Safemoon listed on binance

Please change the wallet network. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. United States Dollar. SafeMoon is up 3. If you would like to know where to buy SafeMoon, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in SafeMoon stock are currently Gate. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

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What Is the Next Big Cryptocurrency To Explode in 2022?

Signing out of account, Standby A new cryptocurrency is getting ready for a shot at the moon like Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. But is it really primed for prominent success? Launched in March and having racked up more than one million users already, SafeMoon is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency similar to Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but with a few key differences.

The founders noted some key issues with many digital currencies that they wanted to fix, such as price volatility. Half of these fees will be distributed to existing coin owners, in the form of a dividend paid in additional coins. While it is still very unclear what SafeMoon will allows investors to do, the selling fee discourages people from selling. You are simply paid extra to hold. Whales is the phrase for large holders of a coin. Additionally, the company decided to opt for manual burns instead of continuous burning, i.

Of course, these numbers are far from making it one of the top cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin — it is in the top cryptocurrencies ranking as I write this — but it is already attracting a lot of attention, as it is relatively inexpensive and offers a new function to reward holding.

Remember, even our favourite dog currency started off at a small price before shooting for the moon. We know little about the creators of SafeMoon, except that there are six leaders.

Department of Defense. The COO, Jack Haines-Davies , has only listed company names on his LinkedIn profile, though none of them seem to have a website explaining their purpose. The project laid out a roadmap for the year. The first quarter let SafeMoon double the size of its team and start working on a marketing campaign.

The next steps in the plan are the development of an app — though it is still unclear for what purpose aside from facilitating SafeMoon trading — a wallet and some games. SafeMoon is also looking to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Additionally, they would like to build their own exchange — where they would offer NFTs —, keep expanding their teams and open offices on the old continent. The last half of the year will be dedicated to finish the SafeMoon exchange and open an office in Africa.

The project does have its critics, though. What is preventing them from selling everything and creating a rug pull, making it impossible for other traders to sell? All funds would be lost, and we would only be witness to an exit scam. SafeMoon has also been compared to Bitconnect, which turned out to be nothing but a Ponzi Scheme, where any profits made in the future would be based on someone paying more for the token than you did further down the line.

This would mean that early adopters would be the main beneficiary of the system, leaving only the scraps for late joiners. Jackie Veling. Zacks Equity Research.

Curtis Sparrer. Skip to content Profile Avatar. Subscribe to Entrepreneur. Magazine Subscriptions. SafeMoon: New Dogecoin or Ponzi scheme? By Charles-Henry Monchau May 31, Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. More About Finance. Jackie Veling Feb 1, Zacks Equity Research Feb 1, Latest on United States. Curtis Sparrer Feb 2, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

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What is SafeMoon and can it safely reach the moon?

SafeMoon is considered to be among the riskier investments in the crypto world. In the blockchain ecosystem, there are decentralized finance DeFi platforms and centralized finance CeFi platforms. The DeFi ecosystem is not regulated by a central bank but the assets show publicly on the blockchain network while in the CeFi ecosystem, assets are being handled through an intermediate exchange. During the second quarter of this year, the price of SafeMoon rose after receiving endorsements from celebrities such as rapper Lil Yachty, YouTuber Jake Paul and popular sports blogger Dave Portnoy. By market capitalization, SafeMoon is currently ranked th largest of all cryptocurrencies , according to CoinGecko, while CoinMarketCap currently ranks SafeMoon as the th most popular out of all crypto, as of publishing time. To find out why these two leading cryptocurrency ranking sites sometimes report wildly different dates and numbers, please see this Forkast.

Safemoon Cash is a Binance BEP based cryptocurrency that provides launch of global and local marketing operation, listing on probit.

How to sell SafeMoon — the easiest way to exchange crypto for USD

C'est clair qu'aucune de ces sensations n'est terrible - page 9 - Topic Safemoon high risk du sur les forums de jeuxvideo. Where did you hear this profound knowledge? Getting Safemoon listed on the platform would help to further legitimise the token as a potential moonlander, and potentially help increase the price by providing free exposure to over Get a free stock if you join Robinhood and use my link. Development of its own wallet. Safe moon is getting listed on Binance and answering your. What is SafeMoon? Safemoon Price Prediction! More From Market Realist. SafeMoon is a decentralized finance DeFi token that focuses on three … R.

SafeMoon: New Dogecoin or Ponzi scheme?

safemoon listed on binance

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Despite a recent and ongoing industrywide price correction, cryptocurrencies are still the future of finance.


The cryptocurrency market is awash in various types of tokens, with hundreds being churned out daily. As of this writing, SafeMoon is one of 16, cryptos available for purchase around the world. The challenge with having so many tokens being created is that it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between memecoins aka shitcoins and cryptos with realistic future prospects. SafeMoon is one of the memecoins that has increased in popularity in recent times due to smart social media marketing. Update : SafeMoon has launched version 2 of its token and the easiest place to buy it appears to be the SafeMoon wallet app. The Binance and BitMart buying options listed below contain outdated information.

How can I buy SafeMoon and is the cryptocurrency worth it?

Altcoins are in focus as cryptocurrency investors look to find the next Shiba Inu out of the group. SafeMoon is one increasingly popular and controversial altcoin. Like Shiba Inu, SafeMoon is considered a meme-coin that largely trades on social media sentiment. And like most meme coins, SafeMoon trades for fractions of a penny and can be quite volatile. Over the past week, the meme coin has more than doubled in value. SafeMoon strikes a chord with sustainable investors for its focus on the environment.

very soon safemoon will be listed on Binance. R. k. april 10, am listing safemoon on these major exchanges is going to kill the coin. 0 0 Less than a.

SafeMoon Crypto: 11 Things to Know as SafeMoon Prices Rocket 100% Higher

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SafeNotMoon Launched on Binance Smart Chain with a Utility

The ownership of the project is fully renounced and it is currently a community driven project. The crypto bull season brought several opportunities along with it as Bitcoin and several alt-coins rose to new all-time highs. As with every bull season, new crypto projects with potential to become the choice of the majority as new use cases found many takers. The most prominent among these are community-driven projects and meme currencies.

SafeMoon is not yet listed on Coinbase or Binance. However, the currency does hope it will achieve this in the future.

So far, SafeMoon has managed to acquire over a million users from across the world despite being listed on only a handful of exchanges. Alternatively, users could buy directly with U. S dollars from exchanges like BitMart or WhiteBit. See also: Best Cryptocurrency Apps. Remember just because you make money off of a ponzi does not change the fact that it is a ponzi.

And it is better than Bitcoin, which was cooling off at the time and is up just When the world was in the thick of the GameStop drama, I bought Nokia instead. I should have bought Doge. He innately understands the value of the crypto street cred he gets by winking at Doge.

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