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The small Central American nation in September last year became the first country in the world to embrace the digital money, allowing consumers to use it in all transactions, alongside the US dollar. The staff at the Washington-based crisis lender previously called on the government of President Nayib Bukele to reconsider the move, but the board - comprised of representatives of IMF member governments including the United States - used much stronger language. The directors "urged the authorities to narrow the scope of the Bitcoin law by removing Bitcoin's legal tender status", according to a statement from the IMF. The officials "stressed that there are large risks associated with the use of Bitcoin on financial stability, financial integrity and consumer protection" and with issuing Bitcoin-backed bonds. The fund supported the aim of "boosting financial inclusion" which could be advanced using the country's "Chivo" e-wallet, but has warned about the high levels of volatility in the cryptocurrency's exchange rate.

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Blockchain bitcointalk forum

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Sheila Warren Leaves World Economic Forum to Lead Crypto Lobbying Group

Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto also the founder of Bitcoin , Bitcointalk is a public forum where blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and crypto investors discuss topics about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain in general. As a crypto community, here is where most ICOs promote their projects and start building their communities. This document contains the guidelines for using Bitcointalk in promoting blockchain-based projects.

The main benefits of being part of this crypto community are the exposure to particular niche audience, traffic, and easy access to the perfect platform for ICO promotion. Satoshi Nakamoto, the original Bitcoin developer, founded the forum in where most new cryptocurrencies announce their establishment, important upgrades, and events. The forum hosts a lot of different sections having sub-forums and threads covering all the major areas of the cryptocurrency world, including one made specifically for Initial Coin Offerings ICOs.

Thus, it can be said that at the moment, a Bitcointalk account is mandatory. In fact, it is a standard for any project doing or planning to do an Initial Coin Offering.

The domain name bitcointalk. Satoshi Nakamoto has no true identity yet. He's not an active developer anymore but continues to manage the domain names bitcointalk.

It is not known to the public and can be very well not be a single person and can be a group of people posting under the pseudonym. Before Bitcointalk was created, Satoshi used a SourceForge forum for Bitcoin-related discussions but unfortunately, this forum cannot be found anymore. It is a method of cryptocurrency investing which is riding steady through the ups and downs. Since then, Bitcoin Pizza Day is commemorated every May The structure of the forum shows the division of different forums such as Bitcoin, Economy, Other, Alternate Cryptocurrencies, and Local.

These forums also have sub-forums and topics that are split into smaller boards to cater various topics. In Bitcointalk forum, community members need to achieve a certain point to rank up.

This can happen by posting substantial contents that contribute to the forum. The point needed to rank up is called "merit" which is awarded to users with quality posts. Members with higher levels have more freedom to undertake more activities such as signature, translation, and other bounty campaigns. To be able to move from one level to another, a combination of activities and merits is necessary.

As for the membership, a user can opt to pay to lift the restrictions by paying for copper membership. A copper member is allowed to post images and has reduced signature styling restrictions as well as reduced lead time for a post to get published. They can still be banned and has no special treatment. Bitcointalk has a set of community guidelines that should be followed accordingly to avoid being banned in the forum.

There are instances when a newly registered account may not be able to post due to the reason that the IP address used in registering for the account has evil points.

To be able to use the account, the member can opt to pay the necessary amount to lift the restriction. The reason for having an evil IP address is because of having a previously banned account that was linked to it. Bitcointalk users can be anyone who is interested in Bitcoin, blockchain cryptocurrencies, technology, and investing. Some of them are the brightest minds in crypto space who are also active in the forum, and expert developers, coders, and business owners who mostly operate under pseudonyms.

There are also staff and moderators who keep the forum tidy, moderating the chatter and offering technical support to user-posted issues. Thanks to its huge user base more than 2 million community members , Bitcointalk became a valuable traffic source for everything connected to cryptocurrency.

Also, we can classify the community into different personas. These personas include Bounty Seekers who always hunt for bounties and ask if there are Translation or Signature campaigns, Know It Alls who ask a lot of questions about the project, Newbie Evangelists who always leave complimenting comments and patronize the project, Show Me The Proofs who are always asking for demo and proof that it is a legit project, and Mega Signature Advertisers who advertise their own threads or projects.

Web traffic on Bitcointalk shows around 9 million total visits with 4 pages per visit while its traffic sources come from direct visits, referrals, organic search, and social media. Top referring sites are crypto exchanges while traffic from social media sites come from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Gaining a status symbol in Bitcointalk is mandatory to ensure the launch of the ICO or the blockchain-based project. This is usually done through announcement threads, commonly referred to as ANN threads, which are the main form of advertising on Bitcointalk. It is a well-designed thread with posts that announce the main aspects of the project with the following details:. What the project is about - explains the overview of the whole project.

Value proposition - concise explanation of what the project is all about and the unique value it offers to the market. ICO details - details about the token allocations, use of proceeds, token prices, and dates of token sales.

Links to the website, whitepaper, social media, GitHub - links to other social media channels of the project to show the activities of the project. Team - the development team and management that is behind the project where LinkedIn profiles are usually attached for reference. Roadmap - the timeframe for the strategic plan that defines the goals, and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach of the project.

To know the effectiveness of the thread is through the number of comments and views of the ANN thread. The more comments and post views, the better. Advertising on forums via signature campaigns and forum ads create real traffic for the project. For direct traffic to the website and other social media channels, hyperlinking their URLs to the posts in the thread would help direct the readers to the website and other channels.

When links are posted, the Google search results rankings will also improve because of the large number of sites that link back to bitcointalk. Bitcointalk has a large number of community members who are mostly Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts who can be the future investors for ICO projects. Promoting bounty campaign in the Bitcointalk community to reward members with high levels in exchange for their likes, shares, posts, and token signatures is a great way to spread the word about the ICO and build up a community.

It is done by creating bounty campaign announcements in the Bounty section of Bitcointalk. Aside from signature campaign, translations of threads into other languages is another way of growing members. The best strategy to increase community participation is to retain people on the team who are active Bitcointalk members and care about the community.

A good ANN thread or announcement thread features a quick and easily understandable summary of what the token is all about. All of these things matter. It also matters where they are located because some countries are crypto-friendly and some are decidedly not. Here are the ways to effectively promote ANN thread in the community:.

Posts should be visual thus, messages should be clear and strong. Infographics and use cases can convey the message much more effectively than words. Moreover, it is important that the big picture consists of smaller clickable bits hyperlinks in case one decides to read the white paper or get more detailed information regarding the different aspects of the ICO. Promoting the ANN thread on various online platforms and inviting people to check your Bitcointalk announcement is crucial to encourage comments and views.

Responding to them promptly is important because every new reply would bring the entire thread to the very top of the whole Altcoins forum. The negative comments become useful when you successfully explain objections and arguments to prove that they're wrong. Create an announcement of the bounty campaign in the Bounty section of Bitcointalk. Make sure that the details are complete to make bounty seekers think that you are serious with your project.

As long as there is a post, the thread will remain on top. Keep the audience engaged by posting news of the project into the thread and keep track of what people say in the comments and do not leave any comment unanswered. With monthly users, advertising crypto projects is also commonly done in the forum. In Bitcointalk, there are many services that are being offered by the community members that vary from community management, bounty management, ICO marketing, to writing a whitepaper.

Posting it in Service announcement thread is the way to avail these services and make a local arrangement with the people involved. The traffic on the Bitcointalk is large and relevant, and also quite profitable. In order for you to attract maximum traffic in Bitcointalk, you need withdrawal and retention on the first few pages of the forum. In the case of the most popular projects, this happens naturally.

A large amount of interest causes a large number of discussions on the branch, and it falls on the first pages automatically. Seed accounts are double-edged swords that can give great competitive advantages but with some headaches. These are also commonly used in the online marketing space in generating initial momentum when launching a campaign to trigger virality that will later be sustained by organic growth. This is also similar to "fake accounts. Having a constant pump of the thread would help the ICO announcement reach more audience in the community and keep it trending.

If the thread has more views and comments, it will attract more audience in which Jr. Having seed accounts is an effective way of being proactive in the community and thus, triggers discussions to keep the thread in the spotlight. The risk of using seed accounts is the possibility of getting banned from the forum for the accusation of excessive spamming or bumping of the thread to keep it on page one, but having a legitimate dialogue among other users using the seed accounts will keep the thread active and visible.

Exposing the usage of seed accounts to the public may cause some harm in your reputation. With the right moderation, getting completely banned will be avoided. Bitcointalk is one of the pioneer crypto communities that launch ICOs and crypto-related projects.

It is the place where crypto space began to sprout and led to other crypto channels. Even with the presence of other channels, Bitcointalk remains a reputable platform every crypto project must consider building a community on. We built our foundation with the heart of every business in mind: people.

We are humans behind machines. We base our business on data but keep relations personal. Share your challenge with us and we will send you a quote personally in less than 24 hours. Outsourcing Services. Data annotation image annotation Semantic Segmentation Audio Transcription text annotation video annotation Sentiment Analysis data labeling. It is a well-designed thread with posts that announce the main aspects of the project with the following details: What the project is about - explains the overview of the whole project Value proposition - concise explanation of what the project is all about and the unique value it offers to the market ICO details - details about the token allocations, use of proceeds, token prices, and dates of token sales Links to the website, whitepaper, social media, GitHub - links to other social media channels of the project to show the activities of the project Team - the development team and management that is behind the project where LinkedIn profiles are usually attached for reference Roadmap - the timeframe for the strategic plan that defines the goals, and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach of the project.

We Make Business Personal We built our foundation with the heart of every business in mind: people.

Tales from the Crypto: How to Think About Bitcoin

With Bitcoin about to celebrate its tenth anniversary and the recent discovery of a potentially catastrophic security flaw, it remains both highly sought-after and controversial. A cryptocurrency, or crypto-asset, is a currency that can be used on a decentralised peer-to-peer computer network. It is based on the principles of cryptography and involves users in the processes of issuing and settling transactions. While they are often referred to as virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies, they are best described as crypto-assets, as they are not really currencies. These recent developments, as well as the rapid growth of a speculative bubble, are now leading regulators and supervisors of the financial system to consider changes to the regulatory framework to take into account the rise of these assets" see 'Focus Banque de France', March These digital assets are based on a computer network and the blockchain.

Bitcoin Garden Forum — This is currently one the most active forums dedicated to discussions around cryptocurrency. The platform provides a number of sub-.

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By Reuters Staff. Its emergence has spawned a multitude of other digital currencies, brought blockchain technology to global attention, and vexed regulators worried about its crime misuse and weakness to hacking. Days later, Nakamoto sends bitcoins in its first ever transaction. The first bitcoin transaction takes place between Nakamoto and developer Hal Finney. The transaction is recorded in block The transaction is realized using PayPal. The bitcoins are used to seed a new bitcoin exchange site called New Liberty Standard. The New Liberty Standard establishes the value of bitcoin at 1, May 22, Software developer Laszlo Hanecz buys two pizzas for 10, bitcoins, widely seen as the first time the digital currency is used for its intended purpose - the purchase of goods. It falls below that level only days later, and does not reach the landmark again for over three years.

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum

blockchain bitcointalk forum

The leader in news and information on cryptocurrency, digital assets and the future of money, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group , which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. As part of their compensation, certain CoinDesk employees, including editorial employees, may receive exposure to DCG equity in the form of stock appreciation rights , which vest over a multi-year period. CoinDesk journalists are not allowed to purchase stock outright in DCG.

Quantum computers and the Bitcoin blockchain has been saved.

One of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining events in the world

Stay up-to-date with the latest business and accountancy news: Sign up for daily news alerts. What do China, India and Russia have in common? But, despite cultural and religious differences, these giants of global affairs coordinate politically through the Russia-India-China RIC trilateral alignment founded in But whilst the rest of the world struggles to harmonise a reaction to cryptocurrencies, the three RIC countries have all opted to restrict or ban them. The hitherto monopoly of money issuance and policy driven by nation-states is no longer a given. Disruption from new decentralised cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is beyond the traditional reach of regulators, tax authorities and governments.

Did you say "Crypto"? - 1: Here is a quick overview of Bitcoin mania and the world of cryptos

This workforce programme is one. It makes business sense, and is the right thing to do. The Consumer Goods Forum CGF is committed to helping its members understand the challenge being faced and provides a unique, global platform that promotes best practice sharing. Blockchain is receiving increasing media attention, serving as the basis for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and more robust cybersecurity systems. Relying on a distributed ledger system, where every transaction is recorded for all connected and authorised stakeholders to see, it is seen as a possible way of reinforcing trust and security and accelerating business processes, removing the human element. Many governments, tech giants and businesses are starting to experiment with the technology. There are arguments that it could help tackle food fraud, boost trust in business transactions and accelerate operational processes.

Produced the World Blockchain Forum in in Dubai and London. Produced The North American Bitcoin Conference , , , , , , and

The SEC needs more power from Congress to fully regulate crypto, Chair Gensler says

Proposed by an unknown young man using the pseudonym Electra01, Electra appeared in the cryptocurrency markets in Thanks to its innovative supply mechanism, the money's market capitalization briefly reached billion USD, surpassing Bitcoin in value. Focusing on the empirical case of Electra, a project that was chosen as the "best cryptocurrency community" by the users of world's largest exchange, Binance, this paper ethnographically analyzes the sociological universe of a cryptocurrency community.

Quantum computers and the Bitcoin blockchain

Read the press release. Michael J. The following open-source documents are being provided to serve as a resource to help as you navigate a corporate bitcoin strategy. A summary of some of the key considerations for corporations to keep in mind when investing in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin, Blockchain and More

KPU will endeavour to begin implementing its Spring return to campus plan starting January 24 [ Read more ]. Although he only graduated in , this is Chase's third business. After speaking with countless individuals about blockchain technology he realized a large knowledge gap exists and set out to fix it. He founded the UVic Bitcoin Club and now speaks, teaches, and consults to help spread the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. While in his fourth year of University, Mike became interested in Bitcoin and started researching. Little did he know that his research would blossom into co-funding the UVic Bitcoin Club and a full-time job in the space.

PM Modi has a warning for 'young' crypto users in India

In his first public comments on cryptocurrencies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday warned that bitcoin presents a risk to younger generations as his government prepares to introduce legislation to regulate digital currencies. The Prime Minister's caution comes days after he held discussions on how to move forward on cryptocurrency in India, with concerns raised on unregulated crypto markets becoming avenues for money laundering and terror financing. Speaking at the Sydney Dialogue, a forum on emerging, critical and cybertechnologies, PM Modi framed virtual money, which is highly popular in India and exists beyond state and central bank control, as a domain that needs to be closely policed. The Centre is considering a regulatory framework to manage and oversee investments made in cryptocurrency.

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