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It was later divulged that the lady had received the money as a gift from her partner, Marc De Mesel, a cryptonaire. The cryptonaire, through his YouTube channel, stated that the money was part of the profits he had made trading and he had sent it in different transactions to her account, taking note of the laws and regulations involved. The order was granted and is meant to last for a period of 90 days in order to facilitate the Agency to conduct its investigations and identify the source of the money. Satoshi proposed a system that allows online payments between parties without the need of having to involve financial institutions. In the traditional system, these institutions are regarded as the trusted parties in transactions and they operate within various confines of the laws stipulated by governments.

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Sweet Video Shows Wealthy Belgian Man Flaunting His Kenyan Girlfriend to His Followers

The video version you can watch on Read. Cash , Odysee , or Youtube. Andrew : Hello everyone. I was asking for an interview for several months. Marc is a very known crypto investor, actually a very interesting investor. I follow his youtube channel. Basically to summarize the idea of investment is - HODL. So as you said: «You don't sell your winners you hodl them, and you need to sell the losers quickly».

Also, Marc is known as an entrepreneur in the crypto field, a supporter of several Bitcoin Cash projects: ReadCash, NoiseCash and we'll talk about this more.

But my first question is: let's speak a little bit about investment. You are very open about them, you always tell like what do you invest in, like Bitcoin cash is one of the biggest parts and maybe can you do a summary of what changed recently? What we are doing in this field now? Thank you also CryptoTexty for the interview, that's very cool.

It's a long time ago I did one I think. So it takes half a year usually to really find a new investment. Some investments last for many years, others are shorter. But what are my last moves? I cannot invest more in cryptocurrency because I'm following the Kelly Criterion where I very disciplined allocate capital based on a mathematical scientifically proven formula on how much can you allocate.

If you want to optimize your returns the Kelly Criterion is the formula. The potential reward is very high and there's fear in the market and it's a good time to buy.

And then I use the Kelly Criterion to allocate. But then when markets recover and it goes up usually it makes no rational sense to invest more, because it already goes up a lot. That was in March last year. And it's still 65 today because it went up a lot. At the time it was Tesla options and Tesla stock and options on Amazon. And that also went up a lot. Things that have changed in my portfolio, but both of them ended up the same amount about. So the allocation is still the same.

I have not invested more in crypto. I cannot bump it up. Andrew : Great, thanks for sharing. And also in some countries, for example in Ukraine, we don't have like really stock market. Well, it exists, but it is like you know, like in such a bad condition. For example, I have some stocks from the 90s of some factory, but I never got any dividends, they sent the letters by the ordinary mail.

Maybe at some point, some investor comes and maybe I'll do. So I foresee that tokenization would be like the future of the stock exchange and in a way maybe tokens are in a way shares of the crypto projects.

And you mentioned that it's good to buy when something is collapsing and what about crypto projects? Usually, when they are collapsing, some of them might not recover at all.

Marc : It depends on what phase of the market you're in. In the past and when it starts collapsing, actually it collapsed a lot more. Of course, you have to be very aware of where you are in the cycle. And of course, this does not apply. You have to really pick bottoms and big tops and be very aware where we are likely in the cycle. For crypto, for example, we breached the all-time high of billion years ago was that a high set.

And then we had a bear market. We breached this but it took two years to breach it from the bottom. The bottom was already at the end of in December. And we're now in So we've been building this bull market already for two years and almost a half. It took actually two years. It was in January this year that we breached the all-time high of billion.

And what you see is that in the past once you breach the all-time high, it starts to go very fast. And it takes only half a year to one-year maximum before you reach the top. So right now it's likely that this year we will reach the top of this bull market.

And I did some other calculations. Andrew : Yeah that's interesting to ask and probably the viewers are interested in this. What's your approximate suggestion till when the bull market would be?

What is the top? Kind of the end of this year? Marc : No, I think it's going to be much earlier. Because it goes parabolic. I think it will be already in half-year max, so not at the end of the year, but in the middle of the year.

A little bit after the middle of the year in maybe. August, September. That's my best estimate but of course, this is just probabilities extrapolating past trends. Yeah, I think it will be earlier. We went from 1 trillion to 2 trillion in three months and we will likely go from 2 trillion to 3 trillion not in three months but maybe in one month or two months.

And it goes parabolic. The last gains are made the quickest. So you always underestimate how fast it goes up at the end. And it always goes up much higher than you expect.

And so that's the phase that's coming now. I estimate we will get a peak of around 7 trillion. We have 2 trillion already it's not that far off. Andrew : It's also interesting to ask: You already said that your biggest part of crypto portfolio is Bitcoin Cash and um you also have Ethereum, and what other crypto? Some other crypto projects? I think you said it not once that it's good to invest at the early stage into good teams. So some new crypto projects which emerge kind of do some pre-sale and some early-stage seed investment.

Do you check these opportunities? Marc : No and I have really failed in this crypto cycle, in this bull market to invest in small projects. I haven't done it and it's a failure on my part because much much money has been made there. And I've been lazy. Of course, I invested much more money these days than in the past.

So you start to invest differently also. You look more at the big picture and for me, priorities are very different. I really need to protect my capital a lot more these days than in the past. So I look at it like I really want uncorrelated investments to crypto, that's very important for me. And that has taken really my time and my energy over the past two years. So I have not invested any energy into optimizing my crypto portfolio and investing in smaller projects.

So I have no value to offer there. People have given me much advice, like «You should invest in DeFi projects» and actually I looked into it a month, two months ago. I asked someone to look into it for me and give his opinion. And I looked in it a little bit myself. I looked at Uniswap, for example. And I agree, I understand like yeah DeFi will pump a lot likely. That's the new game in town but I couldn't see…like it already went up so much and I wasn't convinced that wow that's a great opportunity for me.

But, of course, the amount two months later it does the 10x again and it's now in the top So I was wrong not to invest, I should have invested.

But because I'm busy so little with it, I don't see the opportunity, the gains that were made already scare me.

Interview of Marc De Mesel "The Magnanimous"

This fundraising round enables the team based in Singapore to develop their flagship product AnyHedge on Bitcoin Cash. Anyhedge is an open source derivatives tool that can be embedded in exchanges and OTC desks enabling them to create new smart contract markets. DeFi refers to digital assets and smart financial contracts, protocols and decentralized applications DApps that are built on different blockchains. We are building a team of dedicated supporters of peer to peer electronic cash here at General Protocols.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction & BCH News. ▻. Crypto Addiction 6 мес. Marc De Mesel - Bitcoin Cash / BCH Price Prediction.

Another Student Receives Ksh108 Million From Bitcoin Billionaire

However, forked out of Bitcoin, the BCH coin has an amplified use case. In this regard, BCH is now readily accepted at two new stores that include a butcher shop and market shop in Venezuela. Bitcoin is the foremost cryptocurrency and a breakthrough for digitalization, but Bitcoin Cash is the largest crypto, and therefore, for an even enhanced interest of the investors in the upcoming year, the coin should necessarily plan its transition to a DeFi platform, which is the need of the hour. One is a butcher shop and the other is a market shop pic. Bitcoin Cash has an amplified ranking and is above the most gainful altcoins of the year. However, the price movement of the BCH coin is not favorable enough at the moment due to a lack of traction against the greenback. Yes, I believe BitcoinCash has a chance to become the biggest cryptocurrency in market cap and adoption because it's Bitcoin, and the well managed version that has no rent seekers siphoning off value. With this, the price trend is already breaching the lower band due to price pullback, and alongside, the bands are seen squeezing gradually, yet it is afar from hitting the extremities.

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marc de mesel bitcoin news

The High Court has given the Assets and Recovery Authority ARA a green light to freeze another Ksh49 million a Belgian man had sent to a sister of his lover as a money-laundering probe against the suspects intensifies. This now brings to Ksh million the total amount of money frozen in the recent weeks until investigations are carried out to establish the source of the money. The Ksh49 million was frozen last week. One held Ksh3. The money believed to be proceeds of crime was sent by Marc De Mesel, a Belgian cryptocurrency expert who has been on the headlines recently over the huge sums of money sent to young Kenyan women.

The Belgian man who left Kenyans puzzled a few weeks ago after gifting his Kenyan lover KSh million is the talk of town once again.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Pulls Back Below 61.80% Fib Level

You could get tips for writing articles and comments, which are paid in Bitcoin Cash BCH cryptocurrency, which can be spent on the Internet or converted to your local money. Register Now. Takes one minute, no documents required. Today article is a very special one in this we are going to interview the person who is known for his generous Funds for BCH community. I am very excited and curious today for having an interview of him and I know alot of us curious about this man. Let's find out answers of the question to know more about Marc.

Environmental Code of Practice

We may not have the power to create the world we want immediately, but we can all start working on the long term today. Photo by Martin Schoeller for Forbes. Impact Investor The goal of impact investing is to create social or environmental impact, plus financial returns. The goal of impact investing is to create social or environmental impact, plus financial returns. Facebook, the social network Zuckerberg runs, has become a go-to communications tool during the Calcylated pandemic lockdown.

marc de mesel. A collection of 2 posts. Bitcoin Cash-Fueled Blogging Website Raises Over $K for 1 year ago.

Marc De Mesel gifted his girlfriend Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge KSh. 102 million

The fork occurred on August 1, , with the main purpose to speed up transaction processing. It is a cryptocurrency and payment network, which is a hard fork of BTC. The block size in the Bitcoin blockchain is limited to 1 megabyte. With the growing popularity of BTC, the number of transactions increased, but due to the limitation of the maximum block size, not all transactions were processed immediately, resulting in a queue.

Marc De Mesel - Bitcoin Cash / BCH Price Prediction

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Merc De Mesel a Belgian national has been named as the man who deposited some Sh2. Reports in Kenyan media say he is a household name in the cryptocurrency and investments world having amassed a wealth of monumental magnitude. He has been a bitcoin billionaire who started trading in virtual currency in In a video shared on social media, Mesel explained that he gifted his year-old Kenyan girlfriend Ksh million after following the right procedures which include filling paperwork with the bank. The first deposit of Ksh25,, was made on August 4,

The Bitcoin.

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She now joins Adam Macharia as the other under 25 year old with over Sh million. The father of three from previous relationships wanted the woman young, 20 to 25 years, bamboo thin. Graduates later work as lab technicians, mechanics, marketing and supplies, as electricians.

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