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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Twitter has announced that the second version of its application programming interface, or API, is ready to come out of early access and become the default for developers. This is in contrast to some other social platforms like Reddit, where many users recommend apps made by indie devs like Apollo or Narwhal over the official one.

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Twitter crypto api

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What Is 0x?

That guy loves the doge, and every time he tweets about it, the price goes up. Sounds adventurous? So buckle up before scrolling down. Elon Musk is notorious for being able to swing markets.

He used the excellent CausalImpact R package developed by Brodersen et al. I quickly reproduced his analysis, see below and the Post Scriptum. The time zone throughout the remainder of this blog post, by the way, is CET. And, of course, that counterfactuals make sense.

The figure below shows the price of Dogecoin and Bitcoin for a selected period of time see the Post Scriptum for how to get the data. Dogecoin exploded that week, largely because Redditors rallied around it after shooting GameStop to the moon. There are currently about 18 million Bitcoins in circulation, and there is a maximum supply of 21 million.

There are about billion Dogecoins in circulation, and in contrast to Bitcoin, there is no upper limit to what that number can be. To better compare the two time-series, we standardize them with respect to themselves in the figure below. We see that Bitcoin is more volatile at the beginning, but that both cryptocurrencies increase starting at around 28th January The vertical black line indicates the time Elon Musk fired off a tweet.

What did he share with the world? I use a subset of the above data, starting from on the 28th of January, as Bitcoin does not track Dogecoin particularly well before. Similarly, I only look at a subset of the data after the tweet.

The counterfactual Dogecoin price that is, the price of Dogecoin had Elon not tweeted is predicted to stay rather flat, while the actual price rises. Yet it does not rise immediately, but with a delay — maybe because he tweeted in the middle of the night? In particular, the previous figure showed that the Dogecoin price dips after the initial increase. Recall that the analysis assumes that there were no other events at the time that selectively influenced Dogecoin but not Bitcoin.

Luckily for us, Elon struck twice. A week after the initial frenzy, Musk fired off a series of tweets about Dogecoin. What insights can we glean from them? Cool, cool. Dogecoin rose substantially after this avalance of tweets. To assess whether these tweets had a causal effect, I employ the same analysis as above. Since Musk tweeted several times, I take the first tweet as the reference point. Similar to above, I only select a subset of the data, this time starting from 3th February There is little delay between the first tweet and the price rise, and Redditors rallying around Dogecoin is not as big of a concern as it was previously.

But the counterfactual predictions seem somewhat less convincing than before, reflecting the rather poor correlation between Dogecoin and Bitcoin pre-tweet.

The method naturally acounts for uncertainty for details, see Brodersen et al. Causal inference always comes with assumptions. These assumptions seem more plausible in the second analysis than in the first.

We also assumed that Bitcoin prices track Dogecoin prices reasonably well, and that the relation persists after the tweets. One could sanity-check how suitable Bitcoin is as a control by running the analysis on various subsets of the data, and comparing the predicted Dogecoin price with the actual Dogecoin price.

But since there is only so much time I want to spend thinking about Dogecoin on a Sunday afternoon, I leave this validation to others. One could probably come up with a better control by combining several different cryptocurrencies instead of relying only on Bitcoin — or drop the whole control spiel and slap a Gaussian process on the doge in an interrupted time-series manner e.

On a more philosophical note, the analysis assumes that counterfactual statements make sense, which is not uncontroversial e. If they were influenced by them — say they cause a rise in Bitcoin prices — then the causal effect on Dogecoin would be downward biased.

Elon Musk has 46 million Twitter followers, and while I would not trust the precise causal effect estimates we arrived at in this blog post, it seems pretty plausible to me that he could influence the price of Dogecoin by mere key strokes. I would like to thank Andrea Bacilieri for very helpful comments on this blog post. The code below gets the relevant data sets from Tiingo using the riingo R package. This requires an API key, but you can download the data from here for the Tesla re-analysis and here and here for the two Dogecoin analyses in case you do not want to create an account.

The code below reproduces the analysis by Alex Hayes. The analysis code for the causal effect of the later avalanche of tweets is shown below.

For some reason, riingo has lots of missing data during that time period. Thus I downloaded the cryptocurrency data from here. Tanking Tesla Elon Musk is notorious for being able to swing markets. Conclusion Causal inference always comes with assumptions. Post Scriptum The code below gets the relevant data sets from Tiingo using the riingo R package.

Tesla Analysis The code below reproduces the analysis by Alex Hayes.

Building a Twitter Bot Tracking ERC-20 Token Transfers with Node.js, Heroku and crypto APIs

The announcement comes as Twitter ventures further into the realm of Web 3, perhaps to the chagrin of founder Jack Dorsey , an avowed bitcoin maximalist. Rinearson hails from the world of blockchain interoperability, having previously worked at Tendermint, the team that launched the Cosmos network. A Solana SOL wormhole attack to further test support for Solana following a string of network outages. Bloomberg -- Block Inc. Most Read from BloombergU. Follow all the latest news, analysis and expert price predictions. The news publisher increased its quarterly dividend and set a new target of 15 million total subscribers by the end of

Twitter will leverage Strike's API to allow Twitter users to seamlessly tip with Bitcoin from anywhere in the world with any Bitcoin Lightning.

Cryptocurrency Dashboard

Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. Cryptography is the use of codes to convert data so that only a specific recipient will be able to read it, using a key. Certificate and smart card enrollment, certificate management, and custom module development are also described. CryptoAPI is intended for use by developers of Windows-based applications that will enable users to create and exchange documents and other data in a secure environment, especially over nonsecure media such as the Internet. Although not required, an understanding of cryptography or security-related subjects is advised. For future development, we recommend that you use the. NET Framework to implement security features. For information about run-time requirements for a particular programming element, see the Requirements section of the reference page for that element.

The first Layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum

twitter crypto api

One thing that Python developers enjoy is surely the huge number of resources developed by its big community. Python-built application programming interfaces APIs are a common thing for web sites. It's hard to imagine that any popular web service will not have created a Python API library to facilitate the access to its services. A few ideas of such APIs for some of the most popular web services could be found here.

Specifically, we are looking for someone who can help us grow our audience of digital marketers through SEO, content and website optimization, and by building content destinations that drive organic search traffic. Apply here.

SEC filings data now available via APIs

Twitter announced on Thursday that certain users will be able to import NFTs from their crypto wallets and post them as their profile pictures on the popular social media service. For now, the service is only available to those who sign up for the "Labs" feature via the company's Twitter Blue subscription service. Twitter is also limiting the release to iOS users but says Android and web users will be able to see when a user changes their profile pics to an NFT. An NFT is a type of token that essentially acts like a blockchain-based deed of ownership that can be linked to both physical and digital items, such as the profile picture avatars which have become popular on the social media platform among the tech crowd and even pro athletes and other celebrities. When people tap on it, they can learn more about the art, its collection, provenance and more," said Twitter in release describing the new feature, which makes use of leading NFT marketplace OpenSea's API. Twitter also released a video with raucous music that shows people starting their day by switching their avatars to their NFT:.

Bridging the Real World and Crypto

Scammers monitor every tweet containing requests for support on MetaMask, TrustWallet, and other popular crypto wallets, and respond to them with scam links in just seconds. To conduct these targeted phishing attacks, scammers abuse Twitter APIs that allow them to monitor all public tweets for specific keywords or phrases. If those phrases are present, these same programs will direct Twitter bots under the scammer's control to automatically reply to the tweets as fake support agents with links to scams that steal cryptocurrency wallets. These attacks are nothing new, and we reported on them in May. However, these attacks have expanded to other cryptocurrencies, and the scams continue to run rampant.

By integrating direct bitcoin payments, Twitter is paving the way for “Twitter's integration with the Strike API turns Twitter into one.

Develop blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk protocol. No need to learn new languages, everything is being written in JavaScript and TypeScript. The modular design of the Lisk SDK enables you to realize any kind of blockchain technology use-case.

Sadly, it appears as if social media companies are enjoying the non-stop engagement this crowd provides. Twitter is even now allowing people to use hexagonalNFT profile pictures on its platform. Some of these can keep you from seeing content from those who have enabled NFT profile pictures; others automatically block anyone associated with cryptocurrency and NFT tweets altogether. You can decide which of these options is the best for you and your own personal stress levels.

An unusual confluence of bearish fundamentals caused all cryptocurrencies to fall Wednesday, but traders seem to be scooping up cheaper crypto, sparking something of a rebound.

It is among the most high-profile examples of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Buyers and sellers are connected directly in this form of trading. It is often referred to as a decentralized exchange. Its technology combines two strategies—state channels and automated market markers AMMs —that have already been suggested to overcome these problems. AMMs introduce a third party to facilitate trades if the price of a crypto asset reaches a certain threshold. Thus, AMM conducts trades between the two parties instead of the parties conducted it between themselves and also acts as a counterparty. Will Warren and Amir Bandeali co-founded 0x in October

Reta Johnston. Sival Alethea. Create a Twitter bot with Python that tweets images or status updates at a set interval. The Python script also scrapes the web for data.

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