Green mining examples

Climate change is the issue of our time. From policymakers to the individual, every one of us has a responsibility to do our part to ensure that sustainability and green practices are implemented throughout society. Indeed, governments across the world, from the U. Corporations are also stepping forward to take greater responsibility, with many investors no longer considering financial performance alone a sufficient measure of success — ESG measures, i. In this context, the process of revitalizing our financial infrastructure is increasingly under the spotlight. How well do Bitcoin and other digital assets meet ESG criteria?

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Can Bitcoin ever really be green?

Hydrogen has risen to dizzy heights in recent years as a promising zero-carbon fuel across the world, and although many hydrogen energy systems are in the demonstration phase, the mining sector is set to be an early adopter. In , the Australian government announced the National Hydrogen Strategy , setting a path and committing substantial funding to accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen energy and build a strong domestic hydrogen sector. And in March , four mining giants - BHP, Fortescue, Anglo American and Hatch — formed the Green Hydrogen Consortium , pledging to work together to accelerate renewable energy-powered hydrogen production and its application to the resources sector and other heavy industries.

Hydrogen can be used to store renewable energy to generate electricity, it can power equipment and trucks and cars, and it can even be used in certain mining processes as a reductant," Dr Roberts says. Announcing the partnership in , Fortescue's chair Andrew Forrest said, "We are at the beginning of an energy revolution and Fortescue intends to be at the forefront of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

CSIRO's Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform is a key research centre working on new science and technology which will allow industry — including the mining sector — to decarbonise operations, transport and production processes. The group works with low-readiness level hydrogen technologies, he explains. This involves creating new capabilities and new technologies around hydrogen production, transport, and use from a variety of renewable sources, and bringing these to demonstration stage.

CSIRO business units then work with industry partners to kick off the technology commercialisation pipeline to bring these innovations to market. The mining industry plays a crucial role in Australia's economic future. In June , the Minerals Council of Australia released its Climate Action Plan which spelled out a range of actions to decarbonise the industry, including the use of renewable hydrogen.

Fugitive-methane emissions from coal mining contribute a further three to six per cent of global emissions, the report adds. Dr Roberts says the use of 'green' hydrogen energy is currently a hot topic in the resources sector. There are already numerous examples where renewable-sourced hydrogen is actively used as an energy source and as a means for storing renewable energy in the mining industry. Since , Glencore's Raglan mine , in northern Quebec, Canada, has run on a micro-grid powered by an arctic-rated wind turbine generator connected to a hydrogen energy storage unit.

Once the initial investment in renewables-to-hydrogen is made, the gas can be used as fuel in a range of different applications, from operations, to refining and transport. Also in South Africa's platinum mines, Impala is using hydrogen fuel cells for forklifts and refuelling stations within its refinery operations.

One of the most interesting areas emerging for renewable-sourced hydrogen is in traditionally hard-to-abate sectors, Roberts says — and "green steel" is a much-talked about example. Coke has a few roles to play in the blast furnace, providing heat and structure, as well as acting as a reducing agent, removing oxygen from the iron ore. As well as being a useful energy carrier, hydrogen is also a good reducing agent. Roberts says that the focus of mining operators considering hydrogen is often on cost-saving around diesel consumption and transport, which can be considerable on remote sites.

He says the key message for mining now is that much of the technology exists, and in many cases is proven — the next step is just doing it. Resourceful brings you the latest in innovation, technology and research from across the minerals value chain — from mineral exploration to mining and metal production.

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Possibilities of circular economy in mining waste management

A program that helps mining companies in Canada operate in the most socially, economically and environmentally responsible way at home is spreading internationally, through the practices of these companies abroad and the assistance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service TCS. Photo: Agnico Eagle Mining. The initiative has been adopted as a Canadian industry standard for responsible business conduct promoted by the TCS and the Government of Canada. And authorities in other countries are exploring its adoption.

Currently, green mining technologies primarily refer to mine filling, water preservation, simultaneous extraction of coal and gas, oxidizing.

Green Energy in Ecuador: A Powerful Mining Potential, but at What Cost?

With the coal boom on the wane, mining companies want to escape the cost of rehabilitating their sites. But even if governments effectively restrain them, many of the huge voids in the landscape will never be filled in. A ustralia is teetering on the edge of a massive hole — one left by huge mines that may soon close. As they do, the country is playing a desperate game of catch-up to make sure the mining companies pay for the cleanup. But a legacy of limited environmental requirements means that even if that succeeds, the end of the coal boom will leave Australia pockmarked with unfilled holes. This game has been highlighted in recent years by a trend of major miners unloading projects to industry minnows amid a coal slump. As they do so, taxpayers risk being lumped with cleanup costs in the wake of their collapse.

Mining industry’s ‘green metals’ are a fallacy, experts say

green mining examples

The circular economy is about linking, generating, preserving value and answering the need for sustainable growth. Nowadays in Europe, each year, 15 tons of materials per capita is used, while among the 4. Given the increasing aggregate need for materials, due to the growing population and the subsequent scarcity of resources, the model of the linear economy is not any more sustainable. For that reason, there is the need of recovering from waste inputs of production, turning the current path into a non-ending circle of production, consumption, disposal, collection and recycling, up to re-creation of raw materials European commission. Considering the economic perspective, a circular economy is not only a move in favour of environmental sustainability but also an opportunity for economic growth, for both businesses and society.

Managing Water in the Mining Cycle Mining is a water-intensive activity and improving water efficiency is essential to moving towards a more sustainable mining sector in Canada.

Push for green mining vehicles gathering pace

This is changing, slowly, although political winds blow both ways. The wastewater of these mines pollute rivers and streams affecting the aquatic life and the nearby human population [1]. Major mining companies all over the world are investing in technologies that will make mining cleaner and safer. The mining companies are improving their environmental performance by using new technologies that can significantly reduce the water and energy usage. This practice can reduce environmental pollution and can help in remediating the sites after the mining operation is complete [3]. The plan for increasing the efficiency while decreasing the environmental hazards associated with mining is broken down into the following categories [4]:.

Not So “Green” Technology: The Complicated Legacy of Rare Earth Mining

Green mining entails a careful balance of resources, and adapting new equipment and altering the supply chain to accommodate more sustainable processes can be costly. However, companies are beginning to see value in taking the risk. Joshua Kirkey, Communications Advisor for Natural Resources Canada NRC , says, "The main barrier for implementing green mining technologies is the need for industry to overcome risks associated with unknown practices and technologies. Overcoming these risks is what the Green Mining Initiative GMI is addressing by assessing the merits of using an environmental technology verification program to validate environmental claims of new technologies to raise confidence of the industry to implement the technology. According to Kirkey, "Green mining is defined as technologies, best practices and mine processes that are implemented as a means to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the extraction and processing of metals and minerals. Examples include the reduction of greenhouse gases, selective mining approaches to reduce the ecological footprint, and reduction in chemical use. Green mining technologies and practices offer superior performance with respect to energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and the use of chemicals. Corporate social responsibility CSR is often a huge challenge for junior mining companies.

Six environmentally friendly crypto currencies. Environmentalists and Musk agree that the “mining” of bitcoin uses a worrying amount of fossil.

Environmental Stewardship

For original, visit Indian Cement Review. Bhanu Prakash Bhatnagar takes a closer view of mining practices around the world and reviews the New Mineral Policy Come up with better regulations and legislation: As observed by the Honourable Supreme Court in its judgement on mining in , the present mining legislation that we have today is far from being effective or productive.

What is behind the recent push for mining companies to go green and improve the sustainability of their operations? Since around , several policy reports and a growing number of news articles have highlighted how mining companies are increasingly trying to ensure that their operations are more environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly. Mining companies hope to do this by, for instance, reducing their carbon emissions and switching to renewable energy sources to power their operations. In an industry predicated on the extraction of non-renewable resources, is this just another example of disingenuous industry green-washing?

Using Environmentally Conscious Mining Standards Overview New mining technologies and regulations have significantly improved mining efficiency and reduced environmental impact in recent years.

OMDC to become a world class, socially responsible, green mining company, maximizing value of all stakeholders. Toggle navigation. Mision To ensure sustainable growth of the company by having synergy with all stake holders and maximization of return, while following best practice of corporate governance and promoting ecological balance and mineral conservation. To expand the operations in the areas of mining and mineral processing to meet the growing demand from domestic and international markets by Increasing the production level from the existing capacity of 2 million tons Iron Ore to million tons and 0. Upgradation and modernization of the mining operation and railway logistics. To ensure high level of employees motivation.

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