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This information sheet INFO outlines the practice of activist short selling campaigns in Australia and ASIC's expectations to promote market integrity during these campaigns. People sometimes sell short sell financial products they do not own with a view to repurchasing them later at a lower price. Generally, where a person executes a short sale and relies on an existing securities lending arrangement to have a 'presently exercisable and unconditional right to vest' the products in the buyer at the time of sale, the sale is a covered short sale. Covered short selling in section B financial products e.

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The Unofficial Libertarian Activism Podcast

Over the past 10 years, the demand for cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed like very few other trade commodities. Today, the total cryptocurrency market cap has reached over three trillion dollars and the price for Bitcoin in early was nearly double what it was a year prior. The increase in price for these online currencies has prompted hysterical demands, encouraging millions of people to try their slice of the crypto pie - without understanding, or considering, the collateral environmental impact.

Many social and environmental activists have called out that cryptocurrency is detrimental to the environment and has a high carbon footprint. Why is cryptocurrency bad for the environment? The energy required differs between cryptocurrencies, some of which as we will see later below require very little energy, while others, like the most popular - Bitcoin - are incredibly energy intensive.

It is estimated that each Bitcoin transaction uses around kilowatt hours kWh , which is roughly what an average US household consumes in 75 days. When this energy is supplied from non-renewable energy sources , cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can generate exorbitant greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, over the past decade, as the price of Bitcoin - and the possible profit from mining them - has skyrocketed, better technology has become indispensable to solve these puzzles.

Miners now use specialised computers, called ASIC systems, that are much more efficient per attempt or hash of the puzzle - therefore increasing the likelihood of being the first to solve the puzzle and reaping the newly mined bitcoin, but also increasing the amount of energy required to power these computers. ASIC systems, although more energy efficient than normal computers, require more electricity since they are typically kept running incessantly, and also require energy to cool down the hardware to prevent from overheating, either with internal fans or with air conditioning.

Higher processing power increases the likelihood of guessing the solution to the PoW, which has incentivised miners to either form mining pools, or to create mining farm facilities. A mining farm, on the other hand is a data centre that consists of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ASIC servers that run non-stop, continually mining for Bitcoins. While the consolidation of these servers into one place encourages a reduction of energy consumption, and the specialised ASIC hardware was designed to use energy more efficiently, these mining farms still require high amounts of electricity to power them.

In total, Bitcoin mining uses 91 TwH of electricity each year , which is about 0. Not all bitcoin miners have the same environmental impact. Two factors can contribute to a greener cryptocurrency mining: renewable energy sources and location climate. Bitcoin farms located in countries that rely heavily on fossil fuels have a higher environmental impact than those in countries that diversify their energy sources using hydropower, wind, solar or nuclear energies.

Up until recently, a high percentage of Bitcoin farms were located in regions of China that relied heavily on burning coal, a relatively cheap energy source which encouraged profitability but also increased carbon dioxide emissions. In , the Chinese government cracked-down on Bitcoin mining, causing an exodus of bitcoin miners to other locations with cheap energy sources.

Kazakhstan, for example, has become a hotspot for Bitcoin mining due to low energy costs, generated by fossil fuels. However, the recent internet shutdown and protests in Kazakhstan have threatened the stability of mining in the region. On the other hand, farms located in places that use green-energy sources, such as those in Scandinavia, which use hydropower, have a drastically lower, or even neutral, carbon footprints. However, limitations on renewable energy availability , which can be subject to shifts in seasonality or production limitations, can dissuade miners from foregoing more reliable fossil fuel-based energy.

Indeed, one report states that Bitcoin uses less than half as much energy as the total banking system, whose largest energy consumption comes from its large data centres. As mentioned, Bitcoin is detrimental to the environment due to the energy-intensive proof-of-work process that requires vast amounts of electricity to constantly power millions of servers. However, there are other cryptocurrencies that are not designed around the same mining creation as Bitcoin, such as Cardano, Nano and Chia.

Apart from contributing to the deterioration of the environment and the advancement of global warming towards the dangerous 1. Crypto mining has been known to threaten fragile energy grids in countries whose infrastructures cannot handle the power-chugging activity.

Several cities in Iran , Kazakhstan , China and Kosovo have faced blackouts due to Bitcoin mining activities - leaving thousands of people without electricity and heat, sometimes for days.

In response to the threats to energy supplies, increasingly frequent blackouts , and environmental damage caused by crypto mining, several countries have already moved to ban cryptocurrencies altogether.

China, Iran, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, among others, have formally outlawed cryptocurrencies and mining activities. While some of these countries have ostensibly justified their decision with concern for the environment, the underlying reason for others may be to protect their financial systems , especially in tight-fisted regimes like in China and Iran. Crypto mining regulation will surely be a pressing topic in as the world rearranges their energy sectors to meet climate agreements from COP Bitcoin has also been used to oppose tyrannical regimes: In Russia, for example, the top political opponent of the Putin regime, Alexy Navalny , collected donations in Bitcoin to fuel his campaign, circumventing the government-owned financial system.

The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies inherently protects these assets from being controlled or appropriated by governments and can be powerful tools for political dissent.

Image by: Kanchanara. Support our journalism, activism and global equal pay policy! Read September 19, African startups embrace blockchain to clean land ownership mess topic: Innovation by: Bob Koigi As the blockchain wave sweeps Africa, new techpreneurs have moved beyond virtual currencies to find new uses of the technology. I have read, understood and confirm FairPlanet's Privacy Policy.

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I hereby confirm that I wish to receive FairPlanet's newsletter. What is bitcoin mining? How to reduce the environmental impact of bitcoin mining? Are there environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies? The Social Cost of Cryptocurrency Mining Apart from contributing to the deterioration of the environment and the advancement of global warming towards the dangerous 1. Should crypto mining be regulated?

Bitcoin mining farms, such as this one in Russia, host hundreds of ASIC computers that simultaneously mine for cryptocurrencies. ASIC servers are specialised computers made specifically for cryptocurrency mining. Large fans prevent the hardware from overheating. Crypto mining farms use mass amounts of electricity to power warehouses of computers.

Related Sustainable Development Goals. Goal Nr. Affordable and Clean Energy. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Related Articles of Human Rights. Freedom to organise. Right to live in peace. Duties to the community. Donate to FairPlanet. Embracing cryptocurrency to protect South Africa's endangered animals.

A group of techies and environmentalists embraced blockchain and cryptocurrency in an attempt to reward investors while protecting endangered wildlife. Facebook launches a cryptocurrency called Libra. Tanzania has become the first country to produce a blockchain enabled baby in the world. African startups embrace blockchain to clean land ownership mess.

As the blockchain wave sweeps Africa, new techpreneurs have moved beyond virtual currencies to find new uses of the technology. Once you have topped up your wallet, you can support FairPlanet by donating a tiny amount. Click here to see how. If you should experience any trouble contact hello satoshipay. Spread the words. Copy and embed the code in your website. Gerardo Bandera Assistant Editor, Author.

United Nations-associated NFT art project builds on Polkadot to fight climate change

By Pak Yiu. HONG KONG Reuters - Hong Kong cyber activists are backing up articles by pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily on censorship-proof blockchain platforms after the newspaper was forced to shut down as it became embroiled in a national security law crackdown. Under the national security law, the Hong Kong government can request the blocking or removal of content it deems subversive or secessionist, raising fears over internet freedom in the global financial hub. The Hong Kong government says use of the internet will not be affected so long as its use is within the law. After midnight, as the printers ran one final time, Apple Daily shut off its website and erased all its social media platforms after authorities froze company-related assets as part of a national security probe. Police froze assets of companies linked to Apple Daily and arrested five executives last week, moves that led to the newspaper printing its final edition on Thursday.

Activists seek to influence a company, rather than control it. They uses a hybrid approach between private equity and hedge fund. I see Activism becoming more.

India proposes 30% tax on crypto assets

We stand under a live oak while people walk by on their way to lunch. We hold up the signs. The changes fall together. Cesar Vallejo dances as a flea on the back of a squirrel. The protest is absurd but i admire these forms of absurdity. Used with the permission of Wesleyan University Press. National Poetry Month. Materials for Teachers Teach This Poem. Poems for Kids. Poetry for Teens.


blockchain activism

When we think of blockchain and the crypto industry, many things come to mind like the excitement within the industry when a bull run takes place, the growing use of blockchain in many sectors, and the evolution of the financial world. What does not tend to come to mind, however, is activism. After all, blockchain and crypto are largely commercialized concepts and activism is the opposite of that, right? In reality, the two industries overlap quite a bit and it can be argued that one gave rise to the other.

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At Bail Hearing In Bitcoin Fraud Case, Prosecutors Say N.H. Libertarian Activist Poses Flight Risk

Cynthia Lummis R-Wyo. And lawmakers on Capitol Hill are moving to facilitate the trend. And in Kentucky, Democratic Gov. The action in the states is now getting wider attention in Washington. Democrats are looking to keep tabs on the industry. Many Republicans have shed their suspicions and are now full-fledged supporters.

Blockchain business Valereum to buy 90 percent of Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Blockchain technology presents a transparent, decentralized way to conduct electronic transactions. Its fundamental innovation is an immutable digital ledger of transactions that is openly writable by anyone, yet remains censorship-resistant and has contents can be widely agreed upon in most cases. Combining these elements is designed to give greater visibility into the way transactions work by offering a record that is, by design, auditable and authenticated by many people instead of just a single entity. This chain allows everyone with access to the blockchain records to see the entire history of a transaction, and each link in the chain reinforces the one that comes before it. This design, known as distributed ledger technology, can safeguard against fraudulent transactions given a sufficient diversity of verifiers—as it would be difficult if not impossible to change every record in every place it is kept. Cryptocurrencies, one of the most common applications of blockchain, offer an alternative to the existing financial firms that control, and sometimes censor, online transactions today. Blockchain-based currencies allow transactions to be verified by a number of people, rather than relying on the trust or judgment of a single payment processor.

The Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual human rights conference held in Norway, talks cryptocurrency and the Blockchain at the event's opening panel.

Activist Investors Assemble

This article is the first in a two-part series on cryptocurrency and climate change. Are you thinking of investing in Bitcoin? The car manufacturer revealed in February that it had invested USD 1. In this first article of our two-part series on cryptocurrency and climate change, Landscape News went to the experts and put Bitcoin under the microscope.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies underpinned by cryptographic systems.

In a nutshell, Nexit Ventures is the oldest and most experienced technology growth fund in Finland with numerous exits to leading global tech industry players. Nexit Ventures team members have launched and developed numerous successful high-tech companies and also worked for world-class corporations.

Since , real estate developers, crypto currency tycoons and now big-name influencers have relocated to the island to bask in the Caribbean sun and unparalleled tax exemptions. The government says Puerto Rico needs the money. They have also created over 15, direct jobs paying nearly twice the average household income, according to a study commissioned by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce DDEC. All residents of Puerto Rico are exempt from U. In , the territory passed two laws, now known collectively as Act 60, designed to create a new revenue stream for the country.

Hong Kong cyber activists are backing up articles by pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily on censorship-proof blockchain platforms after the newspaper was forced to shut down as it became embroiled in a national security law crackdown. For the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app. Under the national security law, the Hong Kong government can request the blocking or removal of content it deems subversive or secessionist, raising fears over internet freedom in the global financial hub.

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