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The wallet connects users directly to its Web3 ethereum-based NFT ticketing platform and marketplace. NEW DELHI : Ticketing platform YellowHeart has announced the launch of an NFT non-fungible token ticketing mobile application called YellowHeart Wallet that eliminates the need for a physical ticket in a bid to cut out middlemen that seek to profit from tickets resale of live events and concerts. The wallet enables credit card fiat and cryptocurrency payments via Ethereum and Polygon integration, to be used for live event NFT ticket purchasing and on-site redemption and integrates with on-site activations and the concert-going experience. Never miss a story! Stay connected and informed with Mint. Download our App Now!!

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Blockchain Ticketing Today: One Company’s Quest To Overcome Current Hurdles

So an event ticketing service can be very lucrative. Now a few startups are trying to disrupt that space with tickets issued on blockchains. Three of those startups are mentioned in this article, all with European roots. The main selling point of blockchain-based ticketing platforms like those mentioned herein is that the tickets become tradable digital collectibles, or NFTs, unlocking additional benefits to both ticket buyers and event organizers.

GUTS Tickets is a Dutch outfit and the company that actually developed the blockchain-based technology that underpins the platform. The company actually uses Stripe as a payment processor. Mintbase is based in Portugal, and offers a bumper-to-bumper blockchain-based ticketing platform. That means you can pay for tickets on Mintbase using crypto. In fact, crypto is the only form of payment accepted on Mintbase. For an event organizer, there are upfront fees for setting up an event on the the blockchain, and Mintbase also charges a 2.

There seems to be no built-in system for collecting taxes, so as an event organizer, you have to figure out a way to account for that, knowing that you have to pay taxes for each ticket sold. The 2. Like GUTS Tickets, Mintbase is in use already, but usage seems to be limited at this time to music festivals and similar events in Europe.

Know of any other blockchain-based ticketing platform in production or beta? Post in the comments section. Partner links. These startups want to disrupt the events space with NFT tickets. December 7, No Comments. And it only makes sense that I start the with the leader of the pack. Mintbase Mintbase is based in Portugal, and offers a bumper-to-bumper blockchain-based ticketing platform.

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Ticket Fraud: Is Blockchain the Future of Ticketing?

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Completely centralized ticket sales: Although the verification nodes are completely decentralized, blockchain/Ethereum ticketing system manages the complete.

UTIX – A Blockchain Technology Based Event Ticketing Platform

Blockchain is helping to solve legacy issues such as ticket fraud, counterfeit ticket sales, ticket touts, and inefficient processes. Blockchain is being applied in many industries from art to real estate to finance illustrating how adaptable the technology is and the types of opportunities it can unlock. For the sports industry, though, one of the most impactful use cases comes in the form of ticketing on the blockchain. The online ticketing industry continues to experience massive growth. With it, there has been a shift from physical paper tickets to e-tickets to a mobile ticketing experience. And this growth is set to keep on rising. Yet, while the market is growing, it also faces key challenges. For instance, secondary ticket sale websites charging exorbitant prices and ticketing touts — who buy tickets in bulk before selling them at an increased price — remain persistent issues within the industry, not to mention the high levels of counterfeit tickets in circulation. Using blockchain for ticketing is an innovative solution that is already being introduced by countless companies worldwide. As the ticketing industry shifts away from paper tickets to a digital ticketing system, event organisers and authentic ticket websites need to come up with a solution that gives them greater control while limiting ticket fraud.

A chain of custody ticketing system.

blockchain ticketing platform

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A British cricket club has brought the sport very much into the s by implementing a blockchain-powered ticketing system.

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Blockchain ticketing offers the security and regulation that the events industry has been craving. Scalping is one of the top concerns in the events industry, and fans and event-goers are demanding fairness. Meanwhile, organizers, artists and promoters are tired of complaints about something they can't control and want their fair share of the sales. Blockchain ticketing is not about the process of configuring events and the selling process for tickets. Instead of printing out tickets or sending them electronically, ticket buyers get them in their mobile ticket wallet or an app on their smartphone.

Smart Tickets Development Services

Use our self-sevicing platform, seamless integrate our widget to your website or request a whitelabel service today. We go beyond common ticketing services providing Green Pass integration, fully personalized tickets KYC and more. M cryptographic digital tickets eliminate any fake and other fraudulent tickets as well as the associated costs and fees that they cause. Enforcing maximum secondary market prices through smart programmable tickets is the instantaneous death of scalpers. M blocks harmful middle-men automatically by monitoring all primary and secondary transactions on the network.

This paper introduces a novel digital ticketing platform using blockchain technology. Taking in a number of considerations by observing legacy ticketing.

Liberating Ticketing

While blockchain technology has the potential to resolve many ever-present threats plaguing the event industry, you are not stuck with just one choice. There are many current technologies that make secure, transparent ticketing achievable. By transitioning to digital ticketing and offering event organizers and patrons a mobile ticketing solution, you can provide secure tickets that are traceable and transferrable.

Ticketing platform YellowHeart launches app to cut out middlemen

GUTS uses blockchain technology to issue honest tickets that put an end to disgraceful secondary market prices and ticket fraud. Learn more. Smart, digital tickets, right there in your pocket. GUTS not only enables the creation and validation of any type of tickets, it also facilitates re selling in a controlled way. Create tickets for several channels on the primary market, and let fans resell them on a controlled secondary market. We let tens of thousands of music fans enjoy paid live-streamed concerts from the comfort of their own homes.

Blockchain ticketing has hit the live event industry with as much gusto as the Internet did when it completely changed how tickets are sold. As blockchain lovers, cryptocurrency investors, and data nerds, we see a wide open future for innovation, especially in ticketing.

You really want to go to a concert. Ticket scalpers systematically buy large numbers of sport and entertainment event tickets with the sole aim of reselling them at a high profit above the initial purchase price. In a bid to stamp out middlemen that seek to profit from tickets resale of live events and concerts— ticketing platform Yellowheart announced the launch of non-fungible token NFT ticketing mobile application YellowHeart Wallet, which eliminates the need for a physical ticket and connects users directly to its Ethereum-based NFT ticketing platform and marketplace. Blockchain technology, in particular, is being leveraged as a solution to deliver digital tickets safely, give out special offers, updates, and more to event-goers. The benefit of using Blockchain and NFTs for ticketing is that it allows event organisers to keep track of the tickets even after the tickets are sold. This means each ticket is securely linked to its respective buyer, and these transactions are stored in the Blockchain database. So, any further sale or transaction involving the tickets can be seen in the Blockchain ledger.

Lava has enabled fans of Spanish LaLiga football club Real Madrid to collect smart ticket non-fungible tokens NFTs via Flow blockchain, and trade with other fans across the globe. Subba, a platform that generates reviews of music and festivals, and Veritas, a service that links online reviews to verified sales and usage, have teamed up to provide a blockchain-enabled token sys Users will be connected to Yell

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