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Fraudsters are also using all kinds of tricks to con unsuspecting buyers and investors. Having supported the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FinCEN , Onyx Government Services is no stranger to the various types of financial fraud criminals and terrorists employ—fraud that our analytics helped detect and counter. Here are six bitcoin fraud cases you should know:. The money came from clients that trusted him to invest the funds for them. In Matthew Goettsche, Silviu Balaci, and Jobadiah Weeks were arrested for operating BitClub Network, a fraudulent scheme that solicited money from investors in exchange for shares of cryptocurrency mining pools. The scheme ran from April through December

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Cryptocurrency giveaway

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Don’t Fall For This Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scam

Notwithstanding regulatory uncertainties, the crypto craze is increasing rapidly in the country. As crypto-assets continue to gain the attention of investors all around the world, they have also become a target for scammers who are looking to make some easy profits by exploiting individuals who would do anything to get rich quickly. Research by cyber exposure company Tenable has found that scammers are leveraging compromised YouTube accounts to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Ripple, Shiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies.

Scammers hijacking legitimate YouTube accounts to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways are not new. However, individuals are still being duped by scammers. This is a big red-flag and more often goes unnoticed by many who move into crypto to make a quick buck.

According to Shashi Jha, Head of Legal and Compliance at WazirX, scammers or fraudsters often make credible promises and sometimes integrate into the crypto space by using the anonymity of the internet to their advantage.

In such scams, scammers frequently imitate government officials, corporations, or well-known individuals. These kinds of frauds are perpetrated using fiat cash. Scammers recognize that users place a lot of trust in influential voices. This can be considered the most common scam that can take place. However, a person can stop falling prey to such scams through the intimations that can depict whether the website is legit or not.

Another thing to watch out for is, if an individual is diverted from one site to another while making payments. Jha said that to prevent being the victim of a romance scam, one should never send money, trade, or invest based on the advice of someone meeting on the internet, and never talk about the financial situations with strangers.

One can be assured about a scam if a caller, love interest, organization, or anybody else demands to send crypto into their wallets. It is also important to be aware and cautious before investing in cryptos.

One of the most simple ways to gauge the genuineness of any crypto project is to take a look at the core team behind the project. This is something that will be available on the official website of that project. Patel further said that the next checklist could be spending some time on the official website of the project.

If the website only talks about buying their crypto token and how it will gain x over the next few days, that is a definite red flag. Another key checklist would be to go through the social media channels of the project. All crypto projects are active on some social media platforms. If the Twitter profile looks dead or contains a few posts over the past few months, that should be another red flag, he added. At present, there are certain organizations where one can report if already been scammed.

Patel said that the first of these would be to get in touch with the exchange or platform where the scam happened. The US Securities and Exchange Commission would be another organization where investors can report scams. In India, there is no official platform to complain against crypto scams. However, you may report to crypto exchanges on which you are dealing or investing in cryptocurrencies. Data about all crypto projects are available on websites such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Messari free of cost.

Investors should try to avoid projects with very low market capitalization. One should not fall prey to look-alike websites and do not share their login password details over the phone. Two-factor authentication enabled by Google Authenticator or password managers is a safe option to avoid password thefts. Hardware wallets are safer than hot wallets. If you understand the basics of public and private key management, switch to hardware wallets for better security of your digital assets, Chandra suggested.

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Home Money Crypto scams: How to spot, avoid and protect your money while investing in cryptocurrencies Crypto scams: How to spot, avoid and protect your money while investing in cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency Scams in India: Scammers are leveraging compromised YouTube accounts to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Ripple, Shiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies, says research.

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Russian TON community offers its expertise for creating digital currency in India.

What is a crypto airdrop? Why investors ought to be wary of these lucrative giveaways

Over , subscribers and counting! We do the research for you so you never have to miss an airdrop or giveaway ever again. Welcome to crypto and the best place to find crypto airdrops. These guides and tutorials will not only solve the mysteries of crypto for you but also help you start earning cryptocurrencies through airdrops.

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Cryptocurrency scams: What to know and how to protect yourself

In fact, some investors still seem to be kicking themselves for missing out on what may have been the financial play of the year. AquaDoge is proud to announce its listing on PancakeSwap on August 11th, and will also host its first treasure chest giveaway shortly after. And details can be found on official telegram. R easons why AquaDoge has set itself in best possible manner. AquaDoge brings features to the table that other Coins lacked, like utility and function. This means for every transaction, AquaDoge gives a percentage to its holders, and another percentage to Ocean charities. Being a community propelled token, AquaDoge will utilize voting polls to decide how many winners there will be, as well as requirements to enter the giveaways. It could be more or less, but based on the aggressive marketing plans they have in place, they expect the treasure chest to fill up every few days. Safety and Security In recent months, rug pulls and pump and dumps have tainted the name of the cryptocurrency DeFi space.

Beware Cryptocurrency Scams

cryptocurrency giveaway

Forget an order of fries , a handful of cheesy tots , or a stack of Impossible Nuggets: Burger King wants to give everyone a digital handful of Dogecoin with their next order. On Monday, the fast food giant announced its limited-time "Burger King with a Side of Crypto" offer, which allows Royal Perks members to claim a free cryptocoin every day. According to the Burger King Crypto website, the chain has partnered with investment app Robinhood Crypto for the promotion. Burger King puts your odds of winning a Bitcoin at 1 in ,

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Is Burger King Really Giving Away Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin?

Musk had been a supporter of cryptocurrencies but recently knocked dogecoin by calling it "a hustle" on national television. He has also recently said that bitcoin would not be accepted to buy a Tesla because of the environmental costs associated with mining it. Fake promised giveaways by celebrities such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk are being used by scammers to cash in on interest in cryptocurrencies, the US Federal Trade Commission said on Monday in noting a jump in complaints about cryptocurrency fraud since October. In one type of scam, people are told that if they give a certain amount of cryptocurrency to a "celebrity" they will get more back. Scammers also impersonate government authorities or a potential romantic partner, the FTC said. People in their 20s and 30s were the biggest victims, reporting losing much more money on investment and cryptocurrency fraud than any other type of scam.

Earn crypto & join the best airdrops, giveaways and more!

As you attempt to strike it rich in the digital gold rush, make sure you know how to recognize various schemes that want to part you from your crypto. Digital currencies like bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and Dogecoin are all over the internet. This is the new Wild West — a lawless, unregulated world where bad actors often have the upper hand. But normal rules for fraud prevention apply here too. Everything you read online should be carefully scrutinized and fact-checked. Fraudsters are past masters at using current events and buzzy trends to trick their victims. Media stories and social media posts are partly to blame, creating a feedback loop that only adds to the hysteria over virtual currencies. The result?

WASHINGTON Fake promised giveaways by celebrities such as Telsa CEO Elon Musk are being used by scammers to cash in on interest in.

Millions stolen in cryptocurrency by scammers, says Tenable Research

A research report by the cyber exposure company Tenable has stated that scammers are leveraging compromised YouTube accounts to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways. The age of majoritarianism has birthed a second wave of identity politics across India. As five states are ready to go to polls

Tenable warns users about scam cryptocurrency giveaways on YouTube with losses reaching $8.9M

Burger King is partnering with online brokerage Robinhood in a promotion to award cryptocurrency to a handful of customers. To claim a prize, winners must open a Robinhood crypto account via the firm's app. The sweepstakes lasts through November According to Burger King, diners who choose to play are most likely to win Dogecoin , which traded Monday at 27 cents. Burger King is giving away a total of 20 bitcoin, ethereum and 2 million dogecoins.

Few seasoned professionals ever fall for these scams after all. The truth is that the scammers running these plays have made hundreds of thousands of dollars a day doing it.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. Winners will be notified around Nov. The sweepstakes is available to all U. You can find detailed information and directions here. What is Bitcoin?

Burger King and Robinhood Markets are serving up a "side of crypto" as part of a new promotion. The giveaway, which runs through Nov. ET or while supplies last, will give participants a chance to win one coin from a pool of 20 Bitcoin, Ethereum and 2 million Dogecoin. The majority of participants will win Dogecoin, while approximately 1 in every , will win a Bitcoin and approximately 1 in every 10, will win an ether.

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