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Wormhole, which works closely with other chains like Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Oasis, Polygon, and Terra, allows users to take "wrapped" assets from one chain or platform and use them on another. By doing so, users can take advantage of lower fees across various platforms. Wrapped assets refer to cryptos that are wrapped or enclosed in a digital vault. The value of these assets is pegged to the value of another crypto or assets like gold, stocks, or more. To transact on DeFi platforms with these wrapped assets, a new token is minted.

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Fox and Dan Harmon are getting into NFTs with blockchain "curated" animated series

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss my upcoming articles. The internet is a beautiful place of knowledge. You can find educational material nearly everywhere, and GitHub is no different. This article focuses on showcasing thirteen incredible GitHub repositories to you, all packed and filled with learning resources and opportunities to make you better at blockchain development.

This article is based on a thread I released on Twitter. This repository contains an awesomely curated list of resources related to blockchain. It contains tutorials, guides, articles, papers, and books. Many of your questions are already answered here. Visit the repository. This repository contains a tremendous amount of learning resources. They range from tutorials covering the implementation of your very own blockchain to articles and books. There is something in for everyone.

This repository does not contain the classical learning materials as many of the other repositories listed here. Instead, it has many real-life examples of applications working on the blockchain, for you to analyze and get an idea about. Sometimes, the best way to learn something is to see how others do it. This learning path covers everything, from theory to practice.

It guides you from the basics to the advanced concepts and is a great path to follow if you want to cover Bitcoin and Ethereum. Learning blockchain in 2 months is a challenging task, but not impossible.

This repository does not seem like much, but it covers all the resources you need to complete that task in chronological order. Follow this path, and you will be pretty up-to-date after only two months. If you don't know that course yet, it covers over 16 hours of in-depth knowledge and everything you need to use Python for smart contract development.

It contains a lot of code that helps you to understand what's going on for sure. Learn to build a blockchain in Python by analyzing this implementation. It is the accompanying repository to another book that contains all explanations you need to understand the whole code.

This repository is especially interesting because it shows you that even Python, a language not usually used for blockchain clients, is still a very good choice and gets the job done. A complete guide to interacting with Bitcoin and learning more about it through its CLI.

This one is not directly tied to implementing logic, learning about cryptographic primitives, or peer 2 peer networking. Instead, it focuses on you learning to interact with Bitcoin through its CLI client. Using the major blockchain out there also helps you to understand blockchains themselves. If you ever dreamed of implementing your own blockchain in one of the most popular programming languages for blockchain development out there, this repository might be exactly what you look for.

Go is the language most Ethereum clients and nodes and many other blockchains are implemented in. Why not use it to implement your very own?

Bitcoin is still the blockchain. It might not be a smart blockchain like Ethereum or Solana, but it definitely is the father of many modern implementations. It is always worth it to learn about Bitcoin, especially as Layer-2 solutions begin to emerge and add capabilities to Bitcoin itself. DeFi decentralized finance was one of the first, and still is one of the most important applications of blockchains. This curated Ethereum developer handbook contains everything you need to become a DeFi developer on Ethereum, sidechains like Polygon, and derived chains like the Binance Smart Chain.

You get material for JavaScript, Python, Go, and some more languages. All learning materials are of high quality and good to follow. JavaScript is a great language, and although it is not one of the major languages used to implement blockchains, it still can. This repository shows you how you can implement one for yourself and even comes with a UI that helps you to explore what happens under the hood better.

Do you like content like this? Why don't you follow me on social media for a daily dose of education? Join me on Instagram and get a daily dose of educational content right in your feed, soon also including short educational videos. Support Oliver Jumpertz by becoming a sponsor. Any amount is appreciated! Table of contents. Awesome Blockchain Resources 2.

Awesome Blockchain Collection 3. Awesome Blockchain Curated 4. Blockchain Learning Path 5. Learn Blockchain In 2 Months 6. A simple blockchain implementation in Python 8. The Bitcoin Book The DeFi Developer Roadmap Build Your Own X Awesome Blockchain Resources Visit the repository.

Awesome Blockchain Collection Visit the repository. Awesome Blockchain Curated Visit the repository. Blockchain Learning Path Visit the repository. Learn Blockchain In 2 Months Visit the repository. A simple blockchain implementation in Python Visit the repository. The Bitcoin Book Visit the repository. Build Your Own X Visit the repository. Before You Leave Do you like content like this? Did you find this article valuable?

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The Global FinTech Ecosystem. Blockchain Connect is where innovation and blockchain leads from financial institutions and fintechs come to discover the dramatic operational efficiencies and cost savings that can be realised via the deployment of distributed ledger technology. Delegates unravelled the practical challenges associated with integrating new tech and existing infrastructure, while a series of live demos will give critical insight into the true capability of DLT and blockchain, providing a unique snapshot into the future of the financial services industry. A dedicated space on the exhibition floor will help your brand benefit from increased visibility, a place to conduct business meetings as well as generate new leads for your innovation.

We're building a curated collection of digital art from the world's top contemporary artists working in the space. Discover, Learn.

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Trending Hot. Amongst these newly emerging platforms is one called DripDropz, which allows users to claim free tokens when using the platform. Users simply register for a free account using their emails and receive […] More. Read More. Bitcoin is protected as a virtual asset under Chinese law, but shall not be deemed as currency or financial product, as a Shanghai court decided in Li et. Yan et. China has reiterated its ban on financial institutions and payment companies providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions, and warned investors against speculative crypto trading. However, China has not barred individuals from holding cryptocurrencies. Crypto payment processor NOWPayments announces that it has integrated support for Cardano ADA , which enables millions of users to allow their customers to pay for products and services using Cardano.

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Beatport will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment from customers beginning in June, becoming the first major digital music retailer to do so. Beatport is partnering with the leading crypto currency marketplace, Crypto. Hong Kong-based Crypto. For Beatport, this is just the beginning of our exploration into the metaverse and we are committed to the long-term opportunities this revolutionary technology portends. Highlighting its commitment to the emerging crypto and blockchain industries, Beatport has also signed a partnership with Crypto.

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value by Don Tapscott.

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The Director of Fine Arts at Rally. Last week, she invited six amazing artists to take part in the project "The Faces of the Web 2,3", who in turn created 14 NFT artworks in total - in media such as digital collages, scanner, and illustrations. It was an open edition drop, meaning the quantity of each artwork available was unlimited but not the time of the sale. Collectors were invited to pay their purchase could either in crypto or credit card. The only limitation was of time: the artworks were available on Artpool platform for only four days from November 4th to November 7th.

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With fewer barriers than the traditional art market, it becomes easier to get your name out there, and earn some serious money too. Due to the incredible growth of crypto art , which shows no signs of slowing down, the NFT art marketplaces have boomed on Ethereum. Even the traditional auction houses have recognized this is something to capitalize on, aligning themselves right up against a potential paradigm shift. Christie's offered the above mentioned Beeple's piece EVERYDAYS - The First Days in a single-artwork auction, describing the current craze as "a moment in time where there could be a drastic shift—a demographic shift, a generational shift—when it comes to what excites younger collectors. The works from the artist's series Terminus have already been auctioned on the platform MakersPlace and NiftyGateways. However, concerns have been raised that the NFTs are perhaps not so great for the environment , as the model consumes lots of energy. Selling just a single-edition artwork on Ethereum has a carbon footprint equivalent to a 1 hour flight. Using PoW , the consensus algorithm that is hundreds of times more inefficient than the other ones, Ethereum is regarded as the most inefficient and ecologically costly.

St. Mary's University School of Law; UCL Centre for Blockchain Subscribe to this free journal for more curated articles on this topic.

Please change the wallet network. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. United States Dollar.

The report provides expert perspectives and constructive discussion points for a better technical understanding of smart contract technology, its comprehensive legal assessment and important assessments on the future of the legal nature of smart contracts. Read the full report in Turkish. The new report discusses Security Token ecosystem developments and the prerequisites for the industry to evolve. However, in order to issue tokens in a regulatory compliant and scalable way, the automation of processes, secure identities and wallets and the storage of relevant metadata in an immutable manner are required. To gain a deeper understanding of how blockchain is changing the way we trade securities, the new issue of Crypto Research Report by Cointelegraph highlights how investors can trade tokenized stocks and why the ability to self-custody stocks will reduce selling pressure and increase global demand for stocks from a worldwide base of investors.

The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Help us translate the latest version. Welcome to our curated list of community tutorials. We look at how to make all you wonderful web3, blockchain, and smart contract developers even BETTER by showing you how to use dapptools! Ensuring data integrity on chain for data that is stored, mostly, off chain. How to understand a contract when you don't have the source code. Learn all about solidity events and logging, with hardhat and brownie examples!

The EU wants to be a leader in blockchain technology, becoming an innovator in blockchain and a home to significant platforms, applications and companies. Blockchain technology allows people and organisations who may not know or trust each other to collectively agree on and permanently record information without a third-party authority. By creating trust in data in ways that were not possible before, blockchain has the potential to revolutionise how we share information and carry out transactions online. The European Commission's strategy is designed to meet these goals.

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