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Scammers will say anything to get your money. Here are ways they try to trick you into thinking you really won a prize. Plenty of contests are run by reputable marketers and non-profit organizations. But there are some things to know before you drop in a quick entry or follow instructions to claim a prize.

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Buy gift cards with Bitcoin!

Mastercard announced a new partnership with Bakkt today for crypto wallets and rewards on crypto credit cards. Mastercard providers will be able to issue crypto debit and credit cards and offer crypto rewards thanks to a new partnership with digital assets exchange Bakkt announced today.

The new partnership will allow consumers to trade cryptocurrencies through Bakkt digital wallets, use branded crypto cards and spend card loyalty points in cryptocurrency instead of dollars or airline miles, for example. Users can also convert their crypto holdings to pay for purchases, according to Monday's announcement.

Current crypto rewards cards are limited mostly to offerings from cryptocurrency companies like Sofi, Blockfi and Gemini, though Venmo also allows user to buy crypto using loyalty points and cash-back rewards. Prior to joining the team, she covered tech and small business for the San Francisco Chronicle and privacy for Bloomberg Law.

She is a recent graduate of Brown University, where she studied International Relations and Arabic and wrote her senior thesis about surveillance tools and technological development in the Middle East. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson appeared to reverse his position on non-fungible tokens in an earnings call on Tuesday, saying it was not something the company was currently "driving in.

And I think the way we think about it is we want to deliver the best possible player experience we can. In Wilson's last earnings call in November , he sounded more confident on the prospects of combining crypto and gaming.

Although investment in blockchain gaming and NFT-related gaming companies has skyrocketed in recent months , scores of players, developers and critics have come out against the technologies, both for their environmental impact and the risk of financial scams, fraud and other forms of consumer exploitation. A number of high-profile controversies have erupted around gaming NFT announcements including this weak from Worms publisher Team17 , which reversed its plans to launch digital collectibles for the franchise after a single day following extreme backlash.

Salesforce, eBay, Lyft and Etsy are among the big names in tech who signed onto the ad, as well as companies like Allbirds and Impossible. The ad was paid for by Drawdown Labs, an arm of the nonprofit Project Drawdown dedicated to scaling corporate climate action. LinkedIn, Google and Netflix are among its members , making their absence as signatories on the ad all the more noticeable.

Protocol has reached out to each company for comment on why they chose not to sign on, and all three declined to comment on the record. Microsoft, Google and Netflix have all touted very specific climate goals. The company will initially rely on offsets. But by the end of the decade, its plan calls for relying on technology that is still in its most nascent stages to remove carbon dioxide from thin air.

Climate Advisers, a B Corp advisory council for climate solutions, has a whole host of recommendations for how federal policy could enhance carbon dioxide removal efforts. Google and Netflix have similarly set aggressive climate goals for this decade and talked a big game.

PayPal shares just missed earnings expectations and shares dropped in after-hours trading Tuesday as investors continue to punish growth stocks. Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit that uses texting to help users with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, has stopped sharing data collected through those texts with Loris. But the nonprofit has faced widespread backlash from privacy experts, as it is sometimes possible to reverse-engineer anonymous data, and terms of service usually go unread.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at to reach a counselor at a locally-operated crisis center 24 hours a day for free. Here is their privacy policy. Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal have reintroduced their controversial Section reform bill, the EARN It Act, which seeks to chip away at tech platforms' legal immunity when it comes to child sexual abuse material online.

The bill, which was first introduced in , has widespread bipartisan support in the Senate. But it's been panned by both the tech industry and internet rights advocacy groups, which argue it could wind up weakening encryption and putting marginalized communities at risk.

Currently, Sec. This commission would develop a set of "best practices" for companies to abide by related to online child sexual exploitation. The earliest drafts of EARN It would have required companies to adhere to those best practices in order to receive Sec. That proposal sent fear through the hearts of the tech industry and civil liberties community alike, as some worried that the commission, stacked with law-enforcement officials, would use its newfound power to require tech platforms to weaken encryption in the name of protecting kids.

The bill's sponsors amended that proposal to make the best practices voluntary, a concession that has failed to satisfy some of the EARN It Act's biggest critics. EARN It's supporters, however, have argued that such a bill would broaden the pool of potential enforcers and create some guidelines for companies that may not be actively participating in illegal conduct, but aren't adequately defending against it either.

The bill had strong momentum when it was first introduced in , propelled in part by a heartrending hearing that featured testimony from a mother of a victim of child sexual exploitation. But the urgency expressed during that hearing — on March 11, — was quickly scuttled as the COVID crisis scrambled Congress' priorities.

The bill managed to unanimously pass the Senate Judiciary Committee that July, but stalled after that. It's being reintroduced now with an even longer list of co-sponsors at a time when bipartisan interest in protecting kids online has never been higher. The Senate Judiciary Committee has already slated the bill for markup this week.

Now that tech work seems to be hybrid forever, Figma is hoping companies will start paying for a better way to collaborate virtually. Figma officially launched Figma Enterprise and brought collaborative whiteboard FigJam out of beta today. But Figma says companies need even more control and maintenance over their growing piles of Figma files.

Hence, Figma Enterprise. Companies can then separate workspaces into teams of people, and create libraries with the necessary files. Enterprise will allow more scalable permissions and roles within Figma, as well as more specific guest access policies. Different companies may have their own protocols for allowing external guests to visit their Figma files. The tool supports features like audio calls, polls and brainstorms with digital sticky notes.

In October, Figma released more widgets and plug-ins to make FigJam a more appealing meeting hub. The move into enterprise is a natural progression for popular productivity tools. After spreading through workplaces organically, the next step is to offer a version fit for large companies. If an affected model Tesla approaches an all-way stop on a road where the speed limit is 30 mph or below, while traveling below 5. Tesla said there have been no known injuries, fatalities or crashes related to the functionality.

The electric vehicle company said it will disable the rolling stop software in these vehicles, and owners can expect notification letters sometime after March 28, according to a letter from safety regulators on Monday. This marks the second time since December that Tesla has recalled vehicles over safety concerns from U. In late December, the company recalled over , cars in the U.

Silvergate said in a statement that the Diem has been operating in a "pre-launch phase," and the assets acquired in the sale include "development, deployment and operations infrastructure and tools" for running it, as well as "critical" proprietary software. Diem was founded by Meta in as Libra, with the aim to create stablecoins backed by fiat currencies. Diem was hit hard with regulatory scrutiny right out of the gate, causing some supporters to drop out.

The association had planned to partner with Silvergate Bank, a subsidiary of Silvergate Capital, to issue its digital currency. Meta introduced a crypto wallet using a different stablecoin last year, in a sign of Diem's fading support. Wordle, the simple word guessing game that took Twitter by storm over the last few months, has been acquired by the New York Times, the publication announced on Monday.

Wordle will join Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed and the Times' crosswords in the publication's suite of word and puzzle games, which were played million times in , the company said. The game was first launched by Wardle in October. Since then it's gone viral, reaching "millions" of players daily with thousands posting their scores on social media, according to The Times' announcement.

It's even inspired close to a dozen copycat versions available on app stores, most of which look exactly the same as Wardle's original. Wardle said he is currently working with The Times to ensure players' win and streak data is preserved as the publication takes the game over. Would you paint your bedroom in the shade of Blarg?

How about Underchunk or … umm … The Brown of Truth? Indeed, a lot of the names the Ada model came up with for paint sound more like they should be in a Warped Tour lineup circa Still, I might listen to a math-metal band called True to the Narwhal, not gonna lie. Fittingly, it's a moody, grayish hue. An earlier experiment produced paint names like Stanky Bean and Turdly. OpenAI researchers may not intend for their evolving GPT models to be used to make up funny paint colors, of course.

Despite the fact that GPT models are improving, they do still make up things. Breslow has published a series of feisty tweets in the last week, going after industry power-players Y Combinator and Stripe. Breslow had said that Lyft was a Y Combinator startup it was not and that Y Combinator had not invested in any Stripe competitors Y Combinator has funded several other payments startups.

Breslow was also incorrect about the publishing timeline and upvoting of articles he referenced that were published on Hacker News. But regardless, Breslow appeared to have won the court of public opinion: The initial thread has nearly 9, likes and over 2, retweets. Breslow told TechCrunch that despite stepping down, he would still have a say in major decisions, because he holds super-voting shares.

Bungie was originally acquired by Microsoft in , ahead of the release of Halo: Combat Evolved for the first Xbox console the following year. Bungie later split from Microsoft to develop independent games, including its Halo follow-up Destiny and a sequel called Destiny 2. Now, Bungie is joining the PlayStation family at a time of unprecedented consolidation in the video game industry and amid an especially competitive era for console makers, as Microsoft and Sony take aggressive action to beef up their respective content libraries to sell a new generation of hardware and strengthen their software and services ecosystems.

In a surprising twist, however, terms of the deal apparently allow for Bungie to continue developing multiplatform games and "to self-publish and reach players wherever they choose to play," Sony said in a statement to GamesIndustry. We understand how vital Bungie's community is to the studio and look forward to supporting them as they remain independent and continue to grow.

Like Bungie, our community is core to PlayStation's DNA, and our shared passion for the gamer and building the best place to play will now evolve even further. Bungie is currently working on a brand-new game, but it has said very little about the product so far. The company's next Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, launches next month. We will continue to be self-published, creatively independent, and we will continue to drive one, unified Bungie community," wrote Bungie execs Joe Blackburn and Justin Truman in a blog post published on Tuesday.

Meta is the latest and largest crypto tech patent holder to join the Crypto Open Patent Alliance, expanding the pool of intellectual property that could be used to defend the industry from litigation. By joining COPA, Meta has agreed not to enforce its core cryptocurrency patents, except for defensive reasons. In , not long after its establishment, COPA sued Craig Wright , the Australian computer scientist who claimed to be the inventor of bitcoin, whose lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to COPA in an attempt to copyright the bitcoin white paper.

The organization now has over 30 members, including major tech and crypto firms Coinbase, MicroStrategy and Kraken. With the tech giant joining COPA, the organization says it is closer to achieving its goal of advancing cryptocurrency innovation through partnerships among big tech companies, financial organizations, and crypto companies.

The combined company will have , customers, most of which are in the Fortune , and it plans to sell a combination of analytics, virtualization and cloud computing tools to power hybrid work. Vista and Elliott had existing relationships with Citrix before the acquisition. The acquisition comes as PE firms sit on treasure troves of cash without enough buying targets, which has sparked a great deal of interest in enterprise SaaS companies over the last two years.

Taking public tech companies private and then restructuring them is one way for PE firms to squeeze value out of a slowing market. Corporate T-Mobile employees who are not fully vaccinated by April 2 will be terminated, and those who are not partially vaccinated by Feb.

Apple’s Shrewd App Store Settlement

Schiller is attempting to demonstrate these rules foster consumer trust and expand the overall mobile app market, reports MacRumors , adding several more Apple executives are likely to testify in the coming days, including CEO Tim Cook. There have been legislative and regulatory efforts in the U. The crime ring is using a "giveaway" scheme, in which people pose as famous people who have ties to cryptocurrency, reports CNBC. The con artists promise to multiply a cryptocurrency donation, but instead pocket the money. Musk , who has referred to himself as the Dogefather in jest, earlier this year disclosed a Tesla investment in bitcoin and announced plans to accept bitcoin as payment for Teslas. He later backed away from that, citing bitcoin mining's environmental impact. American University reported payment card compromises around graduation ceremonies following a hack at Herff Jones, a vendor where many students buy caps and gowns.

Epic Games dares Apple to let Fortnite for iOS back in the App Store The country's central bank said all cryptocurrency-related.

About 8 million $600 stimulus payments will come on a debit card. What you need to know

Epic Games Store has shown a very rapid expansion in its library in a short time, giving strong competition to its rival, Steam. The latter has integrated into India with support for payments in Indian Rupees and even from wallets like PayTM and others without levying any extra charges on the buyer. Epic Games Store however used to charge Indian users in USD that not just set the price higher but also required Indian users to pay currency charges by the bank. Epic Games Store realizing the potential of the Indian market has now started supporting payments directly in Indian Rupees. The Epic Games Store will now accept payments in Indian Rupees without charging the users any extra fees. This change has brought down the effective pricing of many games on the store by a few hundred rupees. Gamers can purchase their favorite games from the Epic Games Store software or directly from EpicGames. The Epic Games Store is the host for many exclusive games as well as a distributor for several games that are available on other online stores. Now the direct Indian Rupees pricing takes the cost down to Rs. Epic Games Store however is not the cheapest option for all games.

Epic Games Store Rolls Out Support for Indian Rupee Pricing

crypto debit card epic

Throughout this primer, the Metaverse has been positioned as both a successor state to the mobile internet, as well as a platform for human leisure, labor, and existence at large. The success of this vision depends on whether the Metaverse has a thriving economy. In Section VI , I discussed some of the technologies that help drive to this outcome. However, I skipped one of the most important interchange tools and standards: payment rails and services.

After a mixed decision by the federal judge in the ongoing Epic vs Apple trial, the Fortnite maker has vowed to continue the battle.

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This motivates us to do more than we are asked to do. The PayQuicker global payout platform enables companies to grow faster by providing their participants with instant payment and purchasing power — immediately funding more business building and spending activity. Explore Our Platform. Each payee is issued an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options. Efficiently verify identity and onboard payees with end-to-end secure business accounts, shifting the burden for KYC, security, and compliance to our team of experts.

What will happen if Amazon stops accepting UK-issued Visa credit cards?

Please read this Agreement carefully. By downloading or using this software or any related content, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not or cannot agree to the terms of this Agreement, please do not download or use this software or any related content. Certain words or phrases are defined to have certain meanings when used in this Agreement. Those words and phrases are defined below in Section If your primary residence or primary place of business, if you are a legal entity like a corporation or an academic institution is in the United States of America, your agreement is with Epic Games, Inc. Those terms are described below in Section

coinbase paycheck cryptocurrency direct deposit visa debit card finance trading app Epic Games CEO Says Company Is "Not Touching" NFTs.

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Nuri is a German fintech company founded in with the vision of enabling people to exchange assets as easily as they exchange ideas. Worldwide, instantly and at the lowest possible cost. Based in Berlin, Nuri offers an all-in-one platform combining a regular bank account, Bitcoin and Etherem wallets, and seamless cryptocurrency trading. Its customers can easily buy and sell bitcoin BTC and ether ETH with fast cash settlement directly from their bank account, hosted by a German partner bank.

What forms of payment can I use to make a purchase?

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Apple can no longer prohibit the use of alternative payment methods, making it far easier to invest in iPhone and iPad purchases in the near future. According to the judge, Apple could not further prevent using third-party payment systems for iOS apps. The civil complaint generated a permanent judgment by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers stating that Apple could not further block iOS developers from making payments via alternative providers. App creators on the marketplace may only pay Apple , which accounts for 30 percent of all purchases in apps.

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Apple must loosen app payment system: Judge in Epic Games case. Top Searches India Budget Virtual Digital Assets Tax.

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