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For anyone looking to gain an extra layer of privacy on a desktop or laptop, Kodachi Linux might be the perfect option. Jack Wallen highlights this live Linux distribution. Do you veer toward the over-cautious when it comes to your privacy? At the same time, are you too busy to learn a new operating system?

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Best Operating Systems for Anonymity: Comparing Titans

All Rights Reserved. All opinions expressed in this document are the opinions of the author, except where explicitly attributed to someone else. They are just that - opinions. Free thought and speech are still legal, aren't they? Released on Amazon and as donation-ware. Comments welcome. Updates will be ongoing. Any errors are accidental. Please report them to wvh vonhagen. Heads up! The cover illustration is a public domain photograph of the skull of St. Merry Xmas, reader!

This legend may not be removed from this document by any party. That would be just plain wrong. This book started out as a simple explanatory document - how to safely and anonymously access the dark web so that you can share in certain types of information and victim-less commerce without being arrested.

A big part of how people can be arrested due to their actions requires that they can be identified and that their actions can be uniquely tracked back to them. Therefore, the more that I wrote about privacy and anonymity, the more scared I became regarding how supposedly private, personal information can be collected to enable tracking people and ideas on the web.

Someone who's tracking people may just want to join a fan club, or they may want to collect people's info to sell ring-around-marketing, worm ouroboros-style to each other. I have opinions and you should too.

I don't even care if we agree, just that our opinions are honestly held and intelligently arrived at. Marketing, data collection, and advertising taken to their logical extremes can be very scary things. We all should have the right to think and make decisions for ourselves, and it just isn't that way any more.

Witness the idiot who is our president, the greed of his entourage, and their wish to control everything for something as pitiful and sad as money. Personal data collection begat personal tracking, which begets monitoring people and locations, which begets control, which I think you see where I'm going with this.

This book should help you protect yourself and to think about how personal information can and is being collected and could be used. A few extra seconds taken now to privatize and anonymize your communications and identity are seconds that are very wisely spent, regardless of whether you're worried about being arrested tomorrow or simply about being rounded up twenty years from now because of that verdamnt "free speech" thing.

This book is released on Amazon and as donation-ware. I accept no liability or responsibility for the information that is contained in this book. It has all been tested and verified by some guy that I know with a CS degree and years of systems-level experience. In reality, the Internet is just a zillion cables and connecting devices on which data is flowing back and forth; data that is reached and shared by many applications using many protocols, some of which are compatible.

The big reason all of this exists is for sharing information. What they got was an open network for sharing information, a network that was designed by researchers, academicians, business people, hippies, and crackpots. If most people can't see or find it, its content can't offend or be destroyed by them.

These layers of different audiences and types of content make it easy to think of the internet as being composed of three virtual layers:. Also commonly referred to as clearnet due to its openness and lack of encryption - available to all and readable by all. This is generally site- or company-specific data that is designed to be accessed by privileged users using under the covers special query engines to locate content based on SQL, SQL-like, or NoSQL queries and applications.

Dark web - a subset of Deep web content, the Dark web is content that was hidden intentionally and cannot be found via standard tools, authentication models, or browsers. Often requires a special URL and access protocol. There are other dark networks that are only discussed in passing in this document. Amazing stuff with very few rules except technical ones about security and doing business there. Dead drops for securely sharing top-secret information.

Reporters without Borders. Political manifestos. Lists of potential hack targets. Fake jewelry. Stupid information about strange sexual practices and rituals that would make Aleister Crowley blush. Counterfeit currency. Fake birth certificates.

More hacks. Fake IDs. It's like being catapulted back into the early wild west days of the ARPAnet, when freedom was just another word for liberation. Read on! As the previous paragraph indicates, there's an amazing variety of stuff out there on the markets of the dark web.

Some things are only legally wrong because that's the result of short-sighted scumbags who force you to agree with them and punish you if you do not. But there certainly are things out there that are morally wrong.

IMHO , I could care less if you want to smoke or ingest some flower bulb sap, plant leaves, or mold derivative, or want to give yourself a new identity. This book explains how to go shopping, not what to buy or why. Some things, like carding buying or using stolen account data or credit card numbers or hiring a hit person bang!

AFAIAC, the whole idea of freedom is about freedom, personal responsibility, and not stealing from or harming your neighbor. Unfortunately, freedom applies to everyone, which means that you have the freedom to be stupid - a religious terrorist, a child-pornography manufacturer or propogater, a right-wing or facist lunatic, and so on.

Again, true freedom is sadly for everyone. The ACLU once had to defend a white Nazi march though a Jewish area - the good guys have to good towards everyone, even the idiots. Please just try to be one of the good guys. This book may not be as cool or counter-cultural as some other dark web books.

You may just really want to know about the dark web and how to explore it, rather than looking for a new philosophy. You can make up your mind all by yourself! Call me later. Read on and remember to never, ever shoot the messenger.

The first are hackers AKA white hats, grey hats, and black hats , which is the term that I use to describe smart, curious people who want to understand and experiment with how software and hardware work. White hat hackers are the good guys of the software universe, exploring and experimenting with software and hardware to learn about it, identify problems, and report them occasionally complete with fixes.

Next in line, but in the same class, are the grey hats. The second line of true hackers, grey is almost white, but sometimes crosses legal lines to do the right thing. Finally, there are the black hats, who want to profit from their arcane knowledge and don't care how many other people get hurt while they're making their poisoned profits.

They may exploit a known security hole to encrypt your data and then charge you for the encryption key so that you can get your data back. They may hack some corporate site, dump its customer data, and then sell it to the competition or other crackers who can use it for spam or to charge 10, pizzas to your MasterCard.

They often also simply package up the hacks that they know so that others can do the same things but without having to understand or figure out how they worked. These are the cops and other people whose job it is to make sure that you play by their rules, even if the rules are stupid. They have a lot of smart people who believe that they are doing the right thing, which is an uninterruptible delusion.

The final group of people, the one that really matters the most, is you and me. This is the information age, and there are zillions of companies out there analyzing every character we type and packet we send so that they can get information that they can sell somewhere or which they can use to better target us when selling ads or whatever.

The dark web is about accessing information that we want to see, without someone tracking it or us. Our ideas and our decisions. One tip before you read further - the US sucks in terms of privacy and anonymity! In general, US companies seem to see selling customer information without asking as yet-another-revenue-stream.

The core difference between privacy and anonymity is "what" versus "who". When surfing anywhere, you want to make sure that no one knows what you're saying. When surfing the dark web, you want to make sure that no one knows who you are.

Anonymity is the difference between simply shouting "fuck you" in a crowded auditorium and standing up and shouting it. Privacy is when no one could understand you except the person that you were saying it to. In nerdier terms, anonymity is security of identity , whereas privacy is security of content :. In the first two cases Tor , it will appear to be coming some random host that is running a Tor exit node. In the proxy case, it will be coming from the proxy.

Privacy : Using HTTPS or other browser-based forms of encryption will guarantee privacy because no one except the recipient will be able to decrypt the content that you are sending. This will not guarantee anonymity because malicious randoms like those working for the NSA or other three-letter acronym agencies can still identify the IP address that you're coming from.

Some browsers have a "private" or incognito mode that had very lite to do with privacy of content. This document explains how to guarantee as much as is possible both of these by using a VPN and a privacy tool such as the tor browser.

In the cases of anonymity and privacy, more is indeed better. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water , you also have to worry about browser fingerprinting , which is a way that TLAs try to identify you by usage patterns, browser characteristics, or both.

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The system will allow you to hold a bitcoin wallet and mine, send, and receive bitcoin Raspberry Pi Lakka Linux Retro Gaming Emulator OS - microSD Card.

Linuxsecrets Sitemap

There are plenty of operating systems aimed at achieving online anonymity. But how many of them are really good? I think that not many. Tails is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed to provide privacy and anonymity. All outgoing connections are routed through the Tor network, and all non-anonymous connections are blocked. The Tor project is the main sponsor of Tails. In order to evaluate all the pros and cons of Tails, it is necessary to have a strong understanding what purposes this OS was created for and how it should be used. This operating system can launch very quickly. After creating a flash drive, it will take 1—2 minutes to access the Internet in case you have good hardware.

15 Most Secure Linux Distros for Privacy & Security Concern Users

crypto mining software linux kodachi

Posted in News Roundup at pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz. Elementary OS is a streamlined Linux desktop operating system that enforces minimalism without sacrificing style. Dark mode or not, it looks sharp and makes a great first impression. But the developers made a deliberate choice not to provide a dark mode option in elementary OS 5 Juno.

Here are my recommended private and secure services.

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Phone system for Linux. Free Live Chat Solution. Integrated Call Center Software. Contact Center Software. Remote Working Apps. Free Video Conference.

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It makes a lot of sense to be concerned about these issues given that an increasingly large part of our daily lives revolves around technology and the internet. Between big corporations and government organizations trying to collect personal data for their own purposes and cyber criminals constantly on the hunt for easy prey, it can sometimes be unnerving to surf the internet. Or at least some parts of it. But while there are certainly many threats in the digital space these days, there are also plenty of tools you can use to protect yourself. VPNs and proxy servers are pretty obvious solutions, as are antimalware software and secure web browsers like Tor. But an even more secure solution that you may have overlooked until now is Linux. MacOS is often praised for offering pretty good protection against malware and hackers, however, no other operating system can hold a candle to Linux when it comes to overall system security. Linux lets you transfer files securely via SFTP , lets you secure connections with SSH , gives you access to a lot of remote desktop clients , and so much more.

Interesting articles about Linux and Free Software that will surely be of great use to Akasha a decentralized social network based on Ethereum and IPFS.

Linux Kodachi OS 8.14 - Secure, Anti-Forensic & Anonymous | Daily Driver Ready

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You're presumably running the latest version of Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi. But is it the best Linux distro for the device? Could there be an alternative that you might find suits you better? The truth is, the Raspberry Pi has so many operating systems available that you've probably lost count -- we certainly had!

Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Ubuntu

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So you are a Linux user and looking for the Most Secure Linux Distro to secure and make strong privacy for your operating system? Okay, you may already know that the OS is the core software that allows you to communicate with the hardware and software of your computer. It manages all the hardware and makes contact with the processor and memory. If you are using your pc without being secured enough, then it will be easy for the hackers to access your operating system, and that can allow them to exploit the operating system, to see the files and even the location from where you have been on the internet.

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