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CryptoCurrency Mining with GPUs *spawn*

Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3. Disclosure: I'm a nocoiner. Jan 26 RSS feed Share Share. Subscribe on Podcast Addict.

Feb 01 63 mins. Laura is launching a paid Facebook discussion group where you and other listeners of the show can discuss recent episodes, ask questions in advance, get access to special AMAs with myself and show guests and more. We will open up the group on the 15th, one week ahead of my book launch. Check out my new author website! Keep up to date on all things I'm up to at the newly launched laurashin.

There, you can find out all the latest on my book, all my writing, and press and speaking appearances. Thank you to our sponsors! Aarika Rhodes Says Yes - Ep. Jan 28 39 mins. Jan 26 54 mins. Welcome to The Chopping Block! Crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, and Tarun Chitra chop it up about the latest news in the digital asset industry.

Could They Disrupt VCs? Jan 25 67 mins. For example, with Web3 Investment Clubs, users will be able to turn an Ethereum wallet address into an investing DAO with just a few clicks, transfer funds without going through banks, and manage a cap-table directly on-chain. Show topics: what differentiates a Web3 Investment Club club from a normal investment club what on-chain tools Syndicate has built for Web3 Investment Clubs how Web3 Investment Clubs work within existing regulations how Ian and Will met and what inspired them to create Syndicate whether Syndicate plans to decentralize why Will and Ian believe investment DAOs will disrupt the venture capital industry why venture capital firms invested in Syndicate, a company built to disrupt them what Will learned from building Adventure Gold AGLD , the governance token for Loot what plans Syndicate has for Thank you to our sponsors!

Jan 21 36 mins. Jan 18 59 mins. However, there are questions about hacks, centralization, lack of developer support, and sketch MEV transactions. Thank you to our sponsor! Jan 14 37 mins. Avado: ava. Jan 13 48 mins. The Chopping Block is back! Can Crypto Be a Force in the Midterms? Jan 11 72 mins. Kristin Smith, executive director at Blockchain Association, and Jake Chervinsky, head of Policy at Blockchain Association, discuss the current state of crypto regulation.

Jan 07 36 mins. Jan 04 65 mins. Dec 31 46 mins. Jonathan Mann has published a song a day for 13 years. Dec 30 60 mins. This week, the four crypto heavyweights take a look back at Dec 28 74 mins. Mitchell F. Chan, who released one of the first NFT projects on Ethereum back in , discusses his projects, making art on a blockchain, how NFTs are transforming the traditional art world, and more.

Four Journalists Discuss - Ep. Dec 24 53 mins. Merry Christmas Eve! For this special episode of Unchained, three other crypto journalists and I discuss their favorite stories from the past twelve months, how they would grade crypto journalism in , and what they are looking forward to covering in Dec 21 67 mins. Dec 17 40 mins. Dec 14 60 mins. Dec 10 41 mins. Dec 07 38 mins. Some of the biggest names in the crypto industry discuss their personal giving philosophies, how blockchain technology could change the dynamics of giving to charity, and which crypto projects are making a lasting real-world impact.

Dec 03 40 mins. Nov 30 68 mins. Nov 26 25 mins. Maren Altman is a professional astrologer and crypto trader. On Unchained, she discusses her end-of-year price target for Bitcoin, how crypto fits into her natal chart, and how she uses planets to divine the price movement of crypto assets.

Nov 23 65 mins. Show highlights: the definition of tokenomics what factors such as utility, fairness, liquidity, security, etc. Nov 19 36 mins. Nov 16 63 mins. Nov 12 27 mins.

Nov 09 55 mins. Nov 05 69 mins. Nov 02 68 mins. Secret Network is a privacy-first, permissionless layer 1 blockchain built for computational privacy. Tor Bair, founder of Secret Foundation, a developer of Secret Network, discusses what makes Secret Network unique, including smart contract privacy, private metadata for NFTs, and how regulators should treat privacy tech in blockchain. Show highlights: how Tor fell down the crypto rabbit hole what the Secret Network is and how it is bringing privacy to blockchain why public blockchains are problematic what makes Secret Network different from Monero or Zcash how Secret Network works from a technical perspective what type of applications Secret Network can support that public blockchains cannot why blockchain voting is probably a bad idea for now what attack vectors exist regarding Secret Network how Secret Network nodes work and why there are only 50 of them how Secret Network fixes miner extractable value MEV what DeFi applications are possible on Secret Network how NFTs on Secret Network are different from public blockchain NFTs how regulators should treat Secret Network Thank you to our sponsors!

Oct 29 35 mins. Oct 26 49 mins. Oct 22 40 mins. Is the Metaverse Already Here? Two Experts Disagree - Ep. Oct 19 66 mins. Oct 15 58 mins. Four investors talk about the decentralized web, explain how the crypto industry is improving upon Web 2, and discuss what can be done to increase diversity and financial inclusion within Web 3. Oct 12 70 mins. Oct 08 36 mins. Ryan Gentry, business development lead at Lightning Labs, discusses the latest updates on the Lightning Network, the layer 2 solution for Bitcoin.

Oct 05 74 mins. How does the SEC determine if a token is a security? Why is DeFi particularly hard to regulate? What will regulators do about stablecoins? Have idea son how we can improve at Unchained? Let us know. Be sure to end by EOD Friday. We'll be announcing the winners in next week's show. What Happened? Days - Ep. Oct 01 35 mins. Sep 28 54 mins. Sep 24 32 mins. Nik De, managing editor for global policy and regulation at CoinDesk, stops by Unconfirmed to discuss the current state of crypto regulation, including recent comments by SEC Chair Gary Gensler on stablecoins and why Coinbase decided to sideline its Lend product.

Sep 21 68 mins. Rhea Myers, artist, hacker, writer, and senior smart contract developer at Dapper Labs, has been making crypto art before NFTs were a thing. Unconfirmed: Solana's Outage Lasted 17 Hours. What Does This Mean for Decentralization? Sep 17 36 mins.

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A free currency storage type virtual currency " Siacoin "Engineer for mining ASIC We report on the blog the findings on the current state of virtual currency mining obtained from the experience of developing and manufacturing machines. It describes the strength of Bitmain as a mining ASIC manufacturer and minor in China who dominates the world of virtual currency mining. David Bolick, Sia's leading engineer, has published insights on the current state of virtual currency mining, which he gained by launching the virtual currency mining ASIC manufacturing company Obelisk. For many virtual currency developers, the movement of the virtual currency mining industry seems to be confusing, so Mr. Bolik thought that the best way to understand would actually be to develop ASICs and provide them minor, In parallel with the development of currency Siacoin, it seems that we started the ASIC development project. From that experience, we have summarized what we should understand with virtual currency mining with several keywords. However, minor monopolizing mining revenues by some minorists with only large-scale ASIC systems has resulted in centralization by minor, which is a distributed system released from centralized organization, which is one of the features of virtual currency I lose the idea of.

Link to the blog and full May 14,

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https the-state-of-cryptocurrency-mining-538004a37f9b

Consensus Overview Meshing Cryptographic Protocols and Cryptoeconomic Incentives Trustlessness the decentralization of trust from a few actors to many actors is achieved in blockchain networks through consensus, the glue that holds the pillars of blockchain design together. Consensus serves as the mechanism that combines the cryptographic and cryptoeconomic protocols of a network into an overarching agreement amongst the networks participants that serves to secure and run the network. The concept is easy to digest, but the moving parts underneath the design really demonstrate an elegant solution to complex problems. As described in articles below, Byzantine Fault Tolerance has been needed in airplane engine systems, nuclear power plants and most any system that relies on the action of large amounts of sensors. Proof of Work and Proof of Stake or variations therein are the two most widely used consensus mechanisms that create Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

I will outline all of my findings as they happen - follow here to save on research and decision making effort, or just watch me probably lose money. The principals discussed will apply to all networks and mining projects, despite focussing on the Z9 Mini and ZCash.

The State of Cryptocurrency Mining

Laura Shin: Hi, everyone. Welcome to Unchained, your no hype resource for all things crypto. Blockchain Warehouse: Blockchain Warehouse is an international blockchain accelerator offering a wide range of token sale advisory services to promising blockchain-based ventures. As a sponsor of Unchained, Preciate has recognized amazing people because we believe in the strength of recognition and relationships, and the strength of community. Who will be recognized today?

The Economic Limits of Bitcoin and the Blockchain

On the Zcash side, the debate reached fever-pitch after Bitmain released the AntMiner Z9 mini, which resulted in our statement on ASIC Resistance and the ensuing commitment to investigate and prescribe action. That statement sowed the seeds for this ballot proposal, and in particular this paragraph bold parts my own :. However—and this nuance is important—we also recognize that ASIC resistance may be a red herring, for the health and decentralization of the protocol in the long term. Perhaps there is another path that we could take, with ample time for community buy-in—and we welcome input on getting there. In the short term, we consider it critical to protect the community members who are building the ecosystem with us.

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The Elements of a Blockchain Identity in Blockchain. Intro to Transactions Block Explorer Introduction. UTXO vs. Script Smart Contracts.

Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents. Issue archive.

Beyond3D Forum.

Using this list and with the help of mining calculator you can pick the most profitable Equihash coin to mine. From former ZCash to recent Bitcoin Private most of the popular crypto currencies are seem to be using Equihash mining algorithm, why is that? It means the amount of mining relies on how much memory your hardware have. This algorithm is optimized and its more efficient; which can be mined using standard PCs that has more RAM power. Following are the list of coins on Equihash. The main purpose of Bitcoin Gold is to bring decentralized mining again since in Bitcoin the mining is almost dominated by a very small number of entities.

This decentring force is more than just the development of smaller units of activity as the purposeful means for problem-solving and trust-development, being rather a recognition of the collapsitarian nature of all organisation that moves from striated to smooth space. In Lucretian terms, the decentring periphery is the clinamenetic force [2] that drives the constant flow apart [3] , making the developments of exit and decay not so much constancies but cycles of flow and disjuncture. This goes beyond a political subsidiarisation toward more fundamental grounds of systemic existence, akin to accelerative forces that spiral between uncompromising technological capacity and collapse into new mechanisms of existential understanding alongside this capacity [4].

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