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This marks the beginning of a partnership and strategic investment agreement to grow in the cryptocurrency exchange market. And the timing is good, too. Currently, approximately million people use or invest in a cryptocurrency, The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance reported in September The interest is growing, yet there is a huge untapped potential for people to be introduced to crypto wallets or purchased digital currencies. We follow our vision that EverybodyDeservesCrypto and build solutions to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto finance.

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Romanian cryptocurrency

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Romanian cryptocurrency Elrond breaks USD 5 bln market cap after move into US

A significant part of these numbers came from companies raising money for the first time. Here are the investors in their own words, for any TechCrunch reader who is interested in hiring, investing or founding a company in the country:. Oh, and one more thing. We just launched Extra Crunch in Romania. Subscribe to access all of our investor surveys, company profiles and other inside tech coverage for startups everywhere. What trends are you most excited about investing in, generally?

Given the incipient stage of Romanian ecosystem, our fund is industry agnostic. Our latest investment is a start-up in the digital fitness industry. What are some overlooked opportunities right now? I would like to see more solutions in supply chain, as I believed that this industry needs a paradigm shift. What are you looking for in your next investment, in general? Relevant market 2. Good product 3.

Excellent team 4. Fit with us. Which areas are either oversaturated or would be too hard to compete in at this point for a new startup? I believe that in marketing and finance is difficult to enter or you need something really different. How much are you focused on investing in your local ecosystem versus other startup hubs or everywhere in general? We are strongly focused on Romania. Which industries in your city and region seem well-positioned to thrive, or not long-term?

What are companies you are excited about your portfolio or not , which founders? Romanian ecosystem is still in infancy, but with a high velocity and very good prospects for the future. I believe that we will see soon more Romanian unicorns, including from our portfolio.

How should investors in other cities think about the overall investment climate and opportunities in your city? As said above — still in early stages, but full of opportunities and going full speed.

Do you expect to see a surge in more founders coming from geographies outside major cities in the years to come, with startup hubs losing people due to the pandemic and lingering concerns, plus the attraction of remote work? Not for Romania. The ecosystem is still based on few cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and the hubs within those cities. Which industry segments that you invest in look weaker or more exposed to potential shifts in consumer and business behavior because of COVID?

What are the opportunities startups may be able to tap into during these unprecedented times? Actually, any start-up that promotes digitization in a specific industry e.

We tried to be as normal as possible and maintain a steady flow of business. We advise founders to look after their teams and customers and be careful with cash. Yes, as mentioned above. What is a moment that has given you hope in the last month or so? This can be professional, personal or a mix of the two. We always need to be positive and not exaggerate about the pandemic.

It will pass. Given our limited geographical scope we invest only in Romania , we have to have a generic approach and consider many verticals and trends.

The last term sheet we signed was with a startup that is building technology to help enterprise-level companies to better manage their software licenses. Super-geeky team, with deep expertise in the field, creating a lot of value to their customers. I would like to find great teams trying to make in-game payments easier building at the intersection of payments and gaming , or working on Irrigation-as-a-Service agritech , or building a NASDAQ for energy. I am looking for founders that are both super competent and brave.

Such people will dare tackle big problems and will have a chance to succeed at solving it. I think that, given the natural potential of Romania, agritech has a big chance; still this space is not fully serviced yet. Otherwise, cybersecurity, enterprise software, and fintech are quite well represented. From our portfolio of almost 20 startups, CODA is enabling managed service providers with cybersecurity skills; Humans is building a hub for synthetic media technologies; Mechine is making agricultural equipment speak to each other; Tokinomo is collecting and analyzing data from the shelf in-store marketing ; BunnyShell is building next-gen cloud tech and making it easy for anyone to set up servers in three clicks.

The startup ecosystem in Romania is very young, with the first local VC funds established three years ago with support from the European Investment Fund. And yet, Romania is home to three unicorns and many other promising startups. The large technical talent pool, the widely spread broadband access and the low costs of doing business and living turn Romania into a market to keep an eye on.

I expect founders from the big cities to stay in the big cities as setting up and working for a startup does not mean writing code on the laptop from a remote beach.

In the tormenting search for product-market fit, founders need to talk business, visit partners, sign contracts, attend events, meet peers, do surveys, prototype and one thousand other things that cannot be done on Zoom to their full extent.

The tech industry and the startupland took a hit from the pandemic as the rest of the world. And just as the rest of the world, they will survive, adapt, and mostly return to the normal interactions from before March Unfortunately, I saw urban mobility apps suffer from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Also, anything related to restaurants, hotels and conventional events was badly affected. We are invested in startups in these verticals and made everything we could to help them during the worst days of the pandemic.

What are the biggest worries of the founders in your portfolio? What is your advice to startups in your portfolio right now? At the same time, in terms of fund performance, was a good year, with companies in our portfolio raising new investment rounds with outside investors, increasing their valuation, and showing good returns.

The first half of was dedicated to damage control measures and supporting the portfolio companies, but the situation changed towards the end of the year, with high new deals activity in the last quarter higher than in Q4 VC-backed startups had investors to turn to in harsh times and benefited from support and additional funds when needed; things were much more difficult for the rest of the startups though.

Probably the first thing we noticed the moment the pandemic started was a peak in productivity. During the months of mandatory shelter at home, the early-stage startups working on their prototypes put in extra-hours and gained speed.

Personnel retention was good, people were focused, there was a positive spirit and a general desire to make things happen. Indeed, some startups reported an immediate boost of sales, such as Tokinomo whose robots replace the human promoters in supermarkets. The highlight of was the week I spent on a magnificent yacht sailing with friends through the islands in Greece.

It was a recharging moment that gave me a boost for the rest of the year. Startups creating world leading Intellectual Property with Romanian and broader Eastern European founders. Strong committed founders with deep understanding of the domain they are planning to disrupt on a global scale through innovative intellectual property. I think too many people are trying to launch platforms without much understanding of how hard it is to launch it in the absence of a major differentiator.

Customer acquisition through other digital marketing platforms is very expensive if there is no other unfair advantage to launch such a platform. We are very focused on Romanian founders — but they can reside and launch anywhere in the world. We have investments in many US-based companies started by Romanian founders.

I think Romania is very well positioned to win in cybersecurity and enterprise software as well as AI-based engines.

I am very excited about pentest-tools. Bucharest is a thriving ecosystem with plenty of opportunities ripe for global expansion. Indeed we have seen a surge in founders from smaller cities in Romania. We are founding partners of the Innovation Labs pre-accelerator that has a nationwide footprint and we are seeing more and more students interested in becoming founders all over Romania. Mobility solutions are impacted, local players are losing to bigger players like Lime.

The pandemics delayed a lot of the investments, but we closed them toward the end of the year. Biggest worries for founders is that they have less and less leverage as a startup to attract tech talent.

Yes we have seen — some of them benefited from people staying at home and having more time. The introduction of the vaccine and the pace at which people are vaccinated in Romania, that is not the fastest but also not the slowest either. An online platform for appointments is up and running and people are using it! A blend of software and hardware readiness is developing fast together with the openness of clients and regulatory authorities.

Food delivery services. It is still day 0 with great opportunities ahead in terms of consumer services and business growth: food, ready to cook meals, convenience items, grocery, etc. Bucharest and Romania in general have great potential when we look at talent pool from tech perspective and are a great place to start to scale regional and globally. I expect to see a growth but not a surge of founders from other geographies.

And I believe thats a good thing for the ecosystem. Travel is both exposed and in the same time with great potential for new startups to come. We see opportunities to grow and we are allocating more capital for investments and we are advising our startups to invest more and grow faster.

The start of the vaccine campaign across the globe and the initial results. Copies of B2C models from US that are borne in CEE tend to be limited to small local markets, and evolve into highly crowded environments.

Shared economy companies borne in Romania are such examples. Unit economics were simply not attractive for us as VC investor. Romania in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, Oradea and Iasi is a high-opportunity market, with excellent teams, startups borne with international vision, excellent environment for automation and ML enabled projects.

The ecosystem becomes more mature, from coverage of pre-seed rounds towards Series A, while not overcrowded yet.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations 2022 | Romania

Important User Information: Remote access to EBSCO's databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. However, remote access to EBSCO's databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. Source: Audit Financiar. Abstract: Within the decision-making process, investors are interested in finding the most effective solutions that will allow them to obtain short-term benefits. Current economic environment is characterized by the emergence of new financial instruments that can assist investors to diversify their investment portfolio. Cryptocurrencies represents a category of financial assets that can be used by investors to reduce risk and achieve significant returns. Therefore, the study intends to analyze the financial behavior of investors in the moment of publishing the financial statements.

fter they revealed that the bill could bring the project down, Mircea Popescu, the Romanian who runs the online bitcoin exchange MPEx, stepped.

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Your ability to manage risk is key to your thriving in an uncertain world. More than ever, making the most of your capital means solving a complex risk-and-return equation. Clients depend on us for specialized industry expertise. That could certainly change as adoption of cryptocurrency increases and changing demographics fuel demand for unique compensation packages. There are several ideas about integrating cryptocurrency into the employee compensation and benefits space — though unfortunately none of these come without risk or complexity. We outline three potential applications of cryptocurrency in the war for talent with a focus on talent attraction, retention and pay — all of which may be impacted by cryptocurrency. Recently, several NFL players made headlines as they converted their salaries to Bitcoin. However, regulatory and tax hurdles still exist.

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romanian cryptocurrency

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Bucharest, Romania-- Newsfile Corp. FutureCoin is a cryptocurrency and stock exchange platform that aims to revolutionize the crypto space worldwide by allowing users to buy stocks with their cryptocurrency.

Facebook-backed cryptocurrency sold amid regulatory pressure

Instead, Alperovitch, who left the California-based cybersecurity firm early last year, said a range of rules could be implemented to counteract ransom payments being made in digital currencies, such as bitcoin. The company provides cloud-based services including endpoint security, threat intelligence and cyberattack response. Chris Krebs, former director of the U. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, told CNBC earlier Tuesday that the role cryptocurrency plays in "enabling" cyber-criminals needs to be examined. But in the immediate term, given the uptick in threats, Krebs said businesses must prepare their contingency plans in case they fall victim to a cyberattack.

Next Chymia Consulting partners with Romanian startup

In Romania, authorities are yet to create the legal framework that would regulate the taxation of activities related to cryptocurrency. This legislative gap leaves plenty of room for tax avoidance, as even the most well-intentioned taxpayers lack the tools to understand what taxes they need to pay in relation to their cryptocurrency trading. What are the risks of trading cryptocurrency? In , the European Banking Authority "EBA" issued an official warning, highlighting the risks of holding and trading virtual currency. The risks were related to the fact that no authority regulates cryptocurrency.

(ANSA) - BELGRADE, AUG 26 - A new cryptocurrency named 'Gypsycoin' was launched in Romania this month, an initiative of Daniel Cioaba.

Crypto stands for freedom: Kriptomat closes €2.2M, led by LAUNCHub Ventures

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Romanian deep tech startup Humans with a $9M crypto-based investment

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Take a look at the beta version of dw. We're not done yet! Your opinion can help us make it better. We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. The International Monetary Fund IMF urged El Salvador to abandon Bitcoin, saying the cryptocurrency could pose risks to national financial stability, consumer protection and the ability to receive loans.

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Company Filings. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it has filed an action against BitConnect, an online crypto lending platform, its founder Satish Kumbhani, and its top U. According to the SEC's complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, from early through January , Defendants conducted a fraudulent and unregistered offering and sale of securities in the form of investments in a "Lending Program" offered by BitConnect. The complaint alleges that, to induce investors to deposit funds into the purported Lending Program, Defendants falsely represented, among other things, that BitConnect would deploy its purportedly proprietary "volatility software trading bot" that, using investors' deposits, would generate exorbitantly high returns. However, the SEC alleges that instead of deploying investor funds for trading with the purported trading bot, defendants BitConnect and Kumbhani siphoned investors' funds off for their own benefit by transferring those funds to digital wallet addresses controlled by them, their top promoter in the U. The SEC's complaint further alleges that BitConnect and Kumbhani established a network of promoters around the world, and rewarded them for their promotional efforts and outreach by paying commissions, a substantial portion of which they concealed from investors. According to the complaint, among these promoters was Arcaro, the lead national promoter of BitConnect for the United States who used the website he created, Future Money, to lure investors into the Lending Program.

One of the world's longest-running open source software projects will live on, thanks to a Romanian bitcoin baron. It's another example of how the bitcoin community is working to boost the fortunes of the wider world of open source software. The software that drives bitcoin across a worldwide network of machines also is open source, and because this code shares new currency with those who help run it, the project has created a new class of very rich computer geeks.

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