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The Yandex. Metrica team developed an official free-of-charge module for installing a web analytics tag on a website. The module runs on 1C-Bitrix version Go to the 1C-Bitrix admin panel, log in, and add the module using one of the following methods:.

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Become a fan of Slashdot on Facebook. Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool so your projects have a backup location, and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach. The startup Metronome "claims to have developed a billing and data infrastructure platform that is capable of 'reliably' processing data at scale so that usage-based companies can iterate on business models without code changes ," reports TechCrunch.

They came up with the concept after speaking with hundreds of companies that they say "shared the common pain of making usage-based billing work at scale. The key, the company claims, is that companies are able to avoid designing around billing limitations. Customers include Cockroach Labs, Starburst and Truework. A16z General Partner Martin Casado believes that the entire software industry is moving toward "more granular and expressive pricing models, starting with usage-based pricing.

An almost mile long bolt of lightning that lit up the sky across three US states has set a new world record for longest flash , scientists have confirmed. The BBC reports: The lightning bolt, extended a total of The previous record was Lightning rarely extends over 10 miles and usually lasts under a second.

Another lightning flash recorded in -- in Uruguay and Argentina -- has also set a new record for duration at According to the WMO, both records took place in areas prone to intense storms that produce 'megaflashes,' namely the Great Plains region of the United States and the La Plata basin of South America's southern cone. Previously accepted WMO 'lightning extremes' include a incident in which 21 people were killed by a single flash of a lightning as they huddled inside a tent in Zimbabwe.

In another incident, people were killed when lightning struck the Egyptian town of Dronka in , causing burning oil to flood the town. An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Plenty of apps that you install on your computer have a setting that tells them to launch when you initially log in to save you the trouble of launching your most commonly used apps yourself.

Leaving this setting on can also allow apps to check for updates or launch more quickly when you start them for the first time. The difference for some of the preinstalled Microsoft apps in Windows 10 and 11 is that they use some of these resources by default, whether you actually use the apps or not. Developer and IT admin Michael Niehaus drew attention to some of these apps in recent blog posts examining the resource usage of Windows 11's widgets, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Edge in a fresh install of Windows 11 the Edge observations apply to Windows 10, too.

Both Widgets and Teams spawn a number of Microsoft Edge WebView2 processes in order to work—WebView2 is a way to use Edge and its rendering engine without launching Edge or using its user interface.

Collectively, these processes use a few hundred megabytes of memory to work. The widget-related processes don't start unless you actually click the widgets button, though they remain in the background afterward, even if you're not actively viewing your widgets.

But the Teams processes all launch automatically, whether you actually use Teams or not. Uninstalling Teams will prevent this from happening, but Niehaus points out that simply removing the Teams icon from Windows 11's Taskbar in the Taskbar settings is enough to keep these WebView2 processes from launching when you log in. Ars Technica's Andrew Cunningham also recommends disabling System Boost in the Edge settings if you don't use it as your default browser.

Otherwise, it too will use a couple hundred megabytes of memory. The executives also called out YouTube's connected TV opportunity. Cruise, the driverless spin-off from General Motors, said on Tuesday that it's about to offer public robot-taxi rides in its San Francisco hometown soon -- "within weeks, not months.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: It has been giving rides to its own employees sans backup driver since November, and has been test-driving truly driverless cars here since December Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent Alphabet, has been providing rides to some San Franciscans since August. The company said it will pick names from the wait list in "weeks not months. Cruise's rides for the public will run from 11 p. For now, the rides from both services are free.

Neither Cruise nor any other robot car company has permission from the California Public Utilities Commission to charge for rides, although Cruise applied for it in November. My domain is just my family last name and I have a few accounts for my immediate wife and kids.

I'm not really sure if that's worth spending the money on for hosted email. I do use other parts of the suite Drive, Sheets, and Docs but I can happily use other products for that. This decision generated a ton of backlash, even prompting a potential class-action lawsuit. Now, the company appears to be backing down from most of the harsher terms of the initial announcement by allowing legacy G Suite users the ability to migrate to free accounts.

They're also "promising a data-migration option including your content purchases to a consumer account before the shutdown hits," reports Ars Technica. Still, it may be time to switch to a different service Do you have a favorite? The legislation would require agriculture equipment manufacturers to make spare parts, instruction manuals and software codes publicly available, allowing farmers to fix devices by themselves or hire third-party mechanics of their own choosing.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont. This is one of the ways to do it," Tester said. That type of delay can have serious impacts on the delicate harvest cycle for planting and reaping crops.

Consumer rights groups like U. PIRG, a federation of nonprofit public interest research groups, or PIRGs, say people have a fundamental right to control devices they already own, especially when they need to be fixed.

Over the last few decades, they say, companies have made third-party repairs nearly impossible by locking software, writing prohibitive warranties or restricting spare parts. The Senate bill is the latest effort to tackle the issue in Congress, following similar legislation sponsored in the House last year by Rep.

Joseph Morelle, D-N. But unlike some of the other proposed laws, the Senate bill narrowly targets farmers, who have become one of the most vocal groups advocating for more repair regulations. Tester said: "I think when you get into other areas like cellphones and TVs and all that kind of stuff, it brings in all sorts of other issues that I am personally not as familiar with as agriculture.

That's not to say that those other issues aren't really, really important. What it is to say is that I know this issue reasonably well, and I thought this is an issue that we need to deal with, and the sooner the better.

According to a post on the Microsoft IT Pro Blog, Windows computers will need at least eight hours of online time to obtain and install the latest OS updates successfully. Tom's Hardware reports: Another revelation in the post is that Microsoft tracks how long PCs are connected to Windows Update, calling the statistics "Update Connectivity.

The post details Microsoft's attempts to figure out why some Windows devices aren't getting the latest quality and feature updates, and discovered that two hours of continuous connectivity was required to get updates.

It then took six hours after the release of the patch for a machine to update itself reliably. Microsoft's figures show that 50 percent of Windows devices left behind by Windows Update and running a build of Windows 10 that's no longer serviced do not spend enough time connected to have the patches downloaded and installed in the background. This figure drops to 25 percent for customers using a serviced build of the operating system that lags behind in security updates by 60 days or more.

The goods news, as noted by Tom's Hardware, is that "Windows 11 updates are smaller than their Windows 10 counterparts due to improved compression [and] new Microsoft Graph APIs," which should help speed up the update process.

Backblaze , a cloud storage service that's been running hundreds of thousands of storage drives to keep an eye on reliability, has issued its latest report. ZDNet summarizes the major findings : Over , Backblaze added 40, hard drives to its pool of drives, making a total of , drives in total.

Of thee, 3, are boot drives and , are data drives. There's a lot of information in the report to look at, but there are two standout parts from the report: - The oldest drive is the most reliable: 6TB Seagate drives model: STDX have an average age of It seems that following a firmware update the reliability of these drives has improved dramatically.

The recent stock rout is rattling the multitrillion-dollar market for startups after a long run of record investments, nosebleed valuations and rapid-fire deal-making.

From a report: Venture capitalists say a significant reset in investment behavior is beginning to take hold that is poised to reduce initial public offerings, leave some companies short of funding and crimp valuations. Investors say several large startup backers are cutting back their investments, curtailing a flow that sprayed at full blast for most of the pandemic, particularly for older, more mature startups.

And venture firms say they are advising their companies to prepare to conserve cash in a tougher funding environment. Tiger Global Management, one of the most prolific startup investors of the last two years, in recent weeks has been renegotiating investments that had been under discussion for numerous companies, reducing the valuations, people familiar with the deals said.

Venture capitalists say other investors are doing the same. Dbt Labs, a fast-expanding business-software company, recently scaled back its fundraising plans.

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Israel is accelerating the roll-out of laser-based interceptors as part of a plan to surround itself with such technologies and reduce the high costs currently incurred when shooting down aerial threats, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday.

Lifting the veil on prototype interceptors that would use lasers to super-heat incoming drones or the kinds of rockets favored by Iran-backed guerrillas, Israeli defense officials predicted last June such systems would be ready for action in But Bennett announced a dramatically shortened timeline.

The laser system would be an addition to Israel's current air defenses based on Iron Dome, David's Sling and Arrow -- systems that launch interceptor missiles costing tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars each.

This new generation of air defense can also serve our friends in the region, who are also exposed to grave threats from Iran and its proxies. Tally includes broken vases, dislocated shoulders, injured girlfriends ; "Why don't you go to the gym like a normal person?

Demand is driven in part by rising hype around the metaverse, a term proponents use to describe a future 3-D version of the internet, comprising virtual worlds where people will get together to work, learn and play. With interest in the devices growing, so is their reputation for being a source of pain and embarrassment.

Block Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey criticized Meta Platforms' failed cryptocurrency project , Diem, saying the company's time would have been better spent focused on advancing Bitcoin.

From a report: Dorsey said Tuesday that Meta's approach to Diem, a proposed cryptocurrency formerly known as Libra that came to an unceremonious end this week, wasn't open enough. Instead, Dorsey says Meta was too focused on driving people to its own suite of products, like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Hopefully they learned a lot, but I think there was a lot of wasted effort and time," he added. We're in the midst of an energy transition. Renewable power and electric vehicles are getting cheaper, the grid is getting greener, and oil and gas companies are getting nervous.

That's why the fossil fuel giants are looking towards petrochemicals, and plastics in particular, as their next major growth market.

Plastics, which are made from fossil fuels, are set to drive nearly half of oil demand growth by midcentury, according to the International Energy Agency. That outpaces even hard-to-decarbonize sectors like aviation and shipping. Yet much of the developed world is already awash in plastics. So fossil fuel and petrochemical companies are relying on emerging economies in Asia and Africa to drive growth.

Alan Gelder of Wood Mackenzie forecasts that every year through , there will be 10 million metric tons of growth in the market for petrochemicals, which are used to make plastics and other products. He says much of that will be shipped overseas. A whistleblower has alleged that an executive at NSO Group offered a US-based mobile security company "bags of cash" in exchange for access to a global signalling network used to track individuals through their mobile phone, according to a complaint that was made to the US Department of Justice.

The Guardian: The allegation, which dates back to and was made by a former mobile security executive named Gary Miller, was disclosed to federal authorities and to the US congressman Ted Lieu, who said he conducted his own due diligence on the claim and found it "highly disturbing.

Enabling a 1C-Bitrix module

Salesforce locale codes. This course covers primarily declarative functionality, while parts 2 and 3 cover developing with Apex, Visualforce and Lightning Components. Please see the examples following this table. With our Salesforce Admin practice exam, we have 60 questions waiting for you to see if you are ready to take on the real exam. Users need to connect an authenticator app to their Salesforce account. We have users in countries such as Russia that use Monday - Sunday for reporting instead of Sunday - Saturday.

All properties except for url are optional. Always store the latest refresh_token value from the most recent API server response.


Telegram api user. To query Telegram for messages, the messages. They refer to Telegram as a "non-commercial project" and currently pay the bills using funds provided by a generous donor. Why limitations exist. It also provides great security, owing to the secret chats feature. Telegram keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks. Send Message. Tedefi network will provide developers with the infrastructure to create Telegram bots on top Telegram API that allow you to send any message type with Phone Number, Group Name, Channel Name Telegram Bot can't send any message if the user send a message first.

Корзина и оформление заказа на Bitrix d7 api + Vue.js

bitrix api property

So have a look at these sites below. Two-step authorization is an additional level of protection for your account from malicious users. Next steps. For the two apps which support the feature, both require manual entries. Enter that OTP Code in that site in which you want to skip otp verification.

Bridge rets.

SALE: методы, функции, константы класса Битрикс

In the process of adapting the Bitrix24 portal for the Indigo Company, we carried out the integration with the Zooz payment system. We have improved the operation of filters, reporting, and automatic updates of emails. This enterprise portal with a unique corporate identity was created for a german company. Implementation also included: configuration of basic and extended functionality according to the client's needs, multilevel access permissions to different pages, widgets and analytics setup. Avivi has developed a custom multi-field editing solution in the Bitrix24 Lists tool. This case has allows to edit any field in Bitrix24 from any place in a Portal.

Создание заказа через api

Bitrix Site Manager Send feedback on this topic. Parameters Parameter Description arOrder Optional sort order. By default, the permissions are not checked. Default is "R". Use this key to fetch elements modified after the time specified here in the website format. A NOT operator is possible: "!

Task tools BITRIX API to create a gallery on the website. Created iblock, with multiple property types - file "MORE_PHOTO". As each image is set to.

bitrix get infoblock properties

You don't have to suffer no more. No new commits yet. Enjoy your day!

Working with Highload Bitrix blocks via API D7

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By clicking the "Submit a request" button, you consent to the processing of Personal data. Development team for outsourcing. We complement your competencies with our technical expertise. Submit a request.

The customer may assume that information entered will be reviewed. However, in C, you need to set explicitly the loop variable as private, because C does not allow declaring it in theVariables will be ignored by compiler.

This error may indicate that you're trying to pass a Tensor to a NumPy call, which is not supported. The "connection-only" query that you ended up using was explicitly meant to allow you to pull on a Power Query source direction from Power Pivot - so we are glad that this worked for you. By default, a CDN would cache example. OneDrive refresh. Refused queries can cause problems at startup, and they can cause lookup failures during a session. Free and public DNS servers offer an alternative way to connect safely online with the added bonus of potentially accelerating your internet speed.

AbstractCheck :: create. AbstractCheck :: extractData. AbstractCheck :: getEntities. AbstractCheck :: getField.

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