Chia farming hardware acceleration is available

Some months ago we have reviewed a new software that increases the hashrate for mining Ethereum. Initially developed as a hashrate booster in a private mining farm, the Acorn has been kept private until a couple weeks ago. Besides a brief mention here and there, little was known about it until the founder of Squirrels Research Labs has announced that they are planning on releasing this device to the public. This means that memory bandwidth or area heavy portions of the algorithm will be handled by the GPU, while other parts are delegated to the FPGA. Obviously, the Acorn works better on less memory-intensive algorithms such as Keccak and makes the least difference when mining, say, Ethereum. To receive the latest updates follow me on social media!

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Chia farming hardware acceleration is available

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How to make sure I am farming correctly?

Find details of all projects supported by CRC-P grants. Long term brain monitoring EEG is a crucial component in the diagnosis of epilepsy. This monitoring requires sticking dozens of electrodes to the patient's scalp. Old solutions lead to skin irritation, are labour intensive, and do not last the duration of monitoring. Seer has made progress through development of a product called WaterTabs that solves some of these issues, but still uses old electrodes.

This is manufactured in our ISO facility in Melbourne. There is a large global opportunity to develop an integrated electrode based on new materials and manufacturing methods, improving patient experience. This project will develop integrated, manufacturable, and easy-to-apply electrode interfaces.

This Project will further develop and commercialise existing proprietary processing technology developed by Alumtek Minerals AM over the last three years to extract critical minerals and rare earths from bauxite residue. This industry-led project, a partnership between AM, Alcoa and Chemistry Centre WA, will deliver a comprehensive test work program, building on previous positive proof-of-concept results, which will produce initial quantities of various critical minerals and rare earth elements.

ARIA is a breakthrough bionic medical device that delivers high-fidelity visual-spatial perception for blind people. This project will enable ARIA to undertake preclinical evaluations, build early prototypes, undertake preclinical trials, and prepare for future clinical trials. Tail biting is confronting, an undesirable consequence of pork production, and is an adverse welfare and economic issue for the pork industry.

Pigs have part of their tail removed docked soon after birth to prevent tail biting later in life. Elimination of tail docking will give significant welfare benefits. This will enhance societal confidence in the pig industry leading to improved market opportunities and production returns for pork producers.

Support from the CRC-P will give pork producers the confidence to raise pigs with intact tails while maintaining high standards of pig welfare. This project will prove-up breakthrough advanced hydrogen H2 storage materials discoveries at the University of Sydney.

The inability to store H2 efficiently is a key barrier to the uptake of H2 as a new zero-carbon fuel, as identified in the National Hydrogen Strategy. The project is expected to demonstrate the superior system-wide volumetric and gravimetric efficiency gains of the metal-organic-framework MOF material to enable higher density lower pressure storage. These gains will enable key H2 markets in grid, mobility and aerospace, supporting decarbonisation. Data from this platform can be shared.

Using this data, MRFs, recyclers and manufacturers can plan the supply chain to increase the use of recovered resources. This CRC-P will also develop a prototype smart manufacturing plant to develop new building products. The aim is to manufacture products that can compete with the current market to eliminate negative value stream of the recovered raw material by market diversification.

This end-to-end manufacturing is a solution to add value and efficiency by having visibility across the supply chain. This how CRC-P funding will pave the way towards application of industry 4.

The partnership is creating a new generation of smart orthotic devices to increase patient compliance and expedite lead times to patient and reduce overall healthcare costs. The project will test an enhanced workflow to supply patients in remote Australia custom smart orthotics to address diabetic foot disease complications prevalent in remote Australian communities.

The partners apply advancements in human-centred design, generative design, advanced manufacturing, and wearable technologies to provide quantitative clinical data to monitor treatment effectiveness and improve patient compliance and outcomes. However, there is currently no commercially-viable technology to measure sheep meat quality during production.

This device combines miniaturised photonics with deep learning algorithms to enable meat producers to reliably identify premium quality lamb and mutton. It will also provide valuable feedback to farmers on animal husbandry and breeding.

The move to underground mining comes from the need to go deeper to find better orebodies and environmental, social and governance ESG expectations for lower footprint mining.

Experience shows a major hazard from mining in very high stressed environments is a sudden dynamic explosive failure of rock that is not effectively held by traditional rock bolt reinforcement; hence, dynamic bolts exist. It is widely accepted over 1. Solution: 3. There has been minimal innovation in this space due to limited standards testing and poor specifier confidence.

MineSensor combines proprietary hardware, firmware, software, and an analytics platform to digitise mine conveyor information to reduce breakdown, increase mine output and improve safety.

A fitted transponder measures conveyor roller bearing temperature and roller thickness. Information from the transponder is received and analysed, resulting in reports and alerts.

MineSensor and the University of Newcastle developed the IP, patented the technology, created a prototype, and undertaken laboratory performance testing at the University of Newcastle. This project will take the MineSensor field prototype to a mid-scale trial, then to pre-commercial release. Patients remain at risk of cross-contamination with potential serious consequences due to poor sensitivity and subjectivity of current protocols for decontamination of medical instruments.

Currently no integrated system exists to detect and remove pathogenic proteins which are associated with clinical conditions including neurodegenerative disorders. This project develops a solution comprising of a new indicator, a highly sensitive detector and new enzyme formulations for the cleaning and deactivation of pathogenic proteins.

These will be manufactured locally and brought to global markets by Nanosonics, an Australian ASX company with a successful track record of manufacturing and commercialisation of decontamination products.

There is no industrial scale production of high-value proteins from plant-based ingredients in Australia. Protein ingredients must be imported, with food manufacturers beholden to international suppliers, price fluctuations and supply chain interruptions. CRC-P support of the research collaboration will enable scaled up protein production to solve this industry problem and open new market opportunities for producers, to operate alongside existing markets.

Accurate monitoring of babies for poor oxygenation hypoxia during childbirth is crucial to preventing complications which can lead to long term morbidity and mortality for mothers and babies. Current monitoring techniques are based on outdated s technology, which produces inadequate and or inaccurate data on this vital indicator. This can lead to serious fetal complications, such as brain damage or other organ damage and unnecessary intervention with emergency Caesarean sections.

VitalTrace is bringing together a multidisciplinary team of specialised engineers and product developers, clinicians and researchers to develop a medical device that continuously measures a highly accurate marker of fetal hypoxia.

The vision for the mining sector is focused on the digital mine toward complete automation. The digital mine creates a high demand for communication networks. In an emergency, existing networks may fail due to the loss of power or damage to communication cables. A long-range low power wireless technology - LoRa makes all this possible.

As a new technology, LoRa has not been used for underground mines yet. In this project, we will develop a chain type LoRa network, which can achieve full coverage, provide a backup network, be quickly deployed for rescue work, and support new robotic applications. The Project will address current inadequacies in the nutrition, palatability and safety of thickened food for dysphagia patients, through the development and upscaling of a new-to-the-world liquid-based viscosity inhibited food and beverage thickening formulation.

In so doing, the project will overcome significant co-morbidities such as dehydration and malnutrition in dysphagia patients, by combining biologically derived ingredients in a patented formulation, which aims to lower the prescribed consistency of thickened foods, while not compromising safety.

Sclerotinia has a broad host range and its spores can spread rapidly over large distance through the air and remain persistent in soil for years. Conventional processing of copper-nickel-platinum group metals Cu-Ni-PGM deposits extracts the metals by flotation with the resultant concentrate sent offshore for smelting. These inefficiencies result in significant metal loss, excess energy usage, and are environmentally unfriendly.

The Project seeks to develop a novel, environmentally-friendly process that will increase efficiencies in processing critical raw materials into platinum group metals, battery minerals nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate and energy metal copper.

Vertiia is an Australian developed electric Vertical Take-off and Landing eVTOL Aircraft, that will provide rapid response air ambulance and low cost passenger transport for regional and remote Australia. This project will enable the optimisation and development of a quiet, efficient and lightweight propulsion system tailored for Vertiia. Off the shelf motors, prop-rotors and power electronics have significant room for improvement in eVTOL applications, with several emerging technologies that will greatly increase range, and reduce noise and cost.

While imported rocket boosters are available, the regulatory burden and cost combined with foreign government control on their use are all significant barriers. Filling this capability gap by domestically producing commercial rocket boosters will allow for responsive sovereign space launch to occur.

The additive manufacturing approach results in substantial cost savings which translate to affordable space access for Australia's emerging space industry. Nourish have designed animal-free fat combinations to suit any protein flavour profile required. This project enables the development and commercialisation of these fats.

Nourish are building a pilot scale fermentation facility in rural New South Wales, close to organic feedstock from agriculture, to develop lipid fermentation for the local manufacture of future foods. This facility will help translate the new Nourish strains from the lab through to the end user and the consumer. No commercial technology exists to upcycle this biomass resource into valuable products. A bio-refinery demonstration unit, employing additive manufacturing for catalyst fabrication, underpins the proposed process.

However, biosolids production will substantially increase with population growth and provide opportunities for co-digestion with organic waste at sewage treatment plants. This CRC-P brings together two major water utilities, world-leading researchers, resource-recycling technology and service providers, and the state government regulatory agency, to develop a suite of market-ready technologies that will substantially increase capacity of existing treatment infrastructure, produce high quality biosolids suitable for unrestricted use as soil fertilizer, and increase bioenergy recovery from wastewater and organic waste.

This CRC-P will develop new applications with existing recycled glass stabilising technology to manufacture building materials. This innovation and research will play an important role in developing sustainable technologies while boosting domestic jobs and industries.

Limited Asphaltech Pty. Our current recycling infrastructure lacks capability and capacity, relying on landfill and waste export. This CRC-P will commercialise technologies to convert plastic and paper waste in to value-added additives for asphalt. State Asphalts and Asphaltech will use the products, whilst distribution partners Closed Loop and Primaplas will source waste materials and distribute recycled products.

The work will create technical leadership, improve competitiveness through reduced infrastructure costs, and create environmental benefits through reducing landfill and exports of waste. Australian plastics manufacturers will use the PHA in existing manufacturing processes to confirm the resin can be used without the need for factory retrofit, and validate the properties of the resin in target end products, providing a scalable pathway to first sales both in Australia and abroad.

Clearbox Systems will lead the development of a novel SDA sensor and commence implementation of an integrated STM system that will securely store, analyse and distribute collected data for satellite location, identification, tracking and collision avoidance. The sensor and collected data will be made available for sale to satellite operators and governments globally. Installation costs are currently double and installation time is seven times that of ballast track.

ERT technology will transform how rail is constructed and will significantly contribute to the multi-billion dollar mining and transportation sectors. Five Kelpie systems will be trialled on Monaro farms and Treasury Wine Estates vineyards - autonomously navigating pasture or vineyard to economically control weeds where it is currently not possible.

Kelpie will record the position and size of the weeds, to produce a Weeds Map for planning and audit purposes, and a Feed Quality Map with the current farm stock carrying capacity.

The weeds data collected during the project will be analysed and made publicly available as a research resource as a Reference Weeds Library. Flu vaccines, key to flu prevention, are produced in eggs, a process that suffers considerable production hurdles, using almost 1. To solve this major industry problem, we have developed new vaccine production substrates eggs and cell lines that can produce significantly higher quantities of flu vaccine, alleviating the production hurdles of this vital medical product.

This project will take our highly developed prototypes and deliver a translated, commercially viable products for international sale. Our eggs and cell lines will save time, money and lives.


The new Chia cryptocurrency has already started making waves in the storage industry , as we've reported back in April. With Chia trading now live , it looks set to become even more interesting in the coming months. The total netspace for Chia has already eclipsed 2 exabytes, and it's well on its way to double- and probably even triple-digit EiB levels if current trends continue. If you're looking to join the latest crypto-bandwagon, here's how to get started farming Chia coin. First, if you've dabbled in other cryptocurrencies before, Chia is a very different beast. Some of the fundamental blockchain concepts aren't radically different from what's going before, but Chia coin ditches the Proof of Work algorithm for securing the blockchain and instead implements Proof of Space — technically Proof of Time and Space, but the latter appears to be the more pertinent factor. Rather than mining coins by dedicating large amounts of processing power to the task, Chia simply requires storage plots — but these plots need to be filled with the correct data.

util/format: NEON is not available with the soft-float ABI radv: Add GPU copying of acceleration structures. Chia-I Wu (43).

Chia Crypto Demand Prompts WD, Seagate to Ramp Up HDD Production

Aut op script. Exploits … Pastebin. Also check out: OP Auto Clicker. Contains in-built browser. Get the SourceForge newsletter. New best method to afk farm in pet simulator x! This is software that is used by the user while playing the game for breaking the blocks. Foto: Shutterstock. Experiences failed to load.

Mining Chia Coin, the New Storage-Based Cryptocurrency, Chia Coin Mining Hashrates

chia farming hardware acceleration is available

Calculation of the g-force at accelerating or braking in a straight line motion. Compare your mouse settings with other players in seconds. When someone drinks, even relatively small amounts of alcohol, EtG is formed and can be detected in the urine. EtG testing is becoming more common as a method to test for alcohol consumption in individuals who have been ordered to abstain from alcohol consumption. What is Julian Date?

By creating an account you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order's status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made.

So You Want to Be a Space Farmer?

The direct message notification sound might be missing but you can hear other sounds likeAbout mobile Discord delayed notifications. Discord Inc. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Microsoft Authenticator. Read on. A soft reset is simply cutting all power from your phone, preferably for 10 or more seconds.

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When completed, these Thomson Line stations will connect the northern and central parts of Singapore through Woodlands and Caldecott stations, bringing further convenience and connectivity to commuters working and residing in Woodlands, Lentor, Thomson and Ang Mo Kio. For more information, please refer to the attached news release. The October second open bidding exercise for Certificates of Entitlement will start at 12 noon on Monday, 21 October , and end at 4 pm on Wednesday, 23 October For more details, please refer to the attached press release. It will now be safer to ride a bicycle in Sembawang, with the completion of the

There is NO GPU acceleration so everything is pegged to how fast a CPU can the design of Chia's PoS is not about GPU hardware costs vs HDD farm costs.

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CRC Projects selection round outcomes

Find details of all projects supported by CRC-P grants. Long term brain monitoring EEG is a crucial component in the diagnosis of epilepsy. This monitoring requires sticking dozens of electrodes to the patient's scalp. Old solutions lead to skin irritation, are labour intensive, and do not last the duration of monitoring. Seer has made progress through development of a product called WaterTabs that solves some of these issues, but still uses old electrodes.

Home Insight Success Case.

SCALE is an acronym that represents the core features of the software:. Join our Official Discord Server. Users wanting to upgrade to a nightly image from From repurposed systems to highly-custom builds, the fundamental freedom of TrueNAS is the ability to run it on almost any x86 computer. We do not recommend installing TrueNAS on a single disk or striped pool unless you have a good reason to do so.

Chia was incorporated in August of to develop an improved blockchain and smart transaction platform. The company is building the Chia Network to improve the global financial and payments systems. Chia is the first enterprise-grade digital money. Chia is using the first new Nakamoto consensus algorithm since Bitcoin.

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