Upcoming crypto drops

In the world of crypto, airdrops are one of the small incentives of holding a crypto wallet. It is like having a feel of new cryptocurrencies being introduced in the crypto market. Crypto companies that use airdrops tend to penetrate the market. To put it in a very simple perspective, it is like receiving a small sample of new chocolate or tidbits introduced in the market.

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Upcoming crypto drops

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Crypto projects are increasingly airdropping free tokens⁠—but investors should be cautious

The Ethereum Name Service ENS , a protocol that sells nonfungible tokens NFTs of domains representing wallet addresses, generated buzz within the crypto community in November after it airdropped tokens to its users. Those who claimed the tokens earned governance rights over the ENS and can vote on future decisions regarding the protocol.

It was so well received that it prompted other Ethereum projects to airdrop tokens too. Though airdrops aren't new, they've recently become increasingly common.

In an airdrop, projects distribute tokens to specific investors' wallets. In some situations, like with the ENS, projects airdrop tokens to those who have used their product.

Other times, projects airdrop tokens to potential investors in hopes of marketing their product. The process of receiving the airdropped tokens can differ too. Sometimes, investors must choose to accept the tokens by claiming them, while other times, investors cannot reject the airdrop and tokens are automatically dropped in their wallets. The ENS airdrop seems legitimate , as the ENS has existed for years and it required investors to vote on a "foundational ENS governance constitution" that detailed the authority of holders before claiming their tokens.

But airdrops are often used by crypto scammers. In some cases, they may try to airdrop fictitious tokens to an investor's wallet to prompt them to visit a phishing website.

It can be difficult to tell whether an airdrop is safe or not, and investors should be cautious. Before claiming airdropped tokens or interacting with any that may have landed in your wallet, there are a few things to do first. If you have the option to claim airdropped tokens, you should first look into the project distributing and see whether it has a viable product.

Even if the airdropped token is safe to claim, its project may be designed to benefit a select few founders or core contributors. Details about a drop and its project can be found in its code, on its website or via its social media. Look into a project's fundamentals and what it proposes before connecting your wallet to its website. While the airdrops garnered excitement from some, others expressed concern , saying the projects behind the tokens lacked product development, utility and had security risks.

This isn't uncommon. If tokens land in your wallet through an airdrop you didn't initiate, it's best to wait before engaging. Some airdrops may prompt you to visit a website to sell or swap the tokens, but there's a possibility it's a phishing attempt to access your wallet and funds.

When researching, there are a few common red flags to be aware of, many of which can be seen when analyzing a project's smart contract, which are collections of code that carry out a set of instructions on the blockchain. For one, if a project lacks on-chain security to protect funds, its founders or developers might be able to control the movement of funds. This commonly happens in "pump and dump" or "rug pull" schemes , where developers abandon a project and leave with investors' funds.

In addition, it might be a bad sign if a project airdropping tokens doesn't have a product, plan, governance outline or other things of that nature. Claiming tokens now with the promise of being told details later can be dangerous. While this can sometimes also be the case for early crypto projects, where there isn't any malice, it's worth keeping in mind.

Project founders should be somewhat receptive to answering questions on Discord or Twitter, especially if people are calling out potential issues or concerns. If they aren't, that can be a red flag as well.

Another is if a project charges a fee when you try to swap or sell the tokens, or simply doesn't allow you to swap or sell at all.

Smart contracts are essential for most crypto-based projects to run. Although they can be quite technical, it's worth checking out the smart contract behind a project, or asking someone knowledgeable about the space to do so.

If there is an issue with a developer's code, intentionally or not, then there could potentially be weaknesses within the project. Sign up now: Get smarter about your money and career with our weekly newsletter. Skip Navigation. Sign up now: Get smarter about your money and career with our weekly newsletter Don't miss: You could be leaving your crypto wallet open to hackers—here's how to protect it 'People have been participating without understanding the risks': Here's what to know about cryptocurrency-based DeFi Elon Musk continues to tweet about altcoins like baby dogecoin—but investors should tread very carefully.

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What is a crypto airdrop? Why investors ought to be wary of these lucrative giveaways

Cryptocurrency bitcoin has experienced a substantial dip this morning - but how far has it dropped and what has caused the crash? Here's everything you need to know. Monday saw a major upgrade in the Bitcoin network - leading to a massive upturn in the market, but now the growth has been reversed with the coin's value taking a major plunge. Experts say the exact cause of the crash is yet to be fully understood and it could have been caused by multiple factors. One reason could be that the Chinese government have given renewed energy into decreasing bitcoin mining.

Crypto airdrops are gradually becoming a household name in the crypto space. We have highlighted the best upcoming crypto airdrops.

NFT Calendar: Top 10 upcoming NFT drops according to a survey of 1000 NFT traders

More than 2, new crypto assets were added to its database by data aggregator CoinMarketCap this year. Other platforms like CoinGecko and Coinpaprika added 3, and new crypto assets, respectively. Polytrade is one of the upcoming platforms in the DeFi space that aims to revolutionize the future of trade finance. The blockchain -based protocol connects buyers, sellers, investors and insurers to provide various benefits such as timely investments, streamlined credit facilities and interest payments. Escrow Protocol is a blockchain -based Web3 Oracle platform that lets investors fund startups with extensive control over their contributions. Funds are put into escrow accounts and released according to pre-determined completion of project milestones. Moreover, investors receive interest payments through auto-staked yield farming, while their funds are held on the platform. Creator Platform is a blockchain -as-a-service that lets businesses build dApps DeFi, no-code smart contracts, NFT, or any applications , cost-effectively in a cutting-edge technology environment. Quarashi Network will provide an extensive list of solutions with complete user anonymity and privacy, including an IDO Launchpad, multi-crypto wallet, airdrop, private chat and decentralized exchange.

Massive drop in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other coin prices. What it means for investors?

upcoming crypto drops

Over the past week, the cryptocurrency market has experienced massive drops, reaching lows not seen in months. Nick Casares, head of product at PolyientX, a platform for nonfungible token projects, said the landscape of crypto was originally decoupled from the traditional economy, but that has changed dramatically. A nonfungible token, or NFT, is essentially a piece of data that verifies you maintain ownership of a digital item, from a piece of artwork to a clip of a game-winning shot in an NBA game. Cryptocurrency drop: Bitcoin, Ethereum among cryptocurrencies losing value amid investor uncertainty. And when that happens, it tends to create a coupling between traditional markets and the crypto market.

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The shine is off Bitcoin as dip buyers remain scarce

January's slump was caused by concern over a tightening of US monetary policy by the Federal Reserve and possibly faster than expected interest rate rises which led to cash flowing out of cryptos into safer havens. Concerns over a proposal from Russia's central bank to ban cryptos receded slightly when a working group of Russian officials recommended a regulatory framework that would allow cryptocurrencies to operate. So, what is the Ethereum price outlook for ? Is this a short term bounce? Or is there real potential for the coin to climb back to its old highs?

Upcoming Drops: Jan. 31 – Feb. 6

Airdrop is a new marketing technique used by blockchain-based start-ups to incentivise the use of their platforms. The age of majoritarianism has birthed a second wave of identity politics across India. As five states are ready to go to polls At no time do the politics of identity play out more spectacularly than during an Indian election. This poll season is no different Airdrop is being vividly used these days in crypto trading. Apart from the general trading method by investing own money, one can earn huge profit through Airdrops — by providing free coins or tokens to users with public crypto wallets to promote a new virtual currency.

crypto market is again becoming a sea of red. It marks a 12 per cent drop from the record high of $69, (€61,) set on November

An airdrop, in the cryptocurrency business, is a marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual currency. Small amounts of the new virtual currency are sent to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency. The airdrop is a promotional activity typically performed by blockchain -based startups to help bootstrap a virtual currency project. Its aim is to spread awareness about the cryptocurrency project and to get more people trading in it when it lists on an exchange as an initial coin offering ICO.

The logo of Robinhood Markets, Inc. O shares fell below their initial public offering price in after-hours trading on Tuesday after the retail broker reported softer revenue than expected for the third quarter as trading levels declined for cryptocurrencies like dogecoin. Shares of Robinhood were down 8. Robinhood, which owns the app that was at the center of January's trading mania for so-called meme stocks, said in August it expected retail investors to take a breather in the third quarter.

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The cryptocurrency market suffered a big dent in November , after Bitcoin and other major coins crashed by more than 10 per cent. China has also ramped up its clampdown on Bitcoin mining, which helped cause the last crash earlier this year. The dollar has been strengthening against other fiat currencies this week, but also appears to be strengthening against crypto.

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