with a dollar-backed stablecoin, Diem. Class A Report , has reportedly dropped plans to have its own currency and started liquidating assets from its Diem Association unit. Class A Report , on Wednesday tweeted, "carpe diem" while sharing the news. The Latin phrase means "seize the day" but more specifically diem was the stablecoin Facebook wanted to give to people to trade and make payments.

Master the art of virality and boost your crypto/blockchain project's community engagement on Twitter with these 3 proven strategies.

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Cryptocurrency news today: Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency that contributes to around 40 per cent of the global crypto market. It also sort of dictates how the crypto market behaves. Bitcoin on Friday, May 4, was trading in negative at Rs 28,40,, down 5. It created a daily low of Rs 28,12,, while went on to hit Rs 30,13,mark on Friday. So, from over 6 per cent up on Thursday to down 5 per cent on Friday, what led to this reversal? This time he shared a broken heart emoji, triggering price fall in the number one cryptocurrency. Bitcoin pic. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu were trading over 14 percent lower, Ethereum was down 7 per cent, Binance Coin was trading low too after correcting over 9 per cent on CoinSwitch Kuber, the cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates crypto trading in India.

Major US Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam

twitter crypto

Perhaps nowhere else within the cryptocurrency space have scammers become more frustrating than on crypto Twitter. The social media site has been overtaken with accounts impersonating notable figures and businesses promising tens of thousands of bitcoin or ether or XRP, in return for users merely sending a small amount of a cryptocurrency to their accounts in return. While it might seem intuitive that these giveaways are suspect, the fraudsters are playing to people's FOMO fear of missing out , but also the language and cultural barriers that exist within the diverse, global community. Indeed, crypto aficionados of all kinds — not just the most prominent founders, but also low-profile developers and newly announced ICO issuers and nearly everyone in between — wake up every morning, scouring their Twitter accounts and reporting the abuse to the social networking giant.

Tess Rinearson will lead the team in developing blockchain and decentralized technology, building on top of the Bluesky effort. Twitter is launching an official crypto team, with blockchain expert Tess Rinearson at the helm.

Twitter is building a cryptocurrency team to bring blockchain and crypto solutions to its platform

SIM swap attacks are when threat actors take control of targets' phone numbers by porting them to their own device's SIM card. These attacks are commonly made by performing social engineering and pretending to be the target, hacking into mobile carriers' systems, or bribing employees. Once they perform the SIM swap, the attackers will receive victims' messages and calls which allows bypassing SMS-based multi-factor authentication MFA , stealing user credentials, as well taking over the victims' online service accounts. The stolen cryptocurrency includes The suspect is charged under this new indictment with conspiracy to commit computer hacking, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to commit money laundering,.

Fake crypto Grimacecoin rockets 285,000% after McDonald’s Tesla joke

Twitter appears to help creators monetise their content with Bitcoin and Ethereum tips. Twitter is found to be working on allowing users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles to receive tips in cryptocurrencies. The new addition could be aimed to upgrade the Tip Jar feature that the microblogging network introduced earlier this year. Twitter is working on the ability to let users receive tips in Bitcoin through the Tip Jar feature. Mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi has found references about Twitter bringing the ability to let users add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles. The developer posted a tweet that carried three screenshots to indicate the new options.

Reduce the damage done by retweeting and dogpiling. Simply navigate to a user's followers/following page and activate the extension by.

Twitter establishes dedicated crypto division to explore decentralized apps

Not surprisingly, the BTC rally fueled a similar uptick among all 10 of the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies by market cap. The temporary recovery was welcome relief after the entire digital currency market tumbled last week when search engine giant Google announced it will ban crypto ads starting in June. Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads, said the corporate giant stepped in to protect users from potential fraud.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. And by the time we all thought we sort of knew what the deal was, the founder of Twitter put an autographed tweet up for sale as an NFT. Right, sorry. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

Twitter said Thursday that users worldwide will be able to tip others with bitcoin , the popular digital currency. The company is also exploring a way for users to track and showcase nonfungible tokens, a new form of crypto assets, on the platform. NFTs can be used to represent the ownership of unique digital or physical items such as art, music and even a tweet. Dorsey, who also runs payment company Square, is a well-known fan of cryptocurrency so it isn't entirely surprising Twitter is examining how the social network fits into this space. Twitter product manager Esther Crawford said digital currencies make it easier for people around the world to get paid, noting that 2 billion people don't use traditional banking services. Twitter said users can provide their bitcoin address or use a payments app called Strike to send bitcoin tips.

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