Is bitcoin the first cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a rapid pace with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum being the hot buzzwords driving the crypto frenzy these days. Even though the crypto industry is only a decade old, novice investors are drawn to it as they see a quick way to earn profits. Unlike the stock market, the crypto market does not have any regulation, as a result of which, its value swings up and backs down every day. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets— that you can use as investments and even for online purchases. It is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.

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Analysis of cryptocurrency’s characteristics in four perspectives

After sending crypto investors in a tailspin in November by proposing a ban on virtual currencies , New Delhi has shifted gears from prohibiting the technology to jumping on the bandwagon.

For some industry watchers, the moves are seen as the first step towards legitimising cryptocurrencies, which are largely unregulated in India. Gursimran Jit Oberoi, a crypto investor and author in Gurgaon, described the move to tax digital currencies as a net positive.

Notably, the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill — which could simultaneously ban private crypto operators and grant the Reserve Bank of India the authority to issue digital currencies — is not among the tentative list of 15 bills to be tabled in Parliament during the budget session.

As yet, cryptocurrencies continue to exist in legal limbo. Tax chief J B Mohapatra, in post-budget comments to the media, stressed that taxing cryptos did not give them legal status.

We are not into legality of any income but we are into the taxing of that income. The 30 percent flat tax rate on cryptos is in line with how speculative income, like winning the lottery, is taxed in India. As with such winnings, crypto investors will not be able to claim deductions to reduce the tax liability. Losses from cryptocurrencies cannot be offset against income from other sources such as real estate or salary, nor can losses be carried forward to future years.

But it is unclear if profits from one type of digital asset can be offset against losses from another. There is also a provision for a 1 percent reduction in the tax rate when transferring such assets. The 30 percent tax rate is likely to be a tough pill to swallow for investors on lower incomes and could see them move to asset classes that are more tax-friendly and less risky, like mutual funds and stocks.

Globally, only a handful of countries — including Bahamas and Nigeria — have launched a digital currency while dozens of others are exploring the option. By Aprajita Sharma. Published On 3 Feb 3 Feb New Delhi, India — Legal or not?

IITian-founded exchange is India's first cryptocurrency unicorn

Faculty , Finance , Research. The recent market highs reached by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies have sparked a dramatic uptick in interest in this year-old class of digital currency. Fueled in part by renewed coverage in mainstream media and announcements of large purchases by hedge funds and traditional investment pools, Bitcoin and a handful of other leading cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming embraced by merchants, financial institutions, and consumers alike. Many experts believe that the higher-profile cryptocurrencies are on the brink of an explosion in popularity and value in the coming years. Jim Barth is a Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute and has authored more than articles in professional journals. His research focuses on financial institutions and capital markets, with special emphasis on regulatory issues. The question many financial analysts are asking is, will this phenomenal rise in the value of Bitcoin continue?

'Chai Ada' is Britain's first café that accepts payment in cryptocurrency. The brainchild of year-old Tayyab Shafiq, the cafe serves.

Britain’s first cryptocurrency-accepting café sells masala chai, biryani and vada pav

Some insurance representatives are cautiously optimistic about the idea, but a few are wondering what a Bitcoin mortgage could mean for policies and escrow accounts, particularly if the currency loses value. He added, though, that because this is such a new type of mortgage, further research is required. Clients will be able to pledge their Bitcoin assets and qualify for low-interest, year loans — with no down-payment, Milo said in a news release. Company officials could not be reached for comment, but the statement said that conventional mortgages have been tricky for crypto investors, due to tax liabilities and fluctuations in value. One Florida property insurance group initially questioned how it all would work. But after checking with board members, the president of the Personal Insurance Federation of Florida said that most insurers could live with crypto mortgages. Others agreed. Paul Handerhan, president of the Florida-based Federal Association for Insurance Reform, noted that the source of the home loan may not matter much to insurers. Besides, Handerhan noted, the crypto mortgages may open up home ownership to more younger people who are more likely to invest in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, which could mean more policies placed.

Bitcoin enters teenage, turns Rs 1,000 in Rs 76.4 cr in 13 years

is bitcoin the first cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency comes under many names. You have probably read about some of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular alternatives for online payments. What is cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms.

By Noor Zainab Hussain.

The Basics about Cryptocurrency

Joe Hernandez. El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele shown here at a news conference in May spearheaded efforts to make Bitcoin legal tender in his country. El Salvador has become the first country in the world to make the cryptocurrency Bitcoin legal tender. Advocates of the digital currency, including the country's president, Nayib Bukele, say the policy that took effect Tuesday morning was historic. But the first few hours of Bitcoin's official status in El Salvador were marred by technological hiccups as the country opened its digital wallet app to residents and consumers for the first time. Bukele also has said that using Bitcoin would be an effective way to transfer the billions of dollars in remittances that Salvadorans living outside the country send back to their homeland each year, the Associated Press reported.

What Is Cryptocurrency? Here’s What You Should Know

One of the most intriguing examples is also among the most obscure in the cryptocurrency world. This piece first appeared in our new twice-weekly newsletter, Chain Letter, which covers the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Organizations collect huge amounts of data from these gadgets, from weather tracking systems to sensors that monitor the performance of industrial machinery a. First, it can assure the integrity of this data by securing it in a tamper-proof decentralized ledger. Second, it enables fee-less transactions between the owners of the data and anyone who wants to buy it—and there are plenty of companies that want to get their hands on data. So IOTA has dispensed with the miners. Instead, when a user issues a transaction, that individual also validates two randomly selected previous transactions, each of which refer to two other previous transactions, and so on.

Unlike the stock market, the crypto market does not have any regulation, As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin traded below one dollar.

Designed to avoid regulation – the real roots of bitcoin

Graham Friedman, a self-described crypto evangelist, is among them. Also Read — Bitcoin squeezes smaller rivals to its crown. Wolf Game, as it is called, applies some familiar financial principles to a mysterious digital world. They simply had to wait and hope that the game would come back online and that they would be able to retrieve their holdings.

‘Blockchain Rock’: Gibraltar moves to become world’s first cryptocurrency hub

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts unveiled what they say is the world's first statue of mystery-shrouded Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, at a park in Budapest, Hungary. The expressionless, ultra-shiny bust is meant to represent "a general human figure, since we do not know the gender, race, age [or] height of the mysterious developer," the creators of the project wrote on a website set up for the statue's debut. The creation of the monument to the digital currency legend was led by Andras Gyofi, the editor of a Hungarian cryptocurrency news site, as well as other key players in the Central European nation's digital currency space. The statue features a hoodie-clad figure constructed of bronze, but the face features a special bronze-aluminum composite so "every visitor can see their own face when looking at Satoshi," the project organizers wrote. The art was the work of two Hungarian sculptors, Gergely Reka and Tamas Gilly, who decided to make the reflective face to represent a concept of "We are all Satoshi. A global debate has ensued for years as to who the actual person or persons behind the iconic pseudonym is.

The trio of partnerships with Amber, Bitkub and CoinJar make it easier for consumers and corporates to spend cryptocurrency on physical or digital Mastercard payment cards. In partnership with Mastercard, three leading cryptocurrency service providers in Asia Pacific will be launching crypto-funded Mastercard payment cards.

Oliver Dobson lives in a town outside of Canada's financial nerve centre, a nearly three-hour drive from Toronto. How he earns his living is worlds apart from the traditional business of Bay Street. For the past few years, Dobson has been trading in cryptocurrencies, stockpiling a horde of digital coins that have suddenly skyrocketed in price. In the real world, he lives off of cash savings, but on the Internet, he works in myriad ways to harvest these tokens. Prices for these cryptocurrencies, which have less familiar names like ether and nano, are exploding because they're riding on the coattails of bitcoin, which has been on a feverish run. The tidal wave has showered digital wealth on Dobson and other Canadians with a stake in the game, while attracting large players from Wall Street like never before.

Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency linked to an asset like the U. The majority of the dozens of stablecoins that currently exist use the dollar as their benchmark asset, but many are also pegged to other fiat currencies issued by governments like the euro and yen. As a result, the price of stablecoins fluctuates very little, unlike high-profile cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum that are prone to sudden ups and downs.

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