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It is a professional document management platform that captures, stores, processes and distributes unstructured business information documents. It manages correspondence, classifies documentation into files, optimizes internal processes and manages physical and electronic archiving. We have developed our own professional document management platform abox ECM totally web and adapted to international standards in the field of archiving. We are in a phase of international growth in the Andean, Caribbean and Central American regions. Our policy is based on the loyalty of specialized business partners , within the markets of document management , process outsourcing and business management applications. If you have come this far, it is because you need a solution that helps you sort, locate and work with your paper and electronic documentation in a much more efficient way than you are doing now.

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Ecm blockchain

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December 13, Alexandra Sieron. Blockchain is an omnipresent topic these days and has extended its reach from an alternative payment system in the form of e.

But is blockchain a universal remedy to enhance cost efficiency, security and autonomy? How do the new possible applications affect ECM and content services? Are we soon all blockchaininginstead of managing content? Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. This makes blockchain a secure, verifiable and permanent solution for transactions of any kind.

Originally implemented as the core of the digital currency bitcoin, it now sees several possible use cases, e. Currently, the Swedish land registry is trialing blockchain for its land registration. Here, all steps of the contract between buyer and seller are confirmed and saved in the blockchain. The related information is also accessible by the land registry and involved banks, aiming to make the land registry a transparent, trustworthy and secure Transaction.

Though blockchain is seen as a self-auditing ecosystem that is highly secure, the two essential paradigms of public blockchain as known today — namely the absence of a central authority and anonymity or better pseudonymity — conflict significantly with some of the current fundamental ideas of running a business.

As ECM in itself presents a solution to support companies in managing their business, its main purpose is to make sure information of any kind is managed efficiently and in compliance with current legislations, e. GDPR, and company policies.

In general, ECM and blockchain currently follow two quite different approaches, not only technologically but also in its views on Business:. An ECM system is based on traceability and the option to monitor activities via an audit trail to comply with corporate rules and legislation. Moreover, GDPR even requires traceable deletion of personal information. In a system based on anonymity coming from a public blockchain data is said to be protected by this anonymity. Here, traceability has a form that differs significantly from the traceability understanding of ECM.

In a blockchain the saved blocks with their transactions are traceable, but they cannot be attributed to an individual. Private blockchains may solve this issue by loosen the anonymity and implementing deletion policies via consensus validation. But, once it comes to editing or deleting content, the concept of blockchain is not able to replicate these actions. New information is stored in new blocks extending the chain. The former need to be confirmed via the peer-to-peer validation process — a timely and energy consuming process.

Regardless of the change, may it be as minimal as adding a comma, the validation process needs to be executed. Data security vs. Their value arises from the multitude of parties involved in the verification process.

In ECM data security and data privacy are key. It prevents or reduces the risks of data leakage to a maximum, keeping all sensitive data inside the company — and that for a reason: Most companies are still afraid of industrial espionage or data leakage. Thus, the majority of ECM installations still run on-premises instead of the cloud. As blockchain is such a new and different concept, it is probably way too early for such a mind shift on a broader level.

In regards to security and privacy private blockchains have become more popular over the past few years. They mark a hybrid state while diluting the original idea of blockchain. This may be the future of commonly used blockchains. When running a content management solution companies aim at data security, compliance and sovereignty.

This goes hand in hand with a central, internal administration of the solution itself and the user and data management. The blockchain comes along with a completely different concept: all validation and confirmation of transactions is done via distributed ledgers in an automated way.

The user management as we know it is basically not possible as transactions are not connected to individual user profiles.

Here, the nodes of a blockchain network compete to be the first to validate a block. On a side note: In doing so, new blocks are mined. This is quite an extensive process, which ultimately results in blocks being condensed to a chain — a sequential chain, which has to proof its abilities of scalability with growing database.

All modern ECM systems are easy to scale and can process files and data quickly. The confirmation that content has been filed, updated or deleted is right at hand.

Is blockchain changing the essence of ECM sometime soon? Or is it even a new backbone technology? Some see blockchain already as revolutionary as the internet, when it emerged. Quite possible, as it is a whole new perspective of looking at technology. Like the internet — before it became mainstream — the concept of blockchain seems hard to grasp. Though, certain use cases arise that allow a glimpse into its future.

But are these use cases relevant, revolutionary or disruptive for ECM? And if so, is everyone affected to the same extend? Blockchain is for sure a revolutionary concept and I believe it will disrupt software offerings to a certain extent for sure. At the same time, ECM use cases will be affected in different levels. Here blockchain currently looks like the less efficient option: An extensive amount of files, documents and data slow down the blockchain and make archiving scenarios too slow for a seamless and user friendly solution.

Moreover, it is currently not possible to shift all data and content to blockchain as capacities are not there yet. At the moment, blockchains only carry out transactions of representations. But maybe this can change in the future too. All case management scenarios that involve multiple players and different confirmation and validation levels with limited data volumes, e. And though blockchain currently does not comply with many content management requirements see above , I see future opportunities to enhance ECM with blockchain concepts to create an advanced content services ecosystem that benefits its users and complies with legislation at the same time.

My vision of a blockchain-enriched content platform incorporates the following:. All this can enhance the existing content services to innovate a more efficient, user-friendly and secure content management system. The strength of an ECM solution like Doxis4 is its ability to integrate with other solutions — in the future I surely see blockchain elements being part of this development, that offer added value to all participants.

ECM platform. I am excited to share all our activities across the globe with you. Prior to joining SER, I held several marketing and communications positions at an international affiliate marketing network, where I worked 9 years. My other passion, good food! I try to explore the culinary highlights of Berlin and any other place I visit whenever I can.

Which Doxis4 solutions can help you meet your requirements? And how do they work? What should a DMS offer? What are the benefits you seek from it? This guide takes you step by step through the process of finding and launching a document management system.

It includes practical information and checklists, use cases and recommendations. December 13, Alexandra Sieron Blockchain is an omnipresent topic these days and has extended its reach from an alternative payment system in the form of e.

ECM and blockchain — a high-level comparison Though blockchain is seen as a self-auditing ecosystem that is highly secure, the two essential paradigms of public blockchain as known today — namely the absence of a central authority and anonymity or better pseudonymity — conflict significantly with some of the current fundamental ideas of running a business. In general, ECM and blockchain currently follow two quite different approaches, not only technologically but also in its views on Business: 1.

Traceability vs. Central administration vs. A private blockchain approach with more flexible editing and deletion policies where needed to comply with rules and regulations. Smart contracts for standard agreements — maybe by the time implemented in ECM, these smart contracts already reflect more than just standard cases.

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Setting a data migration strategy is vital as there are many challenges with legacy systems. With Intalio, your data migration strategy is simplified. While technology continues to evolve, the business value of legacy systems weakens as enduring with legacy systems brings with it countless disadvantages that can do tangible damage to your company. Here is how; Legacy IT systems are no longer prepared for change as software editors have discontinued support to those systems. This also means that your company will be paying extremely high maintenance costs.

Tags: Blockchain, Document Management, ECM, PeopleSoft. Primary Presenter: Ian Siu [The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology]. Room(s)/ Time(s).

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The webinar will explore some of the benefits of distributing documents and digital assets on Blockchain. Enterprise content management systems have truly changed the way organizations work. The big players—IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText—have in many ways transformed day-to-day document-centric processes, helping to automate tedious manual tasks and increase business efficiency. In the recent years, SharePoint online has fast emerged as a leading Content Services platform. This presents an excellent Digital transformation with SharePoint opportunity for enterprises looking to move their on-premise ECM systems on to the Cloud. For installations worldwide, the number of sold product should go down to the low five-figure range. About this series of numbers can only smile Microsoft. To SharePoint, it is estimated that today about 50 percent of companies use this product. Provided these assumptions are correct, Microsoft has taken a role with SharePoint as the base technology for document management and collaboration in the market. Discover how to reduce your costs while still getting peak performance.

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ecm blockchain

It is a financial advisory profession with a strong strategic dimension: he will divide his time between the execution of transactions for which he holds a mandate and the proposals of new acquisition opportunities pitch to his clients. It is a financial advisory business linked to financing by issuance of shares. It is a financial advisory profession linked to financing by issuance of bonds. Also linked to the market, this business requires constant monitoring of the bond market.

Ultimus customers are using BPM in conjunction with their existing document management or ECM capabilities to directly link information with specific processes, add time-bound metrics for the completion of tasks, and to route the information to specific people in the organization based on well defined rules and event conditions.

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Don't dream about going digital, make it a reality! Our sales and support consultants are not only experts on our software solutions but are also well-informed about the industry and can help with complementing software and hardware products. With locations around the world, Dokmee supports our clients virtually anywhere in over a dozen language and dialects. At Dokmee, we work hand in hand with our resellers and end users to fully understand their needs and desires. Our knowledgeable Enterprise Content Management consultants are here to assist you in the planning and implementation of a complete digital office, so you can stop sifting through your file cabinets. We also maintain well-built relationships with other software and hardware manufactures so that our resellers and end users may get a complete, all-inclusive solution.


Enterprise Content Management is a repository of documents with workflow, scanning, digital rights management, integrations, metadata, web content management and portals weaved around it. If any of the earlier blocks are modified it results in a corruption of network majority. We have immutable strings in Java, we have immutable objects in programming. But to maintain immutability in Enterprise Content Management, Document Management and Digital Assets we go upto great lengths to have hashing, signatures, complex repository engines, MD5s and so on. One thing that could help us is BlockChain.

Since last year, blockchain innovation has been used around the world in various industries to make life simpler, much safer and easier for businesses.

The Full and Comprehensive Guide for Implementing an ECM System

Recent News. Tech CEO: A viable central bank digital currency would have to be 'the law'. Indra and eCurrency join forces to deliver end-to-end digital currency solutions to central banks.

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Our suite of technologies enhances the Bitcoin ecosystem, making it easier for individuals and businesses to secure and transact their digital assets. Learn how to issue security tokens, stablecoins, and other assets on the Liquid Network.

Blockchain and adjacent technologies have revolutionized the way data is shared and stored. Organizations today leverage a host of offerings to help in the adoption, integration, and realization of blockchain networks. However, most users still struggle due to a poorly defined vision, cultural mind shift, disconnected processes, lack of data, inadequate skills, and regulatory compliance. These are the common roadblocks to seamless adoption of blockchain technology; particularly in the first two generations — cryptocurrencies and Ethereum Smart Contracts. We can help build an ecosystem with complementing technologies.

However, to understand and make a conscious choice in electronic document management, one needs to figure out its inner. However, to understand and make a conscious choice in electronic document management, one needs to figure out its inner workings. How and what exactly does the system handle? What are the pros and cons of this method?

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