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Up until this point, spacecraft heading to the moon must carry equipment onboard to detect hazards and assist with navigation. But as the costs of going to orbit and beyond have drastically decreased, thanks in part to innovations in launch technology by companies like SpaceX, space is likely to get a lot busier. Many private companies and national space divisions have set their sights on the moon in particular. Masten is one of them: It was chosen by NASA to deliver commercial and private payloads to a site near the Haworth Crater at the lunar south pole. That mission , originally scheduled for December , was pushed back to November Other entities are also looking to go to the moon.

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Masten Space Systems to develop a GPS-like network for the moon

The loss of PNT information can result in rare but catastrophic events, crippling critical infrastructure that is necessary for our survival. Fortunately, there are many alternative technologies available to augment GPS and provide accurate and reliable PNT information even under extremely adverse conditions. These include:. In this white paper, we will discuss these alternative technologies and offer recommendations for procedures and processes to manage and avoid the risks of cyberattacks, applying the best practices known today.

We will focus on Resilient PNT and describe the strategies, technologies and procedures to avoid these cybersecurity risks and ensure the continuity of any critical operation. To this list we should add datacenters. With the move to ubiquitous cloud computing, datacenters operate thousands of servers globally and simultaneously, using the same data.

These operations require precise time synchronization. Moreover, because much of the data comes from mobile applications, positioning is crucial. The datacenters at the heart of most cloud computing — for example, Google searches, ecommerce, email services, and hosted applications — rely heavily on PNT. A specific example of datacenters would be financial services.

The stock exchanges, and high-frequency trading applications in particular, need precise, sub-microsecond level time synchronization to operate. The most important strategy is to avoid reliance upon any single PNT source. GPS, as great as it is in providing the necessary PNT accuracy and coverage, is highly vulnerable to jamming and spoofing.

No other PNT source, however, is foolproof. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the best strategy is to use multiple, diverse PNT sources together — sources that have different failure modes and characteristics so that the vulnerabilities of one source are counteracted by the strengths of another.

Algorithms exist that can intelligently select and combine various PNT sources into a composite solution. In Figure 1, we identify the many PNT technology sources available, and in Table 1 we show the applicability of each source to the critical infrastructure sectors. As shown in the legend, a technology is either applicable or it is not.

Table 1 also identifies whether an applicable technology is lacking in accuracy or coverage — in other words, it can be used, but improved accuracy or coverage is highly desirable.

In other cases, a technology may not be applicable because, for example, it provides positioning only when timing is required, or because accuracy or coverage is insufficient to meet even minimal requirements. These classifications are very general, and there are always exceptions and special cases, but it is a starting point for where each technology is primarily used. The other advantage of using multi-constellations is that it will catch an anomaly on an individual system. On the other hand, these other systems are quite new and their failure modes are still unknown.

Further, dependency on non-USA sources has national security issues too. Signals of Opportunity are RF signals that were not designed for transmitting PNT information, but with little or no modification can be used to determine position or time.

Autonomous sensors refer to self-contained devices that do not rely on outside connections or signals and therefore, in general, are resistant to jamming or spoofing. Vision systems provide positional awareness much the same way as humans are made aware of their locations — through visual cues to recognized landmarks.

However, they do not help with time determination. Note that wireline sync for SDH the application should not be confused with network timing the technology.

The technology is still very viable, as previously described. It is just that the applications that use it have evolved. SDH is now obsolete and we do not need to maintain precise time for network transport. A secondary need for PNT is for mobile data. As more transactions are executed from mobile users and, with the emergence of the Internet of Things IoT , more objects that physically move are executing transactions.

These data packets need to be accurately geo-timestamped for meaningful processing to occur. With 5G comes more bandwidth, enabling more real-time applications to run in the cloud. With this trend, latency and time performance monitoring will become more critical. Smart Grid — a data network is being superimposed on the grid so that every device on the grid has network connectivity.

For these millions of devices to be managed and to interact with each other, they need PNT information to know where these devices are and for them all to have a common time reference. Precision Agriculture requirements are similar to Automotive in that the position of the vehicle tractor, harvester, etc. However, there some unique factors: These are primarily for rural use, where fixed infrastructure is not usually available.

They require centimeter level accuracy for sensing operations — example are bud locations on fruit trees, moisture sensing probes, alignment with UAV cameras, crop yield measurements down to the individual plant, etc. Attitude control and sensing pitch, roll, yaw is necessary. Within this sector we also include construction and surveying because they have similar requirements.

After a dependent infrastructure is set up with multiple, diverse PNT sources, the best and simplest method for detection is to look for disagreement among the sources. With diverse sources, each one will have different points of vulnerabilities and different failure modes, so that failures or attacks will manifest in each source differently. There is no single point failure.

However, with updates from the STL signals, which are x stronger than GPS and more resistant to jamming, the error drift is indefinitely limited to tens of meters.

Spoofing of the GNSS signal is detected either by disagreement with STL, which is an encrypted signal that cannot be spoofed, or by the IMU, which does not sense movement in the false direction. Failure of any one of these three sources is noted by the agreement of the other two. Majority wins. Each individual PNT source has its own detection and prevention measures.

For example, there are many jamming and spoofing detection algorithms that can be applied to GNSS receivers to alert and often forewarn the infrastructure system of a possible disruption. False alarming is an issue, so using a probability-based scoring system with programmable thresholds can be helpful to keep both the false alarm and the missed detection rates low.

A simple GNSS spoofing detection technique is to use two separate receivers and antennas, spaced apart by a known distance. If they ever indicate the same position, it is an indication of spoofing from an external source. Detecting dropouts, discontinuities or other anomalous behavior from a particular sensor is another method of alerting.

Therefore, an indication of discontinuity — within the bounds of measurement noise and quantization effects — is a potential failure or false manipulation of the source. Discontinuity, measurement range checking and sensor behavior monitoring can be powerful detection methods.

Again, with multiple diverse PNT sources feeding a composite PNT solution, detection of a compromise or fault on any one source allows it to be dropped. The earlier the detection, the quicker and more effective the recovery. Kalman filtering, particle filtering, and artificial intelligence AI techniques provide for an intelligent combination of multiple PNT sources into a single solution based on probability models.

Taking preventive measures before an attack occurs can sometimes be the best response. These measures include:. However, there are many alternative technologies available to augment GPS and provide accurate and reliable PNT information even under adverse conditions, including LEO PNT satellite signals, miniature atomic clocks, and fiber optic network time distribution.

The best strategy to protect critical infrastructure is to use multiple, different PNT sources together.

And the earlier the detection, the quicker and more effective the recovery will be. Online Store Request Quote. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Privacy Policy. And, encrypted to prevent spoofing. Miniaturized, affordable atomic clocks to provide precise time internally — which is the foundation of every positioning system —, without connection to, or reliance on, outside sources which could corrupt the precision.

Fiber optic network time distribution via secure, high accuracy protocols. Figure 3: Datacenter Sync Application. Close popup Request Quote.

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The company is expected to start trading Friday on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol PMTS and on the Toronto Stock Exchange as PNT.

Resilient PNT: How to Detect, Protect and Prevent Disruption of GPS/GNSS/PNT Signals and Sources

Best Smart Air Purifiers in Best True Wireless Earbuds. The major factor driving the market growth is the need for resilient navigation, positioning, and timing data for everyday applications in the commercial and defense sector. Satellite PNT technology determines precise geographical location or position, navigates the route, and accurately tracks exact time. The position, navigation, and timing is derived from the global navigation satellite system GNSS onboard the communication satellite. Market Segmentation. Currently, government agencies and private companies operating in the global satellite position, navigation, and timing PNT technology market are engaged in research and development initiatives to offer assured position, navigation, and timing technology A-PNT. Initially, the position, navigation, and timing PNT technology was introduced to supplement military and defense operations. However, PNT technology has become crucial for commercial, government, and civil operations over the years. The primary function of PNT is to improve the performance of GNSS by providing information about the accuracy, integrity, continuity, and availability of its signals for geo-location and navigation applications.

The cybersecurity threat lurking in the GPS systems banks count on

pnt crypto force

The Defense Innovation Unit has released solicitations for a multidomain tactical communications system and dismounted assured positioning, navigation and timing platform. The first solicitation seeks proposals for a satellite communication antenna system designed to support multiple links in K-, Ka-, S-, X-, C- and Q-band signals and can be installed aboard DDG class ships. The Department of Defense wants a satcom antenna that could be integrated into ground stations and other ships. The second solicitation looks for a handheld PNT device designed to help dismounted soldiers operate in GPS-denied environments.

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Global Navigation Satellite System receiver

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Defense Innovation Unit Issues Solicitations for Satcom Antenna System, Dismounted PNT Device

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of the Self-Defence Forces, data collection, PNT Thus, in order to better ensure its national security,. Japan now plans to enhance the IGS system and to.

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Arianespace recently announced it will launch a total of eight new Galileo satellites over the next few years. Target users for OSNMA are receiver manufacturers, application developers, members of research institutions, or similar. The OSNMA service is an authentication mechanism that allows Open Service users to verify the authenticity of GNSS information, making sure that the data they receive is indeed from Galileo and has not been modified in any way. It is an open-access and free-of-charge service, based on the provision of cryptographic data by the Galileo E1 signal E1-B, data component from a subset of the Galileo satellites, enabling receivers to authenticate the Open Service navigation messages. By using these previously reserved fields, OSNMA does not introduce any overlay to the system, thus the OS navigation performance remains untouched.

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Digital time clocks obtain the time through signals from Global Positioning System satellites that are subject to vulnerabilities, some malicious and others not. Because of this threat, in the past year, large U. Naval Observatory. These give the banks an independent way to verify that their time servers are in sync with the rest of the world.

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