Bitcoins pictures of spiders

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Bitcoins pictures of spiders

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Beyond Bitcoin: Inside the insane world of altcoin cryptocurrencies

He'd made thousands of dollars on a single trade the night before, and was feeling lucky. It seemed safe. Adam had investigated the coin's development team on LinkedIn, and watched a video of its CEO laying out a roadmap for the coin's future. A newswire piece published on Yahoo touted DeTrade's technology as advanced enough to disrupt cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is very much back in the zeitgeist. But while for many people Bitcoin is synonymous with cryptocurrency, it's not what crypto traders like Adam are interested in. Beneath Bitcoin and Ethereum, the second-best-known currency, is a strange underworld of different cryptocurrencies. Called altcoins or, sometimes, "shitcoins," these are essentially penny-stock cryptocurrencies. And they're crazy.

Bitcoin tripled its value recently, but many altcoins explode 30, 40 or 50 times over within days. The most famous is Dogecoin, which recently shot up past 10 cents thanks to a potent combination of Reddit and Elon Musk , but there are thousands of altcoins, forming an Indiana Jones-esque Cave of Crypto Wonders. The spoils can be life-changing, but there are traps around each corner. Fortunes can be made and lost in seconds. Cons and fraudsters are everywhere, with traders vulnerable to scams at each step of the process.

Case in point: Adam's foray into DeTrade. The touted technology behind it wasn't real. Nothing about the project was. It was a scam. Those behind it, operating in the unregulated world of crypto, vanished. Adam got into cryptocurrency last September. When we spoke, it felt like he'd crammed years of trading into two months. Adam had seen some tempestuous trading in the weeks prior to DeTrade. He met people in Telegram groups, and was able to track their trades using apps that follow a user's wallet -- a common practice within cryptocurrency circles.

The community is enthusiastic, but there's a small problem. Right now cryptocurrencies don't really do anything. Late saw Bitcoin explode. Investing in a stock means ascertaining its value -- based on factors like competition, risks and, above all, profit generation -- and then putting money into ones that are undervalued. If other investors follow you, the stock rises, giving you an opportunity to take profit.

Speculation is naturally part of this: The Dot-com Bubble was all about pouring money into "pre-profit" companies in the hopes they'd make money someday. Cryptocurrency, however, takes speculation into the stratosphere. For the most part, cryptocurrency is pure speculation. People are investing in technology that produces nothing, and as yet has little or no practical application. That's a little under 15 times the price of an Apple share. Doge, a coin marketed after the internet slang for "dog," doubled in value in January after a pornstar tweeted about it.

After the price settled, it then rocketed once more when Reddit wanted to make it the GameStop of cryptocurrency. David Gerard is one such skeptic.

His most recent focuses on Libra , Facebook's ill-fated attempt at digital currency. All of this is about the psychology of get-rich-quick schemes. In his years working as an IT systems administrator, Gerard's job has been to examine new technology and discern what's useful and what's not. Cryptocurrency, he told me, is not. This is the allure of "shitcoins. That's no exaggeration. Cryptocurrencies are mined using powerful computers, and many enterprising types put together farms of computers used solely for the purpose of mining Bitcoin.

As a result, Bitcoin is responsible for more energy consumption than Switzerland. Gerard says the only thing you can do with Bitcoin is buy it and sell it. He's even harsher on altcoins. Even by the standards of Bitcoin, altcoins are useless," he said. This is precisely what makes them so fascinating.

Seemingly, all they can do is get internet punters to bet on their success. But this enables average people to become rich. That Meme coin I mentioned before? Crypto Spider -- who, like most people in the cryptocurrency community, goes by a pseudonym -- has made millions with altcoins. In cryptocurrency, you can follow someone's portfolio if you have their wallet number, so the community was able to watch this challenge play out in real time.

Like Adam, Crypto Spider has no background in finance or trading. He lists college courses in game theory, basic algorithmics and some economics as useful to his crypto exploits -- but in essence he's a self-taught amateur.

He declined to tell me his specific age, only that he was "20ish" when he first got into cryptocurrency in He admits he was attracted by the "pretty numbers," by seeing coins magnify in value 30, 40 and 50 times within a short period.

He was enthusiastic enough to start a university club around cryptocurrencies, and how they'd be used in the future. Crypto Spider says cryptocurrency will play a "major part in the future of finance," and speaks with the passion of a believer. He breathlessly transitions from how cryptocurrency is a part of the internet's evolution to the possible use cases of blockchain , the technology behind Bitcoin, in the next 10 years.

But despite his enthusiasm, I couldn't help but notice how chunks of what he said echoed Gerard. Cryptocurrencies are mined using powerful computers. More emissions are produced by global Bitcoin miners than by the entire country of Switzerland.

For one thing, he looks back at all the projects he was excited about in and realizes most were almost entirely vaporware, technology that's advertised but never delivered.

Gerard calls the cryptocurrency community a pool of scammers. Spider notes that people often invest in altcoins they know don't have a function, because there's enough hype around the project to make money. I somehow was able to game all the other people. He first approached cryptocurrnecy trading with the mentality of, "I'm young, I'm dumb, I can lose all my money and it'll be OK.

Again though, it reminded me of something Gerard said: "If you're rich enough that your money is your own problem, fine. If you know zero is a number your investment could go to, fine. People really are getting ripped off. Difficult to regulate and subsisting largely on hype, cryptocurrencies are particularly prone to scams.

Those are two of the biggest instances of crypto-fraud. But millions of dollars are scammed from cryptocurrency markets every day in less dramatic ways.

Coins are suddenly discontinued, with owners taking all the money with them in what the community calls "rug pulls. Other times, entire cryptocurrency exchanges -- which sell coins like a stock exchange sells stocks -- vanish. A lot of people are taking on pseudonyms, because they're almost all money grabs. Coming into wider use in recent years, deepfakes are mostly used for pornographic purposes , but as the DeTrade scam shows, deepfakes can also be used in financial scams. OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova at an event for the "revolutionary" cryptocurrency.

Ignatova disappeared around the time OneCoin was discovered to be a fraud: The cryptocurrency the company sold didn't actually exist. Ignatova has yet to be found. Gerard says he's never seen a deepfake used as part of a scam before. Crypto Spider says he's seen it just once. Deepfake technology "is being democratized, and that may not be a good thing," said Julie Inman-Grant.

Ironically, it's blockchain, the behind-the-scenes technology, that could be the solution to the burgeoning deepfake problem. In cryptocurrency, the blockchain is an unalterable ledger that tracks every transaction. Once it's on the ledger, it can't be altered. That same technology can be used to track anything -- like the creation and distribution of a video, from studio to iPhone screen. There are already startups working toward this, like Truepic. When I asked about blockchain's ability to neutralize deepfakes, Inman-Grant wasn't entirely optimistic.

For skeptics, a higher peak just means a more precipitous fall. That means less of the "pretty numbers" Crypto Spider was attracted to, but hopefully fewer scams.

For Adam, DeTrade actually had a happy ending. One aggrieved victim of the scam analyzed the metadata of the deepfake, which he used to track down the perpetrators. After some naming and shaming across Telegram, the money was returned. Daniel Van Boom April 13 It was a Saturday morning in December and Adam was feeling bold.

Visualizing Dynamic Bitcoin Transaction Patterns

Heirs of Pablo Picasso, the famed 20th-century Spanish artist, are vaulting into 21st-century commerce by selling 1, digital art pieces of one of his ceramic works that has never before seen publicly riding a fad for crypto assets that have taken the art and financial worlds by storm. For an exclusive interview before the formal launch this week, Picasso's granddaughter, Marina Picasso, and her son Florian Picasso opened up their apartment - which is swimming in works from their illustrious ancestor - in an upscale Geneva neighborhood. There they offered up a glimpse, however tantalizingly slim, of the piece behind what they're billing as an unprecedented fusion of old-school fine art and digital assets. They're looking to cash in on and ride a wave of interest in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which have netted millions for far-less-known artists and been criticized by some as environmentally costly get rich schemes. In economics jargon, a fungible token is an asset that can be exchanged on a one-for-one basis.

Using Bitcoin to launder all the cash from your illegal dealings just got a little (via The Wall Street Journal, image via zcopley).

It's better than Tinder!

By Rowan Hooper. I think this is close to being a national scandal. Look at these beauties! Peacock spiders are stunning, with courtship displays to match anything in a David Attenborough documentary. The one above was only named while we were writing up this piece. With this species, there are now 38 peacock spiders that have been formally named, and Otto says there are at least 25 more waiting to be officially named and described. Otto is a mite biologist at the Australian Department of Agriculture in Sydney, but peacock spiders have become his passion. He predicts that the spiders will soon become as iconic for Australian wildlife as kangaroos and koalas. Even for arachnophobes, it would be difficult not to find these spiders cute. The two most recently discovered, from south-east Queensland, are Maratus sceletus , nicknamed Skeletorus above , and Maratus jactatus , which goes by the nickname Sparklemuffin below.

Protests erupt in El Salvador as Bitcoin crashes

bitcoins pictures of spiders

A fake Bitcoin scam using the stars of Ireland's Dragon's Den to dupe victims into parting with their cash has been uncovered. The scam purports to offer a new way of trading cryptocurrency for the average person - through a platform called BitCoin Trader. A webpage advertising BitCoin Trader claims it is the work of two friends who appeared on the Dragon's Den and got several of the stars interested in investing. Instead, the cybercriminals behind the scheme will simply take your money and your financial details. According to the fake website collecting payments, the BitCoin Trader platform is an "automated bitcoin trading platform" that lets "the average person the opportunity to cash in on the bitcoin boom.

Oh boy.

Potcoin: The Bitcoin Alternative for The Marijuana Industry

An NFT, is a Blockchain-based tokenisation of a collectible item or an art piece. The NFT giveaway will be valid only for tickets purchased or reserved for December 16 showtimes in all formats at all AMC theaters in the United States, while supplies last. Those members must have their AMC Stubs account number associated with the transaction, and the movie ticket must be scanned at the theatre when the guest arrives for the movie. If the ticket purchase is refunded or the ticket goes unused, or is not scanned, the NFT code will not be delivered. The Spider-Man NFT will be available to be redeemed at a dedicated site operated by WAX, an energy efficient, ultra-low carbon footprint blockchain network.

Bitcoin, ether, dogecoin, Solana, other crypto prices fall today

Dec 17 - AM. Two seater ride on truck ideal for ages with a maximum weight of lbs; Explore an off road feel in a kid sized toy. Please make your choice. About us. It has its roots in when George P.

Best Site for Bitcoin Earning instant payment to faucethub wallet Sonic the Hedgehog 2 () - "Official Trailer" - Paramount Pictures.

Goodbye, Staples Center. Hello, Arena

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Putting Bitcoin SEO Techniques to Work

RELATED VIDEO: What Is Bitcoin? - Cool History

Speaking at an event closing a week-long promotion of bitcoin in El Salvador, Bukele said the city planned in the eastern region of La Union would get geothermal power from a volcano and not levy any taxes except for a value added tax VAT. Half of the VAT levied would be used to fund the bonds issued to build the city, and the other half would pay for services such as garbage collection, Bukele said, estimating the public infrastructure would cost around , bitcoins. El Salvador in September became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Although Bukele is a popular president, opinion polls show Salvadorans are skeptical about his love of bitcoin, and its bumpy introduction has fueled protests against the government. Likening his plan to cities founded by Alexander the Great, Bukele said Bitcoin City would be circular, with an airport, residential and commercial areas, and feature a central plaza designed to look like a bitcoin symbol from the air. El Salvador plans to issue the initial bonds in , Bukele said, suggesting it would be in 60 days time.

This weekend proved to be no exception.

Sunny Leone took the lead among Indian actors to secure her digital assets when she broke the news about her association with NFT, two months back. This made her the first Indian actress to mint NFTs. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Nifty 17, Policy Bazaar

The number of bitcoin casinos has grown exponentially over the last few years, moving from a little-known but exciting proposition five years ago to something that many are now predicting will be the future of gambling. And if you go back just 10 years or so, these casinos were non-existent, and the entire idea of cryptocurrency gambling was the preserve of science fiction. Both casinos and players can be charged fees. Usually, if the former are hit with a payment charge, it will be passed on to the latter.

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