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Founded in as a pioneer company of its kind IG formally IG Markets ltd been at industry forefront and actually built the concept of financial spread betting that introduced online dealing as early as in IG is one of the most trusted brokers and companies worldwide. It is listed in Stock Exchange for extra transparency and is heavily regulated.

IG trading conditions are excellent too, low costs for Forex, professional education section, selection of trading platforms and research are very good. On the negative side the are some limitations in product offering, trading instruments are mainly Forex and CFDs. Well, there are many concerns about whether the broker is good or not, mainly it would go to personal preference or choice.

However, with our opinion god broker is a reliable broker. Despite a very even very strong establishment of IG, since it operates fore a few decades already, its global coverage and professionalism of the financial business making as clear evidence that IG is a good broker. Further, in our IG Review you will see more of its proposal details and see yourself that IG offers the most crucial trading conditions at an excellent level including education, costs wise and technology side as well.

The IG indeed achieved many of the progressive and industry goals while been recognized time and time again for both the services and the technology they provide, as well as the working environment. The broker has so many multiple industry awards, that its just better to mention the most important ones and maybe, few more recognitions received during the last year only at the UK:.

No, IG is not a scam. Also, listed on Stock exchange which provides extra security. Yes, IG Trading is a fully legit. The IG group of companies is heavily regulated by the top leading authorities worldwide due to its global presence by the appropriate bodies in the territory it operates.

In addition, the IG company units regulated by the authorities in a number of countries , and is listed in a Stock Exchange, which gives not only an extra layer of trust but ensures in strong establishment basis. Under the regulatory restrictions, which took a recent change in Europe with an ESMA regulation, the residents of Europe will trade with the particular maximum level of leverage, or the multiplier. Another jurisdiction ratios are applicable to IG trading accounts according to the regulation impose limitations respectively and vary from one to another.

Thus, the European resident traders are allowed to use a maximum leverage , while other entities may see a significant increase up to on Forex instruments as Australian authority allows. For more detailed leverages see below the breakdown with an offered leverage to Cryptocurrency, Commodity, Share and Index instruments. IG spread breakdown and trading costs are considered low, and are a reference to the minimum of CFD or MT4 account fee spread and the Spread Bet minimum size , which also varies under the IG entity you trade with.

Also, IG entities in jurisdiction or another will offer particular conditions for your trading. Alike spread betting is available only for UK residents, while Cryptocurrencies not available for trade in Japan and UK at all.

Also, we check other fees like deposit or withdrawal fees and non trading fees. Lastly, there is an inactivity fee , which will be paid in case your trading account remains inactive for a period of 6 months or longer. For instance, you can check out and compare general IG fees to another reputable and popular brokerage eToro. IG builds its costs into the spread only basis that is based on variable IG spread.

Spread will be paid on every spread bet or non-share CFD, with the average about 0. Generally, at IG margins are among the lowest in the industry and a very comfortable to use even for the beginning traders, since there are no additional fees.

It is always good to check other industry offerings and see whether IG is truly good in terms of its fees or not. As you may see below, IG Trading confirms its pleasant fees which is definitely a plus for any trader. IG offers a great range of products for online trading, within an original offering, while the core on the business Contacts for Difference. And, of course, features current trend IG Cryptocurrencies trading through CFD bases as well for pairs on popular bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and many more.

At IG there is only one basic account, which can be settled up into the trade in minutes. Also, IG allows you to verify your account through existing FB or Google accounts, so getting access almost instantly to Demo Account and your trading account management area is truly seamless. Another important topic is a money transfer to and from the trading account, while the IG implemented a transparent method to transactions that are passing relatively quickly, you can also choose a best suitable way for you to transfer funds.

There is no requirement on a minimum deposit , as well as no additional fee for you to transfer the money. So a trader can choose the best suitable payment option among available deposit funds according to initiate trading costs and start trading almost instantly. And again verify in case option or another available in your region. IG does not charge any commission for money withdrawals, traders can use wide withdrawal options including Bank transfer, Credit Debit cards, e-wallets, PayPal etc.

The broker aimed to create an easy-to-use platform while its technical development would take one of the primary roles, and indeed, IG made its job perfectly. IG platform received many industry rewards and traders compliments for its well-designed core and variety of capabilities. The advanced platform features including direct market access DMA throughout its NDD connectivity , APIs and possibility to transform it into the Specialist platform with flexible access and professional resources.

What we really like is that the software is simple to use and understand. Charts are clean and simple as well, intuitively you may find a necessary instrument and manage graphics which is definitely a great plus for beginners, yet professionals ranked platform with its good features as well.

However, you still can choose the famous MetaTrader4 to execute your orders along with its advanced chartings and tools, in case it is a better option for you. The mobile trader is a necessary part of the modern trader as well, and IG integrates its platform feature into great Mobile Application where both Android and iOS devices are supported.

Mobile IG trading is almost the same powerful as its regular version, so whether you want to check real-time feeds, copy other traders or to perform any research it is all available. As well, trading apps enable spread bet and CFDs as a simplified process, which provides a great benefit to the trader and leverage advantage. In addition, as a smart trading process requires effective risk management tools that help to protect capital, IG rewards traders by its widening range of stop and limit orders that keep track of funds easily with an always-visible snapshot of profits and losses.

Therefore, all in all, the IG platform and technology indeed one of the best offerings among the industry to use. Another reflection of an IG global reach and its popularity is excellent customer support. You absolutely covered by prompt responses to queries in different languages, since the variety of offices truly represents all variety of nationalities and countries.

Also, IG supports Live chats, social media, available on Phone 24h and providing you with reliable and quality answers. Another great point of IG as a customer-friendly broker is its professional Interactive education which is performed via IG Academy and offering Free trading courses, webinars and numerous materials. Actually, IG Academy is one of the important cores in its global offering as also being one of the biggest worldwide companies it invests heavily into the education of the traders and those who are interested in.

I G organizes regularly Live Seminars with leading experts in the industry and engaging with multiple quizzes and interactive exercises so traders getting great education. Despite education, IG provides excellent research tools alongside its comprehensive platform features. You may choose between the research materials provided by IG team, or also get to know premium research from third providers that includes even Real Vision Research.

You will find streaming News, Economic Calendars and video content that is smartly organized according to the category you need, of course, across numerous instruments or asset classes. Also, there are integrated trading signals, AutoTrading capabilities and numerous signals providers which exclusively available for IG Traders. Lastly, IG runs its Blog featuring news releases and deeper analytics outlooks. In conclusion, the IG group as a large internationally presented broker with its 40 years of experience a very reliable, well-organized and regulated broker.

Competitive IG conditions for trading offer a range of products, the advantage of leverage positions, as well as splendid technical, customer and regulation support.

IG also is quite known for its advanced programs of webinars and online trading courses which performed via IG Academy, making them the best for beginning traders. Through trading with IG US, clients will be able to trade on over 80 currency pairs with lower spreads vs the top two US forex brokers and zero commission.

IG Group McTighe will officially take up the role on 3 February , replacing Jonathan Moulds who is currently serving as IG Markets in Australia are criminal. I was a premium client with them until in they suspended my trading purely because I was profitable.

I have since traded profitably for a friend and my mother, but they quickly restricted that trading then suspended it. They are a scam if they only take clients who lose money, which is what they do.

They are happy to let inexperienced traders lose entire life savings, yet suspend legitimate traders who are using their service for the reason they claim to provide it. ASIC and the Ombudsman are pathetic, almost corrupt, so it would be helpful to get numbers and form a group to take on these clowns. I can detail and support my claims too. I agree with MAtt! I also am profitable, but they refuse to let me withdraw my funds from my account.

They are happy to let you deposit and loose, but withdraw is close to impossible. I say stay away from IG. Choose another broker, and as soon as possible test to do a withdrawal so you know all is ok. IG switzerland is a scam. I also was considering IG. These reviews here are an eye opener indeed. Many of the forex reviews sites are just glorified IBs making commissions from these referrals. This means nothing to the client at the end it seems.

Please report them to the authorities if they are doing this. It just is not acceptable. Thank you so much for those comments, I am looking to start trading, I am searching for a no scam platform and a broker, and that has Europe regulations. Please can someone put the no scam platform? I have been trading on IG Singapore for almost 10 years. Unfortunately they started to become more disappointing since about 2 years ago.

This gives me the feeling that they have shifted their focus onto how to scoop more money from things from their clients, e.

Things like this would you make you doubt your confidence in their other capabilities in serving their clients. And such worries are proven. For example, i called their helpline for 3 days and was unable to speak to anyone. I subsequently sent them a number of emails, but received ZERO reply!

I then called and texted one of their managers and was told that he felt sorry to hear that but could not do much about it either. Some of the configurations on the app are confusing too. In short, IG is deteriorating over the recent years.

Can Instagram Forex Traders Make Anyone Rich?

Thank you for welcoming me to this great forum. I decided to join an Instagram trader named Kez The Guru. Has anyone here come across him before? My first week I made a decent profit so invested a little more and now lost a huge chunk of my money. I noticed when I place small trades I seem to do ok but as soon as I raise my stake it all comes crashing down and lost it. I was afraid you would say that. Hes making money via commissions for you trading through his affiliate link.

Today we are talking about the infamous ORDER BLOCKS by ICT forex trading 5 Comments - Ryan Kelly | Forex Trader (@ryans_analysis) on Instagram.

Revealed: Instagram Trading Scam That The Geordie Shore Girls Push

The lifestyles of the rich and famous fill our timelines on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and make it seem as if winning the lottery is the only chance at achieving that dream. But a new batch of social media stars are rising, those who are not scions of old money. They are self-made, hard workers who are using their brains and skills to achieve high life. They are known as Forex foreign exchange traders and use Forex trading to monitor changes in the global market, buying and selling stocks as they see fit. These new types of traders are not only big in the stock market. They are young millennials who use social media to boost their profile and show others how to do what they do. Extravagant traders use their influence to empower people to give trading a try and strive for better. If you wish to get into Forex trading then following some tried and trusted traders is a good place to begin. There are some people on Instagram, Twitter etc who portray the life of private jets and walking around with a briefcase full of money whilst actually being total frauds. To be a successful trader you have to be smart, work hard, and treat it like the full-time job it is.

Best Forex Brokers: Top 5 FX Trading Platforms of 2021

forex trader instagram

Reality TV stars like the people from Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex are promising easy money from very little work — just minutes a day that anyone can do. Geordie Shore girls like Holly Hagan will re-share a popular photo like an engagement announcement above. Along with text telling their followers how they can make money with another instagram account. Once followers click through to the account in question, often as part of a competition, they will see a grid of luxury. Showing designer gear, private jets, Caribbean 5 star holidays and high-end cars.

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Kieren Hamilton regularly posted photos of himself online on luxury holidays, nights on the town and shopping sprees. The year-old was attacked by two masked robbers who burst into his Greater Manchester home and demanded valuables. Mr Hamilton's baby daughter was at home and screaming in her cot when the robbers struck at 6am on January 5. Today one of the robbers Corey Fricker, 27, of Blackburn, Lancs was starting 13 years jail after he admitted robbery and an unrelated offence of possessing drugs with intent to supply. The court heard how former call centre worker Mr Hamilton lived with his partner Jessica and their one year old daughter Esmae and would regularly post pictures about his life on social media. Pictures showed him on sailing trips and in Jacuzzis and showing off a Rolex watch, luxury Mercedes and a new set of teeth.


The market is open 24 hours a day, when trading closes in New York it starts again in Tokyo and Hong Kong. With constant price fluctuations this tumultuous market can make Institutions, companies and some individuals a great deal of money. Most of Forex trading happens in the spot FX market, which is different from the futures market, in that currencies are physically exchanged in real-time when a transaction is made. Whereas in the futures market, the date the trading price is determined and the date the currency is exchanged are different. When a holiday-maker goes to their bank to exchange currencies they are participating in the spot FX market. Giambrone's banking and financial lawyers point to the following features of the Forex market that make it susceptible to Forex trading scams and Forex frauds:. It is not a scam in itself.

On the other hand, IG's trading fees are high for forex and stock CFDs. The product portfolio is limited, as in most countries IG offers.

Forex Lawyers - Forex Trading Scams

IG Group is an online trading provider. The company was founded in by Stuart Wheeler as a spread betting business under the name IG Index an abbreviation for I nvestors G old Index which allowed people to trade gold prices as an index instead of buying the physical commodity. In July , IG Group commenced trading in Australia after a change in the country's financial services legislation made it possible to offer contracts for difference to Australian residents. In , it purchased HedgeStreet , a small US based company that developed an electronic marketplace that allows online retail investors to trade financial derivatives.

Forex trader Instagram who lure young people in with flash cars and holidays revealed


Successful traders can use social media to inspire Forex enthusiasts and beginners by showcasing their wealth and sharing helpful tips and advice with new traders. With nearly 10 million Forex traders globally, less than half of them are successful, which may be a cause for concern. However, successful Forex traders do not obsess over making quick profits or trade every minute of the day, and as with any other investment — earning profits will take time! Instagram is compatible with most mobile phones and can also be used on laptops and desktops.

With the explosion of forex traders on social media over the last few months, it begs the question — are all of these forex traders legit?

Forex trading is quickly gaining popularity around the globe. In countries like South Africa, many people have been motivated to learn online trading with the hope to one day turn it into a full-time career. However, finding success in forex trading can be a challenge. While entering the trading market is easy thanks to a variety of factors, like the rise of online brokerage platforms and educational websites like ForexToStocks. But turning into a successful career is a whole new different story. As a beginner, knowing the success of others can not only inspire you but also motivate you during the difficult times of your trading journey.

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Professional clients can lose more than they deposit. All trading involves risk.

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