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Alipay deploys blockchain tech for remittances from Malaysia to Pakistan

Ant Financial and Huashan Hospital, a teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, have launched what is said to be the first blockchain-powered electronic medical prescription service in China, local media is reporting in Chinese.

All records and information are traceable and cannot be tampered with. The Huashan Hospital is the first hospital in the country to integrate this service. As of now, the new blockchain prescription service is only adopted by the department of endocrinology, however, if successful, it will be adopted hospital-wide, according to Zhang Qi, the deputy director of the IT department of the hospital.

Ant Financial is tapping into blockchain technology. This is not the first time Ant Financial has trialed its new tech at Huashan Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Shanghai. In , Ant Financial launched a service at the hospital to allow Alipay users with a credit score above on Sesame Credit to use credit to pay for any medical fees incurred at the hospital.

Ant Financial also has been secretly experimenting with blockchain e-medical bills. In August, the Alibaba financial affiliate reportedly sent out nearly , blockchain electronic medical bills to patients over the course of two weeks. In fact, the company has the most blockchain patents in the world thanks to its financial service arm.

In July, MIT launched a new fintech initiative, in which it partnered with a selected group of global financial services to work on the development of real-world tech solutions in areas including blockchain. Ant Financial is the only Chinese company selected to be in the group. Other Chinese tech powerhouses also show strong interest develop blockchain applications, not just in finance and logistics but specifically in the medical field.

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News Flash: Blockchain Boosts Online Commerce Festival

Ant Financial Services Group, a financial technology unicorn controlled by billionaire Jack Ma Yun, is teaming up with Philippine telecommunications giant Globe Telecom to offer real-time cross-border remittance services for individuals and small- and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong and the Philippines, in a sign of its determination to make inclusive finance a reality for ordinary people in Belt and Road countries and the world over. Jack Ma, Founder, Alibaba Group. This just marks the beginning of the great innovation. For years, long waiting times, unfavorable exchange rates, high transaction fees, a lack of transparency and a cumbersome pick-up process have made sending money home a nightmare for Filipino domestic workers, most of whom are considered unbanked and underbanked, and are often excluded from traditional financial services. This undated photo shows Eric Jing, executive chairman and chief executive officer of Ant Financial, gives a speech in Hong Kong.

Ant Financial: Blockchain Technology as the New Infrastructure of Health namely hospitals, the Alipay service backend, and insurance companies.

Alibaba's Ant Leads The Way Globally In Blockchain Patents

Latest partnership with Ant Group will offer buyers and sellers improved access to trade finance. Singapore — Standard Chartered announced the successful completion of the first cross border live transaction on Trusple, the newly launched digital international trade and financial service platform of AntChain the blockchain-based technology solution of Ant Group. The Bank is the first international banking partner for the trading platform in the Asia region, as well as the only advising bank to have facilitated a transaction on the platform prior to its launch today. By integrating its financial services with Trusple, Standard Chartered can offer buyers and sellers — who are typically small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs — improved access to trade finance. The use of blockchain, which will be enabled in due course, also means enhanced transparency and traceability for all transactions across the entire supply chain, which reduces fraud risk and provides greater assurance, resulting in increased trust among all trade participants. As part of the initial scope in the partnership, the Bank has completed the first transaction on Trusple. In the last few years, AntChain has been focusing on establishing industry benchmarks in various business scenarios to accelerate the connection between businesses on the blockchain network. We are pleased to announce today the launch of the Trusple platform with our international partners, which will support the efficient and convenient participation of SMEs in international trade.

Ant Financial rolls out China’s first blockchain-powered electronic medical prescription service

ant financial services blockchain

Blockchain technology has moved past the hype — and hysteria — of cryptocurrencies and become a technology adopted by industry and governments as a solution for securing and streamlining processes across a variety of sectors. China has been a developer and rapid adopter of blockchain, particularly in areas such as finance, medicine, energy, and supply chains. Emerging technologies such as blockchain, a subset of distributed ledger technology, are not limited to a single region or use case. In pursuit of global competitiveness, China is a significant player in testing blockchain technology as well as implementing legal frameworks, regulations, and government initiatives around it. This working paper examines the country case of China and assesses how it has progressed in its attempts to test, adopt, and implement blockchain technology.

Banks have already started to realize the benefits of using blockchain technology to issue bonds as demonstrated by this report.

5 Canadian Fintech Companies to Watch

Ant Financial fights back from MoneyGram disappointment with rival blockchain remittance service. By using blockchain technology, Ant Financial aims to eventually cut the cost of remittances to near zero, according to Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma Yun, who said he wanted to find a way to help people. The blockchain money remittance service announced Monday for its AlipayHK wallet is the first of its kind globally, according to Ant Financial. Our financial regulators are doing their part to facilitate and foster innovations in the industry with their dedicated liaison platforms and sandboxes … allowing financial service providers to conduct pilot trials of fintech solutions in confined environments. Ma, speaking at the launch event, said he wants to make it possible for people to remit even 1 cent at almost no cost, compared with the higher fees charged by traditional remittance services like MoneyGram, which Ant tried to buy last year. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Ant Financial fights back from MoneyGram disappointment with rival blockchain remittance service

The project was first unveiled five months ago as the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance but the English name has now changed. The offering provides numerous ready-made distributed applications or dApps, including for supply chain finance, product provenance, electronic bills, decentralized games, copyright protection and charitable donations. The solution offered is proprietary and permissioned and the Ant Financial Blockchain has a concept of gas, which is an Ethereum term for charging for processing. It also supports Solidity as well as other smart contract languages. We asked the company and a spokesperson said the Ant Financial Blockchain is a new kind of consortium blockchain network developed independently by Ant Financial. Several other blockchains use the gas term, including Libra.

Ant Financial has redefined digital financial services, specifically mobile Ant Financial focuses on five technologies: blockchain, AI, security, IoT.

Ahead of massive IPO, Ant Group launches blockchain platform for global B2B trade

Ant Financial and Huashan Hospital, a teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, have launched what is said to be the first blockchain-powered electronic medical prescription service in China, local media is reporting in Chinese. All records and information are traceable and cannot be tampered with. The Huashan Hospital is the first hospital in the country to integrate this service.

Ant launches blockchain-based cross-border trade platform ahead of $35 billion IPO

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Although the Chinese government has banned cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings ICOs , and may even extinguish its massive crypto-mining industry, it has nevertheless backed the development of applications based on blockchain technology. As reported by MIT Technology Review, such support has propelled a surge in the development of blockchain-related projects in China. Leading the charge is Ant Financial, the payments affiliate of e-commerce giant Alibaba and the largest fintech company in the world by value. Ant Financial operates the digital payment service Alipay, which has a ubiquitous presence in China and has been investing heavily in new technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence AI , quantum computing. Zhang said blockchain technology, in combination with the internet of things and AI, will offer firms a more efficient means through which to connect and exchange important data, thereby boosting productivity.

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Ant Financial Services Group , formerly known as AliPay, has announced the launch of OpenChain, a new Blockchain Blockchain Blockchain comprises a digital network of blocks with a comprehensive ledger of transactions made in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or other altcoins. One of the signature features of blockchain is that it is maintained across more than one computer. The ledger can be public or private permissioned. In this sense, blockchain is immune to the manipulation of data making it not only open but verifiable. Because a blockchain is stored across a network of computers, it is very difficult to tamper with. The Evolution of BlockchainBlockchain was originally invented by an individual or group of people under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in In exchange for their work, the nodes receive rewards in the form of crypto tokens.

Although Canada does not receive the same kudos for innovation and technological development as the United States, it punches above its weight when it comes to emerging financial technology fintech companies. Here's a look at five Canadian fintech companies that are making a name for themselves by providing innovative financial solutions for customers: Payfirma, Quandl, Mogo, Shopify, and Cryptologic. Payfirma, founded by Michael Gokturk in , is a Vancouver-based payment processing company with a vision for allowing customers to pay anyway, anywhere, and at any time.

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