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Blockchain is the one of the most globally employed security technology for protecting the data through decentralized transparent e-ledger maintenance. The primary working principle of blockchain is vastly depends on smart contract which is one of the blockchain components. It creates the smart way of security and builds the strong foundation in many of the blockchain applications such as e-voting, healthcare, cybersecurity system and more. This article clearly gives you end-to-end research updates on Blockchain Technology along with its current research areas!!! In the short period, blockchain turn out to be the master technology to hold the future era of digital transactions. As a result, it gains tremendous popularity in web based information security system.

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Blockchain Essays

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Search The ScholarShip. This Collection. View Google Analytics Statistics. Show full item record. There is a lot of excitement around Blockchain technology and its ability to disrupt many traditional industries and business practices. Many believe this aspect of blockchain can revolutionize traditional supply chain practices typically involving many untrusting entities from the time raw material extraction to the final consumption of a finished product by the end consumer.

While there have been many claims regarding its obvious benefits in Supply chain management, there are only few technical applications developed so far that are useful in real world scenarios.

In this thesis, we review different real-world implementations of block chain technology in the supply chain domain, especially those that leverage smart contracts. Smart contract is a computer protocol that facilitates, verifies, enforces performance of a contract digitally using Blockchain technology. Since smart contracts are trackable, irreversible and allow performance of credible transactions without third parties, it can be deployed effectively to replace existing supply chain mechanisms that require working with an intermediate entity such as a bank that often comes with a price tag for their services.

In this thesis, we present a framework to enable sale of goods between untrusting entities typically in different geographies leveraging smart contract technology that can effectively replace the "letter of credit" payment mechanism.

An novel algorithm for dispute resolution is developed and a decentralized app Dapp is built and deployed on Ethereum block chain using smart contracts developed in Solidity. Last, we discuss the effectiveness of such a system, potential drawbacks or known security threats that may hinder the adoption of such an app in the real world. Kulkarni, Sumati. June Retrieved from the Scholarship.

Master's Thesis. East Carolina University, June The Scholarship. February 03, Computer Science Master's Theses.

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After the financial crisis, a mysterious paper was released by Satoshi Nakamoto that discussed a new peer to peer financial system using a digital cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The economy was in a global recession at the time and people were frustrated with centralized banks disrupting and controlling the financial system. The technology invented to […]. In a very short time since its introduction in , blockchain technology has burst onto the techscene and jumped to the front lines of hottest new developments. Subscribe to these great blogs and accelerate your blockchain […].

Application essay · Professional CV · Photo Identification e.g., Passport · Evidence of English Language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, or previous study in English).

Crypto Venture Studio Thesis Raises $21M to Keep Building

Atif Farid Mohammad. The advent of Blockchain has introduced a paradigm shift in the area of Scientific Computing. The decision analytics embodiment in current technology fabric has introduced a need of incorporating Blockchain with industrial technology ecosystem. The utilization of Blockchain has introduced gaps in terms of standard business processes, while the data is being processed using the concept of traditional RDBMS and NoSQL data formats. The lag of permissioned and permissionless Blockchain is the problem area which is dealt with in this doctoral dissertation to provide a Proof of Permission PoP protocol for any organization or entity to tailor according to their environmental constraints. There has been a need of an opensource protocol that organizations can customize according to their needs, which is not bound of using only REST interactions. The research presented in this thesis provides such a solution for the industry.

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blockchain thesis

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Toward a Political Sociology of Blockchain. Author Jones, Kristopher.

Contributions to Blockchain-based Security Protocols.

PhD Thesis on Blockchain Technology

Show full item record. Exploring distributed collaboration and the potential of blockchain as an enabling technology. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Files in this item.

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A blockchain is a decentralized database of transactions, executed and shared be-tween blockchain participants. Over a certain period lists of transactions are record-ed onto a ledger and encapsulated in a block. Each block is secure and connected to its previous block by the use of cryptography. Thereby the blockchain provides reliability, traceability, and authenticity of information which makes it very interesting for supply chain management. Due to the fact that the blockchain is still a very new technology, this thesis examines how the blockchain technology can make an im-pact on supply chain management. This thesis focuses on the opportunities of blockchain-based supply chain systems as well as on the effects of the two main characteristics of a blockchain, transparen-cy and immutability. Furthermore, a blockchain-based supply chain is also com-pared with traditional supply chains in terms of fairness. A comprehensive literature review and a qualitative research design were chosen to obtain meaningful data.

This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by RIT Scholar Works. It has been accepted for inclusion in. Theses by an authorized.

Understanding the Aspects of Trust in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

According to Thesis CEO and founder Matt Luongo, the venture studio plans to use the funds to build out existing projects and spin up new ones. Luongo told CoinDesk that Thesis was inspired to create a MetaMask competitor after the popular, ConsenSys-owned crypto wallet tightened its licenses and switched from open source to closed source last August. Unlike previous funding rounds for Thesis, which have largely been project-specific , the latest funding is an investment into Thesis itself.

Thesis Raises $21 Million Series A to Expand its Crypto Venture Studio

This online Blockchain Executive Diploma Program offered by EBU is a skill-building approach to assist students and individuals in all areas of the private and public-sector in understanding, applying and intelligibly discussing industry specific strategic ramifications of blockchain technology. This program is not a coding course, but rather, introduces the fundamental concepts and technical underpinning required by students and professionals to learn, maintain, or improve their grasp of this innovation. The program strategically focuses on Blockchain use in cases spanning multiple industries and measures the disruptive force of each case. This practical application is a proof-of-concept approach which vets functional areas such as, but not limited to:. All EBU Issued academic certificates will have a transaction key and can be verified through the Ethereum blockchain. Non-profit Association.

View the thesis. Thesis title : Blockchain and gender digital inequalities in Africa: A critical afrofemtric analysis.

Blockchain Technology PhD Thesis

PhD thesis, University of Warwick. Request Changes to record. This thesis offers a critical investigation of the Bitcoin currency and the operation of its technical structure, i. The main objective of the research is to identify and describe the specific power dynamics performed by and through this digital phenomenon. Where is it located? How are power relations performed in it? And how are power relations modified in relation with previous institutional systems?

Labazova, Olga Blockchain Application in Information Systems Research. Blockchain is a radical innovation with a core value proposition of shifting trust from institutions towards algorithms.

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