Digital mining software

Discover an enterprise-grade software portal with access to a suite of digital twin applications along the entire value chain. Increase the accuracy of mine planning by adding digital twin variables to your geological block model. Optimise by modelling your whole plant and dynamically adjust set points for variable plant ore feed. Avoid costly breakdown events using platform agnostic machine health and predictive maintenance software.

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Mineral and Natural Resources

Moody Mondays to sunny Sundays: airlines try to stay nimble in flight from chaos to hope, and back. Moving the diabetes needle: Biocon steps back on its oral insulin project. Indrajaal maker has a fix for poaching, man-animal conflict: AI-loaded drones that can spot threats.

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Cisco for Mining

Digital work instructions can offer a quick win for mine maintenance departments embarking on a digital transformation. If done right, they can have a positive impact on your maintenance operation. However, you need to make sure the software you buy is fit-for-purpose while understanding any hidden costs of the transition. This document discussed some of the things to review when considering purchasing digital work instruction software for your mining operation.

Mining is fast embracing automation and digital technologies across He is currently leading the strategy for software & LTE solutions at Tait.

Digital Mine

Process Mining. Software Comparison. Whether you are an executive, process owner, auditor, consultant or researcher — find the most suitable Process Mining solution for your use case. Not using Process Mining is a sign of self-neglect showing an inability or unwillingness to manage processes properly. Hence, not using Process Mining should require a justification and not the other way around. Welcome to the first dedicated Process Mining software comparison website! We aim to raise awareness of the Process Mining technology and to support stakeholders in their initial software selection process. Our listing of Process Mining tools helps potential end-users get an overview of state-of-the-art solutions, their features and capabilities. Tools can also be compared with each other.

What is Process Mining?

digital mining software

Today, organizations are more than ever before under pressure to keep pace with evolving customer expectations, intensifying competition, varying regulations, cost savings, and increasing administrative expenses. Digital transformation has quickly accelerated from a long-term strategy to an immediate business imperative—across every industry. Process mining helps to address these challenges and to make digital transformation successful by providing a data-driven approach to not only discover as-is processes but also help continuously monitor and optimize them. Everest Group, a global consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services, and sourcing, has recently produced a research whitepaper on the role of process mining in accelerating digital transformation. It aims to empower organizations with key insights and guidance on the role of process mining in ensuring operational excellence and accelerating their digital transformation journeys.

Moody Mondays to sunny Sundays: airlines try to stay nimble in flight from chaos to hope, and back.

Use Scientific AI* to run your mine and plant at its optimum state at all times

Every day our automated drills, trucks, shovels, conveyors, trains and ships produce huge amounts of valuable data. By combining this data with clever analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation , we are making our business safer and more productive. We have also set up Centres of Excellence focused on analytics, automation, asset management, energy and climate change, orebody knowledge, underground mining, surface mining and processing. They bring together our foremost technical experts to work with our operations around the world. These smart mining teams help us make the right technical judgements and decisions to help us manage our major hazard risks and assure the safety of our assets and operational excellence. In these immersive surroundings, events can be re-enacted and seen from different perspectives and vantage points — all from behind the safety of a computer screen.

Digital Mining: it’s a brave new world

Join over 2. We have the fastest bitcoin mining hardware running for you already! You can mine any cryptocurrency available in our catalogue! Switch your mining power on the fly for all the coins using our bitcoin mining website. You will get periodic mining outputs to your designated wallet. Try our Bitcoin mining platform now!

DIGITAL MINING PLATFORM FOR The mining industry is going digital, but to reap the full benefit of this KPIs are now generated by a software.

Digital solutions for the mining industry

In order to gain insight into as-is processes just a few years ago, we would have had to interview employees, examine systems and analyse numerous documents and reports. Today, given the vast growth in the volume of data and the rapidly changing business environment, these methods are no longer effective when it comes to analysing business processes. Documentation has failed to keep pace with change, while employees may fail to see the whole picture.

A digital twin is a digital model of an asset or process built from real-world data received from sensors or network-connected equipment. A digital twin is used to better understand, predict, and optimise the performance of an equipment or process. In the case of mining, TIMining has built the most advanced digital twin of the mine. We are also working to deliver simulations for the integrated mine process using advanced analytics, machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Metals and mining companies are investing in digital technologies across the value chain, from operations to procurement to sales and marketing. Tapping a proprietary database covering more than 5, companies, DAI helps organizations and industries assess their own digital readiness on a comprehensive set of parameters across digital strategy, digital core, enablers, leadership and governance, and new ways of working.

Harnessing digital and other technologies will be essential for unlocking productivity gains. Years of boom-and-bust cycles and low margins have taken a steady toll on the fortunes of mining companies. As the deposits that remain to be mined continue to decline in quality and activity moves to increasingly remote locations, the industry is searching for new answers. In line with the advice from McKinsey Global Institute, many players are turning to technology for relief. Embarking on a digital journey can make any company more productive. Sabrin Chowdhury is a Singapore-based commodities analyst at BMI Research, which provides macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis. Digital technologies, she said, will increasingly be a key enabler to success in the mining industry.

Microsoft is retiring and will no longer support Internet Explorer. Please use another web browser to access this website. Click here for more details. The mining industry has grown substantially in complexity, causing mining organizations to struggle to maintain profitability as ore grades continue to decline, skilled labor becomes harder to find, and equipment begins to age and fail.

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