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Staking and yield farming on more traditional DeFi platforms provide attractive yields, however, liquidity instantly dries up once the incentive programs utilised to draw users to a particular ecosystem are depleted. OHM and TIME remove this uncertainty by providing transparency into a host of metrics, such as the market value of the assets used to back the tokens and the number of days that the stated APY can be sustained. The market dynamics of OHM are driven by a unique application of game theory that is known as 3,3. Although the aforementioned returns are already outrageous, there is a way to increase them further without the addition of any new money. There are two pools on Rari Capital that accept the deposit of sOHM tokens as collateral, pool 6 and pool

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DeFi Uncovered: Experiments in Money and Value

The aim is to have OHM become the underlying currency for all DeFi products going forward, similar to a global reserve currency , like US dollars. Returns are shared with all users who stake OHM, and are generated in 2 ways. The first is from the protocol selling new OHM tokens. The second is from profits generated by the treasury, which uses a novel mechanism called "bondings". Yield remains high because stakers maintain their percentage of the market capitalisation as it grows, ensuring that the minting of new tokens does not negatively affect stakers.

Node staking is where a validator puts up collateral and then acts as a node in the mechanism to verify all transactions. This is proof-of-stake PoS , a consensus method that allows validators who stake coins to verify blocks. If they submit a false transaction to the network, they won't receive block rewards, or may even lose a portion of their staked tokens. A validator's chance to receive a block is proportional to the number of tokens the validator has staked against the whole network of staked coins.

Exchange staking is where you give the exchange your coins and they use them to become node validators. It removes a large amount of the validation risk, but also means that you give custody of your coins to the exchange. This is a great way to earn yield while also minimising the amount of effort and know-how to actually operate a node. Staking in Olympus is a profit distribution mechanism. It is designed to be the dominant strategy for participants; to stake, hold and compound.

The primary aim of Olympus is to provide rewards to those who buy-in to OHM the token of Olympus and boost the value of the treasury. In doing so, the protocol provides profits equally to all participants. Through sOHM staked OHM , everyone receives the same percentage profit each rebase, which also allows compounding yield while only needing to hold. This method is known by users as " 3,3 " and utilises game theory to try and ensure that as the protocol continues to grow, stakers continue to earn high yield.

It is a bit like a coupon that entitles you to rewards, but can also be used to redeem your OHM at any time. Every 8 hours the Olympus protocol distributes tokens by sending them to the staking contract, without asking for sOHM back. Recap : Olympus DAO distributes all the profits from the 8 hours across the board to all users.

Rebases occur retroactively, meaning that it happens 8 hours after profit has been generated. This delay means that users can see what APY they will receive at the end of the next 8-hour window. With this delay, users can see what rewards they are set to receive. This is entirely dependent on how much you put into the protocol, with rates constantly changing over time.

However, at the time of writing November the current 5-day ROI is 6. Olympus DAO has been operating for roughly 8 months as of November with no notable hacks or security breaches. It is led by a public and highly active team that are frequently working with the community to improve the protocol. However, like all DeFi protocols, it may be subject to as yet unknown risks, such as smart contract bugs or exploits.

While there are no clear warning signs related to Olympus, as with anything in crypto, only invest what you can afford to lose. The pros of Olympus DAO include an incredibly high and consistent yield. The triple auto-compounding per day results in growing returns without having to compound manually. Finally, with a strong community and a fundamental aim to be the decentralised currency of all DeFi projects, the project looks quite strong.

Cons are obviously that this is a new investing product, meaning that there isn't much historical data to base future returns on.

The APY will inevitably fall as more people stake, meaning that returns will stay high but diminish until the final coin is released. Finally, because it is an Ethereum application, there are high fees associated with investing so volume is more critical than consistent investments. With any new investment tool the risks are naturally higher, and this is especially true for something as experimental and ambitious as OHM.

It's important to weigh the risks and rewards and determine your tolerance for newer investment technologies, however, early Olympous DAO users are rewarded for taking on additional risk. Thomas Weston is a venture analyst at Finder.

Thomas is an avid investor who specialises in analysing upcoming cryptocurrency and web3 developments. Thomas is studying finance, econometrics and creative intelligence and innovation at the University of Technology Sydney. BMW Australia's 8 Series range is set to receive an update for the model year with slightly refreshed styling and additional tech headlining the updates for its flagship luxury sports model.

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Please read our website terms of use and privacy policy for more information about our services and our approach to privacy. Thomas Weston. Posted Jan 20, Learn more about how we fact check. Navigate Cryptocurrency In this guide. What is staking? How much can I earn with Olympus staking? Is staking Olympus safe? Pros and cons of staking Olympus Bottom line. Getting started. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptocurrency lending. How To Buy.

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OlympusDAO Fundamentals Explode, How OHM Holders Will Benefit

The cross-chain farming protocol claimed that Olympus would be its ticket to Olympus Pro Avalanche Cohort. In hindsight, the Cohort in question is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining. Instead of renting that liquidity often at astronomical interest rates , they simply purchase it, turning a value-draining perpetual expense into revenue-producing assets that facilitate the functionality of the rest of the platform. The Treasury then allows users to buy OHM bonds, i. The mechanism allows bonders, stakers, and the Treasury itself to earn profits. However, as a result, Olympus DAO owns

Within these community-run protocols, investors look for high staking rewards. Olympus may be the jackpot for those seeking to farm OHM and.

I Was Wrong About Olympus - DeFriday #15

Since its inception last year, the OHM token has made waves in the crypto community. This interest has been primarily driven by the OlympusDAO's unique design, dubbed " ponzinomics " by many, as well as the platform's staking rewards. One of the key reasons behind today's crash allegedly revolves around an influential trader called "el sk" on Twitter taking profits from their significant OHM position. Derisked some of my OHM to ensure my family can weather any economic outcome. Remaining risk on with the rest indefinitely pic. Beyond this one large sale, data pulled from DeFi project Rari shows a cascade of liquidations, most of which are for levered longs on OHM. These liquidations have added significant sell pressure too. OlympusDAO is a unique crypto experiment in which the token is backed by the value of the project's treasury. This treasury expands alongside the amount of OHM minted and distributed through its staking mechanism mentioned above and OHM bonds.

What is Olympus DAO (OHM)? Everything you need to know about OHM Token

ohm crypto staking

Shrimpy helps thousands of crypto investors manage their entire portfolio in one place. Explaining the 3, 3 Meme, Bonding, and Stablecoins. The Olympus DAO treasury. Olympus uses token staking and bonding to incentivize users to deposit or sell their collateral to the Olympus treasury in return for discounted OHM tokens.

Read More. Please change the wallet network.

Olympus DAO – New DeFi Archetype or Elaborate Ponzi Scheme?

My write up today was inspired by this CoinDesk article that has been making the rounds on crypto twitter recently. When one opens the Olympus staking dashboard their eyes are immediately drawn to what must be an unsustainable yield generated by some form of ponzi-nomics. To many, reading this immediately sets off alarm bells in their head. Truthfully, I had the same reaction when I first discovered Olympus in May of this year. So, how about this: you start with the default assumption that Olympus is in fact a Ponzi scheme due to collapse any day now, but read through this piece anyways and give me the chance to see if I can convince you otherwise.

Olympus DAO’s OHM down 97.97% from ATH; Can project’s 12-month action plan help?

DeFi exists on a wide spectrum of innovation and decentralization. In an environment where anyone can codify their view in a smart contract, experiments are battle tested in high-stakes coordination games. And perhaps the highest stakes coordination game in human history has been that of currency - specifically centrally issued currencies and the governments, organizations, power structures, and policies that govern them. DeFi has built a system with strong reliance on the money games of old. We've tied ourselves to the legacy systems of finance through reliance on the US Dollar as the reserve currency of DeFi. And this growth and reliance on stablecoins in DeFi does not appear to be slowing down. Over time it has grown its exposure to USD, using USDC and other centralized stables as a primary means of holding its peg during downturn. Once a key participant in the Bretton Woods system, backing currency with gold, the US Dollar has long abandoned convertibility of USD to gold, entering our new paradigm of floating rate fiat currencies.

OHM is a free-floating algorithmic reserve currency that is unique as it serves as an alternative to both stablecoins and other crypto-assets.

What Is Olympus DAO (OHM)? Explaining the (3, 3) Meme, Bonding, and Stablecoins

As we move to a blockchain-based global financial system, we need a currency that can retain its purchasing power over time and remain independent of the fiscal policy of any individual country. Ohm is a rare rune in Diablo II. Swap or provide liquidity on the Uniswap Protocol Direct deposit receive tokens to your MetaMask wallet. It has a market cap rank of

What Are The Differences Between OlympusDAO $OHM And Wonderland $TIME? APYs Explained

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Hector DAO or Olympus? Tag: staking ohm. Crypto Admin jan 18, comments off. Continue Reading ».

You wake up in a strange land. The landscape is rich with flowers and fauna; nature here is teeming with life.


The OlympusDAO project resonates a lot in the world of cryptocurrencies today, aspiring to become the world's future reserve currency instead of the dollar. Could it be real? Isn't it just a sophisticated pyramid scheme? The American dollar isn't backed up by anything apart from an endless US debt, so it could inevitably burn in flames tomorrow, in a year or in ten years. The world will have to find a new reserve currency for all business venture use.

We take an in depth look into the essential considerations through this piece and on our DeFi Direct channel. This model utilizes bonding mechanisms which, in short, allow the protocol to own its liquidity and build a treasury. Through traditional yield farming incentives, platform tokens face massive inflationary pressure. This can prove to be inefficient when we see liquidity as unreliable and moving from protocol to protocol - this is known as mercenary liquidity.

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