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Ortpn rwanda tourism news

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Gorillas close up

As a mountain gorilla emerged briskly from thick vegetation, Istarted planning my retreat. But before I could move, the great apestopped about 15 feet away, wrapped up into a surprisingly roundball and rolled heavily away down a slope of bushy foliage.

It was an exciting look at an individual in the largest group ofmountain gorillas that can be visited by tourists in Rwanda'sVolcanoes National Park. In an hour, our small group would get muchcloser to them. With seven other hikers, a guide and two armed soldiers, wewalked carefully through the jungle terrain, as about 35 gorillasate and played in the sun.

Hiking in a single-file line, John Martello had thought he wasbringing up the rear — until he heard a rustling sound and lookedback. A gorilla about 3 feet tall decided to follow along, just afew feet behind. It didn't seem very disturbed at all. The Susa Group, as they are called, include two huge silverbacks— males named for the coloring on their backs that occurs when theyreach sexual maturity at about 13 years of age — as well as adultfemales and youngsters.

Silverbacks can stand up to 6 feet tall andweigh more than pounds. Compared to other gorillas, mountaingorillas have longer hair and larger jaws. Watching Africa's so-called Big Five safari animals — lion,buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhino — often requires keeping agood distance, from the safety of a vehicle. Not so with thegorillas. The close viewing on equal footing makes the tripuniquely thrilling. At times, we found ourselves surrounded by the gorillas, who canbe very active in the short hour tourists get to visit them.

All around, there is much eating. Small gorillas climb trees,occasionally falling with a thump after underestimating theirweight on a snapping vine. Thudding chest-beating can be heard. Young gorillas ride on the backs of their parents. A large sedentary gorilla opens its mouth wide and grunts at tworambunctious youngsters. A silverback grooms a young female beforepulling her underneath him for a mating session.

When we get too close, our guide uses vocalizations to easetensions. With a throaty rumbling hum, the guide seems to calm themwhen we get within several feet. But a wrong move can bring a sudden response.

One gorilla letour group know when its comfort zone had been violated. Andrew Jones saw nothing but "just kind of a blur of a largeanimal flying by" as a gorilla rushed toward him in an apparentbluff charge. The guide grabbed Jones' arm and shoved him away,hard. Tourists in Rwanda can visit four groups of gorillas that havebeen habituated, which means they have become accustomed to shorthuman visits. Park officials use radios to communicate with guidesto keep them posted on where the gorillas roam.

The trip lures a wide variety of people, not just exotictravelers or animal biologists. My group included a hedge-fundtrader, a computer programmer and a relief worker. Seeing the Susa group can require up to four hours of hiking onsteep and wet slopes at a high altitude. Our trek took a littleover two hours to reach the gorillas; other groups take less timeto reach but have fewer apes.

We were at about 9, feet above sea level. It was a beautifulhike along a narrow and sometimes slippery trail, part of which ranthrough a bamboo forest.

Frequent rains create the misty fog thatthe area is known for, but our hike was full of sun. The park is made up of a string of six extinct and three activevolcanoes in the Virunga mountains near the borders of Congo,Rwanda and Uganda.

It is where primatologist and Gorillas in theMist author Dian Fossey studied mountain gorillas for about 18years before she was murdered in The genocide in Rwanda and subsequent attacks by rebels ofthe former Rwandan army forced Volcanoes National Park to close tovisitors and researchers.

It reopened in July Since then,tourist visits have been growing. Alecia Lilly, who directs the Conservation Action Program forthe Atlanta-based Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, said the approximately30 daily spots for tourists started filling up consistently in Each group of habituated gorillas is allowed only one visit aday by a group to keep them from getting stressed out.

A census report released in January found that the number ofmountain gorillas living in central Africa has increased by 17percent during the past 15 years. The census was conducted latelast year by Rwandan, Ugandan and Congolese wildlife experts.

In the past, experts estimated there were mountain gorillasin the wild, including more than gorillas in the BwindiImpenetrable Park in southwestern Uganda. The recent census, however, did not include Bwindi's gorillasbecause it is believed they are of a different subspecies,according to the Dian Fossey fund. The Rwandan government has taken a keen interest in protectingthe gorillas and the tourist revenue they can bring in, said ZacNsenga, the Rwandan ambassador to the United States.

Before thegenocide, gorilla tourism was one of the small central Africancountry's highest income earners after coffee and tea exports. The park area in Rwanda has been secure since , Nsenga said. The Rwandan Defense Forces provide security in the park againstattacks by rebel groups operating from Congo. The RDF also providemilitary escorts for visitors viewing the mountain gorillas. In in neighboring Uganda, two Americans, four Britons andtwo New Zealanders were killed by Rwandan rebels while on a trip tosee gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Park.

Three Rwandan rebelswere arrested last year for the slayings. The U. State Department advises visitors to leave the Rwandanpark by 6 p. During my hike, the only obvious threats appeared to be fromstinging plants or a fall down a slippery trail.

The region'svolatile history could cause one to avoid visiting. But theopportunity to see these rare and impressive animals without cagesor fences in the middle of Africa was too much for me to pass up. Mountain gorillas, which are endangered, have never been raisedsuccessfully in captivity. Last year, Fossey's Karisoke Research Center, which wasdestroyed in the war, has been rebuilt for tourist visits, Lillysaid. The area includes Fossey's grave site, as well as those ofher favorite gorillas.

It may be a high price for an hour with the apes, but noone in our group expressed any disappointment. Kenya Airways also has flights from Nairobi. The closesttown to the park in Rwanda is Ruhengeri, a minute drivenorthwest of Kigali.

Tourists can rent cars or take buses fromKigali. Tour groupsoffer trips of varying lengths. Some tours include nearby trips toother sites in neighboring countries. The Hotel Muhabura has large doubles andsuites. The Home d'Accueil Moderne has double and twin rooms. TIPS: Bring mosquito repellent, sturdy footwear and rain gearfor the hike. The mountains are often rainy. We'll notify you here with news about.

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Rwanda conservation effort to link isolated chimps to distant forest

Supporting Ugandan rangers: Working with the Uganda Wildlife Authority , in we provided water tanks at the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park ranger patrol post; we funded the repair of the stone wall that borders the national park, separating the gorilla habitat from the surrounding park land; and provided a power saw, which is facilitates the removal of invasive, non-native plant species. From the organisation purchased some basic equipment for ORTPN veterinary centre, provided computers and a digital camera, which help the rangers record and analyse vital information about the gorilla groups, and supplied a four-wheel drive vehicle, which enables the rangers to spend more time monitoring and protecting the gorillas. Support for local Rwandan artists: The Gorilla Organization partnered with Magasin Equatorial des Arts MEA in to promote the production of environmentally-themed works of art and handicrafts, which not only raise awareness on the gorillas and their habitat, but also help to generate profit through sales. The project also involves a youth training scheme, which supports orphans through training in art and craft production, and in MEA were supported to continue this. To date, 43 youths have completed the training programme and 15 have enrolled to become full-time members of MEA. Over several years, the partnership constructed 40 water cisterns, providing water for more than 40, people. By the end of , the project had become more-or-less self-financing, but was interrupted by several periods of intense fighting which saw clients businesses looted and destroyed.

ORTPN's financing of travel fees for several Rwandan tour operators to these trade fairs has contributed to cooperation between the gov- ernment and the private.

Africa Travels: See gorillas up close in Rwanda

A local tradition, the ceremony has become internationally known, attracting celebrities, conservationists, musicians, and other VIPs. About a third of the world's mountain gorillas live in Rwanda, where they are protected as a national treasure. Even during a horrific war that killed an estimated , people, one of the world's most endangered primates was considered important enough to conserve. Kwita Izina is a time to celebrate Rwanda's success in conserving mountain gorillas through ethical -- and ecofriendly -- tourism. This year 20 gorillas were named, each representing a conservation win for a species in danger of extinction. Related events included concerts, community work, a conference, and a monument unveiling. Dressed in traditional robes, he named one of the baby gorillas Sacola, in honor of the community trust that owns Rwanda's Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, officially opened by AWF and its partners after the naming ceremony. Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, located near the forests where Rwanda's mountain gorillas live, is the culmination of a unique partnership between AWF, the local community, a private operator, and other partners. To sustain the mountain gorilla population in a way that uplifts peoples' lives, SACOLA reinvests revenue in conservation and community development projects. Governors' Camp, a first-class private operator, manages the facilities.

Rwanda Travel Guide, How to reach Rwanda by air

ortpn rwanda tourism news

Tourist office contacts and telephone details for foreign embassies in Rwanda COVID Stay up to date with our coverage on the coronavirus pandemic. Industry and Entrepreneurship department works to improve the competitiveness of existing Rwandan industries, support the … Please subscribe to our Open Quotes service for this and other benefits. A Planned City Extension concept plan has been prepared and approved for Rubavu, and also for Nyagatare. Rwanda tourism statistics for was ,,

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ORTPN’s avenue to tourism development

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. As a mountain gorilla emerged briskly from thick vegetation, I started planning my retreat. But before I could move, the great ape stopped about 15 feet away, wrapped up into a surprisingly round ball and rolled heavily away down a slope of bushy foliage. It was an exciting look at an individual in the largest group of mountain gorillas that can be visited by tourists in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park.

Home is where the Hut is: Domestic Tourism in Rwanda

Recent months have been busy at Karisoke. We welcomed the birth of two new infants in Pablo's group: Mudakama had her third infant on May 18 and Ntobo her second on June Both infants are healthy and strong. Bukima, a Beetsme group female, gave birth to her first infant on May 21, but unfortunately, he survived only a few days. We hope for better luck for Bukima in the future. In other gorilla news, Gwiza, a former Shinda group silverback who left with two females in April, is now a lone silverback. We hope to be able to continue tracking Gwiza's movements periodically through special teams of trackers.

(HIDA), the Rwanda Information and Technology Agency (RITA) and the Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN), CAPMER, Privatisation Secretariat.

Ecotourism is a lofty concept-effective zoning and land use planning, responsible stewardship of the environment, a strong, regulated tourism industry-all resulting in economic benefits flowing to local communities. Meanwhile, in the name of sustainable development, plants, animals and entire ecosystems are being held hostage by scientists and economists with little regard for the indigenous peoples who live there. While the concept of a tourism industry that enhances rather than destroys the land is the ideal, sometimes the practice of tourism presents an ugly face. In the eyes of the third world host country, the tourist often exhibits characteristics of a greedy lover-carelessly taking nature against her will, and abandoning the love affair after the novelty has waned.

On 21st June , Musanze, a tiny town placed at the foothills of the Virunga Mountain Range will be host to the fourth annual Gorilla Naming ritual. Once wildlife conservationists, most notably Dian Fossey, predicted that the Mountain Gorillas were on the verge of extinction due to the onslaught of poachers and encroachment on their habitat by land hungry farmers. This has since been reversed and the Gorillas are once again in ascendancy as the government has made the conservationists goals of preserving the species its own. Renowned conservationist Jack Hanna has taken his love for the place to another level by building himself a home in Musanze.

Pascal Lamy was appointed, in , interministerial delegate for the preparation of the French candidature for the Universal Exhibition , and in President of the French Committee of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council PECC and chair of the European group of experts in charge of evaluating the impact of EU research funding. He shares his other activities between the Jacques Delors Institute President emeritus , the presidency of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics, as well as various mandates or missions related to international affairs.

Protection of the area dates in fact back to the times when Rwanda was a German colony, with the subsequent colonials, the Belgians, then reaffirming the reserve status, prohibiting encroachment and indiscriminate cutting of the valuable tropical hard wood trees. Located in the south of Rwanda and partly bordering neighbouring Burundi, Nyungwe is part of an ancient medium to high altitude rain-forest belt crossing from Rwanda into the Congo, but population growth and deforestation took its toll on many of those forests over the past 50 years. Still, Nyungwe National Park covers an area of almost 1. Good annual average rainfall, reaching up to 2. The Rwanda Development Board in facts attributes its sectoral performance last year largely to the addition of Nyungwe National Park.

Benjamin Beck, director of conservation at Great Ape Trust. Once they make contact, the Gishwati chimpanzees will enjoy a wider pool of prospective mates, and thus can avoid inbreeding. Human encroachment, deforestation, grazing and the introduction of small-scale farming resulted in extensive soil erosion, flooding, landslides and reduced water quality — as well as the isolation of a small population of chimpanzees. Create Rwanda National Conservation Park, defined as conservation of biodiversity in an extensively degraded landscape, populated with low-income, small-scale agriculturalists.

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