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Please see the FAQs for more details. You might have sub-optimal performance if the machine is running on a low-end CPU e. Intel Celeron with multiple GPUs. Optionally, you can experiment the CPU usage with the -intensity flag:.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Windows and Linux compatible. Nanominer is a versatile tool for mining cryptocurrencies which are based on Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29, and RandomHash PascalCoin algorithms.

This tool is suitable for both novice and professional users. Fast, reliable, efficient. Moreover, you can set all of these algorithms simultaneously on different GPUs. Cross platform: nanominer will bring you profit regardless of OS.

The supported platforms are Windows and Linux. Incredible web interface - you will enjoy all features and advantages which nanominer's web interface provides. Remote monitoring and control of your rigs as well as scanning local network for other rigs running nanominer, and working with them. Built-in overclocking - we have added options to overclock coreClocks and memClocks for Nvidia cards on Windows.

Stable and autonomous: nanominer is able to control the state of video cards and, in case of hardware error for instance: hashrate drop or GPU hang , it can restart itself or reboot entire system.

No SmartScreen alert: we are going through a Microsoft security check, and Windows Defender does not recognize nanominer as a threat does not remove or interfere with its work. Windows version of nanominer is digitally signed, so it cannot contain viruses. Effective mining: high performance and efficient utilization of electricity. BoringAPI - new extended miner statistic protocol which allows nanominer to provide wide range of useful information: here. Customization flexibility: nanominer is ready to operate, you just need to indicate a wallet.

However, if you are experienced user, then additional parameters will help you to adjust the miner according to your own understanding of best efficiency. Features of the version 1.

Please check our mega for the config examples. RandomX algorithm implemented on CPU. Updated node protocol supported for QuarkChain. Wallet can now be set up in miner's configuration file, not only configured on node itself. Public full nodes are used by default. Example config files for popular coins were added to distribution.

RandomHash PascalCoin performance improved. Fixed SSL connection with miningpoolhub. Added block acceptance time for QuarkChain. Support any shard IDs for QuarkChain, including null for root chain mining. Added farmRecheck option for QuakrChain.

Do not show block accepted time for getwork protocol because it was calculated wrong. Will be added in some future update.

Fixed some stability issues. Added command line launching scripts for those users who need to run the miner using single command line with arguments. Two times less switches to dev fee and back - commission mining is now done once per two hours instead of single hour. Fixed local miners discovery on some network configurations. Added web-interface for easy rigs monitoring and remote setup.

Runs on port by default, see Added options coreClocks, memClocks for overclocking. Only Nvidia cards on Windows are supported for now. We are now the only one known miner that can support up to epoch best on Linux with full speed. Next epochs will work too but performance degradation is possible. To make performance better you can try using full-speed PCI-e connections for 3 Gb devices. Fixed some issues with miner re-connection to pools. Fixed floating bug with enormous reported hashrate on AMD Ethash.

Dev fee for the use of nanominer takes the form of a commission from mining to its wallets once per 2 hours of runtime.

Altcoins Talks - Cryptocurrency Forum. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Up. However, we ask you to do your due diligence before joining any campaign, as we will not be held accountable for the failure or lack of professionalism of some of these campaigns. We as a forum, do not endorse any projects even if we promote them, Do Your Own Research!

Майнеры, алгоритмы, coins etc.

Price Match Guarantee. My rigs generally switch between Eth most of the time , Octopus, and BeamV3. You have to use NHM for automatic algorithm switching. Kryptex packs six different mining algorithms and DaggerHashimoto for Ethereum is just one of them.

Swap is the first CryptoNote coin securing their network by implementing mining with the Cuckaroo29s uses cycles while Cuckaroo29 uses cycles.

Grin (GRIN-C29) Mining Calculator & Information

On the website of the mining calculator Profit-mine. If you are interested in mining GRIN coins, you can calculate the profitability of mining your video cards on the new algorithm, as well as compare it with the profitability of GRIN mining on other algorithms Cuckaroo29 and Cuckatoo Chat with crypto enthusiasts and miners in Telegram CryptoChat. The best exchanges to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies, tokens:. The largest and most famous cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Reliability and functionality at the highest level. The best exchange for trading crypto futures.


cuckaroo29 coins

Petcoin's mission is: -To develop an ecosystem for pet savings and a pet healthcare philanthropic network. Aimed at reducing veterinary costs for uninsured procedures and gap fees. Reducing the burden of financial restrictions from pet health decisions. Using PetCoin itself, a process of leverage and realized company profits for reduction of veterinary fees at approved veterinary clinics, hospitals and veterinary emergency centers.

LolMiner - is a program for mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Beam, Ethereum Classic and many others. The software runs on Windows and Linux platforms.

Grin (GRIN) price

PGP has been the gold standard of online, secure communications for over 20 years, but it has some weaknesses. The cybersecurity firm explained that in alone, it was able to point out North Korean secret agents in 8 countries- including China, India, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Thailand. As a result of this, they focus heavily on building more services and exciting products. To the extent that past Bitcoin rallies may have, to some extent, been associated with periods when the block reward was cut in half, is almost certainly specious. Regulatory Clarity In The U.

MimbleWimble and GRIN Coin: A Return to the Original Vision of Bitcoin?

According to CoinMarketCap, there are no less than 5 cryptocurrencies in the world. Choosing which cryptocurrency to buy is hard, let alone choosing one for mining. You must consider mining algorithms, your hardware specs, and profitability. First of all, we should find the most profitable cryptocurrency. The 2CryptoCalc calculator stores up-to-date information about profitability. It also stores GPU hashrates.

Coin Swap Sites. Get the outperforming coins in our platform, crypto news and updates right List of known Swap pools (XWP) Cuckaroo29 PoW algorithm.

Serzh Black posts. Riva 73 posts. Serzh Black. Hashrate monitor ver.

GRIN is one of the newest cryptocurrencies that have emerged in the crypto world and that has attracted attention due to its interesting working scheme, high scalability and focus on privacy. Recommended Previous Content. What is Bitcoin? What is a cryptocurrency? His project is focused on the anonymity Scalability and fullfilment of security requirements through protocol implementation MimbleWimble.

Where communities thrive Join over 1.

We are utilizing a word Recovery Phrase for better security and convenience of managing multiple assets. The private key for every coin and token that is supported by the wallet is derived from this Recovery Phrase. EthereumClassic Handshake. That's why commissions on withdrawals are so low and placing funds into a trading account is so Particl's decentralized marketplace is built with privacy at its core and offers a low-cost, secure and scalable e-commerce experience. You should now know the simple definition of both a coin and a token: coins are native to their own blockchain. And it just keeps growing and growing as we allow other developers to add their blockchains and tokens to the source code.

Investments in cryptocurrencies and mining are the most profitable today. There is special mining equipment that allows their owners to win digital coins such as bitcoin, ethereum, etc. A mining GPU rig with graphic cards is a specific type of such equipment. The company AMD designs a number of products that are very popular among cryptocurrency miners.

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