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Photo: U. When disposing of food waste, I often compost. But some food wastes are not supposed to go in the compost pile. Is it more environmentally sound to scrape your plate into the trash or send it down the kitchen disposal? And on a related note, if I blow my nose into a tissue, is it better to throw it in the trash or the toilet without any extra flushing?

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Photo: U. When disposing of food waste, I often compost. But some food wastes are not supposed to go in the compost pile.

Is it more environmentally sound to scrape your plate into the trash or send it down the kitchen disposal? And on a related note, if I blow my nose into a tissue, is it better to throw it in the trash or the toilet without any extra flushing?

Food waste is more than a pet peeve to me. What is a better approach? If the More food residues and paper products are fit for compost than commonly thought, too. The important distinction is between the somewhat limited backyard compost pile and the much more inclusive large-scale municipal or commercial composting operation. Under the right conditions , compost piles generate enough heat to kill any potential pathogens—in a used tissue, for example.

However, backyard composts often do not reach those optimal temperatures, and meat and other animal waste can attract critters if food takes too long to decompose. Large-scale composting facilities are not widespread, but they are growing in number. San Francisco already offers curbside composting pickup, and voters in Palo Alto, Calif. You can find out more about industrial composting in the Nitty Gritty answer.

The United States spends about one billion dollars a year just to dispose of food waste. In landfills, that waste releases a medley of heat-trapping gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, and plenty of foul odors, too. Kitchen disposals, meanwhile, present an alternative to landfills for most food waste, shredding it so that it can pass through plumbing and be treated along with human waste in sewage treatment plants. On the surface, kitchen disposals seem the next best thing to composting.

They have potential to recycle nutrients, conserve energy and reduce global warming emissions. But not all waste systems are created equal. Many are already pushed to capacity, or only partially treat wastewater before releasing it to the environment. Sewage treatment plants also generate methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Advanced waste treatment plants harness methane for energy production, giving them an edge over even the best landfills. In general, the kitchen sink trumps the trash in terms of climate impact and energy use.

But kitchen disposals can have more negative impacts on surrounding waterways and they use a significant amount of water—approximately one gallon per person per day. In the end, dealing with non-compostable waste depends on where you live. In areas where water is scarce, or where sewage treatment is insufficient, the trash is the most environmentally conscious choice for waste disposal. Otherwise, the kitchen sink is your best bet, especially if your local wastewater treatment plant harnesses the methane it generates.

You may have to call your local authorities to find that plant. The best step, of course, is to produce less food waste to start with. There are plenty of tasty recipes that reduce food waste, as well as creative ideas for how to use waste you do generate.

Find details on reusing leftovers, and paper products best for composting in the Nitty Gritty answer. The campus you love will give way to a campus you'll get lost in. Magazine Current Issue Past Issues.

Online Exclusives. Facebook - share an article. Opens in new window. Twitter - share an article. By Georgia Griffin. Georgia Griffin , '13, is an Earth Systems major. Leftovers--Into the Trash or Kitchen Disposal? You May Also Like. Farm Report Fourth Time's a Charm. Departments Letters to the Editor.

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best cryptocurrency course reddit soccer streams

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Leftovers--Into the Trash or Kitchen Disposal? Essential Answer

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