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Use this app to quickly make and manage you're own cryptocurrency with metamask. Create your own safemoon clone on binance chain mainnetwork. Meta Valley X is a deflationary cryptocurrency, but also modern high-end finance that pays holders in reflections. Add a description, image, and links to the safemoon topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it.

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Where to Buy SafeMoon? – Beginner’s Guide

This crypto bull run has shown many similarities to what happened in the run-up. In that cycle, cryptocurrencies seemed to be sprouting out of the ground at an alarming rate.

There was a mania of initial coin offerings and it was hard to discern what projects were real and which ones were outright scams. Today, there are over 10, different cryptocurrencies, all promising new use cases. Learn how smart money is playing the crypto game.

Subscribe to our premium newsletter - Crypto Investor. With the recent Dogecoin craze, several cryptos popped up that seemed entirely fake. They all seemed to be capitalizing on Dogecoin's success with meme culture investments, but what about SafeMoon?

Is it trying to do the same or is it a serious project? Its website says that the cryptocurrency has three core components. The first is reflection. This is where SafeMoon transactions are charged a fee which gets distributed among holders of the token. The second is a fee charged on transactions that will be given to various liquidity pools on Pancake Swap and other platforms.

The third component is a token burn that occurs on each trade. Nowhere in the whitepaper, or the rest of the site, does it clarify the percentage of each transaction that gets burned. In the SafeMoon whitepaper , it states that they intend to have manual token burns done by the team.

These burns do not seem to be prebuilt mechanisms in SafeMoon's protocol but will be done at the team's discretion. SafeMoon aims to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term.

It's unclear what criteria the team uses to make these decisions, nor is it clear what level of autonomy the team has in changing SafeMoon's max supply.

The team's ability to burn tokens at their discretion could allow for potential manipulation of supply and price. As seen above, trillion SafeMoon have been burned so far. This quantity is accurately represented by the following wallet which looks to be SafeMoon's burn address. The total supply of SafeMoon is one quadrillion tokens.

The token is run by a group of six that all look to have some degree of previous work history together. The CTO, Thomas Smith, has the most established work history of the group with various software engineering roles held at a number of companies.

The rest of the team seems to have varying degrees of experience in web development, game development or general management. Unforetunealty, the website leads to a error from the host's end. SafeMoon's web developer, Jacob Smith, apparently worked for this game development company as well. On Jacob Smith's LinkedIn he states that he "Worked as the lead website developer working on several of their projects.

Work is on hold atm due to the lack thereof. Henry Wyatt is the only team member to have earned a four-year degree. The rest look to have spent brief periods at universities or colleges. While education or experience at larger companies is not prerequisites for creating a cryptocurrency, their previous work history and credentials seem a bit unclear. They promote SafeMoon on their Twitter accounts, which isn't that out of the ordinary from crypto project leaders, but it's hard to say how genuine the project is or how qualified they are.

The site also has SafeMoon related merchandise for sale, including hoodies, hats, sweatpants and more. This isn't very typical for a cryptocurrency project, though proceeds could be used for development money. The Binance Smart Chain uses a consensus mechanism called proof of authority.

In proof of authority, the block creators are known as validators. These validators are pre-approved and chosen by Binance. To be approved, they must confirm their real identities, invest money to prove long-term commitment and be equal to all other candidates.

This makes proof of authority reputation-based by design. In this model, Binance has absolute control over the blockchain. They decide who becomes a validator and they remove validators at their discretion. All of the chain's users must trust that Binance will behave in everyone's best interest.

Should Binance decide to alter any aspects of the chain or ecosystem it has the power to do so. Bitcoin uses a totally different consensus mechanism called proof of work.

Proof of work was the original consensus mechanism used by blockchains and has proved to be very effective at securing a decentralized system from bad actors. In proof of work, computers compete with each other to process and validate transactions.

To win this competition, the computer must solve complex mathematical puzzles. Once they've won, the computer adds a new block of transactions to the blockchain. These computers are also known as miners and they are given Bitcoin for completing a new block of transactions. This process is very energy-intensive and helps to secure the network.

Enough miners geographically distributed makes for a decentralized network without a central authority, which is drastically different than how the BSC operates. Today, Bitcoin is a massively distributed and decentralized network with many thousands of nodes and miners across the globe.

Choosing to invest in SafeMoon is a personal decision that should be made based on how much risk you would like to take. The success of SafeMoon depends on Binance, the SafeMoon team and whatever community is built around it.

A calculated investment in SafeMoon would require the investor to take into account the centralization of the Binance Smart Chain and how much control Binance has over it. It would also require a level of faith in the legitimacy of the SafeMoon team, which has little proof of previous success.

While people need to get their start somewhere, a healthy dose of skepticism can go a long way. SafeMoon, along with all other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, is effectively at the whim of Binance with the centralized nature of proof of authority.

If Satoshi Nakamoto returned and could make direct edits to Bitcoin's code and have it implemented to every miner and node in the network it would no longer be decentralized and would therefore reduce faith in the system.

An investment in SafeMoon in its current stage would be pure speculation as it is not yet a proven team or project. That said, all ships tend to rise with the tide. Should Bitcoin continue on its trajectory in this bull market there could be a chance SafeMoon will increase as well, and other speculative investors could push it higher, but these are risky bets to make. Learn how Wall Street pros are adding Bitcoin to their portfolios. News Bitcoin Ethereum DeFi.

Home Crypto DeFi. SafeMoon is built to have three core components: The first is the " reflection" where SafeMoon transactions are charged a fee that gets distributed among holders of the token. The third is a token burn that occurs on each trade. SafeMoon is built on the Binance Smart Chain which uses proof-of-authority as its consensus mechanism. These validators are pre-approved and chosen by Binance, making the blockchain centralized.

Due to the centralization of the Binance Smart Chain, users of its platform need to trust Binance and rely on it for security.

What is SafeMoon? SafeMoon has quickly risen to be Binance's third-largest token by market capitalization. By Sabrina Toppa. See More.


Safemoon has experienced a sharp sell-off. Will the price rise again? Like the other memes it has built up a substantial following, the so-called Safemoon Army. Its migration to version 2 is now complete and, says Safemoon offers several advantages.

You may have already heard about SafeMoon, a cryptocurrency created or BSC, a cheaper iteration of Ethereum developed by Binance.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain Assets By Their Number Of Holders

We get a lot of questions about how to buy SafeMoon, therefore we wrote this tutorial. Do your own research before buying SafeMoon and only invest crypto that you can afford to lose. The developer can theoretically rug the liquidity of the token, this is also called rug pulling. In this tutorial we explain how you can buy SafeMoon via your iPhone. For Android it will almost be the same. There are of course several ways to invest in SafeMoon, even without a smartphone, but we like this method the most. You have now successfully bought SafeMoon! Read our review to learn more about Binance. To sell SafeMoon, you simple inverse step 11 and 12 of the SafeMoon buying guide.

Safemoon (SFM) Coin Trending After Launching on KuCoin

safemoon crypto bsc

Safemoon logo png. You can always turn this off later. You may vote once per hour per coin. In OpenType savvy applications, a slanted M and W will automatically flip or straighten out depending on neighboring characters.

What I need from you is as follows.

HUH Token to Make Millions? The 6000% increase with Shiba Inu and Safemoon Story

If you are interested in learning more, keep reading, and you will have all the information that you need to buy SafeMoon crypto by the end of this guide. This is where you are likely to find most coins that you might be interested in, as Binance is quite thorough when it comes to listing popular cryptocurrencies. Here is a quick breakdown of what you need to do, while a more detailed version will be further down. SafeMoon is a decentralized finance DeFi protocol that has three functions that take place during trading. Those include reflection, LP acquisition, and burn.

How to Buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet?

Please change the wallet network. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. United States Dollar. SafeMoon is down 9. If you would like to know where to buy SafeMoon, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in SafeMoon stock are currently Gate.

John Karony is a Safemoon cryptocurrency CEO with a massive net worth. SafeMoon shiba Inu is a BSC token with beyond moon potential.

Trust wallet hacked

Hashtag SafeMoon has been trending on Twitter and was a topic of conversation elsewhere, with many unable to decide if it's a real thing or a scam of some sort. On TikTok, the same hashtag has almost 72m views. SafeMoon is presented as a decentralized finance DeFi token with an automatic liquidity pool, which launched in early March , awarding holders and charging sellers.

How to Buy SafeMoon (SFM) in Canada in 2022: Complete Guide


Read more. Community Focused and fair launch. The dev team burned all of their tokens and participated with everyone else. Every trade contributes towards auto-generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

Safemoon logo png. Flying through an asteroid field from dark planet.

What Is SafeMoon? Is It Really a Safe Investment?

Home » Cryptocurrency » Trust Wallet. The first quarter of saw the launch of a new token in the crypto world called SafeMoon, which took the entire crypto world by storm. Its prices did drop in April, but it managed to retain the interest and attention of the crypto investors intact. If this token managed to interest you in investing in it, then you need to get through the tricky part of buying it. Since it is a newly introduced crypto token, it is not available on all crypto exchanges. Trust Wallet is an application that makes investing in SafeMoon simple and secure.

SafeMoon Price (SAFEMOON)

Bitconnect arrived on the scene in , promising high returns for holding, trading, lending, and mining its BCC token. But things began unraveling in January when Texas and North Carolina regulators issued a cease and desist order. But, is Davies right to lump SafeMoon in with the same company?

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