Ethereum foundation youtube hack

A bucolic British landscape—the birds singing, the sun rising high in the sky—becomes a vision of hell. The sun transforms into what might be a Sauron-like eye, but is an Ethereum-branded coin. The landscape is engulfed in flames, the singing birds consumed by the roar of fire. The end of the world is something we can contemplate now, as a reality.

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Ethereum foundation youtube hack

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: Ethereum HACKERS stole my YouTube Channel!

Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic

RSS icon. The DAO was one of the first and most ambitious projects launched on Ethereum. Imagine a fully decentralized fund where tokenholders could invest in exciting new ventures together.

It was supposed to be an unhackable pile of money. It was the biggest crowdfunding event in history. Then the DAO was hacked. Suddenly every single cent and even the survival of Ethereum was at risk. Jonas defiremoney is interviewing the most exciting minds in the crypto-sphere and brings their stories to life. Visit defire. It was supposed to be an 'unhackable pile of money'.

Alex was at that time a contractor for the Ethereum Foundation, he was one of the creators of Mist, one of the first Ethereum wallets, and he was the public face and spokesperson of the so-called Robin Hood group.

While the Attacker was stealing the money for themselves. The Robin Hood group tried to replicate the attack and started stealing the money for everyone who had trusted the DAO smart contract with their Ether. After the DAO hack, the Ethereum community decided that only a hard fork could make Ethereum holders whole again. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, was also supporting a hard fork.

I personally think these fundamental values, pushed to such extremes, are silly. And most of the Ethereum community saw it the same way. On the 20 of July, Ethereum nodes worldwide updated their software and accepted this new reality. But that was not the end of the story.

Not everyone in the Ethereum community was simply going to accept this new reality. A vocal minority of miners decided to continue to mine on the unaltered Ethereum network. Splitting the network in two. Powered by bCast.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

SKALE is the only containerized network capable of running an unlimited number of secure, decentralized, high-performance blockchains that are native to Ethereum. SKALE's architecture supports an ever-expanding set of Dapp-specific chains, which makes it quick and easy to set up cost-effective, high-performance multichains that run smart contracts compatible with Ethereum. The standard for security in distributed systems, BFT guarantees that the network can reach consensus even when up to one-thirds of participants are malicious. Following the same model as the Internet, this protocol recognizes latencies of nodes and the network, allowing messages to take an indefinite period of time to deliver. BLS Threshold Signatures enable efficient interchain communication and support randomness in node allocation. Leaderlessness mitigates the possibility of collusion among network participants by ensuring that each has an equal chance to successfully propose and commit new blocks.

This week, Anna speaks with Dankrad Feist, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. They talk about the future of the ETH client.

The Debate Over Hacking Ransomware Hackers

Subscriber Account active since. Tens of thousands of those viewers unwittingly clicked on videos that appeared to be official SpaceX livestreams, posted by seemingly legitimate YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Instead, they were met with "Bitcoin giveaway" messages urging them to send Bitcoin in order to be paid back double — a common scam tactic. Hackers appear to have compromised several high-profile YouTube channels in the past week, changed the channel names to hot-button topics like SpaceX or Elon Musk, and promoted Bitcoin scams. The trend was pointed out Monday by esports commentator Rod Breslau. The tactics appear similar to those employed by the hackers who compromised Twitter last month , taking over verified accounts, including Kim Kardashian's and Barack Obama's, and using them to promote Bitcoin scams. But while the Twitter breach was the result of hackers gaining access to Twitter's internal tools and systems, it's possible that each hacked YouTube channel was taken over separately, without hackers compromising YouTube's internal tools. Nonetheless, hacked channels promoting Bitcoin scams appears to be pervasive on YouTube. A YouTube spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but some hacked channels were disabled shortly after Business Insider asked YouTube about them. Those changes were made recently — the channel's social media links show that it originally belonged to a Croatian gaming YouTuber who was promoting his YouTube channel as recently as yesterday.

North Korea hacked nearly $400M in cryptocurrency last year

ethereum foundation youtube hack

We use cookies to improve the experience, here is our policy. The switch to PoS aims to make Ethereum both more secure and more sustainable by securing the network through Ether instead of mining. A second Eth2 update will address scaling through sharding at a later time. Danny Ryan, Researcher with Ethereum Foundation, has been a major driving force behind the Eth2 project. He joined us for a progress update and we chatted about how the protocol will work in its steady state, what has launched so far, what happens in The Merge, and how PoS will affect centralization tendencies.

Last week, hackers took control of several popular YouTube channels to broadcast a scam, asking people to send in Bitcoin with the empty promise of sending more cryptocurrency back. The videos were surrounded by a message asking viewers to send Bitcoin or Ethereum, with a link to a custom made scam website SpaceXBitcoin.

YouTube Fake Crypto Giveaways Explained - Behind The Account Hacks

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic have very similar names, and a complicated shared history As you would suspect, there was a time when only one Ethereum ecosystem existed. After one of the most significant events in cryptocurrency history, a hard fork took place — creating two different versions of the blockchain network. Join us in showcasing the cryptocurrency revolution, one newsletter at a time. Buterin made a case for Bitcoin to create a new programming language that could automate tasks and allow apps to be built on top of its blockchain.

Reddit Partners with Ethereum Foundation to Accelerate Scaling

A new Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency giveaway scam called the "Elon Musk Mutual Aid Fund" or "Elon Musk Club" is being promoted through spam email campaigns that started over the past few weeks. Before you dismiss these scams, saying that no one falls for them, similar crypto scams have been hugely successful and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past. While most cryptocurrency scams target social media users, scammers now use email spam to promote a new "Elon Musk Club" or "Elon Musk Mutual Aid Fund" giveaway. The phishing emails themselves are low effort and include strange non-descriptive subjects and messages. You are prompted to enter a bitcoin address to receive the free bitcoin, your name, and an optional picture at this site. When you click the 'Accept donate' button, the site will redirect you through a series of pages that pretend to be users donating.

In May , Forbes named the founder of the Ethereum blockchain system, cryptography,” said Buterin in an interview for the YouTube.


Cryptocurrencies are complicated, very confusing to new users and lightly regulated — all of which makes them an ideal target for scammers. But with a little bit of know-how and some good old-fashioned common sense, you can do plenty to protect yourself against cryptocurrency scams. All are functionally the same scam, periodically being re-used under a new name and promising similar results.

Banking Is Only The Beginning: 58 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform


White supremacists embraced cryptocurrency early in its development, and in some cases produced million-dollar profits through the technology, reshaping the racist right in radical ways, a Hatewatch analysis found. Hatewatch identified and compiled over cryptocurrency addresses associated with white supremacists and other prominent far-right extremists for this essay and then probed their transaction histories through blockchain analysis software. Less than a quarter of Americans presently own some form of cryptocurrency as of May The average age of a cryptocurrency investor is 38 , but even senior citizens in the white supremacist movement, such as Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, 69, and Peter Brimelow of VDARE, 73, have moved tens of thousands of dollars of the asset in recent years. Cryptocurrency, or a group of digital moneys maintained through decentralized systems, has grown into a billion-dollar industry.

The issue came to light after a group of ethical hackers informed Immunefi, a bug bounty platform associated with decentralised finance DeFi. Immunefi hosts the bug bounty for the Polygon network.

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They talk about the future of the ETH client infrastructure, the merge, the difference between merkle trees and verkle tries, and more. They also explore how concepts that originated in the ZK research space have made their way into the ETH client stack. Put together by this podcast and the ZKValidator and supported by all of our fantastic sponsors. There will be a leaderboard and prizes. And deep dive learning sessions with the best teams in the space. Aleo a new public Layer-1 blockchain tailor-made for building private applications.

How a $64M hack changed the fate of Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor

Vitalik Buterin has an impressive resume and is mostly known for being one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Before he helped create the smart contract network, he co-founded leading cryptocurrency information portal Bitcoin Magazine. His achievements have attracted 2.

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