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Company Profile is an initiative by StartupTalky to publish verified information on different startups and organizations. The content in this post has been approved by Binance. The advent of cryptocurrencies spawned a slew of crypto exchanges to make trading and purchasing cryptos easier. Because cryptocurrencies are digital assets, investors have a variety of problems exchanging them on current networks. One of the key reasons for the creation of many exchanges is this.

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WazirX Review 2022: Is it safe for Crypto Investment in India?

At Binance, we take user protection seriously, so we consider it our responsibility to constantly keep our users updated on security tips and advice. In this article, we share six scams that you should watch out for when transacting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on P2P platforms like Binance P2P.

Learn more about the escrow service here. Beware of These Bitcoin Scams. Below, we inform our users about common scams that happen during Bitcoin transactions such as P2P trading. We share this information in hopes that our users become wiser about the use of Bitcoin and trading platforms by avoiding these scenarios.

Part of enhancing security for crypto is the task of boosting the security awareness for its users because ultimately, you have the most important role when it comes to keeping crypto secure. Aside from the scams we will enumerate below, we also have the following articles we created recently:.

Trade Bitcoin Safely with Tips from the Pros. This may sound like something we will not fall for at first glance, but this scheme is more widespread than you think. Fair Trade Commission. In this scenario, a scammer finds victims via dating apps like Tinder and forges online relationships with them, building trust over time. At one point, the scammer will manipulate the victim into helping him with his financial issues by sending some Bitcoin or other crypto.

At this point, the scammer runs away with the money. The victim, realizing the scheme, will try to cancel the transaction and report the incident to the police, which will then proceed to reverse the transaction and punish the crypto seller without getting to the actual scammer.

However, this can be harder to combat if the scammer has manipulated you emotionally into believing everything he says. Ultimately, you should walk away from a financial transaction like this when things start to be a bit suspicious. Unfortunately, with the boom of crypto prices earlier this year, investment scams are on the rise. At some point, the scammer will ask the victim to send money to his account, in exchange for the Bitcoin he earned.

Unknown to the victim, the account is actually owned by a crypto seller unwittingly set up by the scammer to be the middle man in the scam. The victim sends the money to the crypto seller, who then unknowingly sends the Bitcoin to the scammer. Similar to the previous scenario, after the scammer runs away with the money, the victim will report the incident to the police, who will then punish the crypto seller for a crime he did not commit.

How to Avoid: In this scenario, it is the responsibility of a person entering into an investment to verify if it is legitimate.

The mentality here is that when something is too good to be true, it usually is, especially when it comes to money. Make sure the Binance name and Bank name are the same to avoid these issues. This modified form of this MITM scheme involves e-commerce transactions on dubious platforms.

As the adoption of Bitcoin as a global payment method is still underway, scammers can see an opportunity to entice unwitting victims with low prices on the things they want to buy. For instance, a scammer finds a person who is looking to buy an item online.

The scammer offers very low prices on that item to the victim, who then reaches out to inquire about the item. Once a victim pays for the item, the crypto seller then unknowingly sends crypto to the scammer on the other end. Once the scammer exits, the story ends badly for the victim and the crypto seller, as in previous scenarios. How to Avoid: To add to the previous points raised in MITM schemes, we like to point out that there are legitimate payment options for buying items online using crypto, such as Binance Pay.

Sometimes, scammers manipulate screenshots and other photos to claim that they have done their part of the deal and to pressure you into doing yours as well.

Sometimes, a scammer can take advantage of the chargeback features on some payment platforms to defraud his counterparty in a P2P transaction. In other words, after a P2P deal is completed, this scammer will trigger this chargeback and claim the funds to cancel or reverse the initial payment he made.

This happens especially if the seller rushes into approving the transaction without carefully checking that the money is already in his bank account or wallet. Sometimes, after a P2P transaction is completed, a scammer may pull off an attempt to void the transaction. This may involve calling his bank to cancel the transaction, claiming that the fund transfer is wrong or that his account was stolen. How to Combat: This is where your transaction screenshots can come into play as evidence that the scammer is acting in bad faith.

Do not be intimidated into these scare tactics; calmly gather evidence, such as screenshots of your correspondence with the scammer and other helpful details. Binance P2P is here to help you settle cases like this. Always make sure that you have already received the same amount of money as stated in Binance P2P total order, no more and no less, before releasing your crypto. Make sure that the account details provided on Binance matches the actual bank account you are using to avoid MiTM issues.

When it comes to transfer notes on Binance P2P, always use the order number related to the exact transaction. It pays to know every possible scenario in which your P2P transactions can go wrong so that you can develop the habit of correctly verifying and executing every deal you make. For more information about Binance P2P, read these articles:.

Binance Blog.

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Binance - Buy over tokens in seconds with fees as low as 0% 0% FEES Spot, futures, options, NFTs, savings, staking, and Binance Card. Binance has it all.

6 Bitcoin Scams To Avoid When Using P2P

Several people rode the wave and reaped unparalleled returns on their investments. So, how can you get started? And which is the safest way possible to invest in cryptocurrency in India? Why Is Crypto Booming in India? Despite the Indian government's debatable stance on crypto assets, cryptocurrency investments in India are still increasing. What are the reasons behind this uptick? Low internet costs, rising real estate prices, and increased taxation on metals like Gold and Silver also seemed to have contributed to the paradigm shift of investing in tangible assets. Moreover, the introduction of cryptocurrency brought an unprecedented degree of latitude for people as young as 18 years of age to invest and grow their portfolios. Rise of Crypto Exchanges in India The high inflation rates in India along with the restrictive and non-streamlined modes of investment presented a golden opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs to set up cryptocurrency exchanges in India.

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binance spot upi

Make money with api. For details, see PayPal-Auth-Assertion. Your project is considered commercial if the primary purpose is to create revenue for the benefit of the owner. It returns details of all the refunds fired on a … It is a protocol, a network, a currency and a transaction language.

Cardano trader login, cardano trader flashback.

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These are some of the most common types: Also known as triangulation fraud, it's a scam where your trading counterparty uses a. If you believe that your trading counterparty is trying to scam you, make an appeal, and share your evidence, our team will take care of the dispute. On, freedom to choose your preferred counterparties. This allows its users to trade their naira balances. How to add new payment methods on Binance P2P?

How To Transfer Crypto for Free Between Binance and WazirX

With Binance, people in India have multiple ways to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this article, learn the main methods of doing so. India is becoming an important market for crypto. Home to 1. We recognize this huge demand for crypto in the country, and we have made it easier for you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Indian rupees INR.

VIP trade volume levels are measured on the basis of the spot trading volume, or whether the futures trading volume meets the standard (Futures trading.

How to buy cryptocurrency on Binance P2P in INDIA (App)?

Over Coins Tokens are in the Database included. Edit This App. Highest levels of diligence are applied to coin selection and addition.

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Bitcoin price touched a six-month high after first-ever exchange-traded fund of Bitcoin had started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October Over the past 24 hours we witnessed Bitcoin inching towards its previous all-time high. With the current momentum in the market being strongly bullish, most of the altcoins replicated a similar remove. Over the coming 24 hours, investors would be closely tracking the support levels and the number of of put to call ratio.

Manu Lavanya, Director and Chief Operations Officer, Max Life said, "Over the past years, we have enabled simplified digital premium payment capability as a means of effective customer self-service.

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Sunny Leone took the lead among Indian actors to secure her digital assets when she broke the news about her association with NFT, two months back. This made her the first Indian actress to mint NFTs. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Stock analysis. Market Research. Nifty 17,

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Allowing third-party transfers will put your funds at risk. This article guides you on the steps you can take when you encounter a third-party transfer attempt by your counterparty, from identifying the attempt to resolving the issue. Ideally, when you use Binance P2P to trade your cash into crypto and vice versa, both parties should provide the appropriate bank or e-wallet accounts for completing each transaction. In this case, you just encountered an attempt at a third-party transfer.

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