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Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and Kraken could be forced to collect the details of people sending and receiving crypto under new rules proposed by the European Commission. The EU's executive branch announced the potential change on Tuesday as part of a package of reforms aimed at tackling financial crime within the bloc. The proposed rules would require cryptocurrency exchanges to collect customers' identifying information, bringing them in line with the "Know Your Customer" KYS rules already imposed on other financial institutions. The new law would also establish a new EU-wide anti-money laundering authority AMLA with oversight of cryptocurrencies by

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Ideal features for an Android-based Bitcoin wallet

Take a look at the beta version of dw. We're not done yet! Your opinion can help us make it better. We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. The Diem project, launched by Facebook as "Libra" in , is shutting down following scrutiny from financial regulators.

The so-called stablecoin was to be pegged to the US dollar. Diem, the cryptocurrency project funded by Facebook , announced on Monday that it would "begin the process of winding down" and selling its technology and other assets.

The move ends a nearly two-year-long bid to launch the "stablecoin," which had faced stiff resistance from regulators around the world. Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency backed by a "stable" real-world asset. Diem was pegged to the US dollar. Silvergate will acquire Diem's assets, including development, deployment, and operations infrastructure and "tools for running a blockchain-based payment network," the bank said in a statement. Facebook's cryptocurrency project plans raised concerns among global finance officials and regulators.

Many raised concerns about Diem's security and reliability , with regulators arguing that the service could enable crime, including money laundering and harming user privacy. Last year, some US lawmakers said Facebook could not be trusted to manage a cryptocurrency and urged the company to discontinue the test immediately. Facebook, which rebranded itself as Meta last October, had first announced its plans to introduce a cryptocurrency called Libra in It would be controlled by the Libra Association, an independent entity based in Geneva, which would function along the lines of a central bank.

The goal was to create a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar which, unlike other cryptocurrencies, would not be as volatile and threaten price stability in case they were to be widely used. The association, largely funded by Facebook, changed its name to Diem in December , and moved its operations from Switzerland to the US as part of a "strategic shift.

Bitcoin is thought of as a digital currency because it exists only virtually, without any physical coins or notes. It resides in a decentralized, encrypted network that is independent of commercial or central banks. This allows Bitcoin to be exchanged under the same conditions all around the globe.

It's also a cryptocurrency, because it uses encryption to conceal users' identities and activities. The cryptocurrency was first publicly described in by an unknown person — or group of people — who used the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Its implementation began in January , when it was released as open-source software.

There are three different ways to acquire Bitcoin: First, you can buy the cryptocurrency with legal tender e. Second, you may accept Bitcoin as a payment in exchange for your products and services.

And third, you can create your own Bitcoins in a process known as mining. Before you can buy Bitcoin you have to install so-called wallet software onto your computer. It contains a public key your address as well as a private key that allows only the owner of the wallet to send or receive cryptocurrency. Smartphones, USB sticks or any other digital hardware or cloud-based data storage can serve as wallet.

Without the digital wallet, no Bitcoin for you. To see how the process of paying with Bitcoin works, let's imagine Mr. X wants to buy a hat from Ms. First thing Ms. Y needs to do is send Mr. X her public wallet address, which is like her Bitcoin bank account. After Mr. X has received the public wallet address of Ms. Y, he signs off the transaction with his private key to verify that he is indeed the sender of the digital currency.

The transaction is now stored on the Bitcoin blockchain with thousands of other transactions that are made with Bitcoin every day. Now Mr. X's transaction is broadcast to all other participants in the peer-to-peer blockchain network, which are also called nodes. Essentially, they are private computers, or "miners," which verify the validity of his transaction. After that, the Bitcoin gets sent to Ms. Y's public address, where she can now unlock the transfer with her private key.

Theoretically, everyone can become a "miner" in the blockchain network. But most of it is done in huge computer farms that boast the necessary computing power.

Bitcoin processing keeps transactions secure by chronologically adding new transactions or blocks to the chain and keeping them in the queue. The Bitcoin transaction between Mr. X and Ms. Y is finally included in a vast public ledger, the blockchain, where all confirmed transactions exist as blocks.

As each block enters the system, all users are made aware of each transaction. Who has sent how many Bitcoins to whom, however, remains anonymous. Once confirmed, a transaction can't be reversed — by anybody. Miners generate new Bitcoins when they process transactions, which they do using special decryption software. Once solved, a new block is added to the chain and the miner is rewarded with Bitcoins.

China is the biggest miner in the Bitcoin network. It's cheap electricity from coal gives it a competitive edge over rival miners, mainly in the US, Russia, Iran and Malaysia. Due to the massive computing power needed for crypto mining and processing, the Bitcoin network consumes vast amounts of energy — about terrawatt hours of power per year.

University of Cambridge's Bitcoin Electricity Consumption index, has calculated the cryptocurrency requires more energy than each of the countries shown in blue on the map above.

The G7 ministers said this week they want to clamp down on cryptocurrencies like Facebook's Libra, arguing new and untested digital coins risk destabilizing international monetary systems.

But can they and should they? Facebook's plan to introduce its own cryptocurrency has come under sharp criticism from many countries. The social media giant announced in June that it would roll out a new digital currency, called Libra, from Visit the new DW website Take a look at the beta version of dw.

Go to the new dw. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. News Facebook-backed cryptocurrency sold amid regulatory pressure The Diem project, launched by Facebook as "Libra" in , is shutting down following scrutiny from financial regulators.

California-based Silvergate Bank, a go-to for crypto projects, will acquire Diem's assets. Levey, however, blamed US federal regulators for shutting down the project. Why central banks are racing to launch digital currencies. Facebook's Libra puts 'unregulated cryptocurrencies' into focus The G7 ministers said this week they want to clamp down on cryptocurrencies like Facebook's Libra, arguing new and untested digital coins risk destabilizing international monetary systems.

G7 nations to act against Facebook's 'Libra' cryptocurrency plan Facebook's plan to introduce its own cryptocurrency has come under sharp criticism from many countries. Date DW News on Facebook Follow dwnews on Twitter

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency To Consider For Long Term Investments

I got so many questions from my readers and national radio show listeners that I wrote an e-book about crypto to help. I demystify digital currency, mining, and how to get started trading. Tap or click here to get your copy on Amazon. Sadly, I also hear from people that got fooled by one crypto scam or another. Where there is money, criminals are waiting.

The ultimate gate to the cryptocurrency world: The latest Bitcoin and crypto news, price analysis, trading and how-to guides for beginners and experts.

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Many popular cryptocurrencies are currently available, and many of these assets have seen dramatic increases in value over time. Cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in value in recent years as a new generation of internet enthusiasts, wary of big finance and eager to capitalize on the potential of a globally connected digital network, devote their time and resources to the development and marketing of new crypto products and services. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is not controlled by a central authority such as the government. It is instead based on blockchain technology, with Bitcoin being the most widely used. Investors are recognizing them as valuable for not only short-term earnings but also for long-time investment. But which ones should you put your money into? To make things easier for you, we'll go over some crypto coins that have consistently topped the market cap charts. These could be good long-term investment options due to their relative stability.

Tens of billions worth of Bitcoin have been locked by people who forgot their key.

the best wallet for crypto news

The FBI's surprise announcement Monday that it had seized some of the ransom that Colonial Pipeline paid to criminal hackers came as a double shock. On one hand, it was major news that the U. Ransomware has been a pervasive and ongoing problem for years, but one that had resulted in little action from authorities. And while recovering some of the ransom marked a new front for the U. Philip Reiner, the CEO of the Institute for Security and Technology, a San Francisco think tank that produced a seminal report on policies to fight ransomware , praised the FBI's move as important, but said it's hard to assume anything more than that.

The crypto wallet received After almost nine years, the owner of the wallet moved the Bitcoins to another wallet on Sunday.

Facebook-backed cryptocurrency sold amid regulatory pressure

Take a look at the beta version of dw. We're not done yet! Your opinion can help us make it better. We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration.


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The 8 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets · Investors looking for the best crypto wallet should start here. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been.

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A daily round-up of the most interesting articles on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether to help you jump-start the day. Moneycontrol News. The global cryptocurrency market capitalisation rose 1.

This family sold everything they owned to invest in Bitcoin when it was $900

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It is a rare, but not unprecedented, win for agents who are part of a newly formed Ransomware and Digital Extortion Task Force. The U. Blockchain explorers have been described succinctly as the Google of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and they allow users to find details related to transactions on specific wallet addresses and blockchains including amounts transacted, sources and destination of funds, and status of the transactions. In this case, the FBI was able to track the addresses where roughly 75 bitcoins were sent to hackers around May 8, court documents show.

Didi Taihuttu stores his crypto holdings all over the world, with 70 per cent in cold storage and 30 per cent in hot wallets. Courtesy: Didi Taihuttu.

Since then, the account has made negligible transactions and slept for almost 9 years, until now. This account has recently made a transactions of all Bitcoins to another account, showing profits of a whopping , percent! Whale accounts are those accounts that hone a large number of bitcoins and are powerful enough to influence the cryptocurrency market. These accounts are popular and under scrutiny for their controversial moves. At the time when this account gained such a massive number of Bitcoins, the understanding of the cryptocurrency was scarce, and people seldom trusted the ways the currency moved.

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