Reddit crypto yield farming

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Reddit crypto yield farming

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Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams

Last month, I finally got into the crypto craze. I was dragged into it thanks to my readers along with a large number of commenters on my Helium hotspot post from 11 months ago. It turns out the Helium hotspot that has sat on my windowsill for a little more than a year helpfully providing a LoRa network to anyone within range has also been mining Helium Network Tokens HNT , which are now worth real money. I knew it was mining those tokens to create an incentive for people to buy the hotspots and provide more network coverage.

I wrote at least two articles on the topic , and was excited by the way Helium was rethinking the economics of a wide area network. Yes, I vaguely tracked the debates taking place in various forums about how tokens were mined and potential forks in the code, but I was operating the hotspot as a grand experiment in IoT networks, not for any hope of future value.

Want more IoT stuff like this? Then last month, after people kept emailing me about HNTs and seeing that the routers were all sold out, I took a closer look at the app. In doing so, I noticed an update that offered me the chance to convert my HNTs to a dollar figure, so I clicked it.

They fluctuate, like all cryptocurrencies. When I told to Kevin about this, at first he laughed at me. Then he told me how I could turn that imaginary Helium money into actual cash. And yet, for me, the blockchain is best used for building trust and accountability between machines, whereas the entire cryptocurrency market is merely a digression. Indeed, the market for cryptocurrencies has always struck me as less about tech and more about day trading.

In the process, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread full of people asking how to capitalize on the apparent rise in the value of HNTs. There were two classes of poster: the miners, and those who buy and resell HNTs as the price rises. A class of miners was strategizing where they should place their hotspots and how many hotspots would saturate an area, leading to slower mining of HNTs.

Someone had also posted about trying to cover a wider area by placing the hotspot on a flagpole on a hill. It was like watching network optimization driven by day traders — surreal and kind of wonderful.

At some point, after realizing that I had the potential for real money sitting in my app, I showed it to my husband, a man who in college in the late 90s would go to yard sales to pick up old beer signs and resell them on eBay in one of the first efforts at internet arbitrage.

We ended up transferring about HNTs into the platform and converting or so to cash. I currently have about of them, with a few more getting mined each day. I was bemused by the whole experience. The idea is that customers who want to use the Helium network of public hotspots use HNTs to buy data credits on the network. When an HNT buys a data credit, the HNT is burned, so as people use the network and buy more data credits, the overall number of HNTs could drop although more are continuously being mined.

A data credit is worth a packet of data on the network roughly 24 bytes , which is enough to send a GPS location, time, and temperature, or another bit of data. Customers are already using the network. A company that makes mousetraps has decided to connect its products using Helium, while a university is using it to building connected products for the school and students. Every time someone sets up a hotspot to mine the tokens, Helium gains another geographic area with LoRa coverage.

If you want to get involved with the crazy world of network crypto, be aware that because of the global chip shortage and high demand, there is currently a back order of , hotspots. Please link to the mousetrap site and the university examples in your story. What devices use the Helium network? On the Helium console, on the top left, a number is shown under data credit, is that the number you are talking about? I have set up an account on Binance. I see everything in the Helium app. It will show you the tokens you earned and from there, you can get a QR code to send your tokens to Binance.

Binance makes it pretty obvious. Good call, Stacey! Just remember, the first ones into a Ponzi scheme usually do pretty well…. Very informative, and great purchase! I just have a question on what the cost is to run the unit and are you using the basic or advanced plan that you have to pay for? Trying to get my hands on a couple units, eBay sales are already getting up there since they are all on back order. Tempted to join — any thoughts on which hub to get?

What are the key factors to look at? What should I guesstimate to expect? Yes, am very new to this — thanks!

Any of the hubs they sell will work and there is an entire Reddit and Discord group on the topic you can check out. You can also look at the coverage map to see what hotspots near you are earning. But this is not a quick way to earn a buck.

I did spend all year mining the tokens I sold, and there is no rhyme or reason for the gains. I literally put this thing in place because I wanted to be part of an IoT network. You shouldnt have told your husband lest anyone about the advancements and rise in price. You should try to hold on to the coins as long as possible as there might not be any immediate emergency to sell them off for you anyways.

Just hold the coins for 5 or 10 years and let it rest there and you might be able to sell them then at even higher prices hopefully and might be useful for even your kids then. Regards for getting in at this at the very best time. Hey Stacey good Job!! Looks you have made a lot of research on this Helium craze. Is there anything you came across regarding the halving of the rewards and the implications on the profitability of the investment?

This is a ponzi scheme that is based on a good idea. The circuit schematics for a node is available and you can build one yourself to contribute to the network but your homegrown node will not receive any HNT because??? Also, there are ways to run these nodes as virtual hotspots in software where entire networks of these can be faked while still earning HNT. Like you, I was surprised to see that I had actually made some money. Then I started doing some research and realized there are tax implications.

It looks like coins earned through mining are taxed as regular income based on their value on the day you mine them. You then also have to consider capital gains when you sell them. Additionally, if you could provide an example of what was your taxation it will be greatly appreciated.

Please confirm me is it worth Helium mining in remote areas without single other miners? Suggest me if there are any options? Thanks for your cooperation in advance! Great explainer article and congratulations on the found money. I will be having one but what to know how much you can be making per month if you are in New York area.

Also trusted seller because i can see many online advertising for the product and u have to pay in advance while i know there is shortage. What was the use of the device if we are in local area with no internet yet? Or in city where internet is costly, and helium use is in question than solar panels? This is such unfair BS.

Or the one after that? I understand there is at least another 16? There are risks and threats as well as opportunities.

Can money be made by simply buying raw HNT and HODLing, while the value pumps on the hype created by a community of window ledge investors; a community who will not escape the laws of diminishing economic returns.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments Great article. You mention a K unit backlog, where is this data from? Good luck staying poor. Could you please let me know where and how i can buy the device please. What is the authorised Helium devices and what is the compatible one in UAE Also trusted seller because i can see many online advertising for the product and u have to pay in advance while i know there is shortage.

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Reddit's Moon Moons & Dumps as Subreddit With 1m Members Goes 'Yield Farming'

Yield farming allows cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards — typically other crypto tokens — in exchange for lending out their coins. But while the basic concept is the same — you lend your funds to somebody else and get paid a premium for it — there are two key differences. The smart contract has a set of rules encoded into it. And both the coins and rewards are released automatically only when a series of mathematical calculations confirm that those rules have been met. There are no human gatekeepers to decide who can pay into a liquidity pool or who can borrow from it. It can be a cut of the underlying fees the decentralized finance app charges to execute the smart contract. Or something else altogether.

All things Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, investing, trading and economics. ETH Staking Explained:​ Yield Farming Explained.

Beefy Finance

DeFi Saver is a management dashboard for decentralized finance protocols, WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting desktop Dapps to mobile Wallets using end-to-end encryption by scanning a QR code. Axolotl rebalance your portfolio algorithmically and collect fees from traders using arbitrage opportunities in the backstage. It is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. In the Finder window that pops up, drag the DeFi Wallet on the left, on to the Applications directory shortcut on the right. NFT and gaming sector will boom like anything. The fragmentation and inefficiencies of Defi markets portray that prices for the same financial instruments vary for different Defi venues fragmentation and adjust differently to the same market movements inefficiencies. On April 19, , the attacker managed to compromise a computer used for official transactions on behalf of the protocol. It all should be done in pages, too, including glossary, notes and index.

The Web3 Three: Discord, Reddit and Twitter Tease Crypto Integration

reddit crypto yield farming

Yield farming is a concept that has attracted a lot of crypto enthusiasts in the past two years due to its obvious advantages. Thanks to blockchain technology and impressive tokenomics, liquidity providers can increase their portfolios by staking or mining coins. The popularity of yield farming led to the rise of decentralized finance as investors thronged to platforms that offered attractive yields for their investments. However, many investors also got scammed and rug-pulled by fraudulent platforms due to the decentralized nature of yield farming platforms. The obvious solution was for centralized platforms and exchanges to provide safe and secure yield farming products that users could invest for potential yields.

While rapid price appreciation and equally swift sell-offs are increasingly par for the course in the world of altcoin investing, a zeroing out in value in a day is unusual.

Olympus DAO Might Be the Future of Money (or It Might Be a Ponzi)

Oasis staking apy. Create Collateral Leverage. Oasis allows users to re-take control of the data they generate and earn while staking the Tokenize Data. Unfortunately, for those looking to participate, pre-registration for the hackathon closed on December 1st. Institutional-grade portfolio management and tax accounting, including Compound.

Plenty DeFi Launches Today Bringing Sustainable Yield Farming To Tezos

Unifty is a no-code NFT ecosystem with a continuously growing collection of tools, services and Micro Dapps for the fast-emerging Creator Economy. Unifty provides creators with a no-code solution to build powerful NFT based Dapps, and paves the way for creating a stronger bond between Creators and their customers, community, fans and followers. With Unifty, Creators can access new revenue streams from their audience and provide them value in the form of digital assets and new engagement propositions with the Creator. Moonbeam enables the scalability of Polkadot-based ecosystem projects while retaining the Ethereum-like developer experience, so support for NFTs on Moonbeam comes as a natural choice for Unifty. Having successfully supported hundreds of customized Creator owned NFT Farms and individual NFTs on Ethereum and other platforms, Unifty expects to deliver the same ease of use and experience to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Passive income in the form of yield farming is a great way for retail investors to increase their crypto holdings, especially during bearish.

Yield farming

Magellan and Platinum have very different responses to the current market volatility, with one avoiding the stocks that the other loves. An early interest rate increase would accelerate the slowdown in the housing market and trigger house price declines by the end of the year, experts say. Now, it trades at the largest discount to its big four peers in history. The chief financial officer of collapsed tech company Big Un probed accountants about revenue recognition for customer trials, emails show.

Idex stock reddit

Devine, US News. An understanding of yield farming cannot be achieved without first understanding the term DeFi. One practice catching the attention of the SEC is yield farming, a method of lending crypto currency to which the SEC believes federal securities regulations apply. Kharif, Bloomberg Law. As part of the DeFi movement, yield farming specifically is the practice of lending cryptocurrency in return for interest and fees, sometimes—and arguably most importantly—in the form of units of a new cryptocurrency.

What is Yield Farming? Yield farming began in , with Compound, a decentralized lending platform launching their governance token COMP, distributed to users automatically in a novel way.

Kevin is joined by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman of the Bankless podcast and newsletter to discuss the current state of decentralized finance, the role of layer one versus layer two protocols, and the future of banking. Kevin is joined by the founders of the Particle Collection, a new way to own, collect, and experience fine art masterpieces through NFTs. Here, they discuss youthful Digg vs. Reddit rivalry, Web2 lessons for Web3 aspirants, the cultural and economic benefits of diversifying the crypto space, NFT collecting, the future of investment, Bored Apes vs. CryptoPunks, the power of community, and much more. Here, they try to answer the important questions around decentralized storage, like where our NFTs and data live in a Web3 world — especially when a marketplace like Hic et Nunc goes down. Newest Episode The Future of Decentralized Banking with Bankless Kevin is joined by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman of the Bankless podcast and newsletter to discuss the current state of decentralized finance, the role of layer one versus layer two protocols, and the future of banking.

Shrimpy helps thousands of crypto investors manage their entire portfolio in one place. Not an avid reader? You can also learn about the differences between Uniswap and SushiSwap by watching it in video format! You'd be forgiven for not knowing the difference between crypto exchanges with a unicorn and a cartoon roll of sushi for logos.

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