Dentacoin price discrimination

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CryptoCurrency Market Size, Share & Charts

This article was published more than 3 years ago. Some information may no longer be current. Type "bitcoin bubble" into a search engine and you will come up with 15 million hits. No wonder. The trading chart of the electronic currency — backed by nothing, not gold, not a central bank, absolutely nothing — looked like the Eiffel Tower viewed from ground level before Christmas. The rises were steep, though jagged, before going nearly vertical and soaring into the clouds: a truly awesome sight.

It traded around that level on Friday. Almost every commodity that has seen such sharp climbs has seen equally sharp falls. Bitcoin's performance since its peak seems prima facie evidence that the cryptocurrency bubble is bursting.

More than a few analysts think bitcoin is utterly doomed. BCA Research's bitcoin price target is zero — within ten years, that is, in the ultimate hedge-your-bets call. But what might finally kill it off?

The fatal bullet may not be what you think. Bitcoin's core defenders are financial libertarians who are convinced fiat currencies — those with no intrinsic value whose "legal tender" status is set by government decree — are the ones that are doomed, not the cryptocurrencies.

The true believers insist bitcoin and its ilk will eventually replace all currencies giving them a theoretical value of global gross domestic product , because they are immune to inflationary whims. Supply will be limited to 21 million bitcoins, each one underpinned by the allegedly tamper-proof blockchain technology; fiat currencies might not be worth the paper they're printed on because governments can mill out all the money they want, leading to potential Weimar-style hyperinflation.

Abolish government-controlled money and your savings will be safe, or so they argue. One flaw in the argument is that the market is already bursting with competitors — well over 1, variations are pinging around cyberspace and new initial coin offerings ICOs are coming every day.

According to coinmarketcap. There are rumours that the tech giants, such as Amazon, will use their secure global platforms to launch their own currencies. Some of them are bizarre. Dentacoin — you guessed it — is used to pay dentists. Kodak, the ultimate dinosaur company, saw its shares triple in January when it said KodakCoin would soon emerge from the darkroom.

Why not a currency for dope heads? Oh wait, one is already wafting around the market. Still, excess supply may not be enough to vaporize bitcoin and its rivals.

What could do the trick, however, is exploding the myth that bitcoin is money, as opposed to a funny commodity that you can't pump, refine, grow or dig out of the ground. Sorry, bitcoin investors; money is not money unless you can pay taxes with it.

Try using bitcoin to settle your tax liabilities and see how far you get. There are a lot of reasons why civilizations have used money historically. It was easier for farmers to pay stonemasons or iron smiths with coins with the king or emperor's face stamped on it than by paying with bushels of apples or corn.

Another key reason physical money appeared was so that kings and emperors could collect tax to pay their armies and guards and finance wars. No government can force the people to use the national currency for private payments — two parties can use Canadian Tire money if they wish — but it can force the people to use the national currency to meet the tax obligations that it imposes.

You could argue that cryptocurrencies will become so popular that governments will have to accept them as money. But why would they? Doing so would only inflate the bubble to grotesque proportions while wrecking the whole philosophy underpinning cryptocurrencies, which is that they're supposed to be immune to the political whims of vote-buying politicians. No sane government would give up the monopoly over its own currency.

In the end, what is propping up bitcoin cannot rationally be the belief that governments will bestow it with legal-tender status. Instead, Bitcoin fulfills the strongest human urge, which is to get something for nothing. Bitcoin initially traded, in , at well less than a cent. It's had the greatest run of any investment in history.

Every decade has had its bubble, from dotcom stocks to oil. Bitcoin is merely the latest. Follow Eric Reguly on Twitter: ereguly Opens in a new window. Report an error. Editorial code of conduct. Skip to main content. Eric Reguly European bureau chief.

Bitcoin exchange operator seeks compensation over banned bank accounts

Concerns over health effects of vaping — and rising use among teens. March JADA looks at severity of periodontal disease in meth users. Everything you need to know about federal budget Read more. Affordable pharmacare goal of study launched in federal budget. Parry Sound voters to speak on fluoride issue — Fluoride question on the Oct.

The last seven days were quite busy, as Dentacoin became available on a new $DCN value has been rising at a steady pace since the beginning of the year.

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Bitcoin’s post-peak tumble shows unavoidable doom ahead for cryptocurrencies

dentacoin price discrimination

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Blockchain and Clinical Trial

You can maximise the interest you earn by researching the top interest savings accounts such as BlockFi, Nexo and more. Earn more on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bitcompare. Did you know that as of November , there were more than 7, cryptocurrencies in existence? Currently, there are 18,, Bitcoins circulating worldwide! For this reason, Bitcoin remains the king of digital currencies, and with good reason. The reason for his optimism proves simple.

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Is Dentacoin the next big thing to take over dentistry? The members will benefit from the value increase it will bring.

Here is why Bitcoin price is likely to be bullish

Want to earn money for brushing your teeth, absolve your sins or buy marijuana? Here are five examples of projects that have used or proposed initial coin offerings to raise money. At least four former employees are also suing him for harassment and discrimination.

Overview ICO - Dentacin solution for the block chain for the dental industry. Mei 24, What is dentacaine? Dentacoin is a new company based on ethereum, specially developed for the dental industry, which creates solutions for dental protection all over the world. Dentacine for the first time in the world provides cryptographic awards, using a decentralized and transparent platform for viewing patients and dentists. Toner Dentacoin was adopted as a payment instrument in the Dentacoin Partner Dental Clinic, which makes the future of Dentacoin very promising.

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