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I think it could stick. Resulting in unbelievable global mayhem. Which would arguably be my fault. And for which I would certainly be blamed.

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The cryptocurrency bubble stems from our STEM obsession

Photo: Robert Kulisek for Eckhaus Latta. Precarity, betrayal, zones of expulsion, war — as we venture toward the singularity, why go it alone? Formalizing social bonds in these connectionist times may be complicated, but get into the right relationship, and the return on investment can be quite high. The list, penned in a neo net English, is followed by a glossary by Ella Plevin in English and German. Love is patient.

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The nature of these events is unclear. Block-chain: A public ledger charting the transactions of a bitcoin. Catfish clause: A clause that allows a contract to be terminated or amended upon the realization that a persona has been falsely conveyed. Cold storage: A term for the safekeeping of bitcoin wallets through storage in an offline format for example on a usb stick, in a vault, or on printed paper rather than on a web server or any other computer.

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Jennifer Hoes: A sologamist and artist scraped from a Buzzfeed-style listicle about unusual marriages. A figure extrapolated from the neo-reactionary blogger Mencius Moldbug otherwise known as San Francisco software developer Curtis Guy Yarvin and his blog, which advocates a hierarchical meritocratic form of neo-fascism. In essence, he is calling for secession from democratic America to make way for a form of Silicon Valley-dominated feudalism.

NuVegas: An advanced real estate development located in Las Vegas after some speculative crisis. Seastead: The proposed concept of permanent communities, established on floating platforms in international waters, serving as unregulated testing grounds for experimental forms of governance.

Smart-contract: A mechanism that facilitates, verifies, or enforces contractual clauses by means of computer interface. Contractual clauses may thus be made partially or fully self-executing, self-enforcing, or both. Benjamin H. Time-based sustainability clause: A clause dictating that requirements unmet within a stipulated time frame allow for dissolution of the contract. These requirements may be officially assessed as part of formal yearly performance reviews, or automatically as part of a smart-contract.

Traditionally, the terms of this union have included shared assets, co-habitation, and mutual maintenance for life or until legal termination of the marriage. Waifu: An Otaku digital obsessive term for a supreme 2D significant other which might be a character from games, anime, or manga treated with absolute respect and admiration above all others. Cookies disclaimer Our site saves small pieces of text information cookies on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes.

You can disable the usage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. By browsing our website without changing the browser settings you grant us permission to store that information on your device. I agree. Photo: Robert Kulisek for Eckhaus Latta Precarity, betrayal, zones of expulsion, war — as we venture toward the singularity, why go it alone?

Optional religio-spiritual commitment ceremony modules. Further, geoprox clauses are particularly tight in AKoN. Public Marriage Inc. Cloud Marriages Maybe you like to keep things low-key and off the books? Sologamy Self-marriage is the ultimate declaration of personal actualization.

Necro marriage: Legal union with the dead. You could call it accelerationist metafiction, or the conjectural realization of the Californian Ideology, but the multiverse Keller constructs is his own. The proposed services within this text exist in a speculative future: We must imagine a number of societal, economic, and governmental changes have taken place across the nation we currently call America. This glossary should illuminate some of these speculative fictional changes besides more esoteric terminology for example, financial terms in use today.


Imagine if I created a system of currency based on knowledge of art history — call it, say, "ArtCoin. Probe within yourself as to why ArtCoin sounds conceptually silly. For it is really not too different from how cryptocurrency functions today; while most cryptocurrencies reward computational prowess, ArtCoin merely rewards art history knowledge. In general, cryptocurrencies, in their design, reward the crypto-miners who have mastered a very specific form of knowledge: computational knowledge, as opposed to art history knowledge in my hypothetical example.

Mencius Moldbug is (was?) the blog identity of Curtis Yarvin, this by looking at other examples of the same basic thing: the Dvorak keyboard, Bitcoin.

Curtis Yarvin

Recently something rather unexpected happened. Curtis Yarvin began writing again. A decade ago, back in the spotty youth of the internet when blogs meant something, Yarvin, a Silicon Valley computer programmer, made a cult name for himself under the nom de plume of reactionary political philosopher Mencius Moldbug. In his journey from Austrian Economics to attempting to update early modern absolute monarchy for the information age, Yarvin regularly churned out tens of thousands of word screeds on his blog Unqualified Reservations UR about the need to privatise the state and hand it over to an efficient CEO monarch to keep progressives out, the Christian roots of progressivism, and encomia to nineteenth century Romantic Thomas Carlyle. All of this was so liberally coated in rhetorical irony and Carlylean bombast that it was often difficult to tell what was supposed to be serious and what was not. Moldbug was among the first to discover the power of reactionary post-irony, though these days of course, playing long-read rhetorical games to affect ideological change seems a rather primitive affair. The work of post-irony can now be compressed into a couple of memes very easily.

Who Owns the Stars: The Trouble with Urbit

mencius moldbug bitcoins

David Z Morris. David Z. He holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and small amounts of other crypto assets. Capitol building in Washington, D.

These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy.

The Return of the Reactionary (Part II)

Mencius Moldbug 's Urbit system appears to be public! Take the time to read his introductory materials - you will not regret it. Any regular reader of this site will probably take some interest in Urbit. While I disagree with many of Moldbug's fundamental design decisions , I believe that his is the first modern ab initio redesign of computing which has made it even as far as the "rigged demo" stage. Let's congratulate him, and learn from his work!

The neo-fascist philosophy that underpins both the alt-right and Silicon Valley technophiles

In this episode we talk about his book Noumenautics, alongside discussions on Schopenhauer, nihilism, panpsychism and more. In this episode we discuss his book Becoming Gaia: On the Threshold of Planetary Initiation, alongside discussions on climate change, the work of Bruno Latour, Gaia and integral philosophy. Click here to refresh the feed. Jacques Lacan and the Emerging Society of Enjoyment alongside discussions on Freud, capitalism and desire. John Zerzan is an anarchist and primitivist ecophilosopher and author. In this episode we discuss his latest book When We Are Human: Notes from the Age of Pandemics, alongside discussions on the death of civilization, anarcho-primitivism, modernity and more. David F. Sam Kunkel is a scholar specializing in Orphic literature, weird fiction and European symbolism.

nom de plume of reactionary political philosopher Mencius Moldbug. that: “If Bitcoin is money and Ethereum is law, Urbit is land.

By rhyzom rhyzom 23 Mar But his political philosophy and essays are no less fascinating, provocative, original, refreshing, entertaining, delightful, cynical, weird, erudite His body of work blog is really what started the so-called neo-reactionary movement, also known as the Dark Enlightenment combining the Dark Ages and the Enlightenment , as Nick Land later coined the term in his dedicated essay on Moldbug's corpus of work and views and which, as Land goes, seems — to me anyway — a lot more pretentious, pompous, exaggerated, unoriginal, provocative and shocking for the sake of shock and provocation and, well, you know — Nick Land, after all So, anyway:.

Follow everything happening at the Mercatus Center from week to week by subscribing to This Week at Mercatus. If the Founding Fathers were computer programmers designing a new digital republic, their Declaration of Independence might look a bit like the Urbit manifesto. It's a common complaint that "computing" is broken. Whether the concern is government surveillance , invasive advertising and malware , censorship by private and public bodies , or the general gulf between user control and control of users , many worry that our amazing network of networks has been slowly atrophying for some time. But a project called Urbit aims to overcome this—by getting humans to start thinking more like Martians.

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Often, I catch my eyes, sliding easily, as if they rolled on bearings, or had been oiled, off the identical rows of houses of people, and back up to the more peculiar trees. A ponytailed man, lightly tanned in the Californian way, stands in front of a tie-dyed blanket hanging on a bamboo rack. He has round, gold-framed glasses and a single earring in his right earlobe, and is wearing a lightly faded black mock turtleneck. The man, named Curtis Yarvin, is taking part in the open mike portion of the Touch of a Poet series of live readings in Berkeley, California. The year is , the location the University Art Museum. But wait! Anarchy is not there.

This is by Mencius Moldbug, a coder who made off with enough options money just prior to the dot-com crash to basically be retired in the Bay Area, reading and writing. He's been bringing the wordy essays for almost a decade now on a wide variety of topics, but I'll save you some time: He's crazy. He's the very definition of Umberto Eco's lunatic, who says things with a certain superficial plausibility, but you know something is wrong with it, but it takes so much work to dig through the mess and find it out that you'll find you feel it was a waste of time to do so. His prolixity is a direct attempt to enhance this quality of this prose.

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