Atomic transaction blockchain

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Atomic transaction blockchain

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Atomic swaps, or atomic cross-chain trading, is the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, without the need to trust a third-party. A relatively new piece of technology, atomic cross-chain trading looks to revolutionize the way in which users transact with each other.

For example, if Alice owned 5 Bitcoins but instead wanted Litecoins, she would have to go through an exchange, i. However, with atomic swaps, if Bob owned Litecoins but instead wanted 5 Bitcoins, then Bob and Alice could make a trade. Hash time-locked contracts ensure that the atomic swap process is completely trustless by ensuring both fulfill the requirements of the trade.

HTLCs require the recipient of a payment to acknowledge receiving payment prior to a deadline by generating a cryptographic proof of payment. If they don't, the recipient risks losing the right to the claim the payment, therefore returning the funds back to the sender. Therefore, for a trade between Alice and Bob to take place, both must submit their transaction to their respective blockchains, Alice on the Bitcoin blockchain and Bob on the Litecoin blockchain. In order for Alice to claim the Litecoins sent from Bob, she must produce a number that only she knows, used to generate a cryptographic hash, therefore providing proof of payment.

Similarly, in order for Bob to claim the 5 Bitcoins that was sent from Alice, he must also provide the same number, that was used to generate the cryptographic hash. As exciting as this technology is, there are some fundamental requirements for a cryptocurrency before it can successfully support atomic swaps. One such requirement is the implementation of the Lightning network. If a hash time-locked contract can be thought of as linking two blockchains together, the lightning network can be thought of as linking payment channels together.

That is, for Alice and Bob to transact with each other, they must be linked through payment channels. The lightning network allows for that. In addition, for a transaction to occur between two different blockchains, it is necessary for both blockchains to share the same cryptographic hash function, such as SHA This is to allow for the hash-time locked contract to function properly when it comes to the user providing the number that was generated via the hash function.

If recent news is anything to go by, the future of atomic cross-chain trading looks bright. With continued innovation, the desire is that the technology of atomic swaps will allow us to run decentralized exchanges that will be convenient for the average user.

However, the caveat to the instances of success for atomic swaps is that all those swaps required local coin daemons. This means that in order for the average user to perform an atomic swap between two cryptocurrencies, they would be required to download the blockchains of either currency. As you may have guessed, this process is not very practical for the average user.

However, a successful atomic swap may have provided the solution to this problem. The Komodo team, who themselves are currently attempting to build their own decentralized exchange called BarterDEX , ahead of the pack successfully completed an atomic swap using an Electrum server. This is important because the Electrum server allows a user to interact with a cryptocurrency without having to download the whole blockchain.

This makes the prospect of a decentralized exchange all the more practical. To conclude, there are a plethora of decentralized exchanges that are utilizing this technology in-order to completely change the way we as users transact. Projects such as Blocknet , who are looking to create the internet of blockchains through the use of atomic swaps. It goes without saying that blockchain technology, but more specifically, atomic cross-chain trading, is a space to watch.

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How to Use Atomic Swaps to Implement a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Today as well, Qtum deployed atomic swap technology on their mainnet. However, as the QTUM and Bitcoin blockchain are not related to each other, either party can cheat and just disappear with the funds. Before the introduction of Atomic Swap technology, you could find many escrow offers on the famous BitcoinTalk forum from third parties who acted as a mean of trust between Alice and Bob. Again, trust issues could arise with the escrow agent, so the best solution was to reveal their identities one way or another which affects their privacy. Time-locked smart contract; Therefore, Atomic Swap technology is created to solve the above issue.

High transaction fees on the in-wallet crypto exchange; Lack of native 2-factor Not many coins are available for the atomic swap feature.

Building Ergo: Atomic Swaps

An atomic swap is a cryptocurrency trade that can be executed instantaneously without the need for a third party service to facilitate the exchange. Ironically, a trustless exchange is more trustworthy than a trusted one. Luckily, they can use atomic swaps for this. With an atomic swap, Molly and Steve could conduct the transaction without having to go through a third party, like Binance or an escrow service, and without having to worry about being screwed over by the other. Magical, right? As you probably figured, atomic swaps are designed with two different currencies in mind. Like some Lightning Network transactions, an atomic swap employs a hashed timelock contract HTLC to ensure that both parties hold up their ends of the bargain. These contracts make use of a multisignature transaction system that holds both traders accountable for a swap to be successful. In order to make this possible, a hashlock uses a cryptographic algorithm that only allows users to access funds once both parties have signed off on their respective transactions, and a timelock is like an insurance policy that ensures that both users will have their funds returned to them if the trade is not successful under a specific timeframe. The instigator of the transaction must then make a contract address.

An Atomic Cross-Chain Swap-Based Management System in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

atomic transaction blockchain

Atomic swaps utilize blockchain smart contracts technology in order to facilitate the exchange of one form of cryptocurrency for another. This is done without using a centralized entity, such as an exchange. The first ever example of an atomic swap took place between Decred and Litecoin in September Interestingly, despite the ease with which cryptocurrency ledgers can tokenize assets, facilitate cross-border payments, and even reach consensus in space; the business of swapping digital currencies that exist on different ledgers has remained difficult.

If you have followed cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for the past few years, you must have heard the term Atomic Swap at least once. While you may find it challenging to understand what the Atomic Swap concept is all about, Liquid is here to guide you through some of the necessary details associated with Atomic Swaps.

Atomic Swaps

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Just-In-Time Liquidity: How MEV Can Enhance DeFi on Ethereum

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Due to the much lower on-chain transaction fees on BSV blockchain, any transaction that needs to be, or should be, atomic.

Zilliqa coinbase

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However, the throughput of blockchain-based application in VANETs is limited by the network bandwidth. The blockchain-based public-key encryption with keyword search is further introduced to protect user privacy.

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