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Twitter cz binance

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Binance CEO, CZ, cites fraud for blocking Nigeria users on its platform, tenders apologies

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, Binance Holdings Ltd said it restricted the personal accounts of some Nigerian users to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and ensure the security of the platform for traders. Many Nigerians trading on the Binance platform complained recently of the inability to initiate or complete transactions. Wednesday, there were complaints on social media by multiple users of the Binance global exchange, accusing the exchange of blocking accounts for weeks and months without any feedback or reason from the exchange. It was the third trending topic on Twitter with over 25, tweets on Wednesday. On Thursday, it was also among the top 5 with over 10, tweets, going with the hashtag, BinanceStopScamming. Users have faced challenges trading crypto since the Central Bank of Nigeria last year asked lenders not to transact with cryptocurrency exchanges and ordered digital currency traders to shut down accounts.

Последни туитове на Binance (@binance). #Binance #BNB. Watch CZ's full interview with Bloomberg where he discusses the evolution of cryptocurrency.

Binance Blog

Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao they ended up in the eye of the storm again for a Reuters article for the anti-money laundering procedures s eguite from the exchange. It all starts with an article by Reuters according to which Binance would have weak controls on its customers as regards the anti-money laundering regulations. In addition, it would not have a real registered office and this means that it is not clear which licenses Binance must have to operate. It is known for sure that after the restrictions imposed by China in , Binance had to move from the country where it was born, and CZ initially opted for Malta. Reporting testimonies from former Binance employees and former partners, the article argues that Binance allegedly withheld information from authorities, c h the same employees would have said concerned about mild KYC procedures, that the exchange would continue to procure customers in countries with a high risk of money laundering, like Russia and Ukraine, against the advice of its own compliance department. One of the most serious events reported, cites the German police who allegedly set their sights on Binance on at least a couple of occasions precisely because of suspicious transactions, one of which is attributed to a Islamic bomber accused of killing 4 people in Vienna in November There is to jump from the chair. The same article also reports words from Binance representatives who instead argue that what is represented is partial. We are focused on anti-money laundering, transparent and welcome regulation. Action speaks louder than words.

Burger King Supports Elon Musk on Dogecoin Tweet Addressed to McDonald's

twitter cz binance

The overall crypto market is down This generally tends to have a positive impact on price long-term, as the total number of tokens become more scarce. Binance reduces the supply of BNB every quarter based on the amount of trading volume. A total of

Taxes are complicated.

Binance Coin Price Prediction February 2022: Will BNB Reach $700 in February?

In response to complaints from Binance users in Nigeria who have been affected by the platform restricting accounts, the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao CZ , has come out to give an explanation. In a blog post published on Binance, Zhao has insisted that the account restrictions that have been reported in the last week are part of measures to ensure that users on the platform are protected and that fraud is prevented. Zhao also noted that the security measures are part of a global approach which is another way of saying that Nigerians are not being targeted. Some of the countries that have been particularly harsh on Binance over-regulation are as follows:. Thank you for your support by helping us create content:. Follow us on Twitter for the latest posts and updates.

“Binance Stop Scamming,” Nigerians accuse exchange of arbitrary account blocking

Binance Blog Stay up to date with the latest stories and commentary brought to you by Binance, the world's leading blockchain and crypto ecosystem. A total of 1,, This includes Innovation, Regulation, and the Future of the Crypto Industry Our industry has been growing by leaps and bounds these past few years, both from a technology adoption and new user perspective. When we launched Binance, we decided that it would be our unwavering commitment to users that would differentiate us in the market. As a result of that commitment, we have grown to become the largest crypto platform on the globe. Following in the footsteps of many other community-supported projects, BNB has been on its own evolutionary journey. In most cases, this is an irreversible mistake that results in lost funds.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao made the announcement on Twitter today—adding that the demand for the new currency was so high that the exchange.

38% of Restricted Nigerian Accounts was at the Request of Law Enforcement, Says Binance CEO

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, Binance Holdings Ltd said it restricted the personal accounts of some Nigerian users to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and ensure the security of the platform for traders. Many Nigerians trading on the Binance platform complained recently of the inability to initiate or complete transactions. Wednesday, there were complaints on social media by multiple users of the Binance global exchange, accusing the exchange of blocking accounts for weeks and months without any feedback or reason from the exchange. It was the third trending topic on Twitter with over 25, tweets on Wednesday.

Binance’s (SAFU) Secure Asset Fund for users is now at a $1 Billion valuation

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Account Sign Out. Log in Start Now. Top Global Tweets. Analyse Heather's tweets.

Excess of zeal or justified measures?

Elon Musk Puts Pressure on McDonald’s to Accept Dogecoin

Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Binance is the largest retail crypto exchange in the world and can be a reasonable choice for both beginner and advanced users alike. Binance has also encountered several regulatory issues, which could be concerning for prospective users. Binance is one of the world's largest crypto exchanges by daily trading volume. Offering hundreds of cryptocurrencies, multiple charting tools, and low trading fees, this platform could be a fit for both beginners and advanced crypto traders.

5 Cryptocurrency questions after Budget 2022, answered

Avax withdrawal suspended binance. Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Starting Jan.

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