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By Vikram Barhat on December 3, Are you thinking of adding dogecoin to your crypto portfolio? A flurry of celebrity shoutouts, dramatic headlines and social media chatter this year has created a buzz around cryptocurrencies. The steep and spectacular rise of crypto heavyweights bitcoin and ethereum lifted the value of many smaller coins, whose price movements are often tidally locked to larger peers. One such small cryptocurrency is dogecoin, or DOGE, a digital coin known until recently only to a small community of devout crypto enthusiasts.

This year, the coin really exploded onto the mainstream crypto market, fuelled by millennial and Gen Z investors and celebrity interest. That meteoric ascent—albeit one with frequent and wild fluctuations along the way—continues to garner widespread interest and social media chatter, drawing even more investors. Dogecoin is one of thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence.

They named dogecoin after a popular meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog. The token went largely unnoticed, and its performance remained unremarkable, for years. However, over time it gained a following, which improved its visibility and market value. The relentless social media promotion by these influential names has pushed the price of dogecoin to record highs.

Unlike other digital currencies, dogecoin has no hard cap on the number of coins in circulation. Experts say this will help maintain the incentive to mine. It is also claimed that as a joke coin, DOGE provided some comic relief to anxious investors run haggard by the pandemic. A combination of media hype, relatively low stakes and solid performance makes dogecoin quite an attractive proposition for many investors. However, investors should temper their expectations with a touch of practicality.

As for buying DOGE, he recommends dollar-cost averaging—buying a little at a time instead of investing a lump sum—for most retail investors. For more advanced investors, though, it usually pays to take a contrarian view. The variables underpinning wild run-ups in dogecoin prices—the mainstreaming of digital currencies, ultra-low interest rates, social media amplification and the emergence of online brokerage platforms—appear set to remain for the foreseeable future.

However, with exponential growth comes significant risk. While investors can gain access to crypto assets through mutual funds or ETFs, there are none that provide exposure to dogecoin. The only way investors can get into dogecoin is by holding it directly, and the easiest way to buy it is via a crypto trading platform.

There are several Canadian and U. One platform that ranks high on many of these parameters is CoinSmart , a publicly traded company ticker symbol SMRT that facilitates buying, holding and selling dogecoin and a range of other cryptocurrencies.

To get started, you can create an account and have it verified instantly, then fund your CoinSmart digital wallet with an e-transfer from your Canadian bank account. Alternatively, you can pay for your CoinSmart purchases using your credit card, cryptocurrency you already own or a bank draft. For seasoned investors, the Advanced Trade feature allows you to customize orders for an enhanced trading experience. In the absence of any traditional investment vehicles that offer dogecoin exposure, buying it directly may be the only option for Canadian investors.

It is, therefore, even more important to choose a platform that is easy to use, meets and exceeds regulatory requirements and offers peace of mind by keeping your funds and assets safe and secure.

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A guide for Canadian investors. Investing Making sense of the markets this week: January

After GameStop, the rise of Dogecoin shows us how memes can move markets

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the electric car maker will begin accepting payments in dogecoin for some products. The announcement comes just a few months after Tesla backtracked on its decision to accept payments in bitcoin, citing environmental concerns about the way the cryptocurrency is mined. Follow our live coverage of the crypto market here. The price of dogecoin surged following the announcement, rising more than 14 per cent in the space of just a few minutes. The tech billionaire has been a long-time advocate for the meme-based cryptocurrency, and has personally invested in it. In May, he asked his Twitter followers if Tesla should accept payments in dogecoin, with more than three quarters of respondents saying yes.

I created the original Dogecoin logo you see at and just Why does it have a proprietary D logo on it instead of a unicode symbol like Ɖ.

Dogecoin (DOGE) exchange rate

Social media users also drew links between Doge Day and Weed Day , which is celebrated on April 20 by marijuana smokers. Unlike bitcoin, which has set 21 million as the finite amount of the digital currency, dogecoin has billion coins in circulation and will continue to make new blocks of coins available to mine each year. All rights reserved. One lawmaker plans to propose voucher bill he calls…. Technology Curt Gresseth One economist says life today is simpler than you may think Without having to spend time hunting and gathering, one economist says we live the real simple life. Paul Nelson Jewish leaders praise Entrata for building bridges after company founder sends anti-Semitic email Tech company Entrata has reached out to the Jewish Community to repair damage done by its founder. Curt Gresseth Is it time for parents to remove kids from social media? The Granite School District asks parents to take their children off social media if they can't monitor their kids' use of the apps. The fraud conviction of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes could deliver a sobering message to a Silicon Valley culture that often gets lost in its own hubris and swagger.

Tesla will accept Dogecoin for its merchandise, tweets Elon Musk

dogecoin logo

Baby Doge has learned a few tricks and lessons from his meme father, Doge. A new crypto birthed by fans of the Doge Meme online community. He is Hyper-deflationary with static reflection that rewards holders, so more baby doge coins are being automatically added to your wallet each transaction. All holders of Baby Doge will earn more baby doge that is automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding Baby Doge coins in your wallet.

You have to sync with the blockchain to use Dogecoin. MultiDoge is a "light" wallet.

Dogecoin is on a run, has escaped the yard, and is headed to the moon

Shiba Inu has made strong strides recently to the top 20 list while Dogecoin enjoys its place in the top Memecoins add entertainment value to the crypto ecosystem though, for some, it is a serious way to make quick returns on investments. Investing in memecoins is similar to gambling — high risks and, sometimes, high returns. They work by the principle of network effect — a loyal fanbase, who has invested in early, markets them on all social platforms to get additional buyers to keep up the price momentum. We compare these two coins and their loyal fanbases. Compared to other altcoins, which often have limited supply, DOGE has an unlimited supply of tokens, with its current circulating supply being more than billion.

Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment: Elon Musk

You might be using an unsupported or outdated browser. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Dogecoin was originally created at least in part as a lighthearted joke for crypto enthusiasts, and took its name from a once-popular meme. Despite this unusual origin story, it has exploded in popularity in —as of writing, Dogecoin has become the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap. We've combed through the leading exchange offerings, and reams of data, to determine the best crypto exchanges. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology, similarly to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain is a distributed, secure digital ledger that stores all transactions made using a decentralized digital currency. All holders carry an identical copy of the Dogecoin blockchain ledger, which is frequently updated with all new transactions in the cryptocurrency.

Based on the popular "Doge" internet meme and featuring a Shiba Inu on its logo, Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that was forked from Litecoin in Dec.

An Introduction to Dogecoin, The Meme Cryptocurrency

A recent dispute over trademark ownership to the name of meme-fueled Dogecoin highlights the importance of trademark rights in the ever-growing world of cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are at least other cryptocurrencies—not associated with the original Dogecoin or Dogecoin Foundation—that utilize the Dogecoin name. Adding to the potential confusion, a Cook Islands-based company, Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu, also unaffiliated with the Colorado-based Dogecoin Foundation, recently applied for a trademark for Dogecoin earlier this year. Now the original Colorado-based Dogecoin Foundation is attempting to assert its rights to the Dogecoin name.

Commentary: Dogecoin and why we should quit taking cryptocurrency seriously

Singapore, Jan. Shortly after mooning the price falls down and investor confidence wanes along with the overall price trend. These meme coins are literal joke cryptocurrencies. They have no utility and no use case — not to mention their supply is typically uncapped.

It is a cryptographically protected online network that allows users to send Doge to another without permission needed, but not as secure or decentralised as Bitcoin.

Litecoin Creator Praises Dogecoin, Can The Token Get Its Bark Back?

The world's richest person has been repeatedly posting tweets in favor of Dogecoin since Jan. This amount was greater than year-old financial services and communications firm Western Union, or sports equipment manufacturer Under Armour that has been in the market for 25 years. Musk, however, took a stance against the crypto late Sunday, writing on Twitter "If major Dogecoin holders sell most of their coins, it will get my full support. Too much concentration is the only real issue IMO. Musk, a crypto-enthusiast, seems to have shifted his focus to the world's largest virtual coin.

Dogecoin USD (DOGE-USD)

But Dogecoin has already had an astonishing ascent from the roughly half of a cent that it was fetching at the start of the year. That puts it in the same neighborhood as Chipotle Mexican Grill and eBay. Supporters of Dogecoin are trying to help it shed its image as a joke cryptocurrency and get it seen as a way to make fast and easy transactions, though few retailers are accepting it so far.

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